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Fantasy All's Fair in Love and War [Closed]


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    or the past five decades, the four kingdoms within the Valoreum Empire have been at war with themselves. It's been so long that nobody truly know why they're even fighting anymore, all that mattered were that too many innocent and good lives were lost in the heat of this war. Unable to put their differences aside and simply talk to each other, they've been at each others throats for over 50 years, a vicious cycle of violence and death. The people of the Empire started to give up hope, what else could be strong enough to overcome such a powerful war. It turns out, the only thing stronger than war, is love. The high general of one kingdom had fallen in love with a common woman of a rival kingdom, after she showed endless kindness to his troops. A display of true love was strong enough to bring the war to an end as the high general and his army refused to attack. With the war slowing to a halt, the individuals in power decided to actually discuss instead of fight. Finally, the war came to an end

    The end of the 50 year war calls for much celebration! Especially with such unique and beautiful circumstances, what better way to celebrate than a Empire-wide festival? For all four kingdoms! And so the kingdoms began planning for the Finem Belli Festival, a festival meant for all royalty and commoners alike to recover from the war; To cut down burned bridged and to make new ones. To remind everyone how life was before the war, and possibly, for new relationships to spark. Of course, no one can forget the act of true love that ended the whole war, for the Finem Belli Festival's grand finale shall be the wedding between the high general and the common woman! The love that was strong enough to end wars!

    With everyone coming from all over the empire, it is sure to be a joyous occasion indeed! This RP with follow a group of diverse individuals from all four Kingdoms; royals, ladies in waiting, guards, seamstresses, viscounts, bakers, any and everyone will make their way to the Finem Belli Festival! Of course it will be great fun, a time to know others from different Kingdoms and finally be at ease in the celebrations. But with everyone from all Kingdoms coming in one place, along with the war being so fresh, will everything truly be all love, flowers, and weddings?

    Well, you know what they say;

    All is fair in love and war.




all's fair

in love
and war


fantasy, romance, drama



royals open


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Gosh darn discord
I cant see a list of all of the four different countries, their descriptions, and roles taken. Im interested in playing a disagreeable character and would like to manage where he might fit
perhaps, maybe, i peer disrespectfully​
these kinds of roleplays are usually out of my comfort zone
but it sounds too good to pass up. i'm in !!

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