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Realistic or Modern Allison is Missing (Re-Launch) IC

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Sicarii Assassin

The shrill sound of his cell phone blared on the night stand as Darrian jolts awake from a tenuous sleep, nearly knocking his head against the back board. He wipes a few beads of cold sweat from his face as he rubs his temples. After a few more seconds he reaches over to finally answer his phone, which had sat ringing for what seemed like several minutes.

"Yea?" asks Darrian, his voice low and groggy.

"Dude, where the hell are you?" asks the voice on the other end.

"What?" asks Darrian, still trying to fully wake himself.

"Bro, Manny is flipping his shit man. You better get here quick."

"Josh? Dude what time is it?" asks Darrian as he glances over to his wall clock, which registered 8:30 AM "Oh shit, I over slept."

"Bro this is the third time in a week, are you trying to get fired?" asks Josh on the other end.

"Look tell Manny I'll be there as soon as I can." says Darrian.

"Alright man, but you better..." Darrian abruptly hangs up.

He tosses his phone onto the bed beside him and rubs his eyes in frustration "Goddamit..." He was an hour and a half late for work at the body shop. He looks down and takes note that, save for his shirt, he had fallen asleep in his clothes again. He wasn't quite sure what time he had made it home last night. His shoulders and arms were quite sore from the intense workouts he was putting himself through from the past few days. Darrian was in pretty good shape, but he had been hitting the gym extra hard in the the last two or three weeks and it showed. However it was taking a toll on his sleeping habits as of late. He would spend two or three hours pumping it hard at the gym, get home a little past midnight or later and sack out from exhaustion. This was his way of coping with the breakup.

But what had hurt even worse, was the slight glimmer of hope she had given him just a week and a half prior. Yea they were both drunk and it could technically be considered a one night stand, but Darrian saw it as an indication that they would be getting back together. But his repeated attempts to hang out with Ali from that point on were just met with flakeyness and her telling him that she "needed time"...whatever the hell that meant. In any case, it was causing him great distress. He checks his phone's recent texts and sees that she still hadn't responded to his request to see a movie, which he sent her two days before.

"How damn hard is it to reply to a simple text?" he mutters to himself.

Darrian walks over to his bedroom window and looks outside to the large leaf strewn front yard of the old house he was renting with Ali and a few other friends. He sees Ali's beat up old Sedan that was still sitting in the elongated driveway after her transmission had blown a few days ago. She had been bumming rides to and from work. The day was gloomy overcast and Darrian took note of the peculiar feeling that washed over him as if it suddenly felt as if he were being watched. He turns around and is taken aback to see a tall, shadowy figure standing in the hallway, looking directly into his room from the open door. Darrian rubs his eyes once more and when he looks again, the figure is gone.

"What the fuck?" he stammers as he bolts over to the door and looks into the hallway. Nothing but the emptiness of the hall greets him "That's it, no more Barcadi before bed."

After he quickly showers and brushes his teeth, the young man makes his way out of his room and heads down the hallway. On the way he passes Ali's room and takes note that it was empty. Strange thing was, her bed was unmade. Now one of Ali's habits would be to always make her bed in the morning before heading off to work at a local hair salon in town. He casually pokes his head in and glances around. Out of nowhere, a small radio shutters to life and the song "Last Christmas" by Wham, begins to play. Darrian narrows his eyes in bewilderment as he steps into the room. The song continues to blare as another ominous feeling takes hold of Darrian. He looks at the radio "Maybe somebody is tryin to fuck with me..." he thinks to himself. He switches off the radio and hesitantly heads downstairs. In the old kitchen he opens the fridge and grabs one of his protein supplements as he shakes it before popping it open. He leans against the counter and starts to drink, a feeling of uneasiness taking hold in the pit of his stomach.

"I wonder where the hell she's at?" he whispers.

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professional procrastinator
Christina Miller
Darrian_Gabriel Darrian_Gabriel

As the soft alarm went off on the desk far away from the bed, Christina layer unfazed, staring up at the ceiling, having no intention to get up and turn it off. She’d been doing this for a week now, spending endless hours of the night wide awake, the clock in her mind slowly ticking away like a bomb, matching up with the pounding in her head. Like a slowly impending doom was slowly reaching her, grasping onto her in the time of the night. It mustn’t be a coincidence that she started these long nights right after she got laid off of her job. It was one of the only things that distracted her from life in general. She had no direction, no dream of mind, still searching for her life‘s purpose in her 20’s. She still had a bit of money from her past job: not much, however. She’d have to get a new one soon. She already applied for one, still waiting to hear back from them, though. It was ridiculous- every time her phone rang, she immediately picked it up, desperately awaiting news. None so far, however. After a few minutes of the beeping in the background, Christina got sick of it, sitting up and walking all the way across the room to where her desk was, turning her phone on and the alarm off. She cursed her past self for thinking ahead and purposely putting her alarm away from her bed’s reach.

She gazed onto her phone and looked at the time, squinting at the brightness of the phone. 8:10. Normally, she’d be up at the crack of dawn, but normally now she would still stay up later at night. Not that it mattered- she didn’t even get any sleep, anyways. As she opened up her social media, she immediately scrunched up her nose at the stuff that she apparently sent onto there, desperately trying to delete all the idiotic posts she ”made.” She had no memory of doing it- what did she do yesterday night? Or did someone else get on her phone and do it? Shaking her head and sighing, she spent a good 10 minutes deleting everything and double checking, cursing at herself or whoever did this to her. Why did she have so much social media, anyways? 1-3 should be plenty to check with the outside world. She was about to delete another message when someone tried to call her. That’s weird: no Caller ID. Confused, she picked up the phone, holding it up to her ear.


She waited for three seconds, waiting for the caller’s response, before repeating her last statement. Nothing. Dead silence on the phone… and was that crackling noises? Weird. Disappointed it wasn’t the work place she tried out for, she hung up, sliding her phone into her back pocket. Stupid prank callers. She was already wearing shorts for this phone to come into, with an acceptable brown shirt. She thought about wearing a skirt, but she didn’t have any that would have pockets. She needed to carry her phone around the whole day. You can’t keep a caller waiting, especially if a job‘s on the line. She creaked open her door a little, wincing at the noise it made. Someone might still be asleep in the house that she and others shared. It was an old house, though: what would she expect, no noise when the door opened? She hears the distinct playing of music in Allison‘s room, then heard it shut off again. So Allison’s awake? Hmm, she’d expect Ali to have left by now.

Tilting her head, she hears the thumping of footsteps down the stairs. Probably Allison, then. Opening the door fully, hoping she didn’t disturb anyone, she slowly walked towards the bathroom, closing the door and turning on the shower, attempting to be quick. She was surprised the utilities worked fine- it was a pretty old house. She wasn’t surprised, however, when all she got was ice cold water running down her back, fighting the urge to scream. Typical. Either someone else took all the hot water, or the old house was just incapable of letting her have peace. Stepping out of the shower, seeking warmth, she dried herself off, put on the same clothes she had on before she took a shower, and slowly walked towards and down the stairs. Smiling towards the kitchen, assuming Allison was there, she spoke softly, “Hey Al-“

She stopped when she saw who it was, the oldest man in the house who was drinking a… protein supplement? She thought about reaching into her pocket to check the time, but immediately knew that would be rude after she just started a conversation. Thinking, she knew it was probably past 8:30… didn’t Darrian have work at 8:00? With a confused expression, she did a half wave before saying, “Good morning, Darrian. Um, aren‘t you working today?” She honestly didn’t know if he had a break today or what. She walked towards the fridge, pulling out some leftover rice she had from a take-out. Where was Allison if she wasn’t here, outside? Christina made a confused expression as she unwrapped the plastic wrap, getting a fork from the dish wrack, not bothering to check the cabinets.


Resident Kaiju Groupie
Awake at the crack of dawn, something that had been engrained into Keito when he was a child. He hesitated to pull the blankets off, already feeling the cold air nip at his exposed arms. As he made his life-or-death decision, he looked out the window that sat just above the foot of his bed. The sky was just beginning to show signs of the start of a new day, the dark purple of the night fading into a beautiful array of reds and oranges and yellows. Keito finally made the decision to kick the blankets away, almost immediately regretting the surrender of his warm sanctuary, but he had a garden to tend to. Ever since Corvex had asked Keito to help him with his herb garden, Keito had been caring for a garden of his own. Sliding a jacket over his classic white t-shirt, he deemed himself ready to start the day.

Quietly making his way down the creaky, old stairs, Keito made a mental plan of today's duties. He would prune dead leaves, check for any blemishes, and perhaps harvest anything ripe. Even with the building void of light, he managed to find his way to the backroom with ease. The backroom of the house had become Keito's personal workshop for whatever it was he would do, whether it be sharpening knives, trying to fix the faulty water heater, or sort the fruits of his labor.

With the flick of a switch, the backroom lit up to show a wall lined with metal racks and a set of old tables sat right next to each other on the opposite side that served as a desk. On the end closest to the door, a wicker basket sat waiting with a pair of worn gardening gloves. Keito dawned the gloves and took the basket from where it sat on his way out the door.

He removed dead leaves, picked some tomatoes, and even found a few ripe fruits from the passion fruit from the hardy vine that climbs the old walls. There wasn't much to gather or remove, but it didn't mean his work would be quick. It was almost 8:45 in the morning when Keito came back inside, letting the basket hang from his arm as he removed the dirt-covered gloves and placed them in the basket. Moving the basket back into his hands, he turned to face the makeshift desk only to be startled by a doll that wasn't there before. He set the basket beside the doll and carefully picked it up. He recognized it as one of Allison's dolls, though why would it be down here? He sighed and made it his next mission to return the doll to Allison's room.

His path through the house lead the man into the kitchen to which he saw Christina and Darrian. Wait-

"Don't you work today?" He asked, unaware that Christina had just asked the same question, holding the doll much like one would hold a baby.
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Sicarii Assassin
Steadily drinking the protein shake, Darrian was surprised to see Miller saunter into the kitchen. Darrian and most of his friends that shared the rented house had very different work schedules, so it was a rare thing for many of them to be home at the same time, and even rarer for any of them to actually sit down and speak to one another. As was evident, Darrian hadn't really seen or spoken with them for quite awhile. Darrian swallows hard as Miller always put him off because of the lifestyle that Darrian didn't really understand or agree with. Growing up, even though his uncle was a drunk, he was always very Conservative and both Darrian and his brother carried that sentiment with them. Even though he was never outright hostile with Miller, Darrian always made it clear that he wasn't very comfortable with the situation. But when they had all first went in on the house together, Ali and him where still dating and she convinced him that it would all be fine. Allison had always been much more Liberal minded than himself.

“Good morning, Darrian. Um, aren‘t you working today?” asked Miller.

"Overslept...guess I gotta quit the fucking three hour gym sessions." said Darrian in a half joking manner, trying to sound as cordial as possible.

Not more than a few moments later, Keito McNamara, his other roommate enters the kitchen and asks the exact same question about Darrian working today.

"Holy shit, what are you two...mother hen one and double? Can't a guy be late for work once and a awhile?" said Darrian as he finishes his shake and tosses the carton in the nearby trash bin.

"By the way, if any of you happen to see Ali, tell her to check her goddamn texts for once in her life. Been trying to get a hold of her for almost two days." he says as he wipes his mouth with his shirt and heads for the door, his keys jingling in his hand.

Just before he exits the house he glances over and sees McNamara holding a very familiar looking porcelain doll. He stops and narrows his eyes slightly "Hold up, isn't that Ali's?" he asks pointing to the doll.

Than out of the corner of his eye, Darrian sees a dark silhouetted figure standing just outside the kitchen window. Turning his attention away from McNamara, Darrian looks out the window and is shocked to see the same frightening and ominous entity as before, staring directly at him, a few yards out from the house. It was completely devoid of features, save for what seemed like the outline of a top hat, and two blank hollow orbs that stood in place of eyes. The young man, breathes in sharply as he bolts over to the window to get a better look at whatever this thing was. But in the half a second it took him to cross the kitchen and over to the window, the figure had vanished. Stunned, Darrian runs his hand through his curly hair, his eyes darting around. What in the world was going on? Confused and a little shaken, he turns back around to face his two roommates.

"Ok, a really random question...have either of you noticed anything weird going on lately? Because either we got like a carbon monoxide leak or some shit, or there's something following me."

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professional procrastinator
KaigerGalaxy KaigerGalaxy Darrian_Gabriel Darrian_Gabriel

As Christina took a filled fork of rice from the plate, she adjusted awkwardly, wishing she hadn’t called out Ali’s name, forcing her to start a conversation and acknowledge Darrian. They had never been the best of friends, but it just got… awkward between them when Christina came out. She never understood why things had to change like that. She was the same: girl or boy. She wasn’t going to change any time soon. It was just a change of her lifestyle. Why did that have to come between them? Noticing Darrian over the counter, she just stood nervously near the refrigerator, not knowing where to go to eat. Taking another bite of her food, she heard the fake friendly tone that Darrian was using, pretending not to notice. He was trying to fake it for a reason. Still, Christina wished he would just be real: it was easier to read people that way.

Christina flinched a second after Darrian cursed. She never got used to people cursing, growing up in a household where it was basically the end of the world. Pretending to not notice Darrian’s attempt for friendliness, or the fact that it was just plain awkward, Christina faked a small laugh, although it came out robotic-like. This laugh came to an abrupt stop when Keito came into the room, coming in with a doll, cradled in his hands. Christina put the fork on her plate, waving with her now free hand at Keito, about to say hello before Darrian started scolding them out. Raising her shoulders, she thought about pointing out that they hadn’t seen each other a lot, and this was sort of their way of checking in on each other, but she bit her tongue. She felt like Darrian wouldn’t be too excited to hear that from her. She simply just nodded to acknowledge him.

Christina was surprised at the mention of Allison again, how she wasn’t checking her texts. That was strange. Whenever Christina texted her, she responded back in at most a day, but two? Maybe it was just Darrian. Christina nodded her head and responded, “Sure. Of course. That’s unlikely of her, though. Did, um…” She muttered out the next words. “Never mind.” She was about to ask if anything happened between Darrian and Allison, but that would be a nosy act towards them. Shaking her head, she picked up the fork from her plate again and ate, moving past the conversation, or, at the very least, trying to.

Christina raised her eyebrows and squinted at the doll in Keito’s hands, now knowing that it did look like one of Allison’s dolls. Christina never understood why Allison kept them. Their endless, soulless eyes just stared into their souls, never seeming to give them a break. This never bothered Allison, though, her having a collection of them inside her room. Feeling a shiver run down her back, she jumped when Darrian all of a sudden started running towards the window, expecting something to be there. Christina moved her head to try to see what was the commotion, but she didn’t see anything. Christina widened her eyes even more, surprised that he might have a stalker or a leak was in the house.

“I haven’t seen anything-“ All of a sudden, out of no where, Christina’s regular ringtone started going off, turning Christina into someone desperate to try to pick it up. Putting the fork on her plate, reaching over to the counter to place it on it, she swiftly pulled out her phone and slided her finger to answer it, ignoring the big No Caller ID, quickly responding, “Hello?” Christina sighed with relief when she actually heard something from the other side of the phone, something that sounded like quiet muttering. Turning up the volume of her phone, she yet again said, “Hello?” … Breathing. Soft breathing that was quickly becoming hard into the microphone. Feeling a shiver run down her back again- who wants to hear someone breath into their ear?- she slowly put the phone out of her ear and hung up. She turned her head to them again, widening her eyes.

“Sorry!” She stammered, realizing that she was technically rude to them just now. “Um, I haven’t seen anything strange. I’ve been getting prank calls, but that doesn’t count. Have you eaten anything strange or something? If you’re seeing things, you might wanna check on it at the doctor. Better safe than sorry.” Christina rubbed her neck, going to the counter again to pick up her food. “Uh, but what is this ‘thing’ that you see following you? Is it a person? Or, like, an illusion sort of thing?” Christina placed her phone on the counter as she silently thought, How can you track No Caller IDs?


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Keito could easily read Darrian's behavior, not too enthusiastic about it. Though, it wasn't his place to say anything, so he kept his mouth closed.

"Yeah, it is hers, that's the weird thing," he muttered, looking down at the doll. "It was on my desk when I came in, but not when I went out..." It had to have been placed there, right? If only that were the only option going through his head. Keito had always believed in the paranormal in one way or another. He had loved to explore places that were deemed haunted and figure out if it were actually something there or just a gas leak leading to hysteria.

He shook his head, mentioning that he hadn't seen anything out of the ordinary recently other than his lack of seeing Allison. He slowly came up to the window with Darrian after he raced towards it. Was there supposed to be something out there? He couldn't see anything other than the land around the house. Then Christina's phone rang, catching and pulling his attention away from the window.

"I doubt there's a leak, I installed a detector a few weeks ago just in case," the man informed, debunking the idea of a carbon monoxide leak. Shadow figures... prank calls with no caller ID... Doll on his desk...

"Have there been spots in the house where it's just been extra cold?"

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