All That Remains (Post Apocalyptic / Sci-Fi / Realistic Rp)

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    For centuries, humanity as everyone knows it has always been at war with itself. Whether it is over power, resource, freedom, or self gain; humans have always fought one another and killed one another for their own ambitions due to disagreements all over. Due to this, humanity had taken the knowledge from each battle into perspective to create other forms of ways to kill one another; with every year, humanity has always invented a different weapon or machine that is created to do their very job for them, to kill. These weapons and machines that humans have created were never built to have a soul or have any sort of remorse for their actions, only that they followed the orders of their creators no matter what the cost might end up being.
    It is to no surprise that as the years continued to pass on, these inventions only grew more and more destructive that soon enough began to become too powerful for even the hands of humanity to control; by the time that inventors and such had realized their inventions for killing had grown too powerful that innocent lives had even began getting into crossfire of the wars, it had been far too late to do anything about it.

    Rather than ever putting the blame on themselves for their creations of war, as expected of humanity; everyone would always end up pointing fingers at one another to blame the opposing enemy for the causes of all the death. This only causing the fighting to grow all the more intense and death had spread even further across the land.

    Finally, the year is 2784 and as it has appeared; all the fighting has halted for about a century or so. The sounds of screams from innocents and arguments between opposing politicians has come to a silent halt, the streets that were once filled with the lives of humans wandering around to go about their daily lives are now empty, the rooms that were once used as meeting areas for planning of new inventions and war tactics remain silent.
    However, although all the voices are silenced; the very machines that were built for destruction and chaos continue to run to this day. Pilots of jets, bombers, tanks, and even turrets are nothing more than empty suits with skeletal remains within them; the very machines running off nothing more than old energy and a mainframe that continues to send power through these machines to make them still continue their job as killers, running off orders of that are simply built into them.

    Although it is believed that all of humanity by this time has been completely wiped out by the constant fighting. Far underground, many humans have actually been in hiding throughout all of the fighting and the constant death; these humans are nothing more than ordinary people who believed that the end was coming one day and decided that it was best to hide from all the fighting before they were caught into it as well. Believing that the fighting was over and that these humans could be able to rebuild the world, at first; many of these people believed they were still normal however, it would only be a matter of time that these remaining humans would realize that the leftover contamination over the land would soon effect them from the chemicals of the bombings and such. These chemicals lingering around the air for so long that their deadly effect had no longer taken lives but ended up giving these remaining humans strange abilities, each differ with each individual.
    Now, with the few who still live on the land; many have decided to go and attempt to rebuild the land while others have chosen to venture off to see what had been leftover after all the fighting had ended. Unaware, that although the dangers of wildlife may still lurk around; the machines that once were used as killers of war, were now still around and roaming to attack whatever still moved.

    *None of the videos are made by me and all credit of videos are given to those who made them.*

    || Characters || OOC || Lore ||
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    (Just letting you guys know. The roleplay has officially started~)

    [​IMG]Hiroshi Yoshimitsu

    Location: Haven City Mall
    Time Of Day: Afternoon near sunset




    With the only sounds echoing across the endless wasteland of what was left of the planet known as Earth; along a large empty road that had been surrounded by miles upon miles of nothingness other than a few trees and bushes that were growing out from the cracks of the dried earth around it, was one male that was dressed from head to toe in a ragged old black cloak with the hood over his head to keep his face hidden from sight but as well to protect him from the unforgiving winds of dust and sand blowing in his face. Each step that the male had taken forward upon the cracked tar of the remains on the road before him had left a slight imprint of his old boot while he traveled towards what appeared to had been a large ruined remains of a city before him.
    In the far distance, the sight of birds circling over the largest building in the center of the city could be seen while the sounds of preys and predators alike were making each of their own particular noises all over the land within the ruins. The male had no choice but to come here at this point, traveling during this time of day which had been growing near sunset was going to be dangerous soon enough; with the radiation loaming over the planet still after the wars, even many of the wildlife had been affected as well in different ways that some creatures that were once ordinary predators or even prey had become all that much more dangerous enemies that loved to hunt during the night.
    Soon enough, as a few minutes of walking had ended up leading the hooded male to what seemed to be a large remains of an exit sign above his head that still hung by a few pieces of metal; the words on the sign had read 'Haven City: Business district. Exit 7A. 1/3 mile'. The very sight of this had brought a slight bit of relief since it had revealed just a bit further ahead that there had been what appeared to had been a ramp that was leading upwards and soon enough directing straight into the city further. "Great. At least I'm almost there." With those only words leaving his lips, before continuing forward; the male had simply raised his right arm in front of him to take a glimpse at his tan skin colored metallic arm before it had brought up a small screen on his forearm that revealed a small bar and a number right above it stating 5% remaining. This was the energy that was still left in his own robotic arm and leg before it would begin to lose it's own extra strength and ability to move at a more powerful pace; he was going to need to search for parts and such whenever he entered the city.

    Immediately, with the information he had on hand that he needed to recharge his energy of his robotic limbs, the hooded male wasted no further time to immediately head his way up the exit ramp and begin slowly but surely entering the city. In the far distance while the hooded male had continued to make his way forward; the sight of what looked to be a bridge caught his gaze for a few moments. It seemed to had been another way to enter the city aside from the direction that he was heading up. Ignoring the sight of it, he simply continued on his way till he had finally entered the abandoned roads that were littered with empty cars that were all but destroyed and overgrown with vines, leaves and bushes. Although from the distance the sounds of creatures calling out all within the city was much easier to hear; finally entering the actual city, it showed that the empty streets were much more silent and ominous than believed to be. With technology practically shut down completely, the shadows of the surrounding buildings casted a darkness over the roads that made seeing all that much more difficult.
    Eventually, after continuing his way down the large empty roads; one of the buildings that had it's doors practically removed and there didn't seem to be any debris of vehicles or building parts fallen over it had caught his attention. From what it had appeared to be, it looked as though the building itself was an old mall of sorts. "Hmm, maybe it has some parts I can use." As he spoke to himself with this in mind, the male simply headed his way through the entrance that soon lead him to a massive open area that held stores upon stores on both sides of the walls; some being clothing stores, others being electronic stores, some even once selling décor for him decorations and such. The one place in mind that caught his attention the most however was the electronics store, hoping that within the store there would be something he could salvage that he could use to power and repair his robotic limbs; while little did he know that within that same mall were several robotic security bots that would immediately active as soon as someone attempted to 'steal' anything from stores and with the war, these robots were clearly no longer able to function in the way of just capturing and arresting, they were malfunctioned to kill.
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    David Blackmore
    Location: Haven City Memorial Hospital
    Time: Late Afternoon​

    Perched atop the hood of a long burned out shell of a car, a vaguely male figure sits like a stone gargoyle of old. It's face obscured by a thick rubber gas mask clearly, body shrouded in layers of plastic-like fabric. It sits quietly thinking to itself scribbling it's thoughts down into what was once a dinosaur coloring book.

    "It's been a few days since I've eaten. The water isn't safe to drink and nor is the food for that matter but the hunger pains currently outweigh my common sense. Hopefully I can find the hospital hasn't been stripped clean yet, maybe I can get something of value out of the old medical machines and if I'm really lucky I can find something to help my condition."

    Sitting the book down and checking the large caliber revolver dangling from it a makeshift holder, the figure signs and picking up it's coloring book once more adding a few lines of writing, "Only four bullets. I have a bad feeling about this." before dismounting from his perch slowly stalking towards the crumbling hospital before him. Once praised by it's peers for it's quality, a testament to the science and technology that allowed the old world to live comfortable, long, pillaged lives now a festering to den of toxic medical waste and mold.

    Striding up to the sliding doors, the scavenger, slowly stepped through the broken glass his hands trembling ever so lightly as his eyes adjust to the dark of what was once the hospital's emergency room. Skeletons littered about slumped in the hard plastic chairs and atop of gurneys, the scavenger almost felt bad for a moment as his eyes sweep over the scattered dead but in the end he pushed the thoughts from his mind whispering, "Better you can me." to himself for reassurance.
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    Hunter Mora
    Late Afternoon The Hospital, Haven City @Knight-Errant
    [​IMG]Hunter wouldn't lie; the days had been boring since she'd arrived in Haven City. Day one: find a perch in one of the massive skyscrapers, fortify it as a fallback position, scavenge for necessities. Day two: explore, scavenge for necessities and trade goods. Days three, four, and five: realize there was nothing in the city worth exploring, dedicate time to scavenging and salvaging. It was nearing the end of her sixth day and she hadn't seen anything interesting in the city but scrap-heads and concrete. Not even one of those amusing statue art things. Still, she remained in the city and vigilantly sat watch, her den located on one of the lower floors of a skyscraper near the hospital. She had a decent firing line down a pair of intersecting streets, and the window she sat herself at was almost directly above the building's main entrance. It was hardly safe, but it was about as defended as she could get. The traps she'd carefully laid in the lobby and up the stairwells did help her feel a little more secure, though.

    Resting her rifle on the table before her for a moment, Hunter cracked her neck and rolled her shoulders, stiff after a couple hours keeping watch. She really only scavenged in the mornings, when the light was best, and made sure to get back to her den before dark. Giving herself a passing reminder to ask about night vision goggles next time she encountered anyone to trade with, she raised her rifle again and put her eye to the scope just in time to catch a flash of movement.

    The "rock" that had been settled on one of the cars down below was now up moving across the pavement below, aiming for the hospital. There was a second where she wondered, completely in disbelief, how someone had managed to sneak that far into her line of sight without her noticing, but she snapped focus back to the task at hand: keeping an eye on the figure now. And sure enough, they headed into the hospital, the only building in a three block radius she hadn't poked through.

    After a serious scare a few months back involving a surgery 'bot and the creation of a brand new scar on her belly, Hunter had been hesitant to enter another hospital. She knew, though, before she's even pulled the rifle away from her face, that she was going in after that figure. Not to harm, but to help. Assuming help would be needed. It took her a few seconds to sling her rifle over her shoulder, pull on her full-faced helmet, and grab the sack she tended to keep her trade-ables in, and a couple of minutes to get down the few flights of stairs between her den and the ground. Another couple of minutes to dash up the street to the hospital, dodging and ducking behind cars most of the way with her body low to the ground. Then she carefully stepped through the broken doors to the hospital, hoping the minutes it took for her to arrive weren't all the time the figure needed to do something idiotic. She paid little attention to the macabre scene of the emergency room, ignoring the dozens of skeletons in favor of focusing on the hopefully not dead figure she'd seen.

    Hunter paused in roughly the center of the room to listen. For footsteps, rustling, something falling over, the beeps and cranks of a bot reactivating, screaming. The usual.
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  6. [​IMG]Hiroshi Yoshimitsu

    Location: Haven City Mall
    Time Of Day: Late Afternoon

    Progressing his way through the rather large interior of the mall, it had only taken mere moments for the hooded male to end up reaching towards the electronics store before stepping over the broken glass that once showed the display of whatever they had on display on the front of the store. The ground had been littered with broken cellphones, computer parts as well as wires scattered everywhere. Carefully, while his own dark blue hues scanned over the floor as well as the shelves; he had searched to the best of his ability for something worth taking and using that wasn't completely useless at this point; sadly though, almost everything within the store was either burnt to a crisp from the fighting or just not working whatsoever from whatever reason it might've been. Obviously enough, this clearly meant that there had been others who came here before him and already looted as much as they possibly could from the store but yet this did not mean the male was about to completely give up on his search just yet. Carefully with each step going over the debris of shelves being knocked over one another, the male soon stepped his way over into the remains of the backroom of the store where normally the employees would only be allowed. Surely, with the fact of how blocked off the backroom was due to the large metal racks fallen over one another, it possibly meant that no one had checked back there yet; so rather than leaving the area, the male simply unsheathed one of his own blades just to slice through the metal and cause nearly all of it to come collapsing down upon one another before piling up on the floor to allow entrance into the backroom.

    Fully unaware that the noise had began to set off censors throughout the store, even if they were mostly damaged; they held enough power to begin reactivating the security bots and initiate automated orders to head to the location where the censors had rang off to. While the male might've not been aware of this, he wasted no time to search the backroom where he had found quite a few small parts of machines such as old power cells and such that he was able to begin taking apart and taking the energy cells to start recharging his robotic limbs. Sure, it might've not been much but 25% of power on both his arm and leg was better than what he had earlier and there could be more to search around the backroom anyway.
    While searching through the remains of the shop, the one sound that had caused the hooded male to come to a halt in the middle of his searching were the very sounds of metallic footsteps marching around right outside of the store. Without wasting any time, he carefully yet silently snuck his way back towards the exit of the backroom just to peak over only to find what appeared to had been about four security robots marching their way around the front of the store with strange rifles in their grip. Their dirtied helmets scanning the area before directing their gaze towards the interior of the store and allowing their hud to scan the entire interior as well. Eventually, on their own hud they had received the name of the very male that was hiding in the backroom and small bits of his history of being a thief; stealing from other stores all over different states. "Targ░t Loc░ted ░ N░m░ :: Hiroshi Yoshimitsu :: Cr░me :: Rob░e░y, Entry Into Unpermitted Zone :: Threat Le░el ░░ :: En░ag░ng! ::" Immediately after stating those few words and spreading it across it's fellow robotic companions around it, each and every one of them had opened fire straight into the interior of the store as whatever wasn't already destroyed within the room was clearly destroyed now. The sight of dust, smoke and remains of electronics flew up into the air blocking practically all vision.

    The sight and sound of this allowed for Hiroshi to do nothing more at this point but to drop himself fully onto the floor into a prone position to let the firing of the security bot's laser rifles to continuing shooting until they decided to stop whenever. Eventually as the smoke within the shop had grown too dense for even the sensors of the robots to be able to fully locate and define if their target was dead yet, they had halted their fire just to await for the smoke to lift. Luckily for Hiroshi though, even if the smoke was too dense to see; it was clear enough that the bots were still lined up in front of the shop for him to get a perfect shot at them. "Okay. Here we go...this is going to hurt..." With those silent whispers to himself before the male had decided to finally stand up from his prone position; he immediately reached up with his left fist to begin lowering the temperature of his own body core till ice had finally been able to form in the palm of his hand as he gripped straight onto his bow that was holstered on back with his right arm. Pulling the wire back with the palm that was frozen over, with the manipulation of ice over his palm, he was able to form out four arrows out of the substance before finally aiming and firing all four arrows at once to strike each and every one of the four security bots straight through their helmet. This easily crushing their main control board within their helmet and allowing them to drop immediately to floor and finally letting Hiroshi to be able to step out and rummage through their remains for any better cells that he could use to power his limbs. Once again, completely unaware that tampering with security robots had sent out an alert to many others in the mall to check up on what had occurred.
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  7. The mold particles and dampness hanging heavy in the air, David progressed deeper into the ruins of the old hospital. The heft revolver resting comfortably in his hands as he approached a heavy set of double doors. Extending one hand outward to open the door, suddenly an unpleasant tingling sensation ran through across his skin like lighting alerting him moments before the bone saw of a medical robot sliced through the doors missing David's hand by barely an inch.

    Stumbling back from the saw blade, he raised his weapon and quickly squeezed a single round which resounded through the empty hallways with a deafening crack as it tore into the multi-armed machine that has by now destroyed the doors and was quickly closing in on the unfortunate scavenger.

    Turning he did would most people would do give the situation and fled down an adjacent hall as quickly his blistered feet would carry him as his hot patting breaths quickly began to fog up the eye pieces of his gas mask when the water logged floor gave way sending David falling a considerable distance down in the basement directly onto a medical cart sending it's contents spilling in all directions as he slammed into the stagnate water that has slowly formed a shallow pool . Reeling from the impact, he slowly stumbled to his feet before collapsing once with a gasping yelp as he discovered that a scalpel on the cart has embedded it self to his calf muscle opening a route for a scream of hot blood to spill from the deep gash mixing with the deep brown water.

    "Get up!" he yelled to himself as he mustered his strength to stand up before limping away from the whirling blades and clicking legs of the surgical machine. Once a brightly painted friend of the sick and injured now rusted and menacing it continues to give medical care in it's own warped programing, seeking to excise the genetically damage flesh of the survivors.
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  8. Hunter Mora
    Late Afternoon The Hospital, Haven City @Knight-Errant
    [​IMG]The silence that filled the hospital dragged on as Hunter stood in the waiting room, perfectly still as she waited for the sounds of a scuffle or a door creaking or anything. Patience was a difficult thing to maintain when someone's life was at risk, but she fought down the impulse to fidget. That patience paid off a moment later when the gunshot echoed through the halls. And just like that, Hunter was off, sprinting through the halls with nothing but instinct to guide her twists and turns through the halls of the hospital. A crash followed, seconds later. By then she was close enough to recognize the whirring and clicking that accompanied a surgery 'bot, even with the blood pounding in her ears. The sounds helped her guide herself to their source, and she soon found herself at the gaping hole in the hallway, the water damaged beams that had supported the floor poking down into the basement below. Below was a spilled medical cart, and a figure limping away from a malfunctioning surgery bot.

    Hunter hesitated for all of a second before stepping off the edge.

    She landed hard on her feet but ignored the shock it sent up her legs, fumbling for the energy blade she kept on her belt instead of the rifle on her back. She managed to grip the handle of the blade, quickly drawing it and stabbing it between two of the plates that made up the surgery bot's outer shell before thumbing the button on the handle that electrified it. Aim hadn't exactly been a concern, but by the way the 'bot shuddered and drunkenly attempted to turn towards her, Hunter had fried something vital. She pulled the blade out and struck once more, twice more, holding her third strike until the energy blade ran out of charge. She stepped back to dodge the bot's death throes, the blades it once utilized to save lives stuttering as its power failed.

    "tHIs w░Ll OnLy ░uRT foR ░ mOMeNt..." Its last words were as twisted at its rusted plates, mangled past the point of being recognizable as a recorded voice. Hunter almost pitied it. Stepping back in to pull her energy blade from the hulk, sparks lighting in the three holes she'd left in it, she returned it to its loop on her belt and turned her attention to the figure she'd rescued.
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  9. [​IMG]Hiroshi Yoshimitsu

    Location: Haven City Streets; Near hospital.
    Time Of Day: Sunset
    Tags: @Spectre of the Fade @Knight-Errant

    The entire time that Hiroshi had been kneeling before the four robotic security guards remains, he had come across the very thing that he was looking for the entire time when he came to the mall of these ruins of a mall; power cells. Although they weren't exactly fully charged, with the few he could get a hold of he was able to charge his robotic leg and arm to at the very least 75% of full charge. Nodding his head at the sight of this; the hooded male had planned to head off to begin scavenging for further parts from the other security bots but yet once more, something had stopped his progress; this time, it had been the heavy footsteps of multiple mechanical beings stomping their way towards his location. "What now.." With that only question being the one thing he could ask, the hooded male had raised his attention upwards from his knelt over position to take a glimpse forward at what could possibly be coming towards him that was making such noise. Eventually, the source of the sound making had decided to make it's appearance as it was none other than more of the security robots and this time, much more than just four of them. The sight of this causing both of the dark haired male's eyes to widen from underneath his hood as he immediately stood right up to his own two feet in utter shock of how many of them had activated at once to be coming around a corner of the mall like such. "Oh...nono. No, that's just not fair..." Without another moment of wasting time, clearly enough; Hiroshi had no time to continue his scavenging for the time being. immediately turning his attention back the way he came from, with an immediate bolt towards the exit of the mall; once the movement had been detected upon the machines radars, it took no time to even initiate orders before they each began to open fire down the hall of the mall to attempt to kill the moving target.

    The echoes of stores within the mall and blasts could easily be heard echoing throughout the city while Hiroshi had attempted to dodge and skid out of the way of as many of the laser bullets as he possibly could. The entire time, he had gotten constant cuts from close calls and near misses but eventually he was able to make his way through the double doors that lead out back to the streets of the city of Haven. This however did not stop the assault of the robotic security as they continued to march forward till they had began to spill out from the interior of the mall, marching their way around the streets in search for the intruder or anything that was practically moving at this point due to their sensors and control boards within their hud being far too damaged to keep orders properly.
    All the while, the hooded male had luckily been able to rush his way a bit further from the mall and decided to hide in what had been the remains of an ambulance nearby. Raising his right arm, he had undone the latch that was upon the side of his arm to check on any possible damages that might've been done to his mechanical parts. Although he knew well enough about his own physical injuries on his flesh, finding injuries on his mechanical parts was a bit more difficult since the sensation wasn't fully the same; the pain was just as bad but the issue of how to fix such things was not as easy as putting a band aid over it.

    While checking through the status of his mechanical parts, the sight of what had appeared to had been damage near the coolant tubes within his left leg had caused quite a bit of concern to come about Hiroshi. The one thing that had to be damaged just had to be his coolant tubes, the one thing that was able to keep his attacks and anything he did with his robotic parts from overheating and damaging him further internally was damaged. Exhaling a deep sigh of annoyance, he soon checked his left arm carefully; sure, although his coolant tubes were damaged, he still had the ability to lower his body temperature to use ice and that could replace that for the time being; but using it just to make the arrows earlier had nearly caused his entire left arm to go into frostbite as it was. How much worse could it be if he needed to use it to keep metal from overheating. Sighing in thoughts of this, without so much as a warning; the sudden sounds of fire and the entire ambulance taking shots began to nearly cause the hooded male to gasp. The security bots already found him, cursing silently at this fact; he had to get up and get moving again, rushing his way out the back double doors of the ambulance truck; mere moments after the vehicle had been shot, the very fact that it was being shot so many times had caused a rather loud explosion to echo even further throughout the abandon city. Beasts or even robots that were activated through dangerous noises were immediately alerted to this and began to direct their attention straight over towards the location they had heard the sounds.
    All the while, Hiroshi was still on the run to make sure to either outrun the security bots or at the very least find a way around them to get the drop on them and finish it all out at once.
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  10. David Blackmore

    A steady trail of red liquid leaking out of his injury, David thought this would be the end of his story as he turned and ready his handgun towards the encroaching metal demon when as if the angels that his father used to speak had come to save him, a female figure dropped down from the hole he not so gracefully open, moving like the warriors of old, her cackling blade striking down the medical bot in a stunning display a martial prowess. Lowering his aim but muscles still tensed with distrust, he scanned the dying machine before turning his gaze towards his mysterious savior. If she wanted to kill him she would've done did it but the idea served little to comfort him.

    "Don't get me wrong, I thank you for dealing with that little problem of mine but most folks aren't in the business of saving others out the kindness of their hearts."

    As he spoke he lifted his head slightly listening to the muffled echoes of gunfire ringing out somewhere in the streets above while stripping off the heavy gas masked with his free hold to reveal a rather young and by many peoples handsome man, his skin pale both from blood lose and lack of sunlight he seemed more like an office worker than a hardened scavenger at first glance but his icy eyes told another story, a story of a haunted and dangerous man.

    Sighing he mumbled quietly to himself,

    "I stayed out to late, I need to find a hole to hide in before more of them come."
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  11. ☀️ Alana Durwill ☀️
    Location: Haven City, Outskirts
    Time of Day: Nightfall
    Tags: N/A

    "Sylvia, give me a reading on the vicinity." Alana muttered sleepily, her eyes cast down towards the stone-cold ground as heavy metallic footsteps thumped ever onward. "Sensors detect footprints, estimated time stamp 1-3 hours." The robotic AI answered back in a monotone tone, causing the woman to merely glance at the imprinted boot marks on the ground, a disappointed frown hugging her face. "That it?" She asked half-heartedly, knowing the answer regardless. "Affirmative." Sylvia replied.

    With a deep sigh, Alana crouched down on both knees, her body aching immensely as she forced herself to enter a sitting position, no easy task given the bulk of her choice of 'clothing' for the day, like every other day. She'd long since lost count of the last time she had a proper night's sleep, her gut feeling told her tonight would be like every other. "I need some... air." She pushed out with a hesitant breath, before a deep mechanical whirring caused the helmet guarding her face to detach and raise. She'd learnt It was best to try not to think about the radiation currently brushing through her hair, coasting along her delicate features so gently preserved by this metal-can she'd walked with for years.

    At first, she was so full of fear, of the radiation, the mutants, even the machines. But now? It seemed like an endless chore, she adored adventure and wanted nothing more than to help the world recover... But se didn't know how, one way or another, she was always alone, always isolated. In the open world, she was bereft of human contact. In the safety of the shelter, among her friends, it was the earth she was robbed of. Deep breaths rocked her body as Alana dared embrace the light breeze for just a few moments longer. Eyes cast up towards the decrepit ruins of past wonders, the great city strangled by nature's assault, shamed and broken in defeat as great looming skyscrapers remained nothing more than a towering ruin, metallic scrap and concrete heaps of former structures ruled this city now.

    After witnessing the earth's past glory, the site before her was saddening as much as motivating, it spurred her on, and with an audible groan did Alana rise, her legs bearing the weight of the world as she did so, the mask reallocating itself into position. It was dangerous, much too dangerous to be sitting around, moping in self-pity. Darkness conquered the skies, casting great shadows over the land; a beacon for danger, a haven for death. It was time to move, once she'd dreamed of stargazing up at the moon-lit sky, appreciating the beauty that was their universe--now she ran from it--such was the state of things.

    Little more than a few minutes walk later, did Alana stop abruptly, eyes widened in shock at the gory display before her. "Sylvia," Alana started, eyes drifting across a large stone wall, hand-built recently with bricks and decorated in savage ornaments and bloody graffiti. "Give me a reading on the timestamp of this blood." She asked with concern, bandits were a common threat in the open, especially at night when their travels go undetected. It made her grateful to have access to night vision. "Estimation: 3 to 4 hours." The reply was enough to make Alana grimace, she'd been able to frighten most bandits off with a firework display, but the level of violence before her eyes made that tactic seem unlikely to work, she didn't want to kill another human, she hadn't had to kill yet. Mutated wildlife, malfunctioning bots and hunting game were her victims.

    Without warning, bursts of high-powered gunfire echoed throughout the streets, reverberating from ruin to ruin, stretching across the city like a signal fire foe danger. The sound made the woman instinctively duck behind the gory wall for cover, only for her to realize it was several blocks away; and if she heard it, perhaps the bandits did too, if they were still in the city. Conflict set in, someone could need help... unless, the gunfire was the bandits, or someone who perhaps meant harm? Alana was indecisive, she used the opportunity to enter the nearest fully-roofed building she could find--a toy store--in order to collect her thoughts and steady her nerves. But not before cursing the lack of stealth capability her suit offered, even a half-wit could follow her armored tracks; a prime reason for her lack of sleep.
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  12. Cassius Caesar Danning

    Gunfire. It was close. Cassius could almost smell the signature acrid singe of the laser rifles as they tore their way through whatever seemed to have angered the owners. It was an urban area, hospitals, malls, apartments and the likes, mostly bombed out shells and rusted husks of their former selves. Skeletons of both bone and metal lay against walls and sprawled across streets in a haphazard reverse-minefield of death from years ago. Loot could be garnered from these bodies, so could attention if one wasn't careful enough. As he had thought; a minefield.

    Staring with dull blackened eyes at the scene unfolding before him, Cassius slowly blinked in resignation as he finally decided that he would get involved. He hoped to not have to use his ability and he hoped further that he would not be seen. An augmented man seemed to be escaping rapidly from a throng of security androids he seemed to have incurred the wrath of. Unfortunate for him. More so for Cassius as well. The power cells he had obtained were valuable but at this rate he would be shot down very soon. Robots were known for the pinpoint targeting systems over a distance, even if they were rusted by a lifetime or two. Their laser fire would likely fry the power cells along with the man if he wasn't careful and from what Cassius could tell from his reckless assault with that odd ice attack; the man was not careful.

    So of course, that meant Cassius needed to step in, although not directly. Hidden behind the corner of a nearby building, he saw the other man was running quickly in his direction. That would make things easier but he wouldn't make in time before he was gunned down, it was obvious from the way one of the robots knelt down and aimed with a more direct purpose to kill. The next shot would go through the man's head. A small sigh emanated from Cassius as he realised using his ability would be unavoidable. Slumping down against the wall, he closed his eyes and concentrated.

    After a brief moment of what must have felt like going through a rollercoaster ride, Cassius opened his eyes again to look down at his metallic hands holding one of those laser rifles. Bio-Upload, the ability to posses the metallic monster of mankind. It was an ironic power to say the least. Wasting no time, he aimed the laser rifle directly at the kneeling robot's head and pulled the trigger, eliminating the steel guard quickly. He then turned around and shot another one in the chest before he was gunned down by the others. Cassius felt the disorientating feeling of strong vertigo before his eyes reopened in his own body again. Standing up again, his hand touched his nose and came away with blood. Again. It got better with practice, he no longer passed out for days. Any more practice and he might be able to control a robot and not bleed for once. It would be very convenient for him, anyway.

    Preparing himself for the augmented guy who was running full pelt towards his corner, Cassius' arms snaked out as the man rounded the corner and pulled him into the half-destroyed building with efficient strength. Not wanting their position to be given away as he released the man from his grip, Cassius put a finger to his lips silently in a very universal gesture. Stealth and escape was required for their survival here or they would end up as biofuel for the undying gatekeepers of this undead city. Raising his hands to show he was friendly, he then pointed towards a cellar door to the side that was partially ajar. It had an old access tunnel that someone had dug years ago in the event that the city was quarantined or blockaded. Several entrance lead to various parts both around and outside the city, so it was a very convenient way to get around. Cassius knew all this because it was how he got around the city without being detected by the sentinels here. Gesturing to the cellar again, Cassius glanced out the boarded up broken windows, a bead of sweat forming on his brow. Those robotic guardsmen were drawing near, searching and scanning the area for hostiles; for them. It would not be long before they discovered the two of them hidden in their temporary shelter, the cellar was clearly the only way.

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  13. Hunter Mora
    Sunset The Hospital, Haven City @Knight-Errant @happydeath @~Aether~
    [​IMG]Such a cynical comment coming from an injured scavenger earned a snort of amusement from Hunter, the sound faintly distorted by the filters on her helmet. How exactly did he expect she'd take advantage of him? What did he have that was worth taking? That wasn't her motive at all, but she still had to wonder at the logic there. "I am not 'most folks'. Lucky you," she responded bluntly, amusement in her tone. Due to the diversity of the vault she grew up in, she had something of an accent as well.

    With careful movements, so as to not startle the particularly distrusting man she'd rescued, Hunter raised her hands and undid the latches keeping her helmet attached to her armor. A gesture of trust. This man had shown his face, she may as well do the same. But she'd just gotten her hands on the sides of the helmet to pull it off properly when the distinctive sound of gunfire came from the street above, followed by an explosion. What was it? Scrapheads? Raiders? Worse? She couldn't tell from the noise the guns made. How'd she not find them in her scouting trips around the city? Well, regardless, it looked as if the world was making up for the dullness of her previous days in spades. Getting this man somewhere safe was her first priority was her top priority, and that couldn't really happen with the streets clogged by the bad guys. They needed to get going.

    "Get something on that-" -she waved one hand towards his injury as she redid the latches on her helmet- "-and let's get moving. Got a bolt hole near here."

    Without waiting for a response, she headed for the steps that would take her out of the basement, slipping her rifle off its strap and into her hands. Since her energy blade was out of charge, it was the only functional weapon she had. Hopefully the battle wouldn't carry on into the hospital. With that in mind, she moved with care through the halls and rooms, towards the entrance of the emergency room, as it was the closest exit to the building she'd made her den. She paused by the doors, surveying the scene outside and waiting for her new friend to catch up. That was assuming he would catch up. It wouldn't surprise her if he didn't, given the distrust he'd shown in just a few seconds of interaction, but who knew.
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  14. [​IMG]Hiroshi Yoshimitsu
    Location: Haven City ; Abandoned Building
    Time Of Day: Nightfall

    Tags: @Destructus Kloud @Spectre of the Fade @Knight-Errant @~Aether~

    Just as the constant incoming fire of the security robots had shot their strange rifles towards him; by the time the hooded male had been able to hop out from the back of the ambulance, he could only continued his bolting down the large abandoned streets while avoiding shots one after another. Every so often even if several of the shots had missed him, the constant few scratches and scrapes against his flesh as well as his metallic arm and leg had been enough to nearly cause the male to drop as only ended up finding himself hiding behind yet another old remain of a vehicle, panting deeply as he sat there with his back pressed against the chassis of the old rusted car; luckily, with all the other piled vehicles in the way, the shots of the security bots still had quite a ways to go reaching actually reaching the hooded male. Checking down onto his own wrist of his robotic arm once again to see the status of his damage; the screen that had once been a light blueish color had now been blinking a bright red with several crosses of black lines going across the screen while all in black letters the word. :: DANGER :: CRICTAL DAMAGE :: Sighing at the sight of this, Hiroshi could only rest his head against the back of the chassis of the car once more. The one thing that he had wished not to do just because it would most likely overheat his robotic arm and leg severely; followed by the issue that with his damaged arm and leg now, the overheat was going to be just that much more painful.

    Just as Hiroshi had began to prepare his own strikes; the firing of the robotic security bots had seemed to had halted for a moment yet the sounds of blasts had continued without end strangely. This was strange, why did it halt all of a sudden like that; lifting his gaze over his shoulders just to peak through the remains of the ruins of the vehicle he hid behind; what he came to saw was quite shocking but yet almost of no surprise to the hooded male. One of the robotic authorities were shooting back at one another until soon enough beginning to take down a few of them before eventually the one that fought back seemed to had been destroyed in the process; however, before the very one that had fought back had been destroyed, the hooded male immediately continued to rush off down the path only to end up being caught off guard once again the instant he was pulled into a large building. The very sensation of being gripped caused Hiroshi to quickly reach for his own blade that he kept holstered across his back to draw it forward and place it forward straight towards the stranger who might've meant harm to him.

    Rather than questioning the unknown male figure before him instantly, Hiroshi had simply kept his blade held forward towards the stranger for a few further moments before he showed signs of being silent and that he meant no harm in anyway. By the time the stranger's gaze and motion went towards a cellar door, it was almost quite obvious enough that this male was attempting to assist in escaping those very authority bots who were still scanning the area for any signs of moving that they believed anything could be their target. Luckily, with the fact of night falling over the city by this point; although the bots still had night vision; they were never meant to be fully military equipped with thermal vision to be able to see anything that might be hiding from their sights, followed by their electronics already being damaged from the years already, their vision wasn't as good as it normally should be at night.

    Wasting no time to begin making his way over towards the cellar door, the hooded male made sure that as he had opened the latch; he'd carefully place it to one side just so the metal clanging wouldn't echo too loudly for the bots to be able to hear them as they slipped underneath into the underground. 'Great...just where I want to be...back underground...again.' It was rather ironic honestly, coming out from living underground for nearly most of his life to know what it was like to be on the surface only to be going back underground again to hide from the very dangers of the land above. Just as Hiroshi had began to take the first step downwards though, the security bots had began to speak from their current standing point before each of them had began to raise their arms to the skies for a moment. :: Initiate Fu░l Sc░Le LoC░ti░N Sc░n :: Just with those few robotic and monotone voices echoing across the empty streets; eventually a large green scan would envelop over the entire surrounding area as the strange light even began to fade itself into buildings. With as many as there were around, they covered around several street blocks as well as making sure to go over the hospital buildings as well.[/imagefloat]​
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    ☀️ Alana Durwill ☀️
    Location: Haven City, Underground
    Time of Day: Nightfall
    Tags: @happydeath @Destructus Kloud

    "Threat detected. Hostile machines approaching position, e.t.a two minutes." Sylvia chirped unlovingly, a digital map of the immediate vicinity forcing itself before Alana's eyes as she spun around, wide eyed and frantically pacing. "What?! Scan again!" She hissed urgently, dread building up. "Scan results: Confirmed." The woman froze on her feet, picking apart her brain for any knowledge as to how on earth she was detected by these machines. The earlier gunfire, it must have been a contingency of bots, she remembered that in the event of a successful crime, a city-wide manhunt for the offender would be initiated. Unfortuntately--due to the malfunction--every human counted as an offender, which also meant she was now a sitting duck in an indefensible toy store, with various heavily armed guard bots less than minutes away with a kill order on her head.

    Then it hit her; if a full-scan was necessary, whoever had a standoff with the bots was alive, but whether it was the bandits or otherwise she could not say. As much faith as she placed in her suit, she didn't fancy her odds against half a dozen steel sentinels, each with top-of-the range laser rifles, and expert targeting systems; despite their broken programming. "Map me a path to the nearest manhole!" Alana hissed quickly, using the bulk of her power-armor to essentially charge through the door. Noise was less a concern than speed, they already knew where she was, escape was her top priority.

    "Four pathways found." The digitalized map appeared before her face, Alana's eyes scanning the multiple pathways whilst she continued running. A multitasking effort she'd grown skilled at years ago. At a full sprint, the armor's heavy thumping upon the ground was a beacon to every hostile in a three-block radius, she should have expected the pathway would be littered with danger. It was their protocol--to guard various potential escape points in the city--once sentinels of man were now nothing more than expert killers. Two bots, stone-faced and vigilant, moving onwards in rank, powered-rifles outstretched as the targeting systems secured a lock on their opponent. Then orange filled her vision, bright beams of laser charged forward like a snake pouncing on the unsuspecting prey, blue lights burst out from her left-wrist, a shimmering hue of energy shaped in the form of a large disc, pointed forward like a wall lords over an army. The laser beams made contact with a loud hssing noise, not unlike the sound of a fryer. Each beam deflected in various directions, bouncing off the energy shield and spiralling into the various surroundings, causing no shortage of racket.

    Alana's mind flooded with panic, she couldn't stay here, yet running would only get her so far--she needed to reach those sewers--there she would be safe enough, narrow-pathways, and superior nightvision would see to that. Charging forward with carried momentum, she took in a deep breath and let out a short yell; the power-suit smashing into the two bots shield first, causing both to plummet to the floor with crushing force. She didn't stop to finish them, just kept running. Her breath grew coarse, her lungs filled with struggled exhales and her throat was tight and burned worse than any furnace.

    Yet she made it, eyes cast to the surroundings Alana used the suit's superior strength to tear the manhole from the ground, tossing it aside before forcing her oversized suit through the entry. For several moments, she feared it would not fit. Luckily for her, it did, so The she slid down the ladder with haste, the sewage system laying below was now little more than a tunnel, a large intricate circuit of passage, ideal for covert travel, a fact that made her more uneasy. If others were running from the bots, it seemed plausible they would seek the confines of the tunnel-system. With night vision activated, the woman took off walking forward as silently as her suit bid, scanning the environment constantly to detect any sign of human presence.
  16. The behemoth groaned, shifting as he marched through the streets, releasing a groan as he walked. The day had been long, and food had been scarce. He was having to come further from "home", and he didnt like that.
    Standing at 7 feet tall,and 4 feet across, Stone stood out. But it was hard to tell he was once human. He didnt even wear clothing.He didnt have much to hide,anyhow. But he had managed to fashion a harness out of rope,witch hung several large canteens and cooler jugs. He grumbled, coming to his destination. A section of street had caved in at some point, and the hole pooled large quantities of water, making an easy and common watering hole. He growledz, crouching to fill his large palm. He took a drink, and sighed, shifting as he let the harness drop to the asphault, working to fill them. The rain had not returned, and his normal source was running out.
    The gunfire he could hear was actually comforting. It kept most of the beasts at bay, and most humans werent stupid enough to go near the battle.with a groan,he took another drink, before shouldering his harness. He hurried back to the ruptured sewer main that was the entrance to his home, and slipped inside, using a large pully to tow a pickup to the point it blocked the entrance,he groaned,releasig afew curses as his heavy footsteps echo'd through the subterainian maze as he growled, makig his way to his 'Home'
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  17. Cassius Caesar Danning

    As the other man descended the steps into the dark oblivion below, Cassius cocked his head oddly as he faintly heard the approaching heavy steps of what sounded like another machine. Another one of the guards? The step-pattern was off though, they didn't exactly run, not the security models that littered this part of the city anyway. No, these footsteps sounded heavier and faster, like someone running for their life. A cyborg? It wasn't uncommon in this day and age. Or perhaps a newer model had found its way across town simply just to ruin his day. Cassius knew he should just follow the augmented man into the tunnels, to pay no heed to the odd steps and potential danger it could face him with; but his curiosity got the better of him. Peeking through the boarded up windows again, he caught a glimpse of a seemingly advanced robot charging through the opposite building's side door like a juggernaut and violently collide with two security watchmen bots, smashing them down before continuing on without a second thought.

    It really was an impressive display of power, enough to get even Cassius' eyebrows to raise in mild surprise. However it was also counterproductive; several more watchmen had noticed this display also and they now moved towards the advanced robot's position, laser rifles aimed in calculated vengeance. But this humanoid tank of metal and wiring was apparently quite agile as it dashed away, disappearing around the corner of the next building almost as quickly as it had come. Impressive, yet again.

    But it was time to go now. The area-wide scan was underway and the glowing green lines sank even within the room Cassius now stood in and it would detect him before long. Stepping down the steps, he carefully closed the two large cellar doors behind himself to cover their escape. The ariel scan could detect most things, but not if they were underground. Moving along until he reached the flat part of the tunnel, Cassius followed the other man along the dark passageway. Slapping the device on the left side of his chest, he activated his chest-mounted torch, which opened up the view of the path ahead: more meaningless bricks and the impenetrable darkness ahead. There were access exits every few hundred metres for them to leave from, it was just a decision of how far away was far enough to make their escape.

    "These tunnel entrances on the left lead into the sewers. I have an workshop in there that we can rest in for the time being. You look like you need it." Cassius informed the man before him, eyeing his clearly damaged augments and the scraps he seemed to have suffered on his flesh. A few bandages would sort that out, but then it was a matter of those tubes. At a glance, Cassius would say it was some kind of coolant or other form of liquid transfer. He'd have to give it a proper analysis, but if that was the case then they would need to go back to the surface very soon. There were no coolant replacements in his nearby sewer workshop and the mechanical limbs would soon overheat or break in some manner to be rendered useless, leaving the man completely in Cassius' care. Whilst he didn't mind helping people, he wasn't as noble as some. The power cells, or even the man's help in some supply runs, something would make all the difference for Cassius, but he didn't want to be stuck with a crippled person. That would only be a burden on him and he couldn't afford that. Unless he had other means of keeping his arms from breaking in the meantime, they would have to make the trip before sunrise, which wasn't too far away now. Cassius dared not to go during the day, it was too easy to be seen and there were too many dangers during the day.

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  18. [​IMG] Hiroshi Yoshimitsu

    Location: Haven City Underground
    Time Of Day: Nightfall
    Tags: @~Aether~ @Destructus Kloud @Mistory

    Continuing on his way further till he had finally come to a much more flat yet slightly even damp surface of flat ground rather than constantly making his way down the old stairwell; the hooded male had immediately ended up gasping sharply as the damage that had been done onto his right arm had began to affect him further than it needed to be. There was no doubt about it, he was going to need to find a place to at least rest for a few minutes to be able to do some small patch ups onto his arm and leg if he was going to want to be moving anywhere too far; at the very least, with the assistant of the stranger it at least meant that Hiroshi didn't have to end up using his own arm or leg into it's overdrive state where it would risk the chance of overheating his limbs too far to the point of being unable to cool them down quick enough. Cursing to himself mentally at the fact of how he had been sloppy with how he had attempted to escape from his pursuers to be damaged as bad as he was; the injuries that he had gotten physically upon his actual flesh weren't so bad and were simple small fix ups that he could just band over lightly, but yet the mechanical wounds were a bit more difficult.

    Eventually, while standing there holding his right arm; the stranger that pulled him aside had finally began to step down to the same level as him only to reveal a rather bright white light to show the path before them. Listening to his own statement about the paths before the two of them as well as that the one of the left had lead to a sewer where he apparently had a workshop of sorts that could assist the hooded male further in repairing and patching up his wounds. It took quite little time to easily realize from the silence that Hiroshi had given in return to this strange male that the hooded male had a slight bit of a difficult time fully believing him or let alone trusting him after just meeting the man and the fact that he was suddenly offering assistance in repairing his arm and patching up wounds in a sewer during nightfall where it was going to be most likely quite dark until they reached the 'workshop', Hiroshi was risking the chance that this could've all been a trap.
    Sadly though, with either case whether or not it was true or a trap; it did not change the fact that hooded male did need help with repairing his arm and leg and if this man was truly going to help, at least safe location would allow the hooded male to be able to begin working on repairing a bit of his own limbs before actually asking to see if there were any extra parts that were available to replace the broken ones within his arm and leg. "I guess...I do not have much of a choice here. I will not be able to run for too long let alone fight in this condition." With those few words, Hiroshi wasted no time to begin heading down the exact direction of going 'left' as stranger stated to be heading down. Unaware of what could've been within the damp sewers, it was better than returning to the surface during this current time with how his condition currently was.

    Just as Hiroshi had taken the first few steps to begin entering through the path of the dark tunnels of what would lead him to the sewers; before actually deciding to go any further, yet again, the hooded male had raised his right arm to check upon the status of his mechanical limbs once more just to make sure that the damage had not been growing any worse with time. Just as expected though, immediately as the bright red screen once more appeared before his gaze; the very same words of Danger and Critical Damage was still plastered right in front of his face without any signs of growing better; luckily enough though, he was able to avoid allowing the shots from the secrutiy bots to hit the power cells within his arm and leg, clearly as shown that his energy levels were still at the same as they were earlier, 75%.
    Just the sight of this was at least some bits of relief to the hooded male, though all that immediately changed as the sounds of multiple footsteps echoing across the damp surface deeper into the sewers had soon enough caught the male's attention. Raising his head upwards from the red screen across his robotic arm, Hiroshi soon enough only turned his head carefully over his shoulder to take a glimpse at the strange male behind him for a moment. "Who else is down here exactly...? There are...noises." Stating this, Hiroshi had made sure that although he may not had been able to pinpoint exactly where the footsteps were in the sewers; they clearly were not that of the robots due to how each step was different rather than the similar marching of each step of a robotic creature would be. One pair were light yet quick, while the other seemed to had stomped much heavier as though it were some sort of large creature of sorts.

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  19. A long groan escaped the behemoth as he arrived at his destination. A large hole had connected the sewer systems to an old subway station. He snarled, tossing his several galons of water to the side. After a moment of twidling with what was inside, he pulled a large lever. The room lit up with circuits firing, and an old song, sounded like what was once rock began to play as the giant growled, beggining to organize the junk inside to pass the time.
    He snarled, pulling the leg of some lind of bird free from a chest as he sunk his teeth in, shifting among the garbage.
    The music poured into the tunnels, signifying his presence.most machines werent intellegent enough to get this far,ao he had yet ti have a problem...
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  20. ☀️ Alana Durwill ☀️
    Location: Haven City, Underground
    Time of Day: Nightfall
    Tags: @Mistory @happydeath @Destructus Kloud

    Thrums, thrums in the deep, tip-tapping away like a distant rhino, reverberating throughout the narrow-tunnel with rhythmic vibrations. Whatever caused such sounds was of immense size; a feeling of terror blanketed the area, Alana was trapped below ground, with a robotic army entrenched above and some manner of beast, hidden in the shadows of below. Momentarily, she pondered ditching the suit, since stealth-capabilities weren't apart of the arsenal. Alas, certified death by radiation poisoning wasn't a satisfactory alternative. No, she was stuck here, there was but one choice; to use the hand she'd been dealt.

    Taking no chances, Alana inhaled deeply before moving on; cringing at each robotic stomp her suit inadvertently made, she could only pray that whatever monster lay in wait was deafened by it's own rampant march to hear her own lesser--but still noticeable--footfall. "Sylvia, get me a reading on those footst--" A blaring shrill pierced the air, as various extreme noises flooded the tunnel-network, a myriad of sounds combined accompanied by loud, melodramatic shouting. Alana raised her arm--energy disc forming with a thundering zap--as she kneeled down preparing to face the incoming danger, her heart pounded fiercely within her chest, threatening to burst out; a slight feeling of adrenaline-fuelled sickness built in her stomach, as she lay in wait.

    Moments passed, then minutes, beads of sweat now formed over her forehead, as the sound remained unchanging--all around her--yet nowhere to be seen. After several more minutes of nothing, Alana couldn't help but wrinkle her brow in confusion. Had her helmet muffled the sound? "Sylvia, identify sound." She questioned in a whisper, still calming down from the mental preparation of battling a behemoth. "Sound Identified: Music." Sylvia mocked--of course she didn't really mock--but Alana liked to think she would have, if she could. She couldn't even facepalm, the helmet saw to that; so the woman was reduced to holding in immature giggles at her abysmal miscalculation. This would be a memory that would stick for life, if only she had someone to share it with...

    Right... That thought got dark, let's see what's causing the music. Last I heard, mutants weren't the music loving type. Alana thought to herself, feeling slightly less nervous about encountering a monster, but considerably more on-edge over the prospect of several dozen security bots flooding the underground in search of this new threat. Who'd a thought music could be so dangerous?

    Time and anxiety stretched on in tandem, the music grew louder and clearer, as the tight walls of the tunnel adapted into a more open spaced stretch of rock, with the peculiar blare of lights glaring from a single entry point. Over the sound of the blasting rock, was the inhabitant's actions hidden; even with a hearing enhancement, she was never going to hear anything but the ancient song. Former adrenaline began to seep back into her bloodstream as the entrance grew closer, her feet still moving but unsteady and hesitant, yet if she did nothing; bots would bury these tunnels in a haze of death.

    "Activate Combat Protocol," Alana hissed quickly, her arms shooting up, fists clenched and wrists tilted back; first came the sky-blue hue of her solidified energy blade, followed closely by her prized life-saving disc. With great speed she lunged around the corner, poised behind her shield whilst eyes scanned hungrily for any source of danger.

    ...Which just so happened to be a looming giant, exactly as she'd prepared for earlier. Alana's heart sank at the sight, she was grateful to be coated head-to-toe in thick steel, otherwise the fear on her face would be obvious a world away. Any words she may have wanted to muster failed, this was by far the largest, most brutal mutant she'd ever bore witness to; she was not prepared, nor ready--and she'd walked right into his home.
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    The behemoh gave a snarl, picking through the scrap metal. He pulled what resembled an old weed eater, and growled, looking it over moter was rather heavy...but...

    The neck of the device snapped far to easily for his liking. He tossed the machine aside,shaking his head. This was stupid. He was really just lookig for somehing to add to his collection of scrap.Something complicated,but strong. These were hard to come by anymore. He took a drink from one of the freshly filled canteens,but paused. He had listened to this song repeatedly over the years. He new every note. But something didnt sound right...

    Turning, his eyes caught sight of the blue blade of the mechanized human before him. However,the fact that it was a suit didnt quiet click for the giant as he snarled, reaching over and grabbing what was once a stop sign that had been torn from the street. Now it was simply the pole,one end weighted down with a hunk of concrete the size of a basketball. He gave a growl,resting the 'Weapon' across his shoulders.

    He reached over,turning a nob on what appeared to be the caset player,and gave a snarl.
    "Puny machine...not belong here ..."he roared,stomping forward, prepared to engage the disguised human.

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    Apollo Von Braun
    Haven City, Underground
    Time of Day: Nightfall
    Tags: @Mistory @happydeath @Destructus Kloud @~Aether~
    Deep in the tunnels, nearby, the sound of....moving tracks was heard! Heavy machines, pushing forward in the tunnel. Anyone that was nearby would hear the sound of something heavy moving through, the tunnels shaking with weight not felt in years. Those that were watching could see a contraption moving through the tunnels. It looked as it someone took the treads from a tank, the body of a bus and....meshed them together.

    They passed each train stop, did a quick scan with a light, then kept on moving, as if they were searching for something. When coming across Stone's part of the station, and seeing Stone threaten the the tank-bus would stop. The machine-gunner up top, using the M2HB 50 caliber machine gun as a mounted-vehicle weapon, pointed the gun towards stone. Four different guards came out of the vehicle, and pointed them towards Stone, thinking him just another mindless one.

    However, a commanding voice would be heard. "STOP!"

    The guards would freeze, before one would try to speak up. "Sir, This mutant was about to attack this person!"

    A shot would ring out, and the man would've been hit in the leg. The guard would cry out in pain, before falling down, the other three recoiling back in fear. A individual would walk out of the bus, carrying a Laser rifle. He bore one thing that stuck him out, besides his more cleaned up look- The symbol of the SI on a sash, hanging over his shoulder, as he stepped from the bus. "One, if I wanted to be questioned, I would've asked for it." He said, as he placed the rifle on his back.

    The man walked forward towards Stone slowly, looking around his home, before speaking up. "Also, if you had bothered to look around, we're not in a mindless one's dwelling. Examples? The fact the entrances are blocked, the fact the tunnels were layered with defenses meant to stop intruders- We're not in the dwelling of a mad creature, this is someone's home, and we are trespassing." He said. He also said this for the sake of the person in the suit. He saw the advanced armor the person wore, and knew this was no machine- They were someone alive, and they were in danger. He was hoping to distract Stone, so they'd at least have a chance to step away, or explain themselves.

    Waving his hand, the machine gunner moved away from his position, and the guards placed their weapons away. Apollo would then walk towards the massive mutant, more intrigued by his big size then afraid, and raised his hands up. "Hello.....My people are traders. We have plenty to trade with, if you are willing?" He said in a clear voice. He would then dart his eyes towards the music player. A cassette player? Those things were annoying to find, even before the collapse.

    Still though, this presented an opportunity. Stepping back towards the Bus, the man would push a couple of boxes out of the way, before pulling out a cube of cassette tapes. He was originally going to have them scrapped, as they were just old music tapes and not many had a cassette player. On some of the tapes were 'Def Leppard'', 'Guns n' Roses', 'Aerosmith', 'Queen', 'ACDC', 'Black Sabbath', 'Led Zeppelin', and 'Rolling Stones' being a few. This was a chance he couldn't miss. Stepping out with the cube in hand, he'd place it down in front of the massive creature, before stepping back, raising his hands again.

    "Take this, as an apology for the....rude intrusion." He said, before gesturing towards the tank-bus. "My name is Apollo....we have plenty more to trade, if you will allow us to stay for a moment?" He asked. In truth? He wanted to know if the creature had any old computers or the like in the room. Apollo had been trying to find the central station, to map out the tunnel, but if this creature had looted the station...If Apollo had a mapped out look of subway's, he could clear out certain sections, and have a clear way across the city WITHOUT risking the surface.

    That meant supplies, transportation, and possibly expanding. He couldn't screw this up.
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  23. Cassius Caesar Danning
    It seemed that today's challenges had yet to cease for Cassius as he found himself faced with yet another difficult situation before him as the augmented man and he continued through the tunnel that lead to the city's sewers, odd sounds began emanating from the way ahead. It was not until the other man had decided to say something about it did Cassius fully realise the implications of it. Possibilities and courses of action flashed through his head in an instant: mutants had infested the sewers, the robots had finally decided to infiltrate the underground grid, more survivors had found themselves traversing the filthy passageways below the surface. Their choices were attempting to sneak by, fight whatever was there, attempt diplomacy with them, which wasn't possible if it were the robots, or go back the way they came. Either way, every option was incredibly dangerous for the two of them.

    Given that diplomacy was unlikely to an option and they couldn't go back they way they came because Cassius' sewer workshop was in the same direction as the odd sounds, that left fighting or stealth. Whilst Cassius didn't want to use his power again and wasn't particularly adept at combat, he also knew that the augmented man with him could not afford to take much more damage. But unfortunately, as he man had said before, there wasn't much choice in the matter. They would have to press onward and hope that whatever met them at the sewer entrance didn't eviscerate their flesh in the most gruesome of fashions.

    As the dim lights of the sewers drew near, Cassius shut off his chest-light and went first so that he could lead the way, stopping short at the rusted door entrance. Pushing it slightly aside so he could peek out, he winced at the small metal shunting sound it made and hoped he wasn't noticed. However, what faced him to their right pushed any thought of fear from his mind and only brought back that tired resignation that once again; things were probably going to get messy. They had apparently chanced upon the abode of some kind of mutant, a hulking beast of a man from the looks of him. The mutant was confronting that advanced robot that seemed to act all too human for Cassius' liking. Squinting through the partially dirty glass of his gas mask, he took notice of various seams and welds in the engineering. It was designed to open up, like a container of some kind. It was then that it clicked in his head and he almost mentally berated himself for not realising it sooner; it was a suit that contained an actual person inside. It made more sense, the armour of it looked fairly well maintained, nothing like the crumbling ruin of the machines of old.

    Of course, such a situation would have been complicated enough with an obvious fight having entailed thereafter. However, another player had decided to make himself known, or rather, themselves. A crawling bus with tank tracks was seen coming from around the bend in the sewer system to the left, the sound of the rumbling engine and the mechanical tracks being just audible over the strange... Music? Cassius was familiar with the concept but he had never actually heard any. It was supposed to be a recreational activity, but he had never learnt to create it and he had other means to entertain himself anyway. Besides, survival was always the top priority.

    Immediately, a troop of people emerged from the armoured vehicle, all as well-armed as the mechanical guards that had chased Cassius and his new friend not so long ago. Of course, the whole scene was set to spiral off into a disastrous battle until another man from the bus-tank walked onto the disgusting sewer-set having just shot his own guard. It seemed he was going to try to reason with the goliath that threatened the suited individual to the right, a bold move on his part. And trading even? The large behemoth had to be a Mindless One, there could be no doubt about it. Cassius sighed internally, if only he could possess those brutes like he could machines. It would make his life so much more convenient.

    Cassius and his augmented counterpart had been hiding behind the sewer entrance door for a good few minutes now, simply watching events unfold before them, but now he turned towards the other with a question in his expression, "What do you want to do now? We can't go back, we'll never reach my workshop without using the sewers unless we go above ground." He whispered in a moderately passive tone, "And if we go back up, we'll never make it before dawn. We'll be caught easily." Cassius then glanced back out of the slightly ajar door with a look of doubt, his quiet voice imperceptible to those beyond it, "However this certainly doesn't look too promising. I can see a battle occurring soon if someone puts a foot wrong..." Indeed, the giant man seemed easily provoked and the bus-tank trader leader's men seemed to be very on edge as well. Both were ticking time bombs primed for dual explosions at drop of a pin, which could easily be the the augmented man and himself if they weren't careful. The last thing he wanted was to get into a fight in such a closed environment. He looked back to the augmented his companion for guidance as to their next move.

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  24. The giant halted as the sound of a metal crunching through the tunnels caught his attention. A machine rolled up to what he called home, and halted. Massive in size, it resembled one of the many vehicles he had found above. Looked like a mixture of war machines and what was once public transportation.

    To say he was weary was an understatement. He gripped his concrete club with what could be the equivlant of white knuckles, the metal buckling under his grasp. Men, armored, poured free, coming to focus weaponry on him. He heard shouting, and snarled, raising his club as he stompped forward. A gunshot made the giant flinch, a large hand quickly coming up in an attempt to shield his face. He never liked guns. They put him on edge.

    But after a moment and more shouting, he let his hand fall. One was now on the floor, and a rather decorated soldier had appeared from the rolling cage. He growled as the man came closer, his eyea flickering among the group,the man, and the machine that stood ready. Was it theirs? He knew some machines followed human orders...

    A box was set before him,and he finally let his mind calm,atleast enough to focus on the mans words. Trade. They wish to trade...he would be lying if he said he wasnt interested. And by the item they had shown,he was leaning toward the idea. More caset tapes. More music...he bent down, taking the cube in one hand as he looked the item over. Several tapes. He knew some of these names. His grandfather had mentioned them. He had some of these at one time, but over the years they were lost,if not by wear then by accident.

    "A-poll-o"he mumbled,before geasturing with his club to the side"things ive found. " he then geastured to a large pile"Tools and vehicle parts."

    "Scrap,piping, and weird peices" he said with another geasture

    "And human things. Hands to big. No use for them" the third geasture was toward a large metal cabnet. Inside was electronics and devices. Mostlikely he couldnt operate them. Computers, towers,and parts he had salvaged from machines he had taken care of...

    Giving a final glance to the blade weilding machine, he snarled" call off your machine. I will not harm, if you do not" he grumbled,turnig and stoming over to where he had his caset player. He pulled a large peice of scrap metal,and used it to cut the ties that held the cube together,being more careful then people probably thought possible for someone his size.
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  25. [​IMG]Hiroshi Yoshimitsu
    Location: Haven City ; Sewers
    Time Of Day: Nightfall
    Tags: @Andraus @Destructus Kloud @~Aether~ @Mistory @Spectre of the Fade @Knight-Errant

    Standing still in the same location after overhearing the strange noises of what had appeared to had been footsteps at first; after questioning the stranger that had technically 'rescued' him from being shot down by the robots above ground, it seemed as though not much of an answer was received at first but rather he had began to continue leading the male further down the path ahead until the once footsteps that echoed through the sewers came to a halt and speech was replaced. Arching a brow as his curiousity had grown all the more to what the noise could've been possibly coming from, the further in the two males had progressed through the filth of the sewers and the damp steps of the wet ground beneath their feet; the darkness soon enough began to finally envelope the entire area; the only light that seemed to be able to give any sort of direction was coming from the very location that the speech seemed to had been echoing from. Drawing closer to these noises, eventually once the duo had been close enough to take the slightest glimpse at what was going on from beyond the corner; it had appeared that a rather large brute-like mutant was about to engage in battle with what had appeared to had been a 'robot', no, it was no robot the stance of how the suited being stood and how it did not speak it's own commands followed by how the weapon was held was of no robot's protocols.
    The sight of this had only caused the male to reach for the hilt of his blade as the only thought that ran through his head was nothing more than the fact that this was just another one of the beings that well were known across the land as 'Mindless Ones'. Prepared to come out and strike even if his own arm and leg had been damaged, the first thing that had caused him to halt in the middle of his intrusion was the fact that the brute was able to speak; this was no mindless creature, it was human, or at the least it used to be. Placing a single palm onto the stranger's shoulder from behind, rather than deciding to go out and assist the person who was clearly within the metal suit of sorts, he simply shook his head in response for a moment. "Do not be--" Right in the middle of his first few words however, yet another sound had began to echo throughout the tunnels of the sewers only to reveal what had appeared to had been a large vehicle of sorts rushing down the sewer tunnels and come to a halt before the duo within the room ahead; as men dressed in strange gear and holding upon rifles aimed towards the brute, all the hooded male had done was stare in question of who these men were and what they were doing here. Moments right after, a gunshot echoed across the room as one of the men had dropped to the ground in agony only to reveal yet another male exiting the vehicle that had given the sight of much more authority compared to the armed guards that came out first.

    Listening closely to the conversation going on between the group, Hiroshi had eventually heard what the strange male had stated about questioning what their next course of action was and what the alternative could be. Clearly enough, from what it sounded like; their only real option was to go through this current room, although Hiroshi's own limbs were in need of repair; they weren't going to be able to handle another wave of those machines from above ground. If these people within the room were going to mean harm, then maybe Hiroshi would be able to go into his overdrive for his arm and leg just to take out or at least attempt to take out the current enemies before the overheat would consume too much power over his body. The whole idea of using any of his actual mutations was obvious enough that doing so was going to be practically asking for death right after in his current state. "We must continue...My power cells are the only thing keeping me going at this rate. This will only last me so long before I am unable to move my arm or leg." As he stated this in a low whispering tone of voice, the hooded male wasted no further time to simply approach the corner and immediately reveal himself to the large group within the room. Rather than showing any signs of a threat even if he had his short blade and katana sheathed on both sides of his hips as well as his bow holstered across his back, the hooded male made sure to keep his head down to avoid any eye contact let alone allowing his face to be revealed too much to anyone, clearly; knowing well enough that he was going to be questioned, Hiroshi simply continued on his way to reach through the current room to begin with. The whole while, his arm twitched every so often due to the damage still being as severe as they were to begin with.


    Above ground however, although the robotic authority guards of the mall were still scanning the entire area. From the far distance; a massive ship had began to reveal itself out from the darkness of the clouds as the ship ran on nothing more than propellers spinning as it's ability to fly across the sky. The ship was no ordinary flying vessel but rather it was an old war bomber ship that still ran even if it had no actual living pilot within it. As it came ever closer towards the city of Haven, it ran on nothing more than just what nearly all other robotic creatures to this day ran on, automated systems and following ancient orders; it's current order was that it was to bomb this particular city every so often to keep 'enemy' troops at bay during the war. Since there were no override instructions after the death of the pilot within the ship, it ran on auto pilot even to this day; so as the ship began to fly over the city, before it had been able to fully drop any of it's monstrous bombs upon it's backs; a smaller flying vessel had immediately come out from the shadows of the dark clouds only to begin immediately firing at the massive ship. This smaller one was once a fighter plane that was always sent out for recons to protect Haven City, however with yet again; no actual pilot within the fighter plane, it was easily able to be taken out by the large cannons on the massive bomber ship but not before taking out one of it's cannons in the process.
    Finally, with nothing in it's path for bombing; the massive ship had instantly began dropping around four canisters that broke off into multiple smaller bombs as it spread across the land of the city, destroying buildings, robots and whatever else was within the range of the explosions. The explosion had been obviously large enough to cause even the underground to tremble and shake as it threatened to collapse multiple other spots of the subway tunnels and even sewers of different areas of the city. The blast radius may not had been enough to destroy some buildings but it did what it needed to for this run before it would go off to refuel and resupply.

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