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hey all! i'm germ, he/him or they/them is alright. i'm a majorly horror roleplayer looking to find others that are interested in that kinda stuff, but i also have some alternate fandoms for you to choose from as well! i'm semi-lit to literate, so expect at least two/three good paragraph responses from me. i've been writing for a good four years! i'm 18, so no minors, thanks. (there will also most likely be heavy themes included, like murder, trauma, etc depending on the fandom)
would like to dm here, but i have discord just in case.

i would prefer to play against canon characters, but ocs are also totally fine and accepted!

i am a slow responder, but i will always try to get back to you as soon as possible. a gentle reminder is good if i haven't responded in a sec, but please understand that i also have stuff going on outside of the site.

please be at least the same literacy as me, no one liners, no asterisks, etc.

i myself have no triggers, but please let me know beforehand if you do, id hate to accidentally make someone uncomfortable

so! to the fandoms and preferred pairings for each (who i'll be playing will be in bold, both in non bold means i don't mind either):

black christmas (1974): billy × jess, billy × oc

the boy: brahms × greta, brahms × oc (low-key would like billy × brahms)

halloween (1978, 2007): micheal × oc

child's play: tiffany × chucky, tiffany × nica, tiffany × oc

scream: billy × stu

house of 1,000 corpses: baby × oc

re-animator: herbert × dan

doom patrol: cliff × larry, rita × jane

hellboy (films): hellboy × liz

sally face: ash × sal, travis × sal, larry × sal [ lar and sal NOT step-related for this obviously ]

the batman: riddler/edward × batman/bruce, selina × bruce

hannibal: will × hannibal

resident evil: leon × ada, leon × chris, ethan × karl

gorillaz: 2D × murdoc

hit my dms if any of these interest you!
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