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Fantasy All Classes can be S-Tier CS



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Name: Your character's name from Earth. They can call themselves whatever they want in the new world since nobody there knows them though.

Appearance: It should be them in their outfits from Earth. If you want your character to have looked different on Earth and show up to the new world in a changed body for some reason that's fine and can work into the RP.

Class and Subclass: Don't fill this out until you've messaged me and filled out the details. Feel free to pick something totally off the wall, as long as it's approved it's fine. The format goes [Overarching Class (Specialization)]
Classes don't level up, instead it's about figuring out how to use and abuse the abilities your class gives you (A sufficiently powerful [Farmer (Corn Farmer)] might be able to make powerful weapons and armor out of corn and instantly grow corn stalks out of the ground for example). And I'll hand out more to characters as the RP goes on.

Class Abilities: These will be worked out between me and you. Message me your idea for your character and I'll help you come up with a class, subclass, and abilities.

Background: This doesn't have to be too long but should give us an idea of your character's past. It would be a good idea to include events that motivate them and form their skillset here.

Personality: This is more about showing than telling, so you don't have to put much here if you can roleplay them to show it.

Quirks: What makes your character stand out? Nervous tics, distinguishing features, speech habits, etc.

Motivation: What does your character hope to accomplish? Return to Earth, carve out their own power base, live in luxury, just survive, find adventure, or some combination of the above? What more do they want beyond that?

Skills: What is your character good at? Whether it's musical talent, mechanical skills, social maneuvering. or just being able to memorize lyrics to songs easily post it here. Keep in mind skills aren't universal and you can't be good at everything. Being able to play the cello won't help you with a clarinet (and muscle memory may work against you) and not every machine can be handled the same way.

Song: A song that fits the character. This isn't mandatory, but can be fun and helpful when figuring out how to play your character.


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Name: Jessica Smith

images (58).jpeg

Class and Subclass: [Servant (Maid)]

Class Abilities:
{Wear the Uniform} Your character spontaneously manifests a maid uniform (which looks like the uniform she pictures a maid wearing) whenever she uses her abilities or is following an order. It doesn't get dirty and any damage to it is fixed the next time she manifests it.

{Focused Service} your character gains enhanced physical abilities when following the orders of a character they acknowledge as their superior.

{Get the Red Out of Anything} your character can use dusters, brooms, mops, etc. as if they were weapons as long as she can justify it as cleaning.

{All Maids Can Cook} your character will have the ability to make a meal out of any edible substances she has on hand with whatever cooking utensils she has or can create. The quality will still depend on the ingredients, tools, and method, but it'll be better than it would have been.

Background: Jessica didn't have much back on earth even when she is child. It was just her and her mother consistently had barely enough to get by on their own, causing Jessica to be something of a wild child playing in the creek and forest whenever she could which was a majority of the time. Because of this she didn't really connect with other kids and often played alone as well as seen as outcast. Her mother sadly died of cancer when she was 10 causing her to be put into the foster care system.

As she hit her teenage years, Jessica was constantly nearly bullied as she was always underfed and didn't have all the things everyone else had but what she didn't have in numbers or cool things she had a lot of spunk. Often when she was picked on those that did it were sent to the nurses office along with her. This gave her a reputation of not to be messed with and because of constantly being expelled she didn't have many friends.

When she turned 18 she joined a women's boxing league because of her size and surprising speed, she started to become famous in the league. She was soon approached by shifty men that would bet on the boxing matches and demanded that in the next fight she deliberately loses so they could get a big payout and Jessica gets a cut of it. Well then Jessica won that fight with one punch out of absolute spite of those people who tried to use her. After the match the people came and kidnapped her and in an undisclosed location she was beaten to near death before being shot twice. This was the last thing she remembered seeing before she was reborn.

Personality: Jessica often goes with the flow with a smile on her face and surprisingly chill for most of the time besides her size. Because in her old life she didn't have any friends in her old life she is quite protective of any friends she does make and when someone insults her or her friends she can get truly angry and will fight to protect them. More to be found our during the rp

Quirks: She flexes her hand when she starts to get angry. She starts to tap her leg when she gets impatient
Likes: Fighting, Tea, Sweets, Money, Robinson lifestyle
Dislikes: feeling stupid, being used, coffee

Motivation: Jessica wants to live in the lap of luxury and getting there in the most fun way possible

  • Boxing
  • Chess
  • Parkour
  • Climbing
  • Figuring out types of plants
  • Tactics

Song: TBD
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Name: Atom Hastings

Class and Subclass: [Chef (Mystical Chef)]

Class Abilities:

{The World's a Larder}: You can see what ingredients an animal, plant, or other object can be rendered down into/have harvested from them. You can also tell fi something's inedible or otherwise hazardous to eat.

{Hell's Kitchen}: You can summon an apron and chef's hat that you can pull most necessary cooking utensils out of. Unfortunately, this also created a pact with a demon and it will eventually result in you needing to pay your debt.

{Harm to Table}: You can use cooking implements as magical weapons.

{Like in Video Games}: If you cook a particularly good meal you can imbue it with magic that boosts the abilities of those who eat it and can even heal them. This takes time though.

Background: Atom led a normal life before being isekaid into another world— one that he didn't think was possible before. His parents were both well-accomplished doctors. Atom knew they meant well and, though he would sometimes watch his parents bolt out of the house because of an emergency in the hospital, he knew that they loved him. But alongside accomplished parents was always the expectation that he would do well. The pressure of becoming just like his parents started young when family members and family friends would comment that he took after them pretty well. But that was fine, his parents were so cool so he was proud of the fact that he could be just like them.

People will be happy if you say what they want to hear. People will be happy if you do what they want you to do. And that's what Atom did his entire life. He followed the invisible path that had been laid before him by others, paved by his parents' success. His parents were happy, the rest of his family was happy, everyone was happy. So, Atom continued down this path— stomping down any doubts in his head if this was truly the path he wanted to go down on.

Growing older, he had to learn to manage the house by himself. His parents were tired almost all the time and rarely had any alone time for themselves, so Atom decided to step up. That's when he discovered his love for cooking. It had started simple, at first. Bacon and eggs, sandwiches, salads— food that his parents could enjoy even on the move. They had been so proud of him whenever he cooked for them so he started to spread his knowledge. Cooking had become his hobby and his destresser, which immensely helped with calming himself down from the pressure he constantly felt at school.

Everything had been going well for him, he'd tell you, he was completely fine.

That was true up until he was in the thick of medical school. With so many things to do and so little time in the day, Atom found himself stressed with no outlets to put it out on. Had his parents known that he was forcing himself through school, perhaps they would have told him to pursue something else. However, he kept his mouth shut and plastered a smile on his face, and went on with his life. He wouldn't have told anyone but he was suffering from severe depression— not that it was obvious to the public. Sure, he had a tired gait and deep eyebags, but so does every other medical student. He was still the same old Atom who smiled and answered questions and handed in his work on time.

Perhaps it was the culmination of his stress, lack of self-care, and the universe taking pity on him but he found himself passing out on his desk and never waking up again. Not on Earth, at least.

Personality: Atom is a fairly friendly person who slaps a smile on his face whenever he's interacting with someone. Despite the way he had been living his life, one selfless decision after another like his parents always did, Atom learned to be a little selfish in this new world. It is, after all, a new world and he wanted to be a new person. Though it was a little difficult to unlearn a lot of his behavior, he's going to try. He's going to try and become the best and true version of himself.

Quirks: When particularly stressed, he starts cleaning his glasses. He has dyed gray hair (which had become natural in this new world, not that he's aware of it). When in deep thought, he starts tapping his finger or whatever he's holding onto an object.

Likes: Cooking, Jogging, Early mornings, Seeing other people happy
Dislikes: Expectations, Going against his own dreams, Silence

Motivation: Atom is convinced that this is his second chance in life and simply wants to pursue what he wants the most.

  • First Aid
  • Medical Knowledge for Diagnosing
  • Cooking
  • Knifework
  • Knitting
Brave by Sara Bareilles
What Else Can I Do - Encanto
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Artist: Alisvart
Name: R. V. Sharmila
Nicknames: Shar, Mila

Class and Subclass: [Item-Bearer (Toybox)]
Class Abilities:
{Pact-Bound}: Your character got a wish granted and they now owe an otherworldly entity a favor in return. This will be called on later. On the plus side you can't have your mind or soul affected by most magic as a result.

{Item-Bearer}: Your abilities come from the item you carry, they're not part of you. Therefore you can only use your abilities while you have your item. On the plus side you can avoid most abilities that gauge power levels or detect magic since it's not part of you.

{Toy Minions}: You can call forth toys from your magical toybox. You don't get to pick what comes out, although what you need when opening it influences what you get.

{Mascot Character (Plushie)}: You have a plush magical girl mascot toy that doesn't count against your toy minions. Functionally it's just a particularly sturdy plushie that shouts generic slogans, but occasionally it will give good advice or warn of future calamities. Or try to get you to sign a merchandising deal.​

Background: By the time she was old enough to realize it, her family seemed to be always travelling. It wasn’t as if her father held a position that needed much movement. No, it was simply an unlucky series of coincidences. Mergers, acquisitions, transfers — they were all events that affected his job location, and with the highest-paid breadwinner needing to move, the rest did as well. Sharmila was often sent to local elementary schools, only to be pulled out of the institutions months afterwards with barely any prior notice.

New places with new classmates meant little chances to make long-lasting friendships, and fleeting friendships meant a lonelier and moodier Sharmila. Her mother, noticing that her daughter was upset with the constant city-drifting, gifted her a set of her old magical girl DVDs in hopes that she would absorb some of the optimism shown inside them. Being the first and only child, her parents were still learning the ins and outs of parenthood and had no idea that interacting more with their daughter would help the situation. Their jobs were busy, and they believed in her independent nature far too much to be healthy.

Sharmila, uncaring of the real reason behind the DVD present, immediately fell in love with the premise of Starlight Sonata Sayuka. She dreamed of living in Sayuka’s world with brightly coloured, evil-blasting powers of her own, combating felons by moonlight and going to school by daylight. By the time she was nearing high school, her life almost revolved around the show and its many derivatives. Life had taught her that friends were temporary, but magical girls were forever.

The start of high school was when things started changing. For the better or for the worse, her father settled down for good, her mother finally discovered that most of their discussions were about the same old magical girl series, and she was forced to go out and make friends instead of staying cooped up rewatching Sayuka spin-offs for the thirty-seventh time.

Trying to make friends by sharing her love of magical girls was a method that resulted in a distinct lack of success — excluding the anime-watching crowd, but even they were slightly put off by her fervour. It was here that a particular bully that shall be left unnamed took it upon herself to put the “delusional magical girl freak” in her place. Sharmila then proceeded to convey to the bully that she was not to be messed with by pulling out at least a quarter of her hair and headbutting her in the face. No one bothered starting tussles with her after that particular display of ferocity.

During her later years at high school, she managed to accumulate a small group of bullied students under her justice-dispensing wing. A clever few had found that staying near her caused bullies to avoid them since her dogged determination to follow the tenets of Sayuka allowed for no maltreatment in her vicinity, and it only spiraled from there. On one of her righteous crusades, she was introduced to a student who possessed tailoring skills due to his financial situation. Capitalizing upon the revelation, Sharmila asked for support in making her own magical girl outfit. She had saved enough money from doing chores to go to the nearest convention, and she had decided that she was going to do it in style.

From then on to mid-college, she consistently partook in all magical girl–related events and gatherings that she could get her hands on. At her last assembly, one that she belatedly realized was the start of her entire world-travelling episode, she was asked an interesting question by a fellow Starlight Sonata Sayuka fan: “Would you go to a world with magic if you could?”

To which she replied, “Heck yes, I would.”

Immediately after she answered the question, Sharmila felt the pressing need to go to the public bathrooms for a reason she could not fathom and had to excuse herself from the conversation. The moment she stepped through the restroom doors, she wound up in Con and the rest was history.

Personality: Bold and unapologetically a Starlight Sonata Sayuka simp, Sharmila is the definition of one who has taken their hobby too far. Somehow, the world had never seen fit to squash her sense of childlike wonder, and she managed to turn that sense of wonder into an inordinate love of fictional girls in pretty dresses who battle criminals in disguise. This isn’t to say that she has no other character beyond her adoration for magical girl fiction, though it is the one that is most apparent to the wider world.

Quirks: She has a tendency to stand with her legs spread further apart than most people, with at least one hand on her hip. It likely has to do with the amount of magical girl poses that incorporate those two elements. During any sort of physical conflict, she favours classic catfight tactics like hair pulling, headbutts and scratching — they hurt quite a bit with her acrylic nails.

Likes: Magical girls, cosplaying magical girls, showing off her extensive knowledge of the magical girl genre, eating spice-heavy foods
Dislikes: Admitting wrongdoing, fixing damaged costumes, planning for the future

Motivation: For most of her life, Sharmila has dearly wished that a talking cat would come along, inform her of the city’s secret cartoonish supervillains and declare her a magical girl — lengthy transformation sequence, impractical ribboned outfit and all. Now that she has ended up in a world where possibilities are seemingly endless, she’s convinced that she has hit the jackpot. She intends to venture forth bravely into the new world of Con, fight crime with flashy abilities, and act the proper magical girl.

If only her class wasn’t what it was.

  • Dancing — specifically, memorizing and dancing the choreographies of Starlight Sonata Sayuka and other magical girl franchises
  • Singing — in particular, being able to vocalize all the opening themes, ending themes, scores and soundtracks of the original Starlight Sonata Sayuka animation, the multiple spin-offs and the one obscure desktop game by heart
  • Playing piano — at a beginner’s proficiency; Sharmila has quit piano twice in her life, both times at the lowest lesson level, so she can at most play “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and other pieces that require similar competency
  • Sewing and Textile Knowledge — years of creating and repairing her own costumes has lent itself to her ability to create clothing and accessories out of cloth and thread
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