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Fantasy Alice Must Die~ (Alice In Wonderland-Esque Isekai)

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Action, Magical, Super Powers, Supernatural


Old One of Cringe & Potatoes
Dead! The Ace of Clubs is DEAD!
Off went the Jabberwock's head!


Who killed him?

Who did it?
Who did the deed?

Why ALICE of course!

Ah, it was her.
It was her.


The poor lost child that fell into Wonderland.

That's the one.

The trump card.
The Ace of Hearts~!

Now what?

What indeed?!

The scales are tipping.


I can hear it creaking and cracking!
Quite the conundrum.

An enigma indeed~!

Such is this dilemma.

The discord of Dark,

Or the tyranny of Light?

The answer is clear.
Clear as crystal.

Clearer than day. CLEAR AS CLEAR CAN BE.


But how?

She's invincible!

As if blessed by the Gods themselves!

Then, is it time?
Is it
THAT time?

The final Trump Card?

The greatest card of all,

Or perhaps the least,

discarded aside like trash.

What could it be?

I wonder!

Why isn't it obvious?!
That it is!
Of course, the Trump Card!


Well, ok, the formatting in the intro looked alot better than what it turned out, because RPN deleted all my unnecessary spaces.


Uh, a forewarning to anyone planning to join this because the edge tickled their fancy, just be warned that I made this shit like, 3 weeks before exams whilst procrastinating on my english essay, so yeah. In between running a shitty Fate rp, and this dogshit, they're both going to flop harder than a catfish pretending to be a human whilst communicating by flopping in morse code wafieognjrsfngeiapwkfmld snboikmpleasehelpmeaebhsfrinjdfma


I think I'm drunk and high at the same time...

Alice Must Die~!

There first existed only two aces: the shepherds of the eternal cycle. The Gatekeeper of Death; the Ace of Spades, and the Arbiter of all Life; the Ace of Diamonds. Yet, from nightmare wrought, a third ace was born. The incarnation of malice, hate and violence, that of the Ace of Clubs; the Jabberwock.

And thus realises the first step toward a fabled calamity. The Jabberwock would soon devour the Sun, and bring forth the eternal reign of dark. Wonderland would be doomed to a most horrid fate; lightless lands shrouded in black until the sands of time wither and fade. That could not be; and thus by divine intervention of the Jesters, twin aspects of Wonderland itself, a hero was brought forth from the reaches beyond Wonderland. Vorpal Blade in hand, she was crowned 'the Blazing Trump Card', the Ace of Hearts; Alice.

This was no comedy, however. There would be a happy ending only for Wonderland itself; by decree of the Twin Jesters, the script of Fate was rewritten, and Alice was to perish alongside the Jabberwock.

A fate that was not to be.

The Ace of Hearts found a method to cheat the fate dictated by the writers of this world, and slew the Ace of Clubs. The Nightmare Spawn's blood was spilled upon the battlefield, and from it, scarred and wounded, returned Alice - alive. The scales were a delicate, and fickle thing. It tipped once again, this time toward the side of light. What followed would be the shimmering apex of Light's justice; an eternal reign of tyranny, and upon Wonderland's throne, sat the empress and writer of it all; Alice.

However, as with all things, her reign was to end. The world itself demanded it so. Thus, the Jesters must intervene once more. However, all 52 glyphs of the Vorpal Codex was gone. Lost.

All but two.

The Black Joker, and the Red Joker; the essences of the Jesters themselves. With the World Script, the Jesters plucked forth the few select souls from the million cycles that paralleled each other, and bestowed upon each a piece of the final two glyphs of the Codex. The final gamble, with the fate of Wonderland rested upon an edge thinner than the tip of a needle.

Alice must die.

So yeah. This is a fucking Isekai. And if you haven't guessed, I played a bit too much of SinoAlice. Anyways, I'll just lay down a few things first though. Firstly; you are allowed to be overpowered. I don't care. However, you are not allowed to be immortal. I don't fucking care how you sell it to me, be it some 'curse' that makes you come back to life inexplicably with a fancy latin name, or just being a fucking god. The first perquisite is that your character needs to be able to die. And not just because I said so...

Actually, precisely because I said so. Otherwise how the fuck do you expect me to isekai you? Summon you like a pleb? No, we're going reincarnation route all the way, motherfucker.

Also, be reasonable with your OP. Like, be an entity that is below a 'God'. Otherwise how the hell do I summon you fucks into Wonderland? I don't have enough power to reincarnate a fucking god, dumbass. Long story short, I'm setting the powercap at Kirito-level, including the fate defying bullshit.

Anyways, the idea is that you fuckwits team up with each other to defeat the whore queen that is Alice, but in reality, you can do whatever the fuck you want. Go ahead and join Alice for all I care, just don't blame me when the rest of your friends jump you on the spot and fucking tear you to pieces like a horde of horny, mentally disabled chimpanzees.

Finally, I'll explain the rest of the shit if there's enough interest and the RP actually kicks off which it fucking won't so yeah. Look forward to it I guess.

Also I'll put the basic rules here so you can't complain later like "b-b-but Papa HH, I didn't sign up for this yamete~!"
1) I am always right.
2) If in the case that I am ever wrong, refer to the rule above.
3) I have a huge murderboner and I'll fucking off you first opportunity I get
4) I'm going insane please help me.
5) No seriously I think I'm actually starting to go crazy.
6) Like, am I the only one that sees the 10 foot tall, 17-limbed demon clown crawling backwards towards me on all seventeen limbs-

(Also I guess I'll tag a few people... Dominaiscna Dominaiscna (consider this a welcome back party) Prince_ Prince_
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The Dreamer
First of all, ello there :D
Second of all, that is a very cool intro!
Third of all, I may have my plate is slightly full, but I shall try my best to join! :closedeyescryingfrown: Thank your for the tag!


New Member
Part of me want to sign up for this because I love both of these things (despite how overused they are) but I'm hesitant because you honestly scare me...also I really like your intro


The Writing Witch
Honestly, this is really the only way to suggest a Wonderland rp. 10/10. All Wonderland rps must be suggested like this from now on. It is now a law.

What can I help you with, and where can I sign up?


Old One of Cringe & Potatoes
Part of me want to sign up for this because I love both of these things (despite how overused they are) but I'm hesitant because you honestly scare me...also I really like your intro
Honestly, this is really the only way to suggest a Wonderland rp. 10/10. All Wonderland rps must be suggested like this from now on. It is now a law.

What can I help you with, and where can I sign up?
You're insane, how fkn deep did you guys have to fkn dig to find this dead piece of shit? XD

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