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Fandom Alex's Partner Search

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Harry Potter, Historical, LGTBQ Friendly, Romance


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Hi everyone! My name is Alex and I'm looking for partners while I'm under lockdown! Take a read of what fandoms I play in, the plots I have and PM me if anything takes your interest, I'm really friendly, I promise!

  • I'm 27 years old so I will only roleplay with someone who is 18+, even if the setting is very simple and platonic, I'm more comfortable roleplaying with other adults.
  • I'm not going to be too serious when it comes to spelling and grammar, but you know, spell check is a thing guys!
  • Please help me with the plot and please message me if you have ideas how to improve or change the plot we've already set out, I'm very flexible.
  • I prefer longer replies, about 2+ paragraphs and I try to mirror replies as much as possible.
  • I don't expect replies every day, but let me know if life gets too much!
  • When it comes to romantic plots, I DO NOT play m/f unless they're a background canon couple (e.g. Fleur/Bill in a Harry Potter RP). I will play m/m or f/f; this also includes non-binary and trans characters.


I play in A LOT of fandoms - I'm going to list out some characters that I do play but the lists aren't exhaustive.


Please do not ask me, I've had a few requests already.
  • Harry Potter (Harry, Remus, Lily, Luna, Tonks, George, Fleur, Teddy, Albus Severus)

  • She Ra (Catra, Entrapta, Double Trouble, Perfuma, Bow)

  • Shadowhunters (Alec, Jace, Simon, Isabelle, Clary)

  • Les Miserable (Enjolras, Combeferre, Jehan Prouvaire, Eponine, Cosette, Joly)

  • Kingdom Hearts (Sora, Zexion/Ienzo, Vexen/Even, Riku, Namine, Aqua, Ventus, Saix/Isa, Roxas, Xion, Larxene)

  • Final Fantasy VII and Advent Children (Cloud, Vincent Valentine, Kadaj, Yazoo, Aeris, Yuffie, Tifa)

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! [sorry, I use the Japanese names, hope that's not a problem!] (Ryou Bakura, Katsuya Jounouchi , Ryuuji Otogi , Mai Kujaka, Shizuka Kawai, Atemu, Amelda)


Some of these are old as hell but I still want to use them!

1. Early 20th Century

A young woman gets a shock when her mother suddenly passes away. Her father travels a lot due to his work. The father asks a distant cousin, to continue her education so that she will be soon ready for her debut. The woman spends a lot of time reading and is very opinionated for a woman of this time and constantly gets herself in trouble for challenging the views of her cousin's dinner guests.

What I would like is a f/f romance, but it doesn't have to be that way, the girl could become friends with a local villager, one of the servants or maybe a ward of her cousin. I just want a plot centered around early feminism and maybe the suffragette movement.

MC is a member of the royal, now fearing their life after their family was assassinated. YC is a soldier who convinces his superior that the royal could be useful and offers to 'watch' them. MC is very wary of this solider, but a friendship blossoms.

3. Archaeologist x Pharaoh (Taken)

A archaeologist has been looking for the lost tomb of the pharaoh. This pharaoh was only in power for few month when he mysteriously died. Fascinated by this person, the archaeologist goes on an endless search for the tomb. When he does find it, a spell has been placed on the grave, a spell to make the pharaoh come alive when he's found. The pharaoh is a curious person, excited to be in such a different time, he's taken in by the archaeologist who's desperate to find out what was pharaoh fate.

4. High Priest x Pharaoh or High Priestess x Pharaoh

The son/daughter of the pharaoh had been best friends with the high priest/priestess, despite. When the pharaoh is killed, his son/daughter is put in his place. Feeling too inexperience to run the country on their own, they becomes much closer to the high priest/priestess. But the high priest/ priestess is being manipulated by the other palace advisers into trying to get the pharaoh to trust them completely so the pharaoh can easily be eliminated by the advisers. The high pries/oriestess t fights with their conscious while trying to choose what they value more; power or the person closest to them.

5. Moulin Rouge plot

When YC leaves home at eighteen to live in a large capital city, they hate everything about it and is determined to move back until a friend takes them to a burlesque club. One of the dancers is a beautiful local who YC thinks doesn’t deserve to be working at this. After the show, he sneaks backstage to see the dancer. MC is very wary of YC but they soon coax the dancer to meet them outside the club. Every time YC meets the dancer, they fall for the dancer even more and wishes to take them. But when they finds out the dancer's situation, they are more determined. The dancer was sold to the club as a child and is now their property, YC promises to protect them and give them a better life.

6. Victorian School Student x Travelling Performer

While a group of travelling performer set up near a school, the students become fascinated, as students are when something fun comes to town, and sneak over after dinner at night. One particular students makes friends with one of the performers and now wants to run away with the performers rather than stay in the dreadful school for their last year.
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