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Traditional Alexander The Great's Portrait. (Please critique)


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I'm not proud of this one but I recognize the value of getting criticized. lol. So please critique.

Also, I drew a Napoleon portrait earlier this month in this same forum section. Please check that out too if you haven't.

So without further ado, here's the model I used to draw off of...

And here's my product. lol



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This is great! My opinion isn't of much value as I only know incredibly oversimplified styles, but I would say add a deeper layer of shadow under his jawline so it doesn't look like has has jaw fat. This probably doesn't make any sense lol ((:


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A big improvement to your shadows would be to use a blending stub or some non-moisturizer plain tissues, or plain Q-tips to blend your pencil marks into a smooth shadow. Your dry finger works in a pinch too. Also see how gently the guy in the video applys the shading, to much pressure is always my bane.

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Very good; the 2 main things that stand out to me are that the nose might need a slight bit more of a curve downwards compared to the reference, and I think the jaw line should be a bit straighter. Reminds me of Mussolini almost lol (I think he's the one). Well and maybe the shading between the eye and nose could be less pronounced. In the reference, it is very light in compared to the shade of the marble. But overall it's quite good!

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