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Fantasy Alabastor: Age of Heroes

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Magical
Daries.jpgName: Daries Corrus
( it is pronounced dAr-ie-us)

Race: Sidhe

Age: 21

Gender: Female!

Faction/Guild: Golden Star
Personality: Very shy, and has anxiety. It takes her a while for her to speak normally around you, normally being with no stutter and a voice above a whisper. She was raised in a isolated woods, by a young Sidhe couple. Their names were Rosemary and Petunia, and they loved her dearly. So when she got home from berry collecting one day, and found their bodies ripped to shreds, she felt anger for the first time.
This led her to the Golden Star guild, where she hoped someone would help her get revenge. On the inside, this short, quirky girl was ready to claw someones eyes out with her own fingernails if it meant she could have justice.

Other Details: Daries has a hobby for story telling and collecting things. Her favorite things to collect are broken crystal shards and shiny moon stones. She also has a pet koi fish, who somehow doesn't need water???, that floats along side her and blurts out random quotes and sentences that will give you an existential crisis.
If you are wondering what the ring around her head is, she doesn't know either.
[ it will be revealed later in the rp if OP alows it :'D ]

Astral Components

Alteration: 3

Construct: 2

Destruction: 0

Elemental: 0

Illusion: 1

Restoration: 0

Summoning: 4

Astra Technique List:
- Shadowy Grave
~Summons a large, golem like creature made completely out of shadows. All though it looks see through and whispy, the creature, who Daries named Chad, is actually quite solid. It takes some getting used to, but 'Chad' is actually very gentle. Well... to Daries anyways.
~ 2 Summoning
Shadow golem.jpg
-Scythe of Despair
~ Summons a 9 foot long scythe, with an obsidian blade. This takes a lot more energy from Daries, and she can only use it once every 2 hours.
~ 2 Summoning

- Boostie!
~ Boosts her allies powers/energy by a small fraction, and although it isn't that useful in combat, it does help when they have traveled for a long time and need a little push to keep them going!
~ 1 Alteration

~ Allows Daries to create medium sized, hand-held tools in case of a mechanical emergency!
~ 2 Construction

-Habitat Change
~ Creates a foggy illusion that can make the victim feel disoriented and lost
~ 1 Illusion

-You Were Fooled
~ Allows the victim to feel a false sense of security and warmth, before it all crumbles down as they watch their hearts desires be broken and crushed. This will render them immobile for a good 10 minutes.
~ 2 Illusion


Oh, uhm, i'm Mirabel btw.
I hope i am fit to join your rp, and i'm sorry i'm not posting this above my character's form, but something is acting up on my end and i can't edit it.
It's weird.

Anywho, the form above is the character i would like to rp as, and i completely understand if you think i'm not suited for the rp!
Oh, uhm, i'm Mirabel btw.
I hope i am fit to join your rp, and i'm sorry i'm not posting this above my character's form, but something is acting up on my end and i can't edit it.
It's weird.

Anywho, the form above is the character i would like to rp as, and i completely understand if you think i'm not suited for the rp!
also, sandwiches..
once again sorry for the separate messages, i don't know why it's acting up again :/


Dreamer of the Impossible
Your character profile is good. You're just missing one tiiiiiny thing ;) (look a bit closer at the RP Rules, the fifth one in particular)
Your character profile is good. You're just missing one tiiiiiny thing ;) (look a bit closer at the RP Rules, the fifth one in particular)
looks like we sent it at the same time, heh, i just responded. but i'll do it again because it's such a fun word!
' saaaaaaaaaaAaaandwiches!'

i wonder why it's called that. they aren't made of sand, or of witches...


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Then again, if you altered the molecules somehow, you'd be able to eat steak as well. Or donuts. Or even ice cream!

Matter manipulation is fun. So is time manipulation.


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Arthur C. Clarke's first law:
"When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong."


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xD. No, I think I know where you're getting at... Basically, science is observing things that humans can see. Which might be completely different from, say, a Tyrannid or a Martian (bear with me, OK?) I think that's what you're saying.

Me? Eh- it's the only thing us humans really have to measure by. Yeah, maybe some other being may see it differently. But that's another being- not humans. Therefore, science is kind of the standard for us humans right now. At least, the standard for the universe's functions. Morality and ethics and whatnot.. that's a different matter. And a different subject.

But, yeah. Science does tend to always find exceptions to what was once thought unbreakable laws. That just goes to show that A) Us humans are idiots at times, and B) The universe loves tricking us.

The real question, however, is why are we talking about science in a fantasy RP? A real brainteaser, that one.
* watch mojo voice activated*
Top 10 Biggest Questions, That Even Science Can't Explain.

( also yeah, that's pretty much what i'm talking about. my main philosphy thingy tho is ' the only constant in life is change ')

Ace Cream

Frozen Pooppy
This looks interesting

Name: Yigira Basil
Race: beastfolk - Ovis
Age: 24
Gender: female
Faction/Guild: Golden Star

Astral Components
Alteration: 5
Construct: 1
Elemental: 3(earth)
Summoning: 5

Astra Technique List:
- Summon Potatokin(2 summoning): Yigi summon a potatokin, a big sentient potato that wants to be eaten. Eating a potatokin will heal wounds and restore energy, but must be used with caution since eating too many potatokin in short amount of time will be lethal for the body.
- Summon MushRoom(3 summoning): Summon a giant mushroom that can be used as a portable house or other use.
- Titan's Boost(3 alteration): a common advanced alteration technique. The user simply boost their strength.
- Spiderwalk(2 alteration): enable the user to stick themself to solid surface.
- Wool Wall(1 construct): Yigi create a large amount of wool surrounding herself.
- Overgrow(3 earth elemental): force a grow on a targetted plant.

Personality: Yigira likes shiny stuffs. She still isn't used to living in a settlement after spending almost all her lifetime living in wilderness with her mentor. She's quite zealous in her all hail Mother Earth cult stuffs.
Other Details: she's a vegan so no meat in her sandwiches.
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Dreamer of the Impossible
Ace Cream Ace Cream Character accepted, but "nature" would fit into the Earth category of the five elements available (Earth, Fire, Water, Lightning, or Wind).

Severinus Severinus Glad to hear it. Send in a character profile (as seen in the introduction/basic lore/rules) whenever it's most convenient for you.


Searcher of distant places

Name: Reynar Moonhowler
Race: Beastfolk (Wolf)
Age: young
Gender: male
Faction/Guild: Golden Star

(all credits for the image to hibbary)

Astral Components

Alteration: 6
Construct: 1
Destruction: 1
Elemental: 4 (Earth)
Illusion: 5
Restoration: 7
Summoning: 6

Astra Technique List:

- Spirit Armour (3 Alteration): Reynar wears no metal armour and hardly ever more than a loin cloth for protection, however he protects his own body with the strength of his astra, but may extend it to another individual which he has to touch and concentrate on giving this ability. The duration is between a several minutes and some hours and the amount of protection can be from the equivalent of leather armour to plate armour depending on concentration intensity and circumstances. This Astra Technique is strongest, during the night (previous to the eclipse the full moon being the source of shamans powers), and weakest at noon and during day time (previously new moon periods).

- Steel Claws (2 Alteration): For the duration of a short fight of a few minutes Reynar can enlengthen and harden his claws to become like short curved blades and thus turn them into weapons able to pierce through leather which would be impossible for his natural claws. This Astra Technique is strongest, during the night (previous to the eclipse the full moon being the source of shamans powers), and weakest at noon and during day time (previously new moon periods)

- Temperature control (2 Alteration): Given the wolfmen's natural habitat switching temperatures between freezing cold in winter times to hot and humid during the summer months and their natural fur, this astra technique protects them from the intensity of the environmental temperatures. In winter times, the technique warms the caster in the summer it provides cooling like a constant breeze around him. This technique is meant for use during longer durations hours or even days, but requires „burning energy“ to fuel it, doubling the astra user's amount of required food and leaving him constantly getting hungry.

- Create simple tools (1 Construct): Creates simple tools for his aid. This technique works better the more „natural“ the materials are (e. g. Wood, bone as opposed to forged steel).

- Earthquake (2 Elemental, 1 Destruction): This technique makes the earth in a certain area tremble and even split in parts. It is more effective the „harder“ the ground is, being basically useless on water or quick sand and of little use in swamps or dunes. Using is in buildings or caves can cause the surroundings to collapse and is basically not advisible, unless this is the intention and one has a way of getting out.

- Binding Vines (2 Elemental, Earth): Vines erupt from the ground and wrap around ankles and legs (or other parts of the body, if the individual is lying down) binding one or more creature or person to the spot in a certain area or just a single target. This works only on ground where plants can grow naturally, but not on water, ice, lava or blank stone surface.

- Empathical Telepathy (3 Illusion): Reynar can feel emotions, read minds or even communicate nonverbally with other creatures which he can see and which can perceive him in some way. This way he may negotiate with a wild boar that both may walk their own ways peacefully without starting a fight or ask an eagle to fly out and spy for him. The closer to „natural animals“ the creature is, the easier it is to apply this and even manipulate the creature's emotions in calming them down or getting them into rage, while reading or manipulating the thoughts or feelings of sentient beings is much harder for him. Constructs like golems or unnatural creatures from another plane of existence (elementals, demons or the dragon gods) would be immune to this unless they allowed the form of communication consciously.

(all credits to darknatasha)

- Mental shield (2 Illusion): Knowing how to read other's minds has also taught Reynar to consciously shield his own mind against mental attacks and influences. This technique requires active concentration and allows the caster little else to do, while protecting one's mind – walking slowly or performing a simple repetitive task which the caster knows well is possible, quick reactions, using other astra abilities and fighting in particular are impossible, as they break the intense concentration required to withstand a strong mental attack.

- Cure major and minor injuries (3 Restoration): Reynar can heal another creature's wounds, burns or broken bones through tounching them and concentrating on the reforming of the injured body parts. This techniques takes more time, the more intense the injury is, and has more chance of working well the better Reynar knows the anatomy of a species. Healing a rare beast he has never met before has less chance than healing a companion from a familiar species. Wolves and wolf-type beastman he can heal so well that he can even save them from life-threatening injuries given time does not run out.

- Cleanse body from diseases or poisons (3 Restoration): Reynar can cleanse another creature's body from destructive influences caused by natural effects such as poisons or diseases, but not from effects which have been caused by another's Astra powers. As with wounds, this techniques takes more time, the more intense the poisoning or disease state is, and has more chance of working well the better Reynar knows the anatomy of a species.

- Summon Spirit Wolves (3 Summoning): „The strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack.“ This technique allows Reynar to summon up to two spirit wolves which consider him their pack leader and follow him loyally, allowing coordinated hunts. He believes them to be the ghosts of his shamanic ancestors.
This Astra Technique is strongest, during the night (previous to the eclipse the full moon being the source of shamans powers), allowing him to call forth 2 spirit wolf companions, and weakest at noon and during day time (previously new moon periods), when he can call only a single one.

- Summon Windwhistler (2 Summoning): This technique summons his composite bow „Windwhistler“ along with a quiver of arrows with bone and obsidian arrow tips – the latter being able to pierce through similarly to iron tips, but with greater risk or breaking apart.

(all credit to screwbald)

- Summon simple food or drink (1 Summoning): This technique calls forth drinkable water or simple plain food edible for the caster and companion, such as stale bread, raw meat or simple vegetable and fruit.


Reynar is a curious and friendly individual who has been brought up as the apprentice of his wolf pack's shaman. In the pack beastfolk wolfman lived and hunted along with their pets and wolf companions and thus he considers almost all animals not lesser beings than sentient beings, but different and simpler in their needs and perception. Being able to communicate with them through his astra gifts allows him to understand them similar to sentient creatures, limited only by a creature's natural intelligence and limitations. No one has ever been able to have eloborate discussions with earthworms after all.

As a trainee shaman, he was not only responsible for the healing and welfare of his pack, but also accompanied the pack's hunting parties on hunts and into fights to defend their woods and territories against destructive intruders. This taught him to not only use a bow for hunting, but also to fight alongside the hunters calling forth his astra enforced armour and claw weapons. Being brought up in a way to respect nature and its ressources, he never takes more than he needs for himself and his companions and would not attack unless threatened and after having given negotiation a try.

In the believes of the wolfmen, the moon was always relevant and source for destruction and power all at once. After the eclipse the wolfmen were shocked that the moon, center of their believes had been so dramatically damaged. Withdrawing to their forests which are their homes, territories and hunting ground al in one, the shamans focussed their astra abilities on supporting their packs rather than help them gain influence and defend rather than conquer. Reynar had dreams and visions of the full moon whispering to him, calling him forth to leave his home forest, pack and family to learn about the outside world and possibly support his people on the long run.

After leaving his home forests, Reynar wandered alone for some while and used his abilities of hunting to support himself. Yet, soon he felt lonely and longed for company which he searched among other adventurers which finally led him to the Golden Star Clan. Being fiercely loyal and always true to his motto „The strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack.“ Reynar is a very team oriented personality, always looking out for how he can support a group as a whole rather than personal gain. Having lived rather secluded from other races for a long while until his travels started, Reynar can be quite naive about some things, in particular social life and city surroundings are not his forte, but he is curious and determined to always learn more about this strange world outside the forest.

Motto: „The strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack.“

Other Details:
Natural abilities of Reynar as all beastfolk include nightvision and keen senses which are particularly smell hearing for his kind.

Reynar is a tall, athletic wolfman covered in white, brown and black fur. In winter his fur is thicker and of lighter colour with only patches of brown and black, during summer (or in hot climates) his fur is far less dense and the brown and black patches are more pronounced.

Typically he wears little more than a loin cloth held by a leather belt with some belt pouches, a water cantine and a hunting knife attached. Around his neck he wears a bear fang on which the symbol of the moon is carved, marking him as a shaman for all who know about his people's believes. Maybe spending more time among humans and civilisation outside his home forest will get him to embrace clothing more.
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Character accepted, but a quick question: Shouldn't your Scores in Alteration and Restoration be 7 and 6 respectively? Because what I'm seeing in those two aren't quite adding up with your techniques.

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