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Fantasy Alabastor: Age of Heroes

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Magical


Dreamer of the Impossible
It is the 540th year of the 2nd age of Mortals (2A 540, or 540 AE), and Civilization has finally come back to it's feet after the Great Eclipse over 5 centuries ago. However, the unity from before that calamity has been shattered, and the world reshaped. Now nations are at conflict with each other over territory, resources, and religion, and a great plague has recently swept over the land. Alabastor has fallen into a dark age. But from this darkness, heroes shall rise to make their stories known, their legacies shared, and their glory eternal. These hundreds of heroes band together into guilds, each guild following their own codes of conduct, honor, and allegiance. One guild, however, shall shine forth from humble beginnings. And that guild is called... The Golden Star.

[cue epic anime intro]

Alabastor: A Basic Overview
This is an RP taking place within one of my many made-up worlds, in an age of fire, steel, and blood, of famine and plague, but also of mighty warriors, fearless heroes, and epic tales. Alabastor is a world that is not new to these things. As a matter of fact, each age this planet has gone through has ended in some great catastrophe or another, with one exception. The timeline is split into four ages:

The Primordial Age- The age after creation is overseen by the Elder Dragons (more on them later), and of the thousand year war between the predecessors (ancestors of humans) and the celestials (who fled Alabastor into outer space in the aftermath)

The Dragon Age- The age where humans and other mortal races were ruled over by the dragons. This was when the Drahkin (half human, half dragon hybrids), Sidhe, and Elves were created, the first of which came through the taboo matrimony of human and dragon, and the latter two having been transformed into such races through a blessing from an Elder Dragon. This age ended when the Elder Dragon Umbra divided the pantheon regarding the importance of the mortals, and sparked a war among the dragons that ravaged the planet, leaving it barren and almost lifeless. Out of shame, the dragons vowed never again to interfere with mortal affairs, and went into hiding, leaving the mortals to pick up the pieces. Umbra was sealed into the moon by his sister, Lunaaru, who also sealed herself to keep him at bay (hence the moon's ever changing brightness).

The First Age of Mortals- The first age where mortals ruled over Alabastor's nations. This is also when the Giants and Beastfolk (a race of animal people that vary wildly among the species) are discovered, and the Drahkin race is split among three subraces (Land, Sea, and Sky). During this age, Severus Insignius would become emperor of all of Alabastor, uniting it under a single banner with war and diplomacy, until that unity was shattered by the ironically titled Xavius the Sage, who revealed the existence of an artifact that can grant any wish. Xavius vanished afterward as the world plunged into war, and destroyed the means of finding it. This era ended with a great natural disaster known as the Great Eclipse, named so since the omen of it's coming was a 60-day total solar eclipse. Afterward, Umbra broke free from the moon and hurled it's fragments onto the surface of the planet in his fury before being sedated by Lunaaru and taken back to his home among the Divine Realms. With the moon damaged, tidal effects destroyed coastal cities, and earthquakes levelled what stuck out of the waves. 80% of mortals were wiped out during this time, and the surface was changed drastically.

The Second Age of Mortals- the current age. An age of civilization trying to fix itself after the calamity of the Eclipse. This age has yet to end.

Elder Dragons: The Elder Dragons are the deities that created the universe and Alabastor. They are defined as the five children of Azanoth, who created the foundation of the universe, and the two generations of dragons that came after. The dragons that come after the third generation of Elder Dragons is the first generation of mortal dragons.

Astra: The "Magic" of Alabastor
Astra is a mystical energy that flows throughout the universe, and those who can learn to use Astra are capable of superhuman or supernatural abilities, such as controlling the elements, creating weapons out of energy, summoning powerful creatures to assist them, or altering the aspects and properties of themselves or the world around them. However, Astra, and mortals interacting with Astra, fall under a set of "laws", much like how the laws of momentum and gravity affect the physical world. These "Laws of Astra" are as follows:

1) One can gain access to Astra through months of training and meditation, or by being exposed to enough Astra for the body to adapt and surviving*(1)

2) Astra can also be used by the general populace when crystalized, though there is a limited amount of Astra in these crystals, and they shatter when they run out.

3) The basic activation and harnessing of Astra alone doubles the harnesser's strength, speed, and durability. This boost can grow overtime, as the body becomes more adept at using Astra.

4) Astral Components, of which there are seven (Alteration, Construct, Destruction, Elemental, Illusion, Restoration, and Summoning), each max out at a score of 10. These scores act as both inventory space for techniques*(2), as well as an indicator of skill in their respective component.

5) The combined scores of Astral components cannot exceed 30.

6) Astra Techniques can take up to three points from a component, though they can also draw from multiple components to function

7) The more power a technique is, the higher the Astral Score cost.

8) Mark II conditions are optional, but a technique with a condition is generally stronger than one without.*(3) The stricter the condition, the more powerful the technique becomes.

9) The body's Astral Balance System causes it to automatically regulate the amount of Astra flowing within the user, but can be outpaced (either by using too much Astra too quickly, or drawing in more than the system can handle).

10) The ABS's Standard Limit (SL) is the amount of Astra the user's system maintains generally. The Absolute Limit (AL) is how much they can keep within their bodies without suffering from Astral Overload*(4).

*1: The likelihood of having your Astra unlocked via exposure is very low, as is surviving the procedure.
*2: Let's say for an example that an Astra user has 7 points in the Construct component of Astra, and he wanted to learn a technique that required 3 points from that component. He would have 4 left to dedicate to other techniques.
*3: examples of conditions include but are not limited to a technique that is stronger during the day and weaker during the night, shedding a certain amount of blood, being able to only use the technique a certain number of times during a given period of time.
*4: Astral Overload is a bodily condition where so much Astra is being contained within the body it begins to break down and be destroyed by it. It has the potential to be crippling, or even lethal.

NOTE: The Elemental Component is the only one split into sub-categories (Fire, Water, Wind, Lightning, and Earth), and only one can be chosen should a user invest in it.

Races of Alabastor
Alabastor has a very diverse collection of mortal races roaming it's surface, each of which have their own general strengths and weaknesses. These races are:

Humans- the first mortal race to exist, and the most basic.

Drahkin- Split into three subraces by adapting over generations to different areas, these are the humanoids that have the blood of dragons flowing through their veins. They often resemble humans with curved and pointed ears, slitted pupils, occasional horns, tails, and patches of scales, and taller built.
-Landryn: The Drahkin from the heartland or other continents, look exactly as described above.
-Seadryn: The Drahkin living on the coasts or on islands. Often have fins on the sides of their heads that pick up vibrations and work as ears, gills on the neck that allow them to breathe underwater, fins and webbed hands to navigate underwater, and darkvision.
-Skydryn: The Drahkin living on the landmasses floating in the skies, the rarest of the subraces. Paler than usual with more slender, aerodynamic frames, lungs that can absorb more oxygen thanks to living at higher altitudes, and resistance to cold.

Sidhe- (pronounced Shi) This child-like race of humanoids have a strong connection to nature, able to communicate with wildlife. They often retain their childish appearance throughout their whole lives, and sport white or green hair, can float without the use of Astra, and sport a birthmark which, according to their culture, manifests as their "spirit animal".

Elves- Masters of the arts, engineering, architecture, and philosophy. Like the Drahkin, their ears are pointed, but unlike them, their ears are straight.

Giants- Like humans, but much bigger. And bigger size means they're usually stronger and tougher than most other races. Like the Sidhe, they rarely travel out of their homeland on the Squid Continent.

Beastfolk-The most varied of the races, they can be bipedal or quadrupedal, and have features of or resemble any number of real-life animals. Their appearances or abilities vary, but they all share keen senses and nightvision.

Dragons- Despite sharing little to no relation to the races (excluding the Drahkin), they are considered a race for having the sentience and intelligence of a human, their own culture, and immense power. Sighting a dragon is extremely rare, and talking to one even more so. They will share their knowledge with those they deem worthy, but they will not fight wars, they will not intervene in politics, and they will not conduct trade with or for mortal races, due to the vow their race took post the Dragon War.

The Astral Components:

Alteration: Changing the aspects or properties of one's self, allies, enemies, or environment (boosting someone's strength or speed, or lowering an enemy's, telekinetic abilities, changing the properties or chemistry of metals, etc.)

Construct: Creating tools or objects out of Astra, from the simplest tools to the most elaborate devices (making a sword or shield to defend yourself, or tools to get a repair job done).

Destruction: Using Astra to destroy in every manner of the word. (dissolving something within your grip, firing kamehameha-esque beams of Astra to blast away obstacles)

Elemental: turn your Astra into an element, and manipulate the elements around you, so long as it matches the element you're trained in. (Fireballs, Lightning Bolts, Conjuring blizzards and water, reshaping the ground, etc)

Illusion: Bewitch the mind, ensnare the senses, and trick your opponents with these mental arts (creating an after-image or visual halucination, telepathic abilities, playing with your opponent's senses)

Restoration: Restoring what was damaged, tainted, or lost back to it's former state. (Healing, purifying water from blemishes or pollutants, repairing a broken weapon)

Summoning: Calling forth creatures and tools from the Summoner's Ground, an alternate plane of existence, to aid you.

RP Rules and Character Sheets

1) Please make sure you are familiar with the site's rules and to follow them: RpNation: Community Guidelines

2) RPing as a dragon is prohibited. Reason being as much a part as they play in Alabastor, they're too OP to consider RPing as.

3) Nothing breaks the atmosphere of an RP more than a Deus Ex Machina or Mary Sue/Gary Stu character. In other words, someone who's perfect in every way and can clear a story's obstacles with no major drawbacks or problems. It's uninteresting, it's cheap, it's PROHIBITED in this RP.

4) Feel free to get creative with Astra techniques, but be sure to follow the laws listed in the Astra Section of the Lore Dump (Sorry about that, by the way. I tend to get carried away a bit).

5) "Sandwiches" is the keyword to show you have read and accept the rules of the RP. feel free to work it into your profile however you like, or state it outside of the profile.

6) If you have any questions regarding anything, feel free to ask.

Faction/Guild: (If you don't plan to have your character join Golden Star, you can come up with a different guild)

Astral Components
Elemental: (Make sure to list which element you've chosen)

-If your character has only unlocked Astra without training in any components, simply say so.

Astra Technique List:
-Technique name (Components/Cost)*

Personality: OPTIONAL
Other Details:

*Example: Roaring Sun (3 Destruction, 3 Elemental)*


Dreamer of the Impossible
Thank you. I'm new here too, but Alabastor isn't a world I had only just come up with. I've used it in other RPs on other sites before, developing the lore over time. It's probably a common idea among authors and storywriters to create the world first, then try to think up what stories could occur in it's boundaries. Anyways, If you're interested in joining, feel free to. The more, the merrier.


Ruler of the Sky
I love this and would definitely like to join if possible! I really like the thought put into the Astral Components ^^ Although I'm not too sure, I think most roleplayers on this site(I'm pretty new too haha) like using seperate threads for characters sheets and out of character discussions which you may want to consider to avoid clutter ^^

A few quick questions though, are our characters able to change their techniques later on? For example, improving a technique with more score points or possibly removing one(and therefore regaining those score points) in favour of learning a new one? If we are not able to, I may revise my characters technique list ^^ Additionally, I'm not quite sure what kind of power level you were looking for, so I decided to just leave 20 points for future character development, let me know if that's not what you wanted ^^ Also, do you like sandwiches? xP

Her ears are pointed and curved, with twin midnight black horns spiralling out from the top of her head. Patches of silver scales can be found on various points throughout her body, particularly her legs. Her similarly-coloured tail is relatively long and drapes onto the floor behind her as she walks. She has pale light-blue slitted irises. Her height is taller than an average human man.
Basic Info
: Safona Riath Lorotei
Aliases: Safi, Ria
Race: Skydryn
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Faction/Guild: Golden Star - Her application to another guild known as Silver Fang was rejected due to a poor performance when she was being assessed. As they are quite a successful and well-known guild, and she has been in awe of them since young, she still seeks to join them in the future. To her Golden Star is just a stepping stone, but perhaps that will change in the future?

Astral Components
: 10/30
Alteration: 2
Construct: 0
Destruction: 0
Elemental(Lightning): 2
Illusion: 0
Restoration: 0
Summoning: 6

Astra Technique List:
  • Minor Telepathy (1 Alteration) - Can communicate with living organisms telepathically a short distance away. Mainly used in battles to communicate with her summoned creatures without alerting her enemies.
  • Thunder Fur (1 Alteration, 1 Elemental) - Coats a living organism/object in electricity whilst optionally providing them with an electric proof outer layer to prevent them from being zapped. Due to its low power, its mainly used to somewhat stun an enemy for a brief moment rather than fry them when touched.
  • Fallen Phoenix (3 Summoning) - Summons a being known as a Fallen Phoenix from the Summoner's Ground. This creature is coated in thick black feathers that faintly shine with the dying embers of a once lively flame. Its talons and beak are both razor sharp, whilst its eyes shine with a faint golden glow despite its blank state.
  • Storm Claw (1 Elemental, 2 Summoning) - Summons a powerful Halberd known as Storm Claw from the Summoner's Ground. Its blade and tip are both deadly sharp, able to both pierce and slice with ease. It radiates with thunderous pulses and faint sparks of electricity, with the ability to zap its enemies briefly if in contact with its highly conductive material. The summoner is immune to its electricity.
  • Hidden Butterfly (1 Summoning) - Summons a tiny little butterfly that is known for its plain colours and relatively quick flying speed. Mainly used as a spy tool.

Personality: May be added later
Other Details: May be added later
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Interested as fuck. This is exactly the somewhat system-oriented kind of roleplay I'm into. I very much enjoy the system! Some questions though. In this system it seems impossible to have a character flavored around a single astral component, is that intentional? I don't mind it at all personally, as it makes powers more interesting. Also, could you maybe give an example of a Astral Technique power list? Like, the powerlevel depending on the amount of points you spend on an ability? Sandwiches.
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Thank you. I'm new here too, but Alabastor isn't a world I had only just come up with. I've used it in other RPs on other sites before, developing the lore over time. It's probably a common idea among authors and storywriters to create the world first, then try to think up what stories could occur in it's boundaries. Anyways, If you're interested in joining, feel free to. The more, the merrier.


I just re-read the rules. Sorry, I committed a terrible crime. Sandwiches.
(Btw can I create a character now or wait later? Sorry for all the questions, don't really know the norms of roleplay)
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Dreamer of the Impossible
Aravini Aravini No worries. And you can create a character whenever it's most convenient for ya.

BlackoutThieving BlackoutThieving You can choose to base your character around only one component if you wish, it doesn't stop you from focusing solely on that. As for an example of a technique list, take a look at SilverFeathers's profile. They pretty much nailed it. Speaking of whom...

SilverFeathers SilverFeathers Character Accepted. And to answer your questions, yes, you will be able to change techniques through the methods you mentioned, and in terms of power level you're good, so don't worry. And yes, I do like sandwiches (my favorite being BLTs).

And now, let me introduce you to the guildmaster:
Name: Baoithin Dornain
Aliases: The Roaring Star Paladin
Race: Human
Age: 46
Gender: Male
Faction/Guild: Golden Star (Guildmaster), Victoria Military (Former)

Appearance: Tall and Muscular, fair-skinned, and with long, messy red hair and a beard, making him resemble a lion, Baoithin often wears a full suit of golden plate/chain mail armor with large shoulder pauldrons over a red tunic emblazoned with a golden sun and trousers. He also wears a gold-flame patterned red sash around his waist, though where he got it is unknown.

Astral Components:
Alteration: 5
Construct: 0
Destruction: 9
Elemental (Fire): 10
Illusion: 0
Restoration: 0
Summoning: 6

Astra Techniques:

Roaring Sun:
(3 Destruction, 3 Elemental) Baoithin's signature attack; the user gathers their Astra into a sphere and ignites it, creating a powerful fireball. This attack is strongest during the daytime, when the sun is at it's highest point, and weakest at night.

Titan's Boost, Sun: (3 Alteration, 2 Elemental) A common advanced Alteration technique, but Baoithin has added his own flare to it to augment his fire attacks. While in use, his hair and beard become a mane of fire. This technique's effects last only a minute, though.

Roaring Flare: (3 Destruction, 3 Elemental) the user unleashes streams of fire at their target. This attack cannot be used consecutively (once it's used, another technique must be used before it is used again). Like Roaring Sun, this technique is weakened at night.

Solar Storm: (2 Alteration, 3 Destruction, 2 Elemental) The user raises and condenses chunks of matter (i.e. Stone), ignites them, and hurls them back down to the earth. However, as they burn, the projectiles will get smaller as they descend. The rate at which they burn out is dependent on the material within them.

Summon Voluundrun: (3 Summoning) The user summons a one-handed battle axe called Voluundrun. This axe emits intense heat from it's blade with each swing, and augments fire techniques, boosting their power.

Summon Jatayu: (3 Summoning) Baoithin summons Jatayu, his armored Blazelion (a red lion with a mane of fire, and can breathe it) and mount.

Personality: Baoithin is proud of his power, his guild, and his students. He shows complete confidence in them, and it takes a lot for that confidence to waver. This does make him appear arrogant to outsiders, though. He is also very honest, never lying to anyone. If he doesn't want to answer a question, he simply says he won't or not give a response at all. He's also rather jovial with his apprentices and members, always approaching them cheerfully. It's still clear he needs to learn a thing or two about teaching, though. More than anything, his passion and determination keep him going forward, and even when it seems all hope is lost, he'll face darkness and adversity with a smile. He seems particularly sensitive about not being seen during the night, taking great lengths to keep some sort of secret. What might he be hiding?

Other: Prefers smoked pork Sandwiches with onions, lettuce, and tomato for lunch, along with a good mug of alcohol. Former Paladin of the Victorian Military
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Here's my character then:
Name: Allancer Dimitrios
Aliases: Al
Race: Human
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Faction/Guild: Currently part of the Golden Star Guild. Used to be a member of the Dragon Slayer Guild, notorious for their hatred and slaughter of Drahkins, believing their relation with the Dragons makes them suspect of the recurring destruction of the world.

Appearance: Al is a lanky and tall young man with messy blonde short hair and sharp nose that looks like it could pierce through a person. He has sharp and condescending eyes that make him hard to be approachable. He wears a black vest, which matches with his brown trousers, under his oversized fur coat that he stole from a prince. On his back at the upper left side is a tattoo of a dragon with a sword pierced through it, showing the allegiance he had with the Dragon Slayer Guild.
Al Boy.jpg
Image From welcome.the.miracle welcome.the.miracle
Astral Components:
Elemental: 0

Astra Technique List:

Long Chains: (2 Construct) Al constructs a long purple chain with his Astra that he can use to fight but he can also use it for other purposes, like swinging between obstacles or securing a prisoner.
Vision Illusion: (2 Illusion) Al can make people see whatever he wanted them to see, like a man that was never there or an object that he already stole. He can only create illusions one at a time and it has to be based on real things that he had seen.
Hear Illusion: (2 Illusion) Al can make people hear whatever he wanted them to hear, like screaming of a child or a sound of a monster that was never there. He can only create sounds one at a time and it has to be based on real sounds that he had heard.
Cure wounds: (2 Restoration) Al can heal the wounds of a person through contact with them. Al cannot heal a person who's dying, he can only prolong the death until proper care is given to the person.
Cure Poison (2 Restoration) Al can remove the poison inflicted to the person through contact with them. If the poison has been on effect for longer than a day then the poison can not be cured.

Personality: Al lived a rough life as a young theft who was always on a run and had developed a hatred for authority and for Drahkin, believing they have a hidden connection with the dragons that allows the dragons to wreck the mortals' life again and again, which was why he joined The Dragon Slayer Guild previously. He always takes and does what he want, no matter who's hurt. He never knew or cared for the identity of his parents, preferring to be alone unless he can benefit from his companions. Despite his hateful demeanour, he can have fun once in a while through the thrill of theft or pranks he pulls and has respect to those he admires or those who he believes deserves his respect.
Other Details: May be added later.
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Are you guys on the north hemisphere? I'm at south so there could be a problem, I can still play if I can do.


Senior Member
Might join. Oi might join.

Might make a Pyromancer with a Phoenix familiar. Or maybe a pseudo-dragon. Or maybe some sort of mix. I dunno.


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Anyways. The CS.


Vyrian Alteron
"Oh, uh, please ignore the ruins of destruction around me. I may or may not have, well, exploded when I saw what the orcs had done to the village..."
"Much better! Oh, those scars? Ignore them."
Golden Star

Astral Components
Alteration: 0
Construct: 2
Destruction: 0
Elemental (Fire): 5
Illusion: 0
Restoration: 3
Summoning: 2

Vyrian was exposed to some sort of magical weirdness, and even though this exposure didn't awaken his abilities, it altered them in a way. Thus, every elemental(fire) spell he casts is also infused with Restoration, to some degree or another.

Astra Technique List:
(Elemental 1) "Your average shooting fire spell, really. I throw a spear of fire. What else is there to know? Other than the fact it's a greyish blue?"
Summon Zyraeus: (Elemental 1, Summoning 2) "Yeah, this is me calling my familiar, Zyraeus. He's some sort of pseudo-dragon-phoenix hybrid."
"No! Zye, get out of that terrarium!" Ahem. "A-anyways, Zyraeus is about the length from the tip of my finger to just below the elbow joint. Weasel sized, really. And he can act like one to- OW! WHAT WAS THAT FOR, ZYE!?"
Cough "Anyways, despite what this looks like, Zyraeus is actually really helpful. He can spit fire from his mouth, he has sharp claws, tail is some mix between crested and spiked, he's very intelligent- stop preening, Vye- even though he can be a bit of an attention hog... Eh. He's been through it all with me."
Form Fire Spear: (Elemental 1, Construct 1, Restoration 1) "This is basically the upgraded version of firebolt. Except, it's actually a spear. And it seems to be somewhat..uh, holy? I dunno. When I hit people with it, I can decide if I want to hurt them or heal them. Tested it on a couple of undead as well- it hurts them pretty badly too. I dunno if it works with other baddies, such as demons. I would guess so..."
Form machinery: (Elemental 1, Construct 1) "Yeah, I can basically make gears and small stuff like that. It's actually a little bit cool seeing as how I can make a boiler if I concentrate hard enough, as well as spend enough time on it. I'm left with a headache every time I make it, though."
Ward: (Restoration 2) "I can make shields of light! ...They're only one directional, though, and I have to concentrate on it. That being said, it can soak up a lot of damage, with the plus it hurts undead as well."
"...I wish I could say I could do a fire storm, but I don't quite have that down..."

Vyrian can best be described as a kind soul, if somewhat naive. Raised in a temple-monastary, he was taught to do the simple things, the good things, and to keep his pride in check while at it. As such, he loves helping out other people, though he can get a little bit irritated if people blatantly disrespect his help. He doesn't mind not having appreciation; in fact, he gets kind of flustered if people heap praises on him. He tends to be very humble and self-depreciating, oftentimes making sure that others get credit as well. As for the basic skills...well... it's touch and go there. And, of course, Vyrian always sees the best in most people- he sees chances of redeeming them, and often times puts out his entire effort into doing so. Which has led to him getting tricked a couple of times. Heartbroken once. But we don't mention that incident.

This is not to say Vyrian is a saint. As stated before, it's a touch and go business with the simple things. He can be absent minded, and forget small details if not interested in a subject. He's not an idiot, far from it. It's just that he can be.. scatter brained at times. Another fault of his is that, even though he's cheerful most of the time, there are other times when he can literally explode in anger. It always happens quickly, but people are surprised at the vehemence he can show in such a short amount of time. Though, after he calms down, he immediately goes to apologizing.

Other Details:
Vyrian is an EXCELLENT cook, despite his absent-mindedness. It seems as if cooking is one of the things he really enjoys, and pays great attention to detail to it, just as much as when fooling around with his machinery. His culinary skills range from making sandwiches to crafting stews to even cooking an excellent steak.
Vyrian doesn't really know how he came to possess his blue-silver flames. He suspects it had something to do with his orphaning, though he really can't make any more conclusions.


Kamen Rider Amino
This looks fun
Time to sword things

Name: Nox Umbrawood
Race: Elf
Age: 100
Gender: Male
Faction/Guild: Golden Star

Astral Components
Alteration: 6
Construct: 10
Destruction: 0
Elemental: 0
Illusion: 0
Restoration: 4
Summoning: 10

Astra Technique List:
.Trace: (3 Alteration 2 Construct 1 Restoration) Nox can analyse any weapon he comes across to figure out its properties and how it was created. This also saves a blueprint of the weapon in his mind for later, as well as a physical copy in the Summoners Ground. Usually used in tandem with Infinite Creation of Swords.
.Infinite Creation of Swords: (3 Summoning 2 Construction 1 Alteration) Nox summons an inferior copy of a weapon he has seen from a personal spot on the Summoners Ground. Blades are the easiest for him to copy, while other weapons take slightly longer depending on their complexity. Usually used in tandem with Trace
.Armory of the Faker: (3 Summoning 2 Construction 1 Alteration) Nox summons all the weapons he has stored up in the Summoners Ground and fires them through specially made portals as deadly projectiles. This technique greatly weakens the durability of a weapon in exchange for a faster summoning time and greater power. Nox uses this as a last resort because it literally empties his bag of tricks, all at once if the situations calls for it
.Aural Eye: (1 Alteration 2 Restoration) Nox pushes his visual senses to the absolute limit to gain a heightened awareness of his surroundings and the movement of his opponent. However doing so for long periods causes his eyes to painfully bleed, so he has stabilized the technique by incorporating healing magic to repair whatever magical nerves he damages while using Aural Eye. This weakens it a little but prevents his eyes from damaging.
.Weapon Forging (Construction 3) While he greatly prefers using premade constructs to fight with due to their speed and quality, Nox CAN make weapons from scratch. Usually he does this to craft weapons for use against ordinary opponents
.Goten (Summoning 3) Summons the lightning fast steed of Nox, a metallic horse named Goten

Personality: Nox can best be described as an "Eccentric" by those around him. He LOVES weapons and figuring out new ways of making them. An avid believer that weapons have histories and personalities that MUST be respected, Nox despises those who discard a weapon with untapped potential. Nox wholeheartedly agrees when someone calls him a "Copycat" or a "Faker". To him, copying a weapon is an acknowledgement of its history and a chance to display what even an INFERIOR COPY can do to someone. Nox doesn't like it when people ask to see his face, claiming that his mask IS his face. While outlandish and odd, Nox is also incredibly kind. He'll help out those in need and will try to impart a bit of knowledge onto them. Nox also dislikes people touching or tugging on his horns, it irritates him. In a fight, Nox is calm and patient. His main focus is on his opponent and how they fight. Aside from this, he also likes eating good food and never turns down someone treating him to dinner.
Other Details:
.The horns on his head are REAL. A Witch cursed him with horns because he ate her pie
.Nox NEVER takes off his face mask....EVER
.Nox isn't offended when people call him or his weapons "Cheap Copies"

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Laugh Like You've Won Always

Name: Silbergeld Griswold
Nickname: Silber
Race: Drahkin (Skydryn)
Age: 14, sometimes
Gender: Male
Faction/Guild: Golden Star

Astral Components
Alteration: 10
Construct: 3
Destruction: 2
Elemental: 2
Illusion: 2
Restoration: 2
Summoning: 0

Astra Technique List:
-Returning (Alteration 2 Restoration 2)- The flow of time on an object is reversed, temporarily causing it to age backyards and revert to a previous state.
-Becoming (Alteration 2 Destruction 2)- The flow of time on an object is accelerated, temporarily causing it to age quickly.
-Luster (Construct 3)- Astra is forced into its crystalline state to be used as a weapon, or defensively, or just to store astra for later. Can also create semi-solid astra which is similar to a blue-green gas or flame, though all if feels like is chilled air and is relatively harmless (though it is still condensed astra and can be harmful if overexposed to it). Commonly used on his hands or hair.
-Augur Eye (Alteration 3 Elemental 2 Illusion 2)- Silber uses Becoming/Returning on the light entering his eyes to see a few seconds into the future or past. He can't look far in either direction else the amount of light leave him blind. His eyes glow when using this technique. Due to how this technique works, it is much less taxing to use in low light.
-Future Self (Alteration 3)- Silber pushes himself forward along his own timeline, becoming older for a short time. Adult Silber is much more skilled than his younger self, but his attitude is somehow even worse. Adult Silber is unable to use his full power since his younger self will have to pay the cost of the astra he uses, but even holding back to not kill his younger self Silber is usually left out cold when he reverts back. Silber doesn't remember anything his older self does.

Personality: Silber holds the firm belief that Drahkin are superior race, with Skydryn being the most superior among them. His kind is the closest to the mighty dragons after all. He does not hide the fact that he views the other races as inferior. Strangely enough, that same mindset is what drives much of the good parts of his personality. As one born superior to those around him, he is the elite and must always act as a role model for those beneath him. He is open and honest, polite (even if not always nice), and benevolent unless his superiority is called into question. He has an incredibly strong sense of pride which does not tolerate being looked down upon by those he considers little better than beasts. When he becomes an older version of himself, somehow his personality becomes even worse, keeping his racist outlook and stubborn pride while replacing his kindness and politeness with arrogance and an almost sadistic cruelty. Silber has a crush on Safona, which is really the only reason he joined Golden Star. While the younger Silber doesn't hide his feelings for Safona, his older self is absolutely unbearable about it.
Other Details: Silber is partial to tuna fish sandwiches. Much of his left side and both legs is covered in black scales.
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Name: Manu Orbun

Race: Human

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Manu wears soft green-ish cloak which hides the leather chestpiece that is strapped firmly upon his body, while also protecting him from the cold. He wears black baggy pants and a long-sleeved black shirt, along with leather bracers. He has white bands strapped around his hands perpetually. His eyes are dark brown and his hair is black. He doesn’t carry a weapon, but has a grey stone ring with a carved head of a tiger protruding from it.


Faction/Guild: Golden Star

Astral Components:
Alteration: 6
Destruction: 2
Restoration: 2

Astral Technique List:
  • Grounded (2 Restoration, 1 Alteration)
Manu’s pupils turn white and he ignores all illusions for the next 30 seconds. His vision and hearing become unclear, but his focus is strengthened.

  • Astral Stimulant (3 Alteration)
Manu’s reflexes, speed and strength are all effectively multiplied by 1.3.

  • Presence (2 Alteration, 2 Destruction)
Manu empowers his right hand and it glows bright white light. His next punch is twice as strong as normal and stuns the target for 0.25 seconds.

Unlike most people, Manu never struggles with personal aspirations, as he mostly lacks them, but remains working hard when able to, mainly to make his family proud. He himself never aspired to be different, but when it was discovered that he had an affinity for Astral, (read: magic) along with being talented in martial arts, his parents, especially his dad, urged on him to become a guildmember as soon as possible. Manu, possessing a mentality much different to that of his elders, persuaded them to let him finish his education in Wealth and Trade, (read: economy before economy was discovered and articulated properly) as to insure him a mundane life to fall back on. Safety is a high priority for Manu and he will always look out for himself above others, no matter the costs. He is ultimately a total egoist, but doesn't give it off, as that is more efficient when working entirely for your own benefit. Despite this almost sociopathic, if not at least selfish way of life, his relationship with his parents is more important to him than anything in the world, except his own life and he will do many things to get their approval, including becoming a member of a successful guild of Astral-users.

Manu has a hard time forming meaningful relationships with the people he comes across and it is natural of him to befriend whoever he can benefit the most from or who stands as the biggest threat to his safety. His logos-tinted lens of the world allows for little emotion to be shown from him, purveying what could be perceived as a timid nature or lack of character. If he finds that you're needed he will ultimately be a reliable comrade, whatever his actual agenda.

Other Details:
Although Manu is gifted in alteration techniques, he has a hard time learning other components.
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