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Hi, akki/lemon I'm a minor (13-15) and looking for rp partners. No one over 17. Im very new to this place, so if i do anything wrong please tell me, that would be so cool. I'm also looking for the long term.

I go by edt time zones.(btw)

What i'm looking for in a partner:
Is able to do like 2 paragraphs, 8 sentences or something, Just make sure it's descriptive.
Able to build the world.
Can make balanced ocs.
Into complex stories.
No problematic people duh.
Doubling up is cool.
3rd person only.
Cool with ooc.
simi-lit or above.

I'm really into angst and stuff, and world building. But I'm open to really any genre.

Discord is kind of preferred but not required.

Won't rp:
Minor x adult
Problematic pairs
For obvious reasons.

Stuff that i like, but are never required:
Forbidden love
Cocky ocs
Enemies to lovers
Fluff is cool
Friends to lovers

Some ideas that i like:
Have a different idea but it seems like we would be cool together, you can always tell me. I'm open to anything.

-Super cocky royal person meeting a peasant who doesn't want to deal with their shit but has to because the royal person is stuck at their home for some reason.

-monster(humanoid )x human the monster slowly turning the human more monster like due to like a power or something

-Two people who are on two different opposing sides, and communicate without seeing each other.
- one lover slowly dying but refusing to tell the other.

-two people who are hideing out with each other but both stuck with each other.
(basically runaway x runaway)

Please pm me.
I wrote this while half asleep, there maybe minor spelling mistakes
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