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Realistic or Modern Akahsic Chronicles OOC.


The type of friendship that seemed like they dislike each other but they trust each other to have the other's back

It would be funny when Cillian loses control and Laura's instinct is to bonk him unconscious ;-;
Exactly the vibe I was getting XD
Finally got my app up. Let me know if anything needs switching about or if I should pivot to doing some other character instead. I look forward to interacting with everyone it seems like we will have a fun crew.
galvanismgal galvanismgal

Can I be super difficult and ask you to pick a god from a real world mythology?

Other than that, the character looks great though.
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I'm deeply sorry, but I' gonna have to shelve this project for a while.

My medication is acting up and as such I can't really concentrate on anything for longer than a minute. As a result, I' afraid that I won't be able to deliver good enough posts to run this (even writing this message takes too much effort.)

Again, so sorry, and I hope you still be interested in this when I'm feeling better.
It wasn't difficult at all so I had back ups for her concept just in case. No need to be sorry good luck with everything on your end.

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