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Realistic or Modern airbag

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Super Powers, Supernatural


professional fifthist

May of 2017. Several accidents occur in proximity to Quarner's Lake, within the span of a month. Every victim is recovered on the shores. No fatalities.

July of 2017. Survivors report an unexpected boost of confidence and well-being. Several are able to walk and talk despite debilitating injuries.

July of 2018. Nearly half of the survivors have gone into hiding. Authorities investigate the remaining survivors, finding no abnormalities. The case of the 2017 accidents is formally dropped.


Chicago has heard enough tell of paranormal rumours. Yet, the case of the 2017 accidents remains fresh in the minds of citizens over a year later. Though the survivors remain anonymous, the community of Dearborn Park still regards the accidents with feelings ranging from curiosity and awe to paranoid superstition and conspiracy.

You survived a fatal accident in 2017 and awoke with command of the supernatural.


hello yes welcome to generic superhero rp. this will ideally contain an urban fantasy atmosphere and themes of overcoming disorientation, fulfilling responsibility, and reaching one's apotheosis (as many generic superhero rps do). inspired by many things, most of all airbag. if i can get 3 (regular) rpers interested, i'll kick off a starting plotline, and people will be free to join once that starts.
coded by shady. image is CC BY SA 2.0, attributed to Jim Thornton.
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