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After decades - and perhaps centuries - of war, the many kingdoms of Aiobrar came to realize what destruction and harm they had all done to their own lands. Not that they would ever take the blame. But they could finally agree that the wars needed to come to an end. While some might feel conquering the rest is the best way to ensure peace, the kings have begun to arrange marriages for their heirs in an attempt to quell the differences between nations... and build alliances. Some of these arrangements end up working out, others... aren't the best. Love, hate, sabotage, jealousy, betrayal, trust... What will your pairing give you? Who will break the treaty first? Or is peace really attainable? Play a royal, or go behind the scenes as a supporting character. Design the fate of your kingdom... and your pairing.


Multple characters are permitted, but please give them separate posts for Character Sheets. It makes my life easier. Please DO NOT POST HERE unless I have accepted your character sheet and have given everyone the go ahead to do so. This is meant to be a complex, multi-setting, detailed (at least 2 paragraphs) RP, and I expect a decent pace - 1-3 days posting, more often is preferable, but understand people have lives and that's.... okay. xD It is INCREDIBLY helpful to have Discord, as I literally never use OOC pages beyond pre-starting, however all RPing will be done here. I swear, if I see a Mary/Gary Sue or a Woe Is Always Me character, I will burn it in hell where it belongs. :D

I will post pairings once characters have been accepted.


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Six months ago, it came with great surprise when Ironedge and the Holtian nations agreed to sign the Aiobrar Treaty to end the war. The kingdom was power hungry with it's sights on devouring other kingdoms to increase their hold on land in Aiobrar. The Holtian people had originated from a large, icy landmass off the northern coast of Aiobrar. Most of their territory was uninhabitable with miles of ice and snow with no life to be found. They plundered the smaller nations of the north as they migrated, coming to a standstill at the border of Bulovia. Over time, the two kingdoms had gained and lost land to each other, a never-ending battle for the metal rich lands.

The surprise hadn't ended there; three months after Ironedge and Holt signed the treaty, King Thaddeus Dragomir, the highest ranking ruler of the Kingdom, residing in the Wolfholt nation, announced that an alliance had been in process with Shiraz with a marriage expected to be arranged. Not one marriage had been arranged, but two; Princess Ameerah of Shiraz would be married to the expected future heir to the throne of Ironedge and Holt, Prince Dominik, while the prince of Shiraz would be married to his sister, Princess Cecilie. This arrangement would insure Shiraz's alliance and commitment to Ironedge, that the kingdom would have to answer to any requests made by the Holtian nations. It would be questioned as to what Shiraz was gaining from the alliance.

Wedding preparations were made in haste for the princess; only a few days more until the big day in Wolfholt. Another ceremony would be conducted upon her arrival to Shiraz.The royal bride was not in a frenzy over details of the ceremony or feast, instead she was found lounging in her canopy bed amongst layers of fur, accompained by another maiden. Prince Dominik leaned against a bedpost, a lazy smirk tugged at the corner of his lips. "You know, in Shiraz, they'd have your head for lying with a woman. What will your husband do when he finds his wife's face in another woman's bosom, or even more scandalous, between her legs?"

"And what will your bride say when she finds a man bent over your bed, or worse, a plethora of people sprawled across your chambers?" Prince Dominik was known to have wild, exclusive parties that lacked clothing. The princess swatted away her brother, throwing a pillow at him as she leaned up. "Now, let me enjoy my last few hours of freedom before the calvary of handmaidens storm my room." Last touch ups on the princess's dresses was just one of the many 'chores' Cecilie would have to endure for the day.

"I believe you mean last few hours having sexual freedoms." Dominik's smirk hadn't let up even with a pillow to his face. The prince being the eldest sibling, therefore heir of Wolfholt, did not have to worry about lifestyle changes unlike his sister. "Enjoy her while you can. I just stopped in to inform you that your betrothed will be here by nightfall."

As the door shut, Cecilie plopped back into the bed with a heavy sigh. "Goodbye freedom." The princess had always known that she would be married off, but she hadn't expected it to happen for another few years and would have a choice in suitors from the other nations of Holt. With a glance at the maiden that rested soundly beside her, the princess slipped out from her bed, wrapping a fur robe about her body to protect herself from the chilling air.

Many traditions were being thrown out the window when it came to her wedding. Her brother's would follow more in line with their customs, the princess of Shiraz and Dominik wouldn't be married for months to come. Cecilie's marriage tied the countries together, forcing Shiraz to keep to their agreement with no room for another suitor to persuade Shiraz for Princess Ameerah's hand.

Taking in her reflection from across the room, Cecilie tilted her head slightly in thought. The princess had always had her hair roughly short, typically just beneath her shoulders, compared to those in her kingdom, but had begun growing it out the last year for the sake of marriage to another Holtian nation as it were deemed attractive to have long, flowy locks; though, her mere beauty could rival any length of hair. She pondered if it were even necessary to have such length when she would be living in a desert.

Taking up a dagger, Cecilie unpinned her braided hair. Taking ahold of the slightest power she could manage to bring back into her hands, she sliced away layers of hair. With each cut, a smirk began to etch its way into her features.


The Lion
Elsewhere, a desert prince shivered violently next to his sister and half-brothers in their horse-drawn carriage. The horses wore thick fur for the winterland, and their drivers were layered down in thick furs of their own. Inside the carriage, the brothers were huddled together under blankets, trying to keep warm. It was rather comical, really, what with grown men peering out from under blankets covering their heads. Prince Nizar-Amir stared incredulously at his sister, who sat seemingly comfortably with a book in hand, fur coat around her shoulders. Apparently, Ameerah had been the only one to prepare for their journey properly. Nizar-Amir wished for the hot, unforgiving sun of his home, Shiraz. It had taken roughly a month to reach the frozen snow pile. The path through Ynndaia had been fair; Ameerah had certainly been at ease in what was her second home. Sultan Assad Shah, of course, had not left Shiraz; Nizar-Amir's half-brothers had come to represent the prince's family.

Nizar-Amir sighed and glanced out of the covered carriage. How he missed having his own horse to ride. The stone castle loomed up ahead, and he felt both relief and anxiety. What if the princess was as cold-hearted as her nation? The northerners were known to be formidable opponents, with an impressive army. The Sultan wanted to be in the best military position possibly in the event that the Treaty fell through. Though Shiraz was bordered mostly by water and the deserts blocked much travel, their ships were sometimes targeted by Bulovian pirates. That, and if Caspidia ever mobilized their navy and sent it their way, Shiraz would have little knowledge of how to stop one of the bigger forces of Aiobrar. The Holtian nations, Bulovia, and Caspidia were the true threats to the land; best to have one in the Sultan's pocket.

The horse carriage came to a stop at the cold stone steps of Wolfholt's castle. The Shirazi prince's brothers begrudgingly left the warmth of the fur-covered carriage wrapped in a blanket each before Nizar himself emerged. He held out his hand for his sister, who took it upon decent. He pulled her to his side for warmth as they ascended the stone steps. The evening sky was lit by strange lights, and Nizar-Amir craned his neck to gaze as it until the great wooden doors shut behind them.


A letter to the leaders of Aiobrar:

King [insert name here],
We are delighted to invite you to our humble nation, Milanpur, for a celebration of the Aiobrar Treaty. It is an opportunity to make peace among ourselves, as well as build stronger relationships between kingdoms and families. Join us, on this 10th day of Spring, at our home.

King [whatshisname] of Milanpur

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Jahden was so grateful when the foliage of the hot and humid wilderness finally cleared to reveal civilization. Compared to his home on the vast plains, where his hilltop castle could look out for miles and miles, the jungle was a stifling, claustrophobic place. It was altogether too hot and much too humid and the thick vegetation closed in on them like vast green hands clawing at the trail. If his caravan attendants had not read up on the conditions they'd be facing here the entire entourage would be a lot worse off. As it stood, the heat and humidity were the only annoyances that had plagued their journey. Jahden reigned in his horse, which was a thick-limbed, mud-coloured bay, next to his bodyguard's copper stallion it looked drab, certainly not a horse for a prince.
They had ridden ahead of their supply wagons, and even the carriage that had been brought for the journeying royals. Jahden much preferred the saddle to the spine-jarring confines of a carriage.

"Prejudices aside, if I had my way we'd be courting Caspidia, or even Milanpur, despite this sodden jungle death trap." He said this loudly, with the arrogant swagger Rayshara had become accustomed too whenever the prince was 'getting into character'.
"And then Bolovia would take all your cities with their fancy libraries and pretty baubles, with the soldiers they seem to love showing off." Raynab would only ever speak to the prince in such a manor if she was certain no one else in the royal entourage could hear. And thus, his loyal bodyguard had highlighted precisely why his match to the princess of Bolovia made so much sense.
"She is the picture of maidenly virtue." Rayshara stated matter-of-factly. "To hear some talk however, she's as heartless as you. It is a good match."
'Some' in this case meant the servants, the peasants, anyone whom the right-minded nobles would not mark. The servants always had a different story, and often, it was worth listening to.

"Oh certainly." Jahden said in a sugar-sweet voice. "And like my father commands, I will do my princely duty, for I live to serve my royal sire and master."
Rayshara rolled her eyes and spurred her horse.
"But." The prince continued, catching up with her, "I wouldn't mind giving her a small test when she arrives."

The courtyard was shaded with the most luxurious palm trees and a sweet but strange incense perfumed their arrival. The herald was sent up straight away and everywhere servants clad in beautiful silks and exotic furs scrambled to make ready.
Jahden dismounted and patted the neck of his sweat-drenched mount. Some of the people in the yard gave it's dull coat and square head a frown as it was lead away.
"My entourage will be here any moment!" He called out to anyone who had been assigned to mark him. "Make sure they are given water and take care of their every need and if one of you would be so kind, I would speak to the king."

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Prince Dominik smirked as he watched from a balcony as grown men came out of a carriage wrapped in blankets like they had just been born. The final two exited the carriage, a dark haired woman on the arm of the last male. Dominik could only assume that the two were the heirs. As the figures disappeared beneath him, the prince headed back inside of the palace.

Four guards followed the prince as he made his way towards the throne room. The princess would not be joining the arrival of their Shiraz guests; he had been informed that the betrothed would not see each other until the ceremony. However, he knew his sister well enough that she would try to get a sneak at the prince. It would take an army of men stationed at her door to keep her from doing otherwise. The slighest smirk began to grow as ten guards past him on his way down the staircase, on their way to the princess's chambers.

More guards fell into line as Dominik approached the throne room. Upon entrance, he found the men and lady were already there. "My apologies for not being here to greet you upon entrance." Dominik tilted his head down just slightly as he passed the group and took to his father's side.

When the horn announcing the arrival of the Shiraz prince had been blown, Cecilie began to feel restless as she was stuck in the dress she would be wearing to the feast after the ceremony, pins being added to her waistline.

"Stop moving," The seamstress scolded the princess as she nearly stabbed her with a pin. "Nearly finished with the dress. Let's not soil it with blood and have to start over."

The princess sighed and stilled herself. She wanted to see what this prince looked like, not wait until she stood before him. It was not typical for the bride to never have lain eyes on her groom, but with the timing of his arrival and the ceremony, Cecilie was not to see him. If other traditions had been thrown out the window, why bother with this one, she thought to herself.

When the seamstress left, the princess caught sight of the group of guards at her door. With a heavy sigh, Cecilie paced around her room. She would be bored - was bored - stuck in her chambers all day. It wasn't fair that Dominik would be allowed to roam freely. She wished she were not a pawn that had to do as told.
The Shirazi ensemble tentatively lowered their blanket hoods. Prince Nizar-Amir led the dark-skinned princess to join their half-brothers with him. A warm smile, accompanied by cold, rosy cheeks, spread across his features as they were greeted in the foyer. The prince gazed up at the ceiling; the stone castle was built tall and sturdy. It held warmth from the fires lit about the place, chimneys built into the castle's structure. It was impressive, but of course, it was not home. Where Shiraz's palace would be carved with intricate art, Wolfholt's castle walls held sconces and portraits of several people Nizar-Amir did not know. He did wonder, though, what it took to have the honour.

They were led to the throne room, where King Thaddeus sat in his fine furs, a crown upon his brow. The prince approached the throne, but not too close, and bowed his head. Ameerah, beside him, did the same. The brothers hung back, feeling a bit silly with their blankets, but cold nonetheless.

"Good evening, Your Majesty," said Prince Nizar-Amir in his warm, saffron rich voice. He held an accent of his country, even as he spoke the common language to the king of the north. What looked to be the Holtian prince strode in, taking his place at the king's side. To his apology, the Shirazi prince bowed his head in respect and assured him that they were in no way offended, that they had only just arrived.
The servant in question ran off, barefoot, into the palace to fetch a guard to request King Jahan's presence. The king stood near the throne at the head of the room talking to some advisor or other. Well, listening, anyway. Okay, nodding along and looking elsewhere. When approached by the guard, he lit up at the chance to escape his conversation. "I must go attend to our guests," he practically sang, leaving the other man in the dust.

The servant returned to Jahden to inform him of the king's whereabouts just before King Jahan himself appeared, taking the Ynndaian prince's hand in both of his to greet the younger man. He had a jolly disposition, and a very bushy set of brows over a very thick mustache. "Welcome, welcome! You must be Prince Jahden. I do believe the Bulovian twins are about somewhere, they do very much like to walk about the palace. You must tell me of your journey..."



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King Thaddeus glanced at his son as he took his side. His son was rarely ever on time unless it involved mead of some sort or naked women. The king knew that both of his older children dabbled in affairs with the opposite sex and hoped they would be respectful to the situation at hand and stray away from such behavior while the Shirazi prince and his family were in Wolfholt. Thaddeus knew there was no taming Dominik long term, the princess would have to become accostumed to the lifestyle Dominik led. The Holtian king wondered how the Shirazi royals were going to handle the situation of Cecilie's virginity. A virginity that had long ago been taken.

"I see your company underestimated the weather they would be enduring." Thaddeus gave an amused chuckle as he watched the men shiver. "Perhaps they'd like to be escorted to the guest chambers where servants may help them find something more suitable to wear at dinner."

Dominik watched each man intently, surveying their assets in the case that there was an attempt of an attack. While he may be seen as a reckless partier, the prince was very observant. Though, his curiosity got the best of him and his eyes strayed towards the princess.

He found the princess to be somewhat attractive. The darker tone of her skin would take time getting used to. Such as the shade of her hair. The woman he slept with had various shades of golden locks, the closer to the pure white, the more attractive. He did not have much taste for others. Blonde and blue eyes were his preferences and the princess was far off from that.

Ameerah stood just an inch behind her brother, following his gestures. The closeness of the siblings reminded Dominik of his relationship with Cecilie. He would miss his sister, his only true sibling; his half brother bastard, Erik, he did not care to associate with.

The younger son of King Thaddeus stood in the background, detatched from the family. He knew his place when it came to such meetings. He could be present but not stand out. If he took any light away from Dominik, his life would be further hell. Erik did not want to give his brother more reason to despise him. Therefore, he stayed silent in such affairs, as if he were just some servant on stand by.

Even though he didn't participate in the meeting, his attention was certaintly taken by a portion of it, or rather a person. Erik found the Shirazi princess to be breath-takingly beautiful. Her exoticness drew him in. The bastard son slowly began to find himself jealous of what Dominik would have as he became increasing fascinated in watching the princess's every move. He found it hard to concentrate on anyone else despite the fact he should have been taking notes on the prince to give to his sister.



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"My dear King Jahan!" Jahden said loudly, putting a palm overtop of the king's hands as they clasped his. His smile seemed to light the courtyard and he matched the king's jovial nature in nearly every way.
"The journey was beautiful. Your kingdom is an emerald set into the crown of this world. I have never seen the likes of such plants and animals! You must allow my scholars to collect a few specimens for my father's menagerie. I of course have brought just for you, five of the finest white mares for your stables. My servants will bring them with the caravan."
Jahden's smile widened at the mention of the Bolovian twins. "Well indeed! We were beaten here! Ha! No matter, I will leave them to their wanderings for now and install myself in my wing. Come Rayshara, I trust there are refreshments?"

Not long after the interaction Jahden was relaxing in a cushioned chair on a balcony overlooking the lake. He had ordered a meal immediately, and stressed the speed of it's arrival on purpose so as to put the servants of the palace into a frenzy. The bustle would hopefully alert the twins he was to meet, and peak their curiosity. His own servants attended him, for the caravan had arrived not long after, and Jahden would not be satisfied unless the servants he had requested from his own kingdom were waiting on him. Below the balcony were the stableyards, where the king's new mares were being brushed and washed after their long journey.

He put up a hand lazily and summoned one of the local servants, asking for ink and paper. "Find the princess of Bolovia and deliver this note," he said when he was finished writing.

The letter read:

My dearest Kassandra,

The thought of meeting you finally fills me with great joy, I hope it is not too bold that I request your company in enjoying the stunning scenery on the Western balcony. I feel you will find the view most refreshing.

Yours in thought and deed,

Prince Jahden

A perfect piece of pompous drivel. A shallow woman would swoon, a pragmatic one would scoff, and so, Jahden had taken his first move in the great game that had begun here, in this jade-leaved paradise.
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Ameerah observed the elder prince as he observed her and her family. She had a feeling this marriage would be... difficult, at best. She didn't like the way he looked at her, like a mediocre piece of meat. But she knew her place; she would not fight the Sultan on his decision. After all, everything was already set in stone. Or it would be, once her brother was married to Prince Dominik's sister. She had her taste of freedom in Ynndaia's vast libraries, it was unfortunately time to return to reality.

Out of the corner of her eye, she caught another blonde man hanging about in the corner, almost out of sight. He seemed to share Thaddeus's features, but she did not recall there being another sibling.

She glanced at her brother as he spoke. "Yes, I think we would all appreciate a hot bath and warm clothing after that journey.'



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Erik slipped away through the back as the King instructed guards to lead the guests to their chambers. He watched from the shadows as the princess was escorted in the opposite direction to her pre-marital chambers. A short exchange of words occured between the siblings before the princess followed.

The bastard son waited for the company to disappear before be strolled off towards his sister's chambers. He would only have a few hours with Cecilie before all men were restricted from seeing the bride.

"What's the prince like?" Cecilie immediatdly bombarded Erik with questions upon his arrival. When he gave very little detail, Cecilie frowned, concern taking control of her features. "It is unlike you to report very little. What had your attention?" Erik blushed lightly and the frown his sister wore transformed into a giggle."Was it a girl?"

The bastard son hung his head. " A woman, one that I must avoid."

Cecilie assumed that it was a servant that had travelled with the royal family. "I am sorry, brother. Perhaps you should indulge while you have time." The princess winked as she passed him and poured two glasses of wine. "Have a drink with me before you go?"

"It would be my pleasure." Erik graciously accepted the goblet. He would miss his sister.

Down by the lake, a servant came running on the beach towards the water. The Bulovian princess was neck deep in the mild water, trying to keep out of the humid, hot air of Milanpur. It was a very good thing she had not been married into this wretched country. Though, the water was ice, she supposed. "Rowan, I don't know how you aren't swimming in your own sweat," Kassandra said in her thick, rolling native tongue. "At least dip your feet in the water." It wasn't an order; she simply could not stand the heat.

As the local servant grew near, he slowed to a stop by the Bulovian guard, Rowan Kent, and bowed his head, offering the note. "A message for Her Highness."

"Who is it from?"

"Prince Jahden of Ynndaia, Your Highness." Kassandra dismissed the servant and asked her guard to read it aloud.

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Rowan cleared his throat before reading the note, " My dearest Kassandra, The thought of meeting you finally fills me with great joy, I hope it is not too bold that I request your company in enjoying the stunning scenery on the Western balcony. I feel you will find the view most refreshing. Yours in thought and deed, Prince Jahden." Rowan finished reading the note. Rowan looked up from the note to Kassandra, "Looks like you won't be in that water for much longer." Rowan said wiping away sweat from his forehead. Wearing armor in this weather wasn't the brightest idea as one could drown in there own sweat out here.

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The Shirazi prince and princess were the last to reach the former's room at the end of a hall. A servant stood ready to take the princess back another way what was to be her temporary room until her marriage. The prince's door stood adjacent to a heavier door that led to a balcony. Nizar knew he would be staying away from that door if he could help it. All this ice and snow... what was one to do around here?

"What did you think of the prince?" Nizar-Amir asked of his sister, waggling his dark brows with a grin. The princess rolled her eyes. If she were honest, she was more interested in the mysterious young man in the corner. The nameless one.

"I don't know him, brother. There isn't much to say." She dismissed his questioning swiftly, not wanting to give him any reason to mess around with his own marriage. "Go wash up, you stink like a thousand camels," she teased, shoving him gently towards his door and following the servant away. Nizar-Amir sighed and opened his door. Self-consciously, he sniffed himself, and crinkled his nose before heading straight for a bath that had already been prepared for him.

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The Bulovian princess scoffed. "What, and meet my in deed in that hot air? Ha. Ha-ha. Nay, he can come get his feet wet, if he really wants to meet me right this minute." Kassandra waved her hand dissmissively and asked Rowan to write a note back. Her hands were wet, after all.

"Write... My boldest Jahden... Is that too snippy? My boldest Jahden, unfortunately I am already enjoying... a better view, below your beloved balcony. Perhaps you might find it refreshing to join me in the lake. Your dearest Kassandra." She had no intentions of leaving the water until she had to. She felt as though she were inhaling the world's sweat.

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Rowan took out a piece of paper from one of his pouches and wrote what she said, word for word. He tried using his best hand writing as the note would be given to a prince. After he finished the note, he beckoned a servant to him who happened to be near by. "Deliver this message to Prince Jahden." Rowan said to the servant then gestured him to get his ass moving. Royalty usually doesn't like to wait. His eyes then refocused on to Kassandra, never letting his gaze off of her for more than a second. He always on his toes for any threat.
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A few hours went by before a servant informed the prince and his family that dinner with the royal family would be starting in half an hour. They would be dining with everyone in the immediate family, except for the bride. The married women would leave early to bring the princess food and spend the night with her and prep Cecilie for the wedding.

In the princess's chambers, she was surrounded by her ladies in waiting. There was her cousins from her mother's side, Anastasia and Olga. The sisters were in lower ranking of royalty. They became ladies in waiting for the princess in hopes to find a suitor in a higher ranking. Cecilie knew it wouldn't be long after she was wedded that Anastasia would have a proposal on the table. There was a lord on Ironedge that had become smitten with Anastasia on during their last few travels to the homeland. Despite Anastasia being two years Cecilie's elder, the lord respectfully kept his distance, awaiting for the Wolfholt princess to be betrothed before fully expressing his interest. Olga on the other hand, Cecilie was unsure of. The younger cousin was pretty, but far too shy for the lords of Holt. Olga had also never traveled far from her family, preferring to stay close to home. The princess had always believed she would be more suited for a lord in Bulovia. Beside Anastasia, the wildest of the princess's ladies, Magda, was retelling the story of her first sexual experience, teasing Olga for being a prude.

"Stop teasing Olga because she doesn't sleep with everything that has a stick between it's legs." Nadine hushed Magda. The blue-eyed brunette was always standing up for Olga. Nadine had often been picked on by Magda as the two were growing up, mainly due to hair color. The brunette didn't take Magda's teases to heart and eventually the blonde gave up, finding a weaker person to set her sights on.

Safiya, the exotic one of the group, piped in, "Olga is not the only virgin here."

"No, but at least you have experimented a bit. Olga hasn't even kissed someone." Magda shook her head with a slight smirk. "Maybe she shouldn't be a lady in waiting but go to serve at a temple."

"Enough," Cecilie lightly smacked Magda's leg. "I'm about to be married. I have to spend the night practically alone with my only company being married, older women. No parties or anything before I leave. And I have just gotten all my ladies back together."

Safiya had gone for the past three years, traveling through Milanpur and Shiraz, learning the languages and culture. Her mother had been the daughter of merchants from the two nations that had traveled to Wolfholt. One of the lords had been taken by Safiya's mother and married her despite his family's wishes. Unfortunately, her mother passed away during childbirth. When she turned sixteen, she begged her father to travel to the nations to learn about her mother's heritage.

"You are looking very beautiful, Safiya. I am glad you were able to embrace your mother's heritage." Cecilie opened her arms to hug her friend. "I love it. It is very you." Growing up, Safiya had bleached her hair to fit in with the Holtians.

Safiya smiled brightly and embraced the princess, "Thank you. It is also a blessing for you that I had gone. You will have someone familiar with the culture and language by your side." Teasing the others, she stuck her tongue out, "Unlike those useless ladies."

Anastasia tossed a pillow at Safiya, sticking her own tongue out. The girls all let out a squeal of laughter as a pillow commenced.


Dominik took his seat at the royal table in the dining hall to the left of his father, his mother at the right. Typically, Cecilie would be seated beside Dominik, but due to the events, Erik was next to him. The guests would be a few seats down from the royal family with his mother's parents and siblings sitting beside them. The prince ignored the existence of his half-brother and began a conversation with his uncle about the next mornings events. Dominik would be in charge and in leading the prince through the customs for the wedding after dinner.

The doors opened and the servants led the guests to their seats. King Thaddeus raised his goblet, "Welcome, again. Are the rooms to your liking?"

Washed, groomed, and reclothed, the Shirazi men and princess arrived to the dining hall in much better spirits. The prince's brothers had borrowed an extra layer of fur to keep warm, wearing clothes instead of blankets this time. Nizar-Amir, like his brothers, had his head wrapped in a scarf. His was a light blue, embroidered with silver thread. Some wore black, or red, or even brown.

"Thank you, Your Majesty, they are wonderful. Your servants were kind enough to.. er.. help my brothers." The prince, younger than all but one brother present, smirked at his older siblings as he earned a chuckle from an older Holtian woman. Prince Nizar-Amir took his seat across from the king, his sister beside him, followed by the other men. He gestured for the boy in the group to sit on his other side. "Hashim, come. Sit with me." The boy climbed up onto the seat, his cheeks rosy from the cold. Someone had found him a small fur hat to keep his ears warm. Hashim was to be the ring bearer. He sat perfectly still, brown eyes darting around the table at each person he did not know. Nizar put a hand on the boy's back and spoke to the Holtians. "I suppose introductions would be wise. This is Hashim, my youngest half-brother. Nahir, Khalil, Afsaan, Hassan, Raif....." he listed off names, pointing with an open hand at each. "These are some of my half brothers. And, of course, my most beautiful sister, Ameerah."


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Glancing down the table, the bastard son wondered how many half-brothers the Shirazi prince had. All of them were older men aside for the younger one in the prince's lap. Was it custom for the Shirazi men to have more than one wife? It certaintly couldn't be merely mistresses, or else the men wouldn't have been sent out with the prince. Or perhaps, family bonds were tighter in Shiraz and siblings were deemed equal at heart. He glanced at each male as they were introduced. There would be no way he would remember all their names.

There would be one name he would not get off his mind, Ameerah. Erik did not know if her name was quite as beautiful as she, but it held beauty itself. The younger son of King Thaddeus could not take his eyes off of her as his brother addressed the princess, "And is your chamber to your liking, Princess?"

Wine was offered, which Ameerah accepted. It was not uncommon in Ynndaia for women to drink socially, and she had grown used to it. Nizar-Amir, on the other hand, refrained. "Indeed, thank you. I've been informed I am to have the room until our wedding."

Her brother glanced at her. "What then?"

Ameerah set down her goblet to pat Nizar's shoulder. "I am moved to your beloved bride's room, it seems. Just as the princess will have mine." Ameerah noticed the younger man staring at her. She gave him a quirk of her brow and asked, "And who, may I ask, is this to your side, Prince Dominik? I was unaware of siblings beyond yourself and the princess."


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The message wrung a smile from Jahden's lips. "She's got wit. That at least I can like." The brightness in his eyes betrayed a hint of mischief.
"Highness, perhaps you would like to follow protocol this time? Wait for the lady as is custom. The dining this evening will be together at the very least." Reyshara was used to cautioning her charge. She was also used to those cautioning words going mostly unmarked.
"Nonsense, if she's got even a shred of the intelligence I have credited her with, she'll be just as ruddy bored as I am. You! Boy!" He called down to the stable yard where a grubby youth was cleaning his hands in a bucket.
"Fetch the animal in the far stable. Tack her in the saddle and bridle set beside her stall."

The beach was wonderfully placid and Jahden, having shed his outer traveling cloak revelled in the wind coursing through his thin tunic and turquoise scarf.
If Kassandra looked up she would see a figure galloping towards them. The horse on which he rode looked as if she had been crafted by the gods themselves:
The mare's coat shimmered as her thick limbs rippled with muscle. Her neck arced gracefully as she charged full tilt down the soft sand. Her hazel eyes held a bright fire as she cleared a washed up branch as if she had been made to fly. She was adorned in the finest tack: burnished gold set with precious jewels worth a king's ransom, the finest buckskin leather for the saddle, inlaid with gold and silver.
The mare was without a doubt the finest horse of the Ynndaia royal stock, and a warhorse, trained and tested and without fear.
Jahen reigned her in just feet from the princess' guard and she tossed her white-gold mane, sliding to a halt in the dry sand.
"Good evening my lady!" Jahden called as he dismounted, patting the mare's neck and handing the reins to Rowan with a roguish wink.
"I thank you for your words, of course, this view has beaten the one I offered quite soundly. Prince Jahden, highness, but please just call me Jahden."
In the distance, coming towards them at a steady jog were an array of Ynndaian servants carrying food, drink and a table and chairs.
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King Thaddeus brount his globlet to his lips, "After rennovations are made to your liking. This place will be your home, it is only right to make changes to make you feel that the chamber is yours." Taking a sip, he noticed that the prince hadn't taken a glass. "Would you prefer mead over grape?" The King asked the Nizar.

Meanwhile, Dominik inwardly rolled his eyes. If the two were alone, the prince would have perhaps told the princess it was no one of importance. However, they were at the royal dining table with his father right there beside him. "Half-brother of a mistress my father had years ago."

Erik felt the silent rage seep out of his half brother. The bastard glanced away from the princess and said quietly. "I am merely no one."

Dominik changed the subject and directed his attention to the prince. "After dinner, my friends and I are taking you out into the city. Perhaps if your brothers can endure a little bit of the cold, they may join."

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Rowan held the reins and sighed. He was a guard, not a servant. At least it was one of most beautiful horses he as ever seen throughout his lifetime. Rowan glanced to his right to see the stream of servants coming towards them. Looks like he wasn't getting out of the sun anytime soon. Rowan took his helmet off and the glare of the sun, hit him immediately. Rowan hoped that Kassandra made there discussion quick.

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The Shirazi prince shook his head and thanked the king. "I fear alcohol would put me on my rear after the long journey. Water is fine." The prince shared a smirk with the Holtian prince at his teasing jab at his brothers; normally it was he who was on the receiving end of their teasing, and thus it was a refreshing change to see his older brothers fight to maintain their pride. To Dominik, Nizar-Amir said, I would love to see your city. Does much of it renain busy at night?"

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(@SilverFlight most nations have their own religion(s) they follow, although Ynndaia is the most likely to have atheists, or see "gods" differently than others because of their advancement in science, but that is up to you.)


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"The city will be alive the next few nights due to the wedding." Dominik answered the prince's question. "When there are celebrations the city is quite alive at night. The weather dictates how busy the city usually is."

Erik wanted to warn the prince of what activities he would be most likely wrangled into tonight, to give him a chance to use the trip as an excuse to retire to bed. However, it would be incredibly offensive to undermine his half-brother's plans. Therefore, Erik made himself small in hope that he wouldn't be dragged into the festivities. However, his father had other plans.

"And Erik, you'll be attending, yes?"

The younger son sat up straight. "I-uh I wasn't-"

Dominik forced a smile upon his face, giving a hard pat to Erik's shoulder. "Of course he is coming." The Holtian prince glanced at his half-brother, "It's the prince's last night as a single man, we must celebrate with him."

The younger son didn't dare object. With a statement like that, Erik would be offending the Shirazi prince if he refused to attend. "Of course." For the remainder of the dinner, the bastard son ate his food in silence. He dreaded what would become of his night; his half-brother was known to party wildly and in the city there was only three places he'd go at night, all three made Erik equally uncomfortable.

When the ladies left the dinner table, Dominik placed his goblet down. "Well, I do believe it is time we go out." He rose from his chair, "My friends and I will await for your company in the main hall." A smirk couldn't be hidden as he added, "I'm sure there are a few in your company, Prince Nizar, that may deem it appropriate to throw on a heavier coat, or perhaps, their blankets." Dominik's cousins chuckled as they rose, telling the prince to stop teasing the guests. King Thaddeus sighed with a small smile. He dismissed his sons and guests, wishing them a night of fun.


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