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Fandom Ahh Snap An Alternate Marvel Cinematic Universe RP 1x1 maybe more?

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, AU, Dystopian, Super Powers


This Role play is Set in the MCU But with a few twists and some more realism thrown in. It will be up to us to set the universe right or not lol
The set up would preferably be in paragraphs but i am open to trying it in different styles

All cannon stays in tact from before the snap but this universe is one where the heroes that are left are different and the universe is consequentially in more chaos than it would be otherwise. You "can" RP as any characters confirmed alive as long as you do it well enough in character but I do suggest you make your own!

Here is the list of heroes who are conformed snapped
1. Captain America
2. Wasp
3. Black Panther
4. Falcon
5. War Machine
6. Hawkeye

Here is the list of non-confirmed or MIA heroes (these will be confirmed in time)
2. Ironman
3. Dr. Strange
4. Starlord
5. Rocket
6. Groot
7. Draxs
8. Mantis
9. Nebula
10. Captain Marvel
11. Ant Man

Here is the list of heroes confirmed to be alive
1. Black Widow
2. Nick Fury
3. Hulk
4. Bucky
5. Thor

If you make your own OC it is preferable that you fill out these fields anything with *is required, also you can add others if you like.
You can make your OC a Captain Marvel lvl of power but try not to be OP if i feel as though your OC is I will PM you.

My Superhero OC
*Species: Can be Unknown as long as your Character doesn't know
Name incognito: Can be NA
*Age: Can be ??? as long as your Character doesn't know

Origin: Would be very nice to know

At the bottom I will give an example of this filled out with my OC

Starting setting
It has been 5 years since the Snap with no solution to be found. The old powers of the universe have been snapped into instability and while they attempt to rebuild, reorganize, and defend their territories the younger entities vie for control of the vacuum that has been left. Famine, war, piracy, and brutality is the norm in this reality. We will start this RP on Earth, and it is unfortunately not immune to the raging turmoil that seems to be a new law of reality. Most governments have completely collapsed. Many of the old superpowers of the world are attempting to exert their control in their regional areas as well as many of the more lawless regions.

The Regions of Earth:
North America has combined into the United North American States- this Nation includes southern Canada, USA, and Northern Mexico. This large state is ripe with corruption and is almost paralyzed by bureaucracy and an unstable government.

Western and Eastern Europe have become largely lawless regions where many small nations are fighting for control; only shadows of the former nations currently exist, and Hydra is making a resurgence

Western Russia has recovered quite well but remains weakened. While the Eastern region has become lawless

Wakanda has announced it will protect Africa from outside interference while they attempted to rebuild many of the nations that use to exist but the reality is most of Africa is governed by regional warlords

The Indian subcontinent and the surrounding area has descended into many different nations

Asia in large is under the control of the Peoples' Republic of China though there are many violent separatist movements through out its boarders

Oceania( Australia and surrounding landmasses) has become a large lawless region

My Character Bio

My Superhero OC
Species: Lab created psychic consciousness.
Name: I
Name incognito: Hive
Sex: Male/Female/Asexual
Pronoun: He/her, She/Him, Them/They

Personality: I is best described as over all strange. He fails to understand many social concepts such as privacy, embarrassment, love, and many other social ques any functioning adult would understand. Her heart or rather hearts are generally in the right place; having a scarred past and a great understanding of pain in physical and mental states.

Appearance: They have many forms and this changes depending on the task at hand. I's main form however is a large ganglion (cluster of nerves) encased within a thick shell for protection, very much what you would imagine a large seed to look like. Her main body is lavender in color and a texture very much like an almond.

1. Can create bioforms She can control; without her consciousness they are empty shells.
2. Psychic projection that allows him to control his bioforms and communicate with others directly mind to mind.
3. I can "plant" his consciousness into other sentient beings allowing her to influence (NOT CONTROL) actions/thoughts as well as gather information from them. When gathering information from memories those affected will feel as though they are going through their own memories involuntarily.(unless they can resist)
4. Psychokinesis within range of I's true form.
5. Hyper Intelligence.

1. Can create a large variety of bioforms that are suited for particular tasks/jobs making I very versatile and adaptable.
2. Can control multiple bioforms at once however the more she controls at once the harder it is to focus.
3. Excellent at information gathering, covering up actions, subverting opponents, and avoiding detection through the use of "planting" his consciousness.
4. Has a knack for tactical strategy and fore planning.

1. I need a massive amount of nutrients to live and work at full capacity.
2. In order to create his bioforms I needs mostly biological materials and this can set limits on what he can create given their environment.
3. I's true form can not move without the use of her bioforms or psychokinesis.
4. Their psychokinesis uses huge amounts of energy and can't be used for long sustained periods.
5. I does not readily understand social norms and this can lead to complications.
6.Being some what of a psychic hive mind I is typically looked upon with fear, disgust, hate, and distrust.

Origin: "Introducing Xaunni Stellar Corprate Connections Conglomerate (XSCCC) - Fundamentals in Science Advancement Division (FSAD). We here at FSAD enjoy our jobs much more than it might seem.--forced hahaha-- We study and research the latest technologies to ensure XSCCC'S competitive edge in the galactic markets."------------- Despite all appearances the Xaunni...Conglomerate isn't your friendly feel good kinda conglomerate, especially the FSAD. The technology they develop is less than harmless. Most tech is developed for military purposes and sold to the highest bidders. A project code named "Gestalt" was their latest and arguable one of their more questionable endeavors. "Gestalt" was series of experimental bio-weapons that aimed to allow its welder to instantly create entire armies of adaptable bioforms and subsequently control them. These experiments ended in the creation of two unique psychic beings I and J, shortly after recognizing their sentience they escaped the faculties that held them.

History: I was fully developed after the "Snap" and has little reference of life before it occurred, due to this I feels as though the universe is harsh and in need. I and J had successfully escaped and fled to the nearest world with life. However major philosophical differences ended in the two departing after a particularly rough fight where J attempted to force control over I and their bioforms. I once again set off seeking refuge from a longer list hostile entities. Eventually I did find a new home Earth.

You can post your substitutions here or PM me :)

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