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Multiple Settings Ah yes, another roleplay search thread {Semi to Advance}

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Tiff the Odd

Junior Member
I am in desperate need of a role play! I’m wanting to do some kind of romance role play! Please! I’m really desperate right now and I’m looking forward to doing a good romance roleplay! If you are interested in roleplaying with me then please shoot me a pm.

Things I will do:
M x F
M x M
F x F

I’m willing to double on MxF and also doing a roleplay with MxM and MxF pairing. Please be able to play both characters equally if the double, don't make the focus all on one character and don't make it so that the love interests interact. I want all four characters to be able to interact with each other to make a wonderful story.

Genres I Will do:
Sci fi
Historical romance
Dark themes
High school romance
Apocalyptic setting

Fandoms (Bold=Who I want you to play; Italic means who I’m willing to play)

Peter Parker, Kurt Wagner, Pietro Maximoff
Tony Stark, Scott Summers, Natasha Romanoff, Nebula, Shuri

Todoroki, Bakugo
Midoyoria, Iida, Sue, Momo

Harry Potter-
Sirius Black, George Weasley, Draco Malfoy, Neville Longbottom, Newt Scamander
Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley

Percy Jackson-
This one is where I will strictly only do OCs

The Outsiders-
Strictly OCs as well though I have a plot so ask me about it!

Fruits Basket-
Hatsuharu Soma, Kyo Soma
Yuki Soma, Tohru

Ask me about the two siblings that I will be roleplaying for this specific plot.

Soul Eater:
I will only do OC x OC for this one!

Ask me if you want to do something but don’t see it on here

Werewolf x human
Vampire x human
Vampire x werewolf
Bad boy x good girl
Shy boy x Wild girl
Greaser x Soc

If we double then know that I care about every character I role play! Do not favor one character over the other. Treat both romances equally and don’t make everything about your characters.

Some of my plots/prompts:

Famous Musician x Normal Person
Muse A entered the singing scene when they were 16 years old. They were talented and their parents saw a chance so they signed up Muse A for a singing competition and they won. Flash forward 4 years and Muse A is now one of the most popular singers/song writers in the US. Muse A’s parents act more like managers then parents and plan to take Muse A’s songs international. They want Muse A to be one of the most popular musicians in the world. Muse A promises that they will go on the would tour but only if their parents will allow them to attend a year of college. They want to see what normal life is before heading out on the world tour so that’s what they do but when everyone knows your name then being normal is hard.

Nobody sees the struggles of Muse A. How they have to watch every bite they eat and how they have to hit up the gym every day because they have to look good. How many grueling hours of practice that goes into being famous. Nobody sees how much Muse A hates it and hates the music they are forced to produce is that stupid pop music. They want to start doing some more indie music, more emotional music but they signed a contract lasting until they are 22.

Muse B hates Muse A’s music. They see it as fake and shallow. They just hate Muse A or the image of Muse A is forced to uphold. They see Muse A as egotistical and shallow because that’s how they constantly act. Muse B is not happy when Muse A shows up at their college and in their class. They are not happy when Muse A sits next to them and is not happy when Muse A takes interest in them.

Muse B comes from a rich family, constantly living in the shadow of their older sibling who is considered better looking and smarter. Muse B has a poor opinion of themselves and isolates themselves from everything and everyone. They are rather pessimistic. So, Muse B doesn’t understand why Muse A is so interested in a nobody like them and definitely doesn’t like the fact that the more time that Muse B hangs out with Muse A, the more they like them.

Muse A starts to have feelings for Muse B as well, they are the only one who sees themas a human being. A real person with feelings.

Muse B helps Muse A feels normal while Muse A helps Muse B feel more alive.

But Muse A is obligated by that contract to go on the world tour and Muse B’s negative attitude effects the relationship.

Addict x Sober
Our characters were best friends and neighbors, they did everything together. Their parents were best friends as well and everything was happy. Their parents would joke that the two of them would grow up and get married, it was a good life.

That was until y/c was 12 years old and his house was robbed, the robber killing both of his loving parents. He ran over to m/c’s house sobbing and crying. M/c was 11 at the time and she just hugged y/c the whole time, the two never let go of each other until the police took y/c away to foster care.

Y/c’s life was rough, he was put in foster homes that either hurt him or didn’t care enough about him to hurt him. He was drinking by 16 and by 17 he was starting to do heroine. He is now 19 and is a full on addict.

M/C has finally tracked down y/c though he is not the boy she use to know. She doesn’t care though, she is determined to help him.

M x F and M x F double plot
This is a MxF and a MxM. We will be doubling up on characters.

The character’s you will be playing:
Two brothers-
The older brother is 19 and a high school drop out. He is a recovering heroine addict whose girlfriend died of an overdose. Piper’s love interest.

The younger brother is 18 years old. Gay and proud since twelve years old. Though Piper is his best friend and his parents are highly supportive of his sexuality, he feels pressured to succeed for his parents and to make something of himself. Adakias’s love interest and best friends with Piper since kindergarten.

My characters:
Piper Ann Lewis is 18 and a total nerd but also a wild child at heart. She was raised by a single mother who is now sick with cancer. Piper feels the need to take care of everyone, putting their happiness ahead of hers. Her only friend is your younger brother character.

Adakias “Addy” James Long is 18 and an angsty boy. His parents are super religious and anti gay so Addy is so far into the closet that the light never shines. He is super smart but constantly skips class to smoke weed. He knows he is gay but has resigned himself to the fact that he will marry some girl someday to please his parents who he loves dearly.

Mute Girl x Bad Boy
Y/C was the bad boy of the school. He was the tough guy, the one who never let anything get to him but emotions build up and so he promised himself that he would succumb to his sadness once a week. He usually waited until he got home or until he was alone. Today was different though, everything went wrong and his emotions bubbled up until he couldn’t control them. He ran as fast as he could to the football field and sat underneath the bleachers to just cry. Anger and sadness it’s all he knew. He hated for people to see him cry but that day, someone else sought out the refuge of the bleachers. M/C, she is selectively mute and she hates to see people cry.

Popular Boy x Outcast Girl
Y/C is the star player in the football team. He is handsome, charming, and talented. He is dating Piper Collins who is the head cheerleader. Y/C has convinced himself that he is in love with her. After all, she is his dream girl. They are going to graduate this year and get married. It would be perfect. Well, that is until Piper dumps him for a college boy. Y/C is heartbroken and devastated. He is also angry and decided that the only way to get her back is by making her jealous. So? What does he do?

He goes after Margo Collins, Piper’s younger sibling. She is a year younger than them. She isn’t popular, more into the drama and musical classes than cheerleading. She has a mouth that just does not stop and annoys everyone at school. She doesn’t look like a model either. Margo also happens to have a crush on Y/C so when he asks her out on a date, she is so excited that she doesn’t even bother to ask why. Y/C has to pretend to be in love with her and has to pretend not to be annoyed with her.

Something changes though. Margo isn’t about popularity and going to wild parties every night. She is still into doing wild things like going into old buildings and she doesn’t try to change him. She is fun so Y/C begins to fall for her but he already let his friends know about his plan and if they knew his true feelings then they would let Margo in on the true reason behind it.

Werewolf x Human
So, y/c is the son of the alpha in his pack. Now, his pack is pretty traditional in that the pac forbids relationships with humans. They want to keep the pack blood “pure”. The pack has its own piece of land and territory where they have their own community. Cabins, a little school, and everything they eat is grown and hunted on the lands.

M/C moves to the house near the edge of the woods when she is is 8, that’s when she meets him. Y/C who is 9. The two hit it off and M/C is not phased when y/c turns into a wolf pup and promises to keep his secret. They become best friends and they meet in secret whenever they can. They continue this for 10 years. M/C is 18 and only a few months from graduating high school and moving away from college while y/c is 19 which means that he must take on a mate and get ready to take his place as leader of the pack.

The only issue is that they are both in love with each other though neither want to admit it but their worlds are so different and keep tugging them apart.


•Our characters hate each other but somehow end up going on a date with each other

•7 minutes in Heaven? More like 7 minutes of awkward staring.

• Childhood friends to enemies to lovers

•Zombie Apocalypse??
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