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Nation Building Age of Cats (Lore)



His Majesty Henry VIII

Where information on characters and all of their clans accepted into the roleplay are kept for easy reference.


His Majesty Henry VIII
Clan Oilpaw

1) Nature plains.

2) Oilpaw, an old Hedrox family of laborers, craftsmen, and hunters, has claimed a worldshard of it's own now that past opportunities and challenges Pasha's Allod had to offer the artisans and blacksmiths have dried up back home in favor of thankless renovations and tired imitations that promise dependable income but are increasingly bereft of any sort of meaningful fulfillment. Seeking not only to revive what many of it's sons and daughters see as a stagnant culture adverse to hard work, easily satisfied with 'good enough'... The clan's patriarch seeks to build a future with his own two paws for Nirvana through it's sweat, tears, and blood. Wed to a minor Spectrum line, a number of rainbow cats call the Oilpaws allies, though some resentment continues to linger over the broken courtship of an arranged marriage thanks to the unexpected kindling of love. A headache that only gets worse with divergent traditions and deep-rooted animosities inherited long ago from their former dwarven and elven masters that continue to plague the present.


3) Wimarc Oilpaw, a physically imposing Hedrox male of black coat and amber eyes, is an accomplished craftsman, blacksmith, engineer, and has never found himself at the losing end of a tournament or duel in his youth. His wife Ascilia has bore him two sons, Marden and Meldon, and one daughter, Sibyl, all of black fur with opalescent patches. Amicable to his friends, and often beholden to antiquated ideals of pomp and chivalry in mannerisms not unlike that of his Enaitay cousins. In battle, he wears full plate and wields a banded steel Zweihänder. Usually he's accompanied by an immaculate spyder companion said to have been gifted to the Hedroxi founder by the Primogen himself.

The Hedrox wisely shut themselves away when the previous iteration of Felis society crumbled, preparing instead for the peace that would follow alongside the Custodes of Pasha's Allod, which they have always been and will continue to be stalwart friends to despite radical members of their organization straying from the path the Lord and Primogen set out for them without a guiding hand to lead them. Launching a full-blown humanitarian relief effort once the ashes had settled, they helped restore a sense of order to the chaos and lended a paw getting their less fortunate kin back to their former united grandeur.

Brokering a number of business arrangements since, particularly with the Mrrshann, a number of thefts, not only of property but even of life, soured relations with outsiders for a time. Ultimately, these trespasses were forgiven, as such was their nature, but individuals that had crossed the Hedrox soon found themselves jotted down into a Book of Grudges until Grudgebearers and neutral Enaitay arbitrators could settle wrongs. Leveraging their bargaining power in favoring collaborators and penalizing guilty parties when it came to future deals, rewarding community enforcement with exquisite publicly accessible marvels, and striking names from the record whenever the property in question had been retrieved, an equivalent punishment had been doled out, and any due compensation received, the Hedrox have thus gently encouraged neighborly behavior in the Mrrshann and fairly curtailed the worst of their impulses.

Long a research and development powerhouse of Nirvana, dragonnewt machines and schematics were gathered, studied, and even improved upon by the brightest minds the Hedrox had to offer. In time they had come to rely upon the ancient draconic technology, and so when the dragonnewts joined the family, demands of immediate repossession which would lead to calamitous impoverishment were ignored and the Hedrox came to consider themselves indebted until the day they could finally be weaned off intellectual dependency. Trading wealth and secrets of their own to the dragonnewts ever since, particularly Hedrox advancements on their race's occasionally flawed and underutilized designs, the clan largely considers it's remittances paid.

(250p) 500 Soot
(10p) 5 Cogs
(12p) 3 Gears
(8p) 1 Farseer: Ascilia
(5p) 1 Summerborn: Ascilia's Bodyguard
(15p) 3 Nobles: Marden novice nature mage and twin brother to Meldon, Meldon: novice earth mage and twin brother to Marden, Sibyl youngest of the three, beginner water mage

Sootpaws: (.5 points) -- these are the youngest and least skilled of the paws, but they work together very well. every 5 sootpaws elects a coordinator, which in turn relates to peers of their station forming a natural hierarchy and engineered consent/productivity. The more soots you have, the better or more of a job gets done. That said, they don't fight well unless in great numbers (if at all) and have a strong sense of self-preservation.
Cogs: (2 points) The ultimate Squires, Cogs can be attached to any other unit and make it run better or more efficiently. Pages of all trades but masters of none, they carry the shields, follow the plans, and execute orders that make greater units more effective. Cogs can also be counted to fight with claw and blade competently and with courage.

Wargears/Meshgears -- 4 points -- forming small task forces to almost any speciality or function, the Gears are both the thinkers an do-ers of the Oilpaws. Builders/inventors and directors, they work in groups to tackle problems usually according to doctrine and invention. The gears, both of peace and war, carry the traditional Bavan-age weapon the "Gun-chuck" -- a pair of short range pistol barrels linked by a chain as a sybol of status, and a tool for battle. The Oilpaws count on Gears to be the primary defenders of the clan, even though their talents are often much more desired elsewhere.
Black Nobles -- 5 points -- each a character in their own right, they specialize in specific trades or endeavors and are more leaders than rank and file. They are very skilled workers and the loremasters of the Hedrox. Black nobles sometimes wear stylized armor that meshes well to give fair mobility and great protection, and use a variety of two handed weapons.

ALLIES: (+100 points, but you needn't spend them just on allies, the increased points also indicate support from other clans/entitities so they can be spent on your own troops as well as:
Sprectral Summerborn (5) -- The second tier of Elven-descended warriors, he summerborn all practice a trade in times of peace and a martial skill in times of war. They do NOT play well with others when they are not in charge, and to outsiders some see their elvish ways as mere affectations, which in most cases would be a mistake. A boon to any team, and a team a boon to any operation.
Spectral Farseers (8) -- Masters of the Heuristic arts of prediction, Farseers predict obstacles and complications -- or enemies moves -- and plan accordingly. mechanically this can manifest as modified or rerolled "dice" behind the scenes. In game terms, they make great intelligence and logistics workers, and bring luck to any endeavor.

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1) Astral Mountain. This came to be known as The Road to Nirvana by the Illustrada, a land sacred to them.

2) The Illustrada are a nomadic Sphynx cat people. To be more precise, they have come to view modern civilization and the means by which it manifests as foolish and destructive, having lead to the apocalypse and even harsh infighting on Allod. They've come to view migration as a means of survival, and morally virtuous. They don't strictly ally themselves with anyone, are most charitable to fellow travelers, and are especially hateful of catfolk who settled down, believing them to have forgotten the way of their ancestors.

3) View attachment 888198

Sabio is the de facto leader of the Illustrada. He stands a foot shorter than most of his people, his back slightly bent from age, his whiskers long and grey. All decisions of the Illustrada fall to him. Always with him is a younger man by the name Apprendido, who is afforded a great deal of respect by the Illustrada, though he holds no power. Sabio has isolated the Illustrada from many people, generally avoiding cat settlements, dealing peacefully with other settlements before moving on, and preaching extensive acts of kindness to travelers met on the road, whom he would see adopt the ways of the Illustrada.

4) The Illustrada have had little impression on history since the collapse. As fighting broke out in Nirvana, the people who would go on to become the Illustrada abandoned Nirvana, and made their way back to the shattered material world. They've traveled ever since. The Illustrada make no claims to land, and only respect the claims of others because those settlements prove difficult to overrun, and the Illustrada themselves travel often as a means of avoiding hardship.

5) This isn't to say that the Illustrada are pacifists. They are stubborn zealots, happy to spread their beliefs by whatever means seems appropriate. The Illustrada have, upon encountering small pilot settlements, simply forced the local population to join their ranks, by tearing down the buildings, repurposing the materials as portable homes and vehicles, and taking whatever resources exist there for themselves.

Pilgrims -- half point -- Sphynx cats that are at the lowest rungs of society, who live by sharing, hospitality, and harmony. Many do not have personal possessions and instead family or kinship groups carry the equipment of the collective. More workers than warriors -- they make up with numbers what they lack in viciousness. They prefer only to fight from surprise or overwhelming advantage. They are also the "hands and eyes" of the Hospitaler elite, disseminating information and bringing to the higher castes new findings and knowledge.

Cancats -- 3 points -- The primary rank and file of the Illustrada, their name comes from the numerous bins they carry on their backs to facilitate their nomadic ways. The titular cannisters are often filled with water, sparse belongings, and sometimes compressed air for harsher environments or "Gas Jumping" as it is called, expelling air in sudden bursts and retro blasts to allow them to move otherwise impassible terrain (or on or away from a battlefield with ease.) Cancats are also said to be irrepressibly devoted to the tasks given by the higher Illustrada, else they be called "Can'tcats" -- another axiom that makes the term stick. A Cancat is responsible for teaching not only the young the ways of the clan, but every other member anything collectively learned so knowledge does not die away with the feline. As such, they are quite capable of operating clandestinely, in small groups, or without leadership -- though a guiding vision of a leader often helps.

Waymavins -- 5 points -- Expert scouts, navigators and survivalists, Waymavins navigate by the stars and know how the heavens can change in predictable ways. Each Waymavin is a suitable leader for any group of Illustrada, and many are initiates or acolytes in the ways of Astral magic -- mostly centering on movement or luck. Waymavins plan the movements of the Illustrada to conform to higher goals are capable warriors... though haughty and behave as much work is beneath their attention, which must always be directed outward.

Hospitalers -- 8 points -- The highest class or caste of the clan, if it can be called as such, are the Hospitalers -- meaning "Makers of Hospitality" -- These noble Felis share their customs and surplus with fellow travellers, and dispense -- or force -- the hospitality (given or needed) upon outsiders to the clan. Hospitalers are either very old Waymavins (who can be accomplished astral mages), Elder Cancats (who are surprisingly fierce and surprising warriors) or paradoxically to the theme of shared knowledge through the clan, experts in fields above the level of common Felis comprehension.

The Leader of the Illustrada, Sabio
3 Hospitaler (24 points), including Guerrero, Peligroso, and Anciana
7 Waymavin (35 points)
29 Cancats (87 points), including Apprendido
108 Pilgrims (54 points)

Anciana(Illustrada Morale, the Grease in the Gears) is the eldest woman of the Illustrada. She is known for having the most direct association with the Pilgrims. She is revered as a teacher, a wise woman, and a mother. I personally think of her as a perpetuator of the culture; not the leader of the cult, but perhaps the leader's true right hand.

Guerrero(Illustrada Bloodlust, the Tip of the Spear) is the eldest Waymavin, and the Waymavin are the only caste he has serious ties to. A lot of the time, any concerns they have are voiced through him. He also serves a role similar to that of a five star general in the US.

Peligroso(Illustrada Madness, the Architect of the Operation) the is revered mostly through being left alone. He's the youngest of the Hospitalers, due mainly to his technical brilliance and Sabio's influence. He has no bonds within the Illustrada, and is feared for the habitual manner in which he ignores the social norms of the Illustrada.

Rapid Deployment

Wealth: 2

Diplomacy: 3
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1. The Auroral Grove (Astral Forest)

2. Excelec Culture/Clan-wise, I was thinking of making a group of cats who are seeking ways to preserve their kind/culture after seeing the horrors of the end of the 17th age AND the collapse of Felis civilization three times. The most popular way to them is to be settlers/expansionists to spread their people out into various corners of existence so that even if Nirvana itself were to collapse suddenly due to a giant war among gods, then there would be other settlements in other planes that will allow the clan to prosper and carry on their culture/clan bloodline (though this is really a rudimentary solution since they currently do not have the means/knowledge to implement other feasible solutions). Thus, the clan's ultimate goal would be to try and find ways to survive mass extinction events. Until they find a better option, they're sticking with just finding more land/corners of various places to build outposts/settlements in (much like how we build seed banks in real life to preserve plant species or how in Sci-fi humans are depicted as going on long journeys to distant planets to save the species from certain extinction due to resource depletion/sun dying/etc.).

The Clan has attempted to maintain cordial relations with the High Clans, though is somewhat friendly with the Spectrum Clan as the Excelec Clan has helped preserve and confirm each others lost or endangered pasts.

3. BrightStar the Sun-Touched - Long ago, the founding Cat of the Excelec Clan was given a divine name by the Divine Pasha. However, he also received a collar with a small golden fragment of unknown material that shined in the sunlight as if it were a part of the sun. The Divine Pasha said that the fragment would guide the cat and bring great fortune. Thus, the golden fragment has passed down generations as a lucky charm, but also as proof of the clan's ancient heritage that links back to the First Named. Inheritors of the Golden Fragment also received the moniker "Sun-Touched" in reference to how the Golden Fragment shines like the sun when it is exposed to the sunlight. However, after the recent collapses of Felis civilization, the ancient clan faced the possibility of extinction. Thus, BrightStar sets off to find a way to preserve his clan and allow it to prosper even if the Gods were to render Nirvana in twain.

100 Pashite Motes - 100 pts
10 Exelec Cloakleys - 50 pts
10 Reclined - 70 pts
3 Exelec Agent - 30 pts
2 Spectra Winterborn - 24 pts
5 Spectra Springborn - 10 pts
2 Rainbow Loremasters - 16 pts


Pashite Motes: 1 point -- generally smaller or younger specimens of the clan, motes are the rank and file workers and adherents to beliefs in astral forces. The larger the number applied the more religious/astral bonus they bring to a project but are not much on their own or in small groups, especially if unlead. They are however quite educated and astute for low-tier units -- which can sometimes surprise. Every 20-40 Pashites is called a "Battiel" and can form a fighting unit that has zealous morale and spirit, but in smaller numbers these units scatter in combat.

Exelec cloakleys -- 5 points -- Mysterious glue that holds society and endeavors together, every one is a trained partisan, thief, and diplomat, at various levels of skill. The cloakleys are responsible for the signature asymmetrical warfare of the Exelec, and are seldom seen or questioned when they do not desire it.

The Reclined -- 7 points -- each an expert of a given skill or trait, they can be characters in their own right and shape the way of the group of exelec they are attached to. Not officially leaders, their word is often respected, if questioned for elaboration at times. The Reclined are not as the name suggests sedentary but rather making a statement on how they at least outwardly are relaxed, well seated regardless of the situation, and not prone to fear or harsh reaction. The Reclined motto is "Only the thrall avenges immediately" -- a philosophy that represents a true analysis of problems before action and a distance from passion when needed.

Allies: (+100 points, but you needn't spend it all on these)

Spectra Spring/Summer/Fall/Winterborn (2/4/8/12 points) -- the four tiers of the elven cultured felis, they are either exclusively designated peaceful or wartime when acquired. The season of the spectra indicates the tier of their masteries in their studies and their knowledge of Felis lore -- and beyond.

Rainbow Loremasters -- (8 points) a isolated order of both Aslani, Exelec and Spectra Felis -- these cats are historians and artificers. Planners, Thinkers, Organizers and knowers... they have the respect of the clan for being keepers of history and the rememberers of obligations, grievances, histories, and solutions that have worked beforre.

Exelec Agent: 10 points : Heroes or Villains or both, each is a character in their own right and represent Angels, Devils, or Dragonewts that have united with the clan out of debt, or promise, guile or obligation. Attached almost exclusively to the cloakleys or the Reclined, they otherwise act alone, and are often generals or diplomats for the clan, executing the asymmetrical or mysterious ways of the Exelec.



1 Wealth
4 Diplomacy
Silverwood Lumber
Gravity Mill + Astral Farming Settlement (2 Wealth)
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1. The Red Valleys (blood mountains)

2. The Lahu Clan

A hybrid of the High Clans Mrrshan and the Tabaxi, resulting in a race of fierce warriors and fleet-footed, stubborn mappers, exploring the world while protecting their homeland. They eagerly search uncharted territories for new resources and discoveries, not just for settling. Fights and skirmishes were once common, but now things have died down. The Lahu are hunters that settle down in small, permanent settlements, and are well suited for exploring mountainous, rocky terrain. When a new way to conquer land was found, the Lahu moved once more, finding themselves in a mountain range with red-tipped grass and a layer of red-stained rock built into the mountainsides. Homes were made in the valleys of the mountains, and hunters have become accustomed to locating and chasing down goats and other mountainous animals for food.
Home • - The Art of Eldar Zakirov

3. Tsar Windracer

The heir to the long line of chieftains, Windracer's bloodline has long since been kept pure and strong, resulting in his being, a cat that excels in almost any topic he wishes to tackle. With the recent discovery of world shards, the Tsar has turned away from the battles and has reimagined himself as an explorer, finding and claiming new lands in the name of the Lahu. He is equipped with the Lattan, a handwoven basket expertly crafted from palm, bamboo, and golden thread. It holds a special significance to the Lahu culture, being the first (or so it is supposed) spoil of war won by Lahu ancestors.

4. HISTORY: The First Lahu emerged as a minor clan in the struggle from the ashes of the second catastrophic collapse. They were a small colony populated by Mrrshan and Tabaxi, a colony that became independent as the others collapsed into disarray. With the Lahu's focus on battle and exploration, they conquered and gained land, holding a claim to a sizable portion at one point.

MILITARY: This territory brought them into conflict with the Aslani and Mrrshan, due to territorial disputes and the resources those territories held, and the Lahu drew upon allies, namely the Tabaxi and Spectrum clans, keeping a large portion of their territory. Nevertheless, as the third collapse came upon them, the Tabaxi and Spectrum clans withdrew their support, and the Lahu lost more than half of their lands. Eventually, those small towns became independent, separating from the Lahu. They've had no real quarrels with the demons nor the angels, although individuals have made the Lahu antagonistic towards them.

DIPLOMACY: Relations with the Tabaxi and Spectrum have still been kept in place, despite their abandonment in the battle. Their most secure alliance is with the dragonnewt refugees, both nations having fallen from glory to being forced to scrape at the bottom of the barrel. This is one of their more recent agreements. The Lahu are friendly towards the Custodes but are not allies with them.

LAND: When the Lahu first arrived at the Red Valleys, as it was aptly named, they found a consistent theme: blood. The grass populating the valleys was green with tips of red, layers of red rock was common, blood trickling from the mountaintops and collecting into rivers and small lakes. Explorers found caves of red crystals that were filled with metallic scents. At first the Lahu were reluctant to interact with these strange occurrences, but trial and testing has found that something about the bloody mountains can be used, and the Lahu have begun to accept it as a part of life, several opportunists even using the rocks, the lakes, and the grass buds for dyes.


50 Lahu Advance-Guard - 150 p
5 Lahu Apparatchik - 30 p
10 Tsarspaw - 60 p
5 Mounted Tsarspaw - 40 p
5 Tabaxi Hireate - 10 p
5 Spectra Apprenti - 10 p

Lahu Advance-Guard (3 points) -- A militarized force of workers during the catastrophes, the tradition of the Advance Guard has put them at the front of Lahu causes and objectives. Expensive units as workers go, they are extremely qualified skirmishers, scouts, explorers and defensive troops especially in significant number. The Advance Guard are very proud of their title and station, and even in harsh conditions do their best to look clean and uniform and bring the same dimension to their work. Advance guard are experts in non-lethal combat, but have no problem bringing a wealth of customary lethal weaponry to bear. Their skill as missile troops is also noted. Advance Guard make great laborers but DEPEND on higher authority to direct them effectively. Lahu

Apparatchik -- 6 points -- These are the quiet executors of the Tsars will. Expert spies and diplomats, their true talents lie in leading and motivating their lessors by whatever means necessary, with methods from coin to pain. Besides leadership, each Apparatchik is pressured to express themselves as an expert of some field, lore, or science so that no matter what the objective, a variety of singular or hybrid solutions exist.

Tsarspaws -- (6/8 points) The personal troops of the Tsar, due to the critical need for them as a mobile force they often conduct clandestine operations as well. A single Tsarspaw is a formidable enemy -- a unit of them a threat to whatever obstacles in their way, and in larger numbers are nearly unbreakable fighters, preferring to fall on the field then to abandon their charge. Tsarspaws since moving to the Blood Mountains have begun to fight and travel as cavalry on the giant red Ibex found there, their horns forming a single crest giving the rider excellent cover. (for 2 extra points a Tsarspaw can be cavalry but the decision is made at purchase.) Above all their other talents they are superlative bodyguards, often predicting threats well before they happen.

Tabaxi Hireate -- 2 points -- The Hirate is a special branch of the Tabaxi that has developed over ages to serve the mutual interests of the Lahu and the Tabaxi. Not as mighty as the Advance Guard, they often serve as more numerous police and taskmen. Although their main interests lie with the Tabaxi, interests between the two clans tend to overlap in the Hireate to the point they can be used very reliably in Lahu interests alone. The natural reclusiveness of the Tabaxi make them good observers and detectives as well, but fight viciously when called upon to serve in a military capacity.

Spectra Apprenti -- 2 points -- pure non-martial units, these felis are not considered masters of their crafts in their own clan (but students) however their talents are more than a match for most workers in other clans. Many Apprenti take up jobs with Clan Lahu to learn the unique flair and advantages of the Lahu way and incorporate it into their work and art. Apprenti WILL NOT fight, and instead prefer to surrender and be ransomed than face threat to life and limb, or flee when such arrangements cannot be made.
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Artic Mountains, No Allies

Panthera live in caves within the mountains in small clans. Their territory is far spread and low population density. They hunt mountain dwelling sheep, ibex, deer, and other small mammals for food. Panthera are not aggressive towards other predators. They prefer to live at higher altitudes in the warmer seasons and at lower altitudes during the colder seasons. They do not travel past the Alpine forests. Panthera do not settle in a single spot. They often find a new place to sleep each night. Cubs are born in the Spring. There is a high infant mortality rate. A mother may give birth to a little of five and anywhere between one to three may survive to adulthood. Mothers are responsible for all of the childcare.

Clan Leader Ping understands that his kind prefers to live a solitary life. His role as a leader comes more into play when discussing manners related to trade deals. Otherwise, the methods to his leadership are passive. He cares most about the well-being of all the Panthera.

Long, LONG ago, before the dragonnewt truly reappeared, their scales were said to ward off the cold and make one the finest armors -- many young pantera collected these scales and began to elevate themselves as heroes using this armor... Until the Dragonewts "Returned" and demanded their "Skins" back. Panthera agreed to return the skins to the Dragonnewts without fuss. At the time, Panthera was struggling socially about whether firearms and armory were even necessary for their society. They saw this as a sign and abandoned all need for aggressive technologies. The relationship between the Panthera and the Dragonnewts is a respectful one.

The Aslani Matriarchy in Felis early history, while most Felis were still evolving their cultures -- saw the Panthera as very strong, but too few to actually become their own clan. The Aslani Matriarchy offered to marry all of the males of the Panthera, and make the Lady Panthera wealthy and landed if they would only surrender their old ways and adopt the new. The Panthera drove Aslani and any of their influences off of their mountain range. Their attempts to change the Panthera culture was offensive! The Aslani faced more challenges than they realized when they tried to force their way in- unfamiliar with the true terrain of Panthera’s rocky homeland. The Aslani surrendered, and continue to see this event as a shameful loss for both races, but they are no longer aggressive towards Panthera’s kind. Panthera has no respect for the Aslani since this interaction.

The Panthera were once of the first Clans to truly become self sufficient and leave the care of the custodes, but their infancy as a culture -- in particular their favoring of such harsh environments they paid dearly to acclimate to -- lead to the Custodes (human caretakers) to repeatedly attempt to bring the Panthera back into human care -- fearing the Panthera would go extinct in the face of their harsh choices and smaller numbers. Some Custodes begged the Panthera to return to loving custode oversight. Panthera’s view of the Custodes is incredibly skewed after witnessing that some Custodes would abuse Panthera in multiple, gruesome ways. They do understand that some Custodes have kind hearts and want to help, but the risk is too dangerous with such low numbers, and the Panthera have been tricked by their generosity too many times. Panthera welcome the Custodes to their lands but they refuse any helpful offerings.

A reflection of the ancient cultures of Tien Tiao, Shinuyama, and other far east cultures have left an indellible mark on the Panthera. Early in Clan infancy there was bitter rivalry for the scraps of technology and culture left behind by older races -- The Panthera seized numerous ancient relics of the far east and it was their essence and beauty that enabled them to create their own eastern culture in the shadow of the primogens who left these artifacts behind.

Mountain Fragment - A broken piece from the Northern part of the mountain range. There is something peculiar about this piece. It is not an ordinary rock. It is often present during ceremonies.​
Prayer Beads - A necklace of prayer beads worn by the Clan Leader to signify their status. They have no other meaning beyond this.​
Pottery Collection - A set of clay pots, created from the Earth of the mountain range, with painted paw prints. The set suggests that one of the pots is still missing.​
Ancient Scripts - Parchment of scripts with ancient writing that is still being translated.​

Keepers x 3
Harmonies x 4
Trackless x 12
The Harsh x 22

Each Keeper is the custodian of a true (or faithful replica) of an artifact of the ancient cultures of the 17th age from the Empires of the Tien Tiao and Shinuyama, where the clan learned it’s ways. These items define the bearer and shape their works, and guide the works of the lessers.

Keeper of the Mountain Fragment

Keeper of the Clay Pots

Keeper of the Ancient Scripts

The “White Harmonies” follow the ancient ways of their ancestors and their Eastern inspirators. Besides being fantastic survivalists and leaders -- they bring an artist's approach to every endeavor, be it the art of war or the making of music. Harmonies synergize with other harmonies, making them even more effective in groups -- though being fwe they often are scattered directing their lesser Felis.

Singular elite warriors, they also are stern directors of the Harsh and consummate hunters and warriors. Each Trackless, for better or for worse, is both a poet and an artist and take great pride in their new expression of the old ways that unite the clan. So called for being extremely stealthy, they can function as spies, commandos, and intruders, as well as effective (if curt) diplomats.

The Harsh
The lowest tier of Panthera clanship, The Harsh are by necessity rough pioneers and “can-do-must-do” workers and warriors. A cut above most other clans rank and file, they need to be in the harsh environments of their homelands and the hardships they are expected to endure.​


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World Shard:
Stellar Sands (Astral Desert)

The Mercatores are devils of a curious nature. They know Nirvana and Heaven better than most and have made it part of their business. Living up to their name, spun from a merger of Celestial and Infernal to literally mean Merchants. They revel in deal making, traveling often in troupes or bringing goods back to barter in their settlement known simply as The Crossroads, a desert oasis sitting at the very heart of the Stellar Desert with six road leading through it and intersecting as well at the center. Despite their seemingly friendly and easygoing nature, the Mercatores have a strong martial tradition used for protecting themselves... or selling their services as mercenaries. They are not a numerous people, but most are of impressive and alluring build meant as much to aid in their dealings as to make them powerful fighters. The Khajiti, Mrrshan and Enaitay clans of Felis have generally done the most business with the Mercatores thus far. The cardinal rule one should know when dealing with the Mercatores is hospitality. Those who show them hospitality find it returned in kind with the merchant devils favoring them in trades, even going out of their way to find more useful goods that are desired, including information. Those who spurn and harass them are quick to find the devils willing to live up to their darker sides, selling cursed items in those lands or even gifting them to hapless souls.

Trade Speaker Tyrvandrix.jpg

Trade Speaker Tyrvandrix is the most recent ruler of the Mercatores after buying out the previous Trade Speaker when his business affairs collapsed. Tyrvandrix is an imposing figure like most Mercatores, tall and powerfully build, clad in fine clothing and jewelry to display his wealth. The Trade Speaker is the ultimate voice of the Mercatores, representing the various Troupes as one nation to provide protection and unity of purpose. The Trade Speaker establishes trade policy with other clans and lands, but also acts as arbiter between the Troupes to keep peace when disputes arise. The merchant devils while free of Hell's oppressive order do still favor some structure. They also though have embraced the fluidity of trade which was woven into them when their first kind were created. Tyrvandrix has as of late promoted an expansion of Troupe routes, seeking new trade partners... while also seeking what the Mercatores can discreetly seize for themselves or manipulate others into doing it for them. He seems to be mapping allegiances at this time to prepare a new issuance of trade policy to all Troupes.

The Mercatores have known the Celestial planes better than most. Before the coming of the Felis, the Mercatores were here, operating an embassy on behalf of Hell as its factors, merchants, negotiators and agents. They were tolerated by Heaven for the curious devils never break a contract and do not play about the games of most devils. They profit far more from being viewed as reliable and trusted in their arts than simply as insidious fiends. When Hell collapsed, and the Great Hierarchy vanished with it, the Mercatores were left unbound, almost aghast at their state until they realized what they were experiencing was freedom. Electing to embrace this, the devil merchants shuttered their embassy and began to move about in Troupes, electing leaders and seeking out routes to trade on.

It was in this foundational period that the Mercatores revealed their martial prowess hidden for so long behind their original diplomatic functions. Now allowed to fully unleash their skills as merchants, war became a market for them. Mercatores are fearsome fighters; attacking a Troupe is often ill-advised unless one is prepared for it... or prepared to take heavy losses for the prize. The Mercatores were not regarded as a unified people until their world shard was discovered along with The Crossroads curiously waiting to welcome visitors and offering trades. The Soul Trade is one business they haven't stopped, though now they do it more for their own reasons over anything to do with Hell. Souls are a lucrative commodity, and those deemed worthy are forged into new Mercatores as the devils have no other means to directly procreate. Thus the devil merchants are known to buy prisoners or just their souls to make use of them. Those not worthy of becoming a Mercatore are instead forged into ten Denarius coins which hold great value to the devil merchants.

As of late, the Mercatores continue to expand the reach of their Troupes. Their numbers have grown steadily if not greatly over time with the patience of beings who know not death of old age. Several Troupes have been noted to be favoring a more constant trade in martial services as of late as they seek to specialize in the market of conflict. Others are collecting secrets and whispers, eager to sell them or ship them off back to The Crossroads where the Trade Speaker might make use of them to plan greater prosperity for the Mercatores. It should be noted that they have been present through the rise and fall of all Felis civilizations, always the smiling merchants, eager to offer a bargain.

Unit LIst
Mercatores (200)
Merc (6/)
-20 (120)
Neverborn (10/)
-5 (50)
FallenLord (15/)
-2 (30)

-100 Chattel/’Sold’ (100 pts)

"Merc" : 6 points : Merchant or Mercenary, the lowest ranked but still proud Mercatores are called the Mercs. Forbidden the ownership or use of the coveted Dinarius coins, the Mercs constantly jockey and muscle of rank and power to be uplifted among the ranks of the "Neverborn". Mercs are great workers and soldiers both, sometimes at the same time. There is no such thing as a weak or foolish Merc... such weaknesses have ages ago been culled from their ranks... still, all seek to rise and change the hierarchy and seek their personal fortunes in the projects of their superiors, who would do well to motivate and occupy them as an Idle Mercatore is invariably a dark and far-reaching schemer.

Neverborn: 10 points : True Devils in that they were created by the gods in one of the bygone ages, they stand physically and socially above their subordinates and Devils who earned or befell such infernal natures. The Neverborn can be characters in their own right, towering over most opponents and striding terrifyingly across both battlefields and worksites both. Those not true Neverborn are often even more dangerous -- for there is no knowing what such beings and entities have done to earn the respect of these beings as peers.

FallenLords -- 15 points : Nobility among Devils, the FallenLords are powerful and free enough to pursue their own goals and egos, or bind them to the fates of others ceremonially for entertainment or profit. The FallenLords held territority in the hells back before they collapsed, and a single Fallenlord is a match for a whole force of other enemies. The only thing that gives them pause is Cold Iron -- Iron worked by labor alone and not the spirit of the flame. Cold Iron can do things to FallLords beyond mere wounds, and they respect the threat this represents. Not enough to be fearful of it, when not trading in the coveted Dinarius Coins they make currency of metals that were once wielded against them.

"Chattle" aka "The Sold": 1 points. Humans or Felis that have broken, failed, or lost their souls in contract with the devils, they are constantly in fear of being turned into the fabled Dinarius Coins -- the Mercatores chosen currency. Most Chattle are hapless or pitiful sorts, but among the many there are a few set apart (that are a real value for the price) -- they fight and work for their very souls.
Mrrshann Silvertongues 5 points : Some Mrrshann maintain a cultural identity with their original clan, but have become closer to the Devils by career or bloodline. Silvertongues are great diplomats, spies, and whatever else they need to be to please their masters. Above all they seek wealth, but power is a close second.

Enaitay Hellknights: 5 points : Dishonored, Redeemed, the Wild, the Forsaken -- some knights of Enaitay have given their souls or worse to the Mercatores for singular power and martial prowess. These Felis have living armor and weapons, and some are said to come back from the dead even when slain. Champions of Chaos who serve masters of Order, each is a singular elite killing machine that doesn't play well with others.

Aslani Courtiers: From before the first fall of Felis civilization the Aslani have valued the services and abilities of both Angel and Devil. Some Aslani pledged allegiance to the Mercatores over the ravages of time, some serve their old masters at heart but do so at the behest and help of the Devils for quid pro quo. Courtiers are multitalented and possess cultural, intellectual and martial abilities all. Courtiers lusts for power and exotic experience is legendary -- some even surprising their masters with their appetites or passions...​


Golden ball of bloody cuteness
1) Create a worldshard:
Nature desert

2) Design your clan:
The Triaxa clan is one with a vague, uncertain origin. There are references in their oldest writings of a ‘Prime custode’ who elevated them to intelligence and this form, but little is known about her. Regardless, the clan itself has a rich culture of exploration and experimentation, using their talent for nature magic to change and mutate both themselves, and other forms of life.

The Triaxa don’t have many true allies, but they do occasionally deal with devils or angels for access to their unique kinds of magic, to make more interesting or capable forms of life.

3) Create your character.
Maya Akuma is a charismatic, ambitious Triaxan, who is very skilled in negotiation and biomancy. She, like any other leader, was chosen by a vote of the 100 most accomplished scientists and leaders among the clan. She is excited to take new world shards, and experiment with new forms of magic in each one. She’s grown bored of just using nature. She wants new land, and new life forms to experiment with. She will do whatever it takes to advance her people to the next stage of their evolution.
10 biomancers (1 captured) (80)
15 Carcassjacks (10 captured) (90)
10 Skintailors (5 captured) (30)
10 Infernal retainers (6 captured) (60)
10 Celestial retainers (6 captured) (60)
20 Basal Golems (5 captured) (80)

Skintailors -- 3 points -- the lowest scientists in the clan, the Skintailors constantly work to heal, evolve and adapt the higher ranks of the Triaxa. Though somewhat decadent and not inclined to work much outside the sciences themselves, they often have animal or plant thralls that perform various duties for them in peaceful capacity. This makes them poor workers, but great thinkers and solvers -- leaving the heavy lifting to their objects d' arte -- the Carcassjacks, whose bodies they adapt to handle the myriad work and challenges to the clan.

CarcassJacks -- 6 points -- Each possessing (and some sealed inside) special adaptive suits skin/fur/chitin, the Carcassjacks are individually crafted warriors and taskpersons of the Triaxa. Some specialized for water, air, or a variety of environments, their suits are a mélange of mutations and adaptations that symbiotically live with their wearers. Claws, talons, even tentacles are extensions of their suits tailored to specific tasks or to tackle whatever they are presented with. Carcassjacks ARE the experiments the clan is constantly working on, and are proud to serve in this role, be it the business of work, diplomacy, trade, or war.

Biomancers -- 8 points -- these are the high scientists and Nature mages of the clan and while not tough themselves they are often party to making constructs and/or abominations to do their fighting for them. It is said fighting them directly is only accomplished after overcoming their own menagerie of living tools and guardians. Biomancers often each specialize in another practical or applied field of science to distinguish them and are constantly measuring themselves against their peers for best manifested or published work.

Unit points (200) plus
ALLIES (100 point bonus)

Basal Golems -- 4 points. "Genetic Blanks" -- these roughly humanoid lumps of muscle and bone are flesh derived from the offered or purchased essence of Angels or Devils. Basal golems can greatly increase the capabilities of a Carcassjack or serve as tireless workers and capable fighters on their own, once given the right forms.

Infernal Retainers -- 6 points (see below)

Celestial Retainers -- 6 points -- The retainers are "free" angels and devils who have chosen to side with the Triaxa over the ages or due to mutual benefit or convenience. Sharing Blood and Astral magics, respectively, each retainer is either an accomplished worker or capable warrior, but seldom both. Divine and Infernal traits taken by the Biomancers are usually due to the availability and participation of happy and cooperative clan retainers.

1 Wealth
2 Diplomacy

perk -- Second chance -- wealth can be spent to bring units otherwise slain back from the dead, if they can be gotten to the Hospital quickly. This is more likely to work on rank and file (NPCs) than Characters (Named protagonists)
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The Knife
Worldshard: Rolling Felids (Wind Plains)

Clan: Forged by the prophet Memeow, who descended from the heavens with two slices of bread, one he wore around his head like a multigrain mane and the other he gave to the first of his people, the Inbread have followed his divine example ever since, wearing splendorous headgear in his image. Utilizing a caste system based on your ancestral heritage many Inbread have their roles in society chosen for them and so wear the appropriate headgear of their station; the finest cut of meat are worn as bloody bonnets by butchers, skilled clockmakers wear their own trenchant timepieces becoming the face of their creation etc.

The highest station in Inbread society is that of the bakers, their kind being supremely renowned, being seen as God's servants and are of very high stature, second only to the emperor who is descended from the prophet himself.

The Inbread are quite influential among the clans, as when an Inbread cat talks, Felis listen. Be it because of their splendid headgear which demands attention or their uncanny knack for social interactions. This has allowed them to forge strong alliances with some of the Clans as well as the divine. Some even believe it was this clan that pulled many of the original divine bloodlines together, the Inbread seeing themselves as special because of the "purity of divinity" within their bloodline.


Ciacatta the Third

History: Most of the Inbread's noteworthy history is forged in the falls of Felis civilisation, though, like their honoured bread, they always rise. During the third fall when famine raged and ravaged the clans, the Inbread were hunted for the splendorous bread collars, their most prized possessions and the source of their cultural identity.

However through great ingenuity and subterfuge they survived, and were brought into a more Bohemian age for the clan. With food scarce, they had to do what their pursuers had intended with their collars and they began to eat away at their prized headgear, but for many of the younger generation bakers they used this as a time to make their own niche within society. Rather than just picking away randomly, these breadsmiths would shape and mould their headwear into elaborate designs like stars or skullcaps. And with more bakers than any other Felis clan, this did lead to a small scale surplus in food more so when others of their clan took up the idea with the likes of butchers and greengrocers copying the designs.

However this too would have been all for naught if not for the genius idea to use the surplus as bait for other starving animals which the Inbread caught and ate. The more diseased or ill of these beasts was used as a deterrent for their breadhunting rivals, as they whipped up winds with their magic to disguise the clans scent as well warn others that only death lay in Inbread lands.

The Inbreads history has also intermingled with other clans, mainly the Aslani and Enaitay with whom they have crafted strong alliances. With the Enaitay this was formed through marriage, their feathery tails and martial inclinations an attractive quality to the Inbread. Their alliance with the Aslani has come from the matriarchal clans want to increase its territory further, the Aslani seeing the Inbread as the perfect partner as they create a social network of sorts, with diplomats and sages of both clans seeking to spread their influence across Nirvana.

Their divine bloodline has also seen many demon and angels take residence within the Inbread court, with both higher beings knowing how influential an Inbread cat can be and so seek to govern favour and influence with them to help with their own causes. Also the way they see their collars and headgear with such religious zeal make a them quite a powerful source of faith for the holy and unholy.

Unit List (250):
36 ShockingBadHats (3) (108)
Skilled workers, their name comes from their special heargear who's material, purpose and fanciness indicate one's job as well as status. Every "BadHat" is different with their own artistic flair and statement in hierarchy, with folk with the tallest or widest hats usually having earned the most attention and status. All badhats also carry a metal helm, known as "the breadless headdress" that indicates their taken role as a soldier of the clan -- with all but the highest stationed cats requiring at least a few years of military service.

High Croutons (8) x 14 (112)
Regardless of job or headgear these Felis carry scepters or canes of rock-hard stale bread, said to contain the starter culture of the clans first sacred doughs. High Croutons have distinguished themselves in the clan and are known by decor more signifying a great event or accomplishment than a particular job or trade. High Croutons tend to carry numerous trophies of their demonstrated expertise, or tokens and decorations to commemorate their singular doing. High Croutons are either Grand Champions, or revered learned Felis or Statesmen, and also have the duty and privilege of caring for and doting on the highest of the Clan, the Exalts.

Inbread Exalts (10) x 3 (30)
Seldom leaving their thrones, and even when doing so only to be carried on fancy palanquins, the Exalts are the proud Lords of the Inbread, often with holy powers or magics of wind to empower them... some are pivotal heroes of their people, and others almost constantly sleeping louts that are occasionally plied for guidance, wisdom or inspiration. From the most loquacious "Ceiling Cat" to the near inscrutable "Mumblar the ever-living" each one is both a legend and a comedy of their own idiosyncrasies. Each one however is a Master Baker, and holy figure for the Inbread.

Allies (50 points):
Pyroclasts (1) x 12 (12)
Pyroclast (7) x 2 (14)
Pyroclasts (3) x 8 (24)
Hybrid Earth and Fire Elementals, the Pyroclasts were saved by the Inbread shortly after the destruction of the world. The Pyroclasts in return power the great Bread-ovens of the Exalts and perform other, less holy, duties of the clan... often serving as brutal frontline "muscle" or serving as workers in various capacities in labor unappealing (or environmentally difficult) for the Inbread castes to perform. From small hopping balls of lava to great towering pylons of dripping molten rock, the Pyroclasts are a lesser servitory race to the Inbread... though many Felis vary in their treatment and views towards them, varying from slaves to trusted and respected servants -- though pyroclasts often are "paid" in gems, or in material they are set to burn to keep them cooperative and satisfied.

3 Wealth
1 Diplomancy
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