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Realistic/Modern Age Gap Stories!! Let’s do it!!!

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LGTBQ, Romance, Slice of Life


Just a girl, trying to find her way.♡☆
Hey!! Welcome, I’ve been gone for a hot minute, if I was writing with any of you I’m sorry don’t hesitate to resend me a message!! (:

Anyway, life’s a little crazy and I need an outlet that doesn’t involve watching tv, crying into a tub of ice cream or sleeping. Guys, sometimes I have a full day and can do all those! Anyway, here we go!!

23 year old New Yorker.
I enjoy writing as female oc’s, I’m a huge lover of darker themes full of pain, drama, and LOVE LOTS OF LOVE, a slice of revenge and a dash of humor.
I’m looking for someone whose willing to mirror my posts, or write more than I do. Also, maybe someone slightly active, even if you don’t live in a different time zone. 🤷🏻‍♀️Cause Of my current shit happening. If someone wanted me I could be here too often.
Guys, I’m really lame and too lazy to type out my plots. Inquire within! (:​

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