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Realistic or Modern After the End of the World

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When World War III meant losing for the Americas in 2027, the government proposed a sick and selfish plan to start everything anew rather than fix the problems they'd created.
Come 2029, the population around the world had been cut in half. Famine and disease were more threatening to the numbers than ever.

Agents around the United States began secretly kidnapping healthy men, women, and children. They were placed within underground facilities--a total of ten around the country that could hold up to five-hundred people each.
Outside of these facilities, the world was poisoned by a new concept called The Eco-Bomb. It was made up of deadly diseases harmful only to humans. The second bomb that was dropped was meant to sanitize and cleanse the waters, animals, and surfaces of these diseases. Any human walking the Earth that day perished.
Inside of these facilities, families were kept together, but the people--now organized by numbers and called Subjects--had to follow strict orders.

They were prisoners, but it didn't last long. The Subjects of Facility 03 revolted and escaped when one man faced losing his daughter due to overpopulation. The "authorities" were going to kill her over another based on gender, as men were preferred for their strong bodies for the rebuilding of society.

Since that day, it has been twenty-four years. People are scattered about the country. No one knows how many there are.
Some people have formed gangs that terrorize others, some have formed communities, and some are on their own.

However, there is one enemy that they all share in common, and that is the military group called NAM.
NAM (New America Movement) soldiers kidnap men for work and kidnap women for breeding, all to rebuild an America that was once cherished and loved, but also one where they'll reign power and order.

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Procession of ghosts
ah seems very interesting! I'm guessing the level of tech for people outside of the facilities is medieval?


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ah seems very interesting! I'm guessing the level of tech for people outside of the facilities is medieval?
There are varying degrees! Some people from the old America are still alive, like my character who started the revolt of 03. He was 15 when they were placed within the facilities.
Books still scatter the Earth, as do buildings that may have guns in them, etc.

Knives and swords would be easier to find the equipment to make, though.

There is also the NAM. They have guns and tanks, etc. but the population of the Earth is about 5'000+ so it's hard to be found.


bring birb near me and i'll cook it
seems cool, i'm in a few other rps and might not be able to join though. i'll join if i have time, which i probably will because summer and also virus

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