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The Grand Alliance was born out of desperation. Centuries prior, the nations of Sildor were an ephemeral network of alliances, vassal states, rivalry, greed, and hatred. Brothers and friends fought along side each other and against each other according to the whim of the states. Villages burned, families torn, and lives forgotten all in a seemingly never ending cycle of politics. Ironically, the situation of Sildor was a self feeding system of stability as borders rarely changed in the long term as no one nation could gain a true decisive victory. It seemed that stability required sacrifice, but typically only of those who were powerless. Few armies saw many humans, elves, or dwarves marching among them. Nay, the armies of Sildor were filled with criminals, slaves and mercenaries of orcs, goblins, barbarians, bandits, and cultists. These undesirables of society formed the bulk of the military might of Sildor's armies as the nations reserved their model citizens for industry, trade, education, and diplomacy. Still, military service was a way for the poor and undesirables to find some sort of wealth and power.

However, this all changed when the Black Baron rose. There are many theories on how the Black Baron rose. One of the more popular ones is that the Baron was a minor human lord who gave his soul to learn powerful black magic, which was then used to possess and trick the people to rise up in mass rebellion through out the continent. While it was true that necromancers were at times found within the Black Baron's army, no one had seen the Black Baron use magic. Regardless, the effects of the Black Baron's Rebellion was clear. It began as small raid in minor cities and large villages. Entire villages seemed to vanish overnight. Barely notable in the eyes of the Lords and indeed some did not bare any attention. However, the Black Baron's operations grew, slowly expanding to each corner of the continent. Until, the Kingdom of Legia, a smaller human state, fell after its King fled the capital at the sight of the Black Baron marching upon the castle with an army rumored to number over 8,000. Such numbers could only be raised by Kingdoms. The idea that a minor Baron could muster such a force was unheard of. With the collapse of the Kingdom of Legia, other nations saw opportunities to gain from invading Legia's allies.

With such fractured, opportunistic states, the Black Baron grew his domain while the nations of Sildor continued to fight each other and various insurrections within their lands. It was only three years after the fall of Legia that these states came to realize the danger that the Black Baron posed. With many occupied territories looking for freedom and seditious charmers and illusionists corrupting the hearts of the people, the Grand Alliance had to be formed to crush any rebellions and fight the Black Baron at the same time. The War of the Grand Alliance lasted for nearly decade, which drained the resources and will of all. However, it abruptly ended upon word that the Black Baron had suddenly died. Factions overtook the armies of the Black Baron, and ultimately fractured them. The Grand Alliance easily swept up the remains of the Black Baron as former servants and followers of the Baron were forced to flee and hide.

In the years that followed, the Grand Alliance reclaimed the lands of the Baron and resettle them, but many questions began to rise. Who would legally own these lands? What of the former servants of the Baron? Surely not all of them were willingly following the Baron? However, these questions would begin to form cracks within the Grand Alliance as a sort of proxy war seemed to form as lords rushed to claim lands and occupy them to support their claims. It is in these turbulent times that small pockets of the Black Baron's former retinues and servants began to stir from hiding.



Welcome! This is the background lore for this RP. However, rather than taking a nation, each player will be taking control of a small pocket of survivors (Formerly loyal/following the Black Baron) who have been hiding since the Grand Alliance reclaimed these lands. A rather typical idea would be a small tribe of 40 goblins who have been hiding in a cave system in remote mountains of the former Kingdom of Legia, a small camp of human soldiers hiding in a camp in the swamps and occasionally venturing out as bandits to survive, or perhaps even a sole, minor necromancer hiding among the villagers of a small, remote farming community that had largely been spared from the horrors of war.

The choice is ultimately yours and I encourage custom ideas, but I hope you adhere to the idea that morality is not absolute and that there are various shades. The Grand Alliance is not a completely benevolent, wise collection of nations. Rather, greed, perversion, hatred, and wrath can easily be found and currently, they rule with an iron fist as many insurrections and revolts had to be put down. Also, the theme of these lands is mainly Low Fantasy. Meaning magic is present, but is rather rare and not very powerful. Those whose magics are powerful enough to destroy a hundred men with one spell are generational savants. There MIGHT be a few currently alive, but they would be in the service of a major Kingdom. Otherwise, they would be too dangerous to let them live.

Please send any questions and comments to me via PM. If you wish to join, then just send me a paragraph or two about your idea for a faction via PM or Discord. Also, I expect a level of activity and dedication to this! I don't mean I expect you to post every day, but I do expect you to stay in touch every few days and get 1-2 posts up a week minimum. Also, detail and creativity is expected, and more importantly rewarded! Also, I only plan to accept about 4 people as I will largely be acting as a DM/GM.

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