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Fantasy Aeskinaep: I Was Reborn As A Mob

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One Thousand Club
Plot: You died of unfortunate circumstances in your past world (stabbed to death, got run over by Truck-kun, hit by a train, etc.). You end up waking up in another world, vague remembering your memories from you past life. Moreover where you wake up is a wasteland with few human or elf inhabitants. You find out that just a few years before, an apocalypse was averted, however nonetheless, a third of the world was wiped out, with the destroyed part being the wasteland. In this world you also find out that you weren't reborn as one of the dominant sentient species, humans and elves, but were reborn as something that is seen as a sentient species second class like a goblin or a human-animal hybrid, or you were born as something normally not seen as sentient or in possession of free will, such as a summoned creature (demon, spirit, golem etc.) or wild beast (slimes, rats, cows, wolves etc.). You were given a special trait though, that also the others who were reborn have: The ability to instantly learn abilities through a level system. Due to your place in the world, you are automatically put in the category as lowly being or straight up possible enemy to the dominant species. You can only traverse "free cities" freely without risk of being attacked or captured. In actuality, for most humans and elves, you will be the bad guys most of the time, even if you didn't intend it.

You can also vaguely remember your past life and maybe your past name.

Setting: The former land of Aeskinaep, now the wasteland. Barren with patches of green and steppes. A few towns and cities have been established by the survivors of the disaster. Most of these cities are "free cities", cities in which it is illegal to discriminate against the non-dominant species. Eventually, the group may come into the lands of the humans and elves where they could be targeted by soldiers and mercenaries.

Starting point: The Aeskinaep wilds. A steppe/prairie area within the wastelands full of charred tree trunks and weak monsters. You can appear near each other or some distance away and eventually run into the others.

System: Each character will be able to level up and eventually evolve throughout the roleplay. All characters will level up at the same time but evolving can be dont every five levels. Evolving is only a choice, not a must and sometimes there will be multiple choices for evolution.

The basic attributes for each character are: Strength, Agility, Constitution, Intelligence and Charisma.

-Strength influences damage made and depending on the creature can influence how robust the creature is.

-Agility influences the speed and dodging of a creature.

-Constitution influences the defense and health of a creature.

-Intelligence influences the magical ability, perception and stealth ability of a creature.

-Charisma influences abilities like bartering, diplomacy and generally not appearing as a threat/"monster" to typical sentient species.

Skills: There are tons of skills to learn. Most of the general skills such as walking or swimming or even talking will be at a value of 1 at the beginning. Special skills depend usually on the creature and are completely learned but can be leveled up.

General skills:

Strength based: Fisticuffs, Lifting, Climbing, Light weapon usage, Heavy weapon usage

Agility based: Walking, Running, Jumping, Swimming, Dodging, Ranged weapon usage

Constitution based: Defense, Regeneration, Resistance to water/air/fire/lightning/poison/darkness/light, Athletics (stamina), Resistance to hunger/drunkenness

Intelligence based: Magic (water/air/fire/lightning/dark/light/blood/summoning), stealth, perception

Charisma based: Bartering, Diplomacy, Likeability (dunno how to call the skill for not appearing as a threat to humans), Persuasion

For attributes, you get 20 points to distribute to your attributes. Please roleplay accordingly. If you put all your points in one attribute, expect the drawbacks for sucking at everything else.

As for characters: You can play anything fantasy related as long as it isn't a human or elf and it can't be overpowered from the get go. You will likely only be a lower entity until you evolve. We can talk about what could work if there are issues.

Rules: Please write at least 150 words per post and do some interaction with someone else's character if available.
Do not control other people's characters unless you have their consent.
Do not go godmode.
If you don't post for seven days, you will be skipped. If you don't post for two weeks (without excusing yourself so that people don't have to wait on you), you will be removed from the roleplay.
Please, if something comes up in real life, just let us know that you can't post for a week or two. It is just common courtesy.

If the information is too little or if something is unclear, let me know and I will update the RP info.
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One Thousand Club
Arrosa was on her fifth day of vacation in Japan. They had arrived in Osaka yesterday and had just had breakfast in a café near their vacation apartment. The weather was pleasantly warm and it was sunny outside. She and her two friends who were on the trip with her were on their way downtown to do some sightseeing. Instead of taking the train, they wanted to walk off their breakfast and walk the 2.5 km to their destination. Along their way, Arrosa heard the sound of a truck behind her getting closer and closer. Her friends turned around and sudden jumped aside. Meanwhile Arrosa was hit by something before she could turn around. Her vision blurred as she laid on the ground. Her body grew numb and cold as she heard the muffled screams of her friends yelling her name fade away. Her vision faded into a white light before going dark.

In a dark, unknown location...

A hooded figure was drawing something on the ground in a dark room. The thing the hooded figure drew could have been a magic circle. After finishing the drawing, the figure grabbed a staff and raised it into the air. The figure chanted something and the magic circle lit up in a blue glow. Suddenly, the magic circle turned red and the figure noticed they were standing in the circle. As they tried to move, their feet wouldn't budge as if the feet were glued to the ground. The figure screamed in horror before exploding in a mist of blood and their staff shattering.

When the mist cleared, an unclothed figure with long purple hair stood where the magic circle was.

Opening her eyes, Arrosa gained consciousness. She stood in what seemed to be a dark cavern of sorts. Her feet felt wet as she stood in a warm puddle. She was just on a street on a sunny day and not she was in a chilly, dark cavern. She surveyed her surroundings. There were rocky walls all around, so she determined she would be in a cave or cavern of sorts. She then decided to inspect the liquid she was standing in. It felt thicker than water. As she concentrated more, it seemed to light up in from of her. For a fraction of a second, she saw what it was and began to hyperventilate. Arrosa touched her forehead and felt something on it. It was hard and had a long diamond shape. She tried to pull it off or scratch it off but in the end it wouldn't move or she would end up hurting herself.

She began to feel cold and tried to follow where the draft was coming from. She tripped and her hands landed on something made of cloth. As she picked it up and inspected it, she noticed it was a robe. Arrosa tried it on and it fit well. Suddenly, a display showed up in front of her. It showed her appearance and her status. The first thing she noticed was that she looked completely different to what she was used to and looked taller. She had a red crystal on her forehead. In her status, her name was left blank and it said her species was "Flesh Golem" and her level was 1. Her starting states had her constitution and defense very high compared to the other stats. The display used a writing system she was unfamiliar with but yet she could still read it. Suddenly a window popped up and asked for a name.

Arrosa couldn't remember her name, but that red crystal on her forehead looked pretty like a jewel, like a ruby. So she chose to name herself Errubia. After naming herself, the display disappeared. It felt weird to her. Nevertheless, she followed the draft and eventually found the way out of the cavern. The entrance of the cavern sit on the side of a mountain, rather high up from the rest of a wide valley. Down in the valley, it was just grass and shrubs with a lone tower as the only noticeable landmark. Errubia decided to head to the landmark and see if anyone still inhabited it so she could find out where in the world she was.

On her way down, she encountered a huge rat. It attacked but it's attacks barely hurt as it's claws could barely scratch her skin. She had to defend herself and began punching the rat. After 15 or 20 punches, the rat was done for. Errubia only had to think about the status display for it to show up. It showed she had barely lost any health from the encounter. She soon continued downwards to the tower, eventually reaching it after about 40 minutes of walking.

"Hello? Anybody here?" Errubia said as she stood near the tower.

Spoiled Bread

The Lord of the Uneaten
"WHERE IS SHE?! WHERE IS THE HOSTAGE??!" A large man with his body full of tattooes barged into the room, only to find his henchman writhing in pain on the floor while covering his groin.

"I-I'm sorry boss, she suddenly untied herself and kicked my future."

"You will have no future if the Don knows his daughter isn't here anymore. Get her back!" The thug boss barked a command and the poor henchman rushed outside to look for his their enemy's daughter. Not long after that more personnel were mobilized and it didn't take long for them to corner their target into a warehouse.


"The hell is happening!!" After almost half an hour with no news, the thug boss was getting impatient and decided to came to the warehouse himself. He was shocked when he saw a number of dead grunts in front of the building while the remaining henchmens were hiding behind walls and crates. Each of the corpses had a bullet wound right on their head.

"She killed everyone who got too close, boss!" One of the grunt reported.

"It's just a kid with a gun, you dumbasses. Grrrh. Follow me, I will lead the charge. Remember, we need her alive. Shoot her legs!" Preparing his shotgun, the thug boss confidently approached the warehouse and was followed by a his henchmen. A girl appeared on the warehouse's windows with a long-barelled hunting rifle aimed right at the boss' head. Her stormy blue eyes were fierce and clearly communicated anger and desperation. The thug boss almost flinched when he saw it but he managed to dodge out of the way before the bullet went past the spot where his head had been.

"Die, you bastard!!" The girl yelled as she reloaded her rifle with such quick motion that the gun was ready for another shot just a brief moment after she finished her yelling. Realizing that he wasn't going against amateur he squeezed the trigger of his shotgun and blasted the wall just a few feet beside the girl. He didn't intend to kill her, that shot was simply to make her flinch. The strategy paid off as the girl's aim was disturbed and missed her shot. However, the true strategy lies in the fact that he was simply a distraction. As the girl was trying to gun him down his henchmen managed to enter the warehouse and let out a few shoots towards the girl. The sound of guns roaring could be heard echoing throughout the warehouse before it all went silent.

"You fools..."

"I didn't meant it. I swear! I-it's an acident."

"We are done for."

The girl watched in horror as blood started gushing out from the wound on her chest. She knew the thugs need her alive so she had been banking on that to fight them back without worrying about getting shot, but it seemed that her gamble had failed. She collapsed into the ground. Her breathes were heavy and cold was creeping into all of her body.


The black cat yawned as she woke up from her nap. She had that weird dream again, it feels very realistic too. It's like she's slowly gaining someone else's memories. Maybe that was actually her memory in the first place? Nahhhh, whatever the case wasn't important for now. Stella had been sleeping on a tree branch for hours but then she heard the squeaking noise of a rat nearby so she wanted to check it.

Jumping from tree to tree, the cat finally arrived at another tree where she could witness the fight between a huge rat and something that looks like human. She was sure the humanoid figure wasn't human because she smells different. Stella didn't bother interrupting them or even reveals her presence though, she simply waited patiently until the rat got beaten and the humanoid figure left the site towards the tower in the distance.

"Thanks for the lunch."

Leaping towards the dead body, she dragged the corpse towards a shrub and started tearing the meat apart. She's gonna enjoy her meal. If only she had some ketchup she might enjoy this more.


What's a ketchup again??


Lurker Extraordinaire
"Senseeeei~" A high-pitched voice called from one of the seats of a bus packed full of elementary school children as it passed through the city's busy morning streets on its way to its destination. "Why do we have to have a school trip out in the countryside? I wanna stay here!"

"Ah, don't worry Chiemi-chan." The young woman who served as the class' teacher offered a sympathetic smile. "I know it might seem like you won't like it there, but I promise the countryside really is a fun place! Sensei was raised out there, you know? I'll show you how to till a field, and harvest crops, and I'll even show you how to milk a cow! Doesn't that sound fun?"

"Ehhh~ Not really~" Chiemi complained in a loud voice. "I don't wanna be in a dirty field touching dirty cows all day! It sounds so boring!"

"O-Oh, I see..." The girl's comments seemed to have an effect on the woman, and her shoulders sagged as her voice fell to a whisper, her enthusiasm having taken a major blow.

From the spot next to Chiemi on the same bus seat, another girl spoke up in a chastising voice. "Chii-chan, you shouldn't be mean to Sensei! We'll be staying at a hot springs inn at night, you know? Plus, Sanae thinks playing farmer will be fun!"

"Well of course you think that Sacchan!" Chiemi addressed her close friend with a large pout. "You have the character for 'seedling' in your name, so being a farmer will be easy for you! And didn't you hear about the countryside? My daddy told me there's no wifi out there, and not even any air conditioning!"

"E-Eh?! R-Really?" Sanae blinked in surprise at the information she was hearing for the first time, and taking her surprise in stride, Chiemi continued to rant with a matter-of-fact expression.

"Yeah, yeah! And you know what else? There are also lots of weird bugs out there! And, the only way to get around is by walking everywhere! And all day it's 'Miiiin~ Mi-mi-mi-miiiii~' from cicadas, day in and day out! And everyone speaks in a weird dialect too! It's really horrible, you know? There's absolutely nothing good about the countryside!"

"No way! Chiemi's just spoiled cuz she lives in a big house!" one of the boys from a different seat called out suddenly. Chiemi let out an exaggerated gasp and turned around to yell at the boy, but their teacher finally managed to regain her composure and quickly broke it up before a fight could start.

Sanae watched her friend settle back into her seat while still pouting, and decided to talk about something else to make her feel better. "Um, by the way Chii-chan. Is Ten-chan eating well? Sanae remembers she was sick last time she came to Chii-chan's house."

"Ah!" Her plan had an immediate effect, as Chiemi perked up at the mention of her family's pet fox, Tenko. "Yup, she's totally fine! It seems like she's gotten over her illness now, since she's been eating more than usual lately. Look look, I took some pictures of her playing with Onii-chan yesterday!"

She took a moment to make sure the teacher wasn't looking before quietly pulling out her cellphone from her pocket and angling it towards Sanae, who leaned over curiously as her friend flipped through the gallery to show her the plethora of images she'd taken. A stray lock of her short, dark hair slipped from beneath her headband to in front of her matching eyes as she did so, and she reached a hand up to tuck it behind her ear while giggling at the adorable antics of her friend's pet. Chiemi shared in her joy, laughing alongside her while reminiscing on the events and explaining the story behind each picture.

The pair continued to chat happily for a while, losing track of time in their shared moment until it was unceremoniously broken by the bus coming to an abrupt stop mid-turn. The bus driver let out a barely-audible curse as he was forced to stop in the middle of an intersection due to the unexpectedly busy traffic. While waiting for the obstructing cars to move out of the way, Chiemi and Sanae made to return to their conversation. That is, until...

"Hey hey, Sacchan look at that!" Chiemi suddenly got excited for some reason and repeatedly tapped on her friend's shoulder while pointing past her at the window next to their seat. Following her gaze, Sanae turned to look out the window herself and see what had caught her attention, only to find a strange sight before her.

It was a large vehicle, like a tram or a streetcar, moving quickly down a sloped street along the rail it was attached to. The rail was letting out a noisy screeeech! sound, and sparks were flying from where the wheels touched it.

Sanae could see all of this clearly because her window seat was closest to the streetcar, directly in its path as it barreled down the street towards the bus, which was stopped on top of the rail in the middle of the intersection.


In an instant, the vehicle was right in front of her eyes, but Sanae could only watch with mild confusion as it continued to close in without stopping. The moment it collided with the bus, for just a split second she heard the explosive sound of glass shattering...

Then nothing.


"Mmm... Mm...?"

A pair of dark eyes steadily drifted open. The sensation of consciousness returned to the owner of those eyes as she slowly sat up while sleepily rubbing at one with her sleeve. A light 'Fuaaaaauuuuu~' noise that was a mix between a yawn and a howl escaped her lips, and as the seconds passed she finally came to her senses enough to swivel her head around.

An unfamiliar scenery greeted her. A vast, green expanse. Shrubs and grass as far as the eye could see. She blinked, staring in an idle, dazed squint for a few moments before reaching both hands up to rub her eyes through her sleeves, which she found were longer than the length of her arms. She looked again, but nothing had changed.

No, looking more clearly there was a big mountain in the distance, and it seemed there was a huge tower looming over her from the side.

"Hello? Anybody here?" Before she could ask any questions, the large ears atop her head heard a voice suddenly called out with words that sounded strange, but she somehow understood. Thinking that she needed to respond to whoever was there, she stood up from the shrubs she'd apparently been sleeping in and, after wobbling in place for a moment until she gained her balance, slowly stepped out into view.

The person who was there was tall in comparison to herself, but other than the pretty-looking gem on her forehead didn't seem all that strange to her. The large, fluffy tail behind her swayed from side to side in lazy, sluggish motions as she opened her mouth to speak listlessly. "Sanae is heeeere...~ Big Sis, where is Sanae...? Why was Sanae sleeping just now?"
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Nibler in the dark
Was it finally over? The bright flash, the crash into the wall, and then the agony when the flames consumed her flash. it was all over now. nothing more than a bad dream. Now all that was left was silence and darkness. Vivi had her eyes closed as she felt like she was floating. No more pain, no more worries. and yet, she felt a certain sadness. regrets for things unachieved? maybe so. but that is for the past. Now she can rest.

But her rest was short-lived as she felt a certain warmth on the top of her head. it was not that of flames, this was soothing instead. Vivi opened her eyes to see dirt all around her. She was buried underground. "W-W-What!?" She started to wiggle in a panic trying to get out of this situation. After a few minutes of wiggling Vivi managed to pop her head above ground. A quick look around she noticed she was on some kind of plains near some burned-out tree trunks. "Weird… this isn’t anywhere I recognized..." She thought before continuing to squirm herself out of her dirt situation. Luckily her arms were quick to be freed and shortly after she managed to also pull her leg(s) from beneath the soil.

Vivi just laid there, taking in the sweet sunlight when her attention was drawn by a game menu that opened up. She looked at the menu and saw it was some kind of status screen. Curious as she was, Vivi started to read what it said. It was a profile page for some low-level RPG mob. A Mandrake Sprout with a blank name by the look of it. Its stats were decent. high intelligence, decent constitution, and charisma. Abysmal strength and dexterity though. The little plant looked cute. That’s when she noticed that her hands weren’t human anymore. They seemed to be that of a plant, and with a quick inspection, she came to the horrifying conclusion that the little plant monster whose status screen was opened before her was Vivi herself. When the screen asked for a name Vivi had to think hard trying to remember what her name was before the accident. It was hard to remember but she was sure it started with “Vi”. "Vi?...Vi?... Vivi! ARGGG… what was it!?... you know what. Vivi sounds cute. yeah I think I’ll leave it at that" after entering her name the little plant took some time to examine the status screen a little more. That was when she noticed the skills menu. She opened it and saw all the skills she already had. next to the basic skills, she noticed the specialized skills. She already had a few of those who were marked as “Racial”. next to that she still had some points left to spend "Hmm.. what should I take?" She had to think about what would be the best choices. In the end, she chose the skills that spoke the most to her. This included cooking, for she still remembered liking to do that, and telepathy as she was not sure if she even was able to verbally communicate with other creatures while she was a plant.

Now that was all taken care of Vivi needed to decide what to do next. she noticed she was a rather weak creature so staying here would eventually attract some stronger creature that would want to eat her. She needed to find a safe place from which she could plan her future actions. Luckily she spawned fairly close to a big tower structure. That seems like a good starting point. Maybe there would be some friendly person living there who could help her. and if it’s abandoned it can function as a safe hiding place. Vivi started hopping in the direction of the tower. What used to be a five-minute trip took her roughly twenty minutes as she was not yet used to moving with a stump for legs which was more exhausting than she anticipated, and she tripped a few times along the way. But in the end, she reached the tower. As she approached the tower from what seemed the backside of it. "That… was tougher… than… it… looked," she said to herself in a quiet voice as she recovered her energy. The photosynthesis skill helped with the recovery as she was standing in the sunlight and soon she felt recovered.

Suddenly Vivi heard voices coming from the other side of the tower. They sounded strange to her, yet she understood what they meant “Is anyone here?”. The little plant didn’t know what to do. On the one hand, there was a living being there that she could understand, and she was mostly sure that this being would also be able to understand her. So maybe it could help her. but on the other hand. What if this creature turns out to be hostile? she will never know if she doesn’t try. So Vivi started to carefully hop around the tower till she reached a point where she could spy around a corner on whoever was there. As she peeked around the corner Vivi saw two beings there. a humanoid with a peculiar magical aura and a smaller humanoid being with what seems to be fox-like attributes who was talking to the taller female like she was her sister. It was then that Vivi realized how small she in reality was. and to her, these people looked like giants. she started to get a bit anxious seeing them being so much bigger than her, unsure how she should approach them. "Big… Scarry" unbeknown to her she had activated her telepathy skill and broadcasted these thoughts to the two women and anyone nearby while she spied on them. Those who hear her thoughts will hear it as a cute little voice in their head.


Combat Maid
Ricky sat in the dark room, illuminated only by the light of his computer screens. "C'mon... there is a 0.15% chance for it to drop why haven't I gotten it yet!" He shouted, frustrated. He held up his credit card again, copying the numbers on the back into the purchase information field. "Another 1000 crates, if this doesn't drop it then I'll just buy someone's account that has it." The screen popped up with a confirmation notice. '1000 crates for 500$?' it read. He hit confirm and spent the next 20 minutes opening crates for his game. "Garbage, garbage, garbage, dupe, garbage, garbage dupe..." Finally, when he was down to just his last 5 crates, one opened with a shining gold sparkle, a sparkle so bright the monitor lit his entire room in a yellow glow. And when the sparkle settled, on his screen was the Fire Bending Dagger of Asgoth the XXXIVth. Ricky stared at his monitor for a second before jumping up, shouting in victory. "THERE IT IS!" He quickly moved to his other monitor, posting a screen grab of it into a Strife text channel. "Look at this losers! Be jealous!".

After spending a few minutes gleeing in the responses of praise and envy from his fellow guild members, he rubbed his eyes. He glanced over to his clock, 3am. "Already? Damn... Should get to bed or I'll miss tomorrow's raid...". He shut down his computer, waddled over to his bed and flopped down into it. After only a few seconds he was fast asleep and his room went dark, silent and still... but not for long. The silence was broken by a slight creak of his door opening and his mother walking in... a loaded pistol in her hand pointed right towards the head of her boy... The room went silent one more before being broken by a load crack.


Ricky slowly rose from his sleep, but something was... wrong. He looked around in his tired state. Instead of the room he was so familiar with he saw a foreign landscape. He looked around, slowly coming to his senses. "Where am I? A dream? No... I can feel the wind, this isn't a dream." He thought to himself as he looked around from where he had woken up. Too confused to move he simply scanned the landscape, trying to understand what was going on... then he was something move, a few creatures he had seen before but not from his world. Instead he recognized them as creature he'd see in his video games and the manga he read. He blinked a few times before being filled with glee. "Is this it? Is this my isekei moment?!" He started to get excited, this was it. This was his anime story that he so desperately wanted. He was finally going to be the real hero instead of just reading about them or playing them in games. He was going to be strong, slay the demon lord, have a harem of cute girl warriors surround him. "OH! What did I turn into... Am I still me? Did I get big... or possibly... did I become a girl with..." He went to look down but that's when he realized... he wasn't exactly human anymore. He tried to move around, watching the gelatinous body he could suddenly feel move with him....


He was not a hero, or a well endowed female. He was a slime. The lowest of low mobs. All the visions of grandure he was picturing moments ago shattered in his mind. He went to scream but nothing came out, he had no mouth... or eyes or any organs for that matter. He was a living pile of goo, no different then the stuff he'd purchase to clean his computer's keyboard. How he could think or see was beyond him nor did he care enough to figure it out. Panic set in. "A slime? A SLIME!? No no no no I'm too good to be a slime this has gottobeamistakethereisnowaysomeonelikemewouldturnoutlikethis" He picked a random direction and ran... or at least wanted to run. Instead he slithered off at a moderate pace, his jelly like body vibrating as he tried to yell and curse whatever goddess sent him here.


My feelings are like schrodingers cat.

The day began the same as all before, for Tokala Citana day after day all of them started with some stir-fried rice a cup of coffee, and then off to work he goes. He worked as a park ranger in one of many national parks in Brazil, while the job was nice, he could witness nature every day and interact with it but after fifteen or so years things get repetitive.
Go check the booth for any reports, clean the trash some bastard left in the woods, feed the animals, yell at some kids who loiter around causing mayhem and havoc. And finally, after long hours of work his long-awaited break began, he would often go up the mountains sit on some cliff eat his PBJ sandwiches while looking around, but that day was different.

What Tokala didn't know was that a heavy downpour happened during the night it eroded the basin of a lake higher up and finally, it broke, releasing all the water contained in it. It flowed down with enough power to uproot some trees, it was a flash flood, it carried anything in its path down, of course, Tokala was in its path so it took him with it. The current was powerful enough that Tokala didn't even stand a chance of surviving it.
He lost hope of surviving but he saw a bright light and in it stood his spirit animal a maned wolf, so he swam as hard as he could, even if he would die he won't die without trying to survive.

So he swam to the top, took one giant breath, and then swam to the river bed. As soon as he stepped out of the water, he laid there tired, only then did he realize he wasn't human anymore, he had paws and after turning his head back he saw his newfound tail. “Have I become my spirit animal?” Tokala questioned himself and tried to remember as much as he could but he couldn't even remember his name so he named himself Altan.
The very moment Altan choose his name, he heard a ring in his ear and a window popped up in front of him, it stated everything about him.
His name, race, some stats, and skills, he also saw that he had a few points to spend on buying skills but he hasn't played any RPGs in a long time so he just choose what he thought would help him survive even if only a bit longer.

After laying there for a bit and drying off, Altan stood up and started walking as if he lived his entire life in this body, so he decided to look around for some landmarks and after a bit of a walk, he saw a tower in the distance so he ran towards it without thinking. Thankfully his thoughts caught up to him when he was nearing the tower. ’Wait if I'm an animal now there's no guarantee they will accept me.’ Altan thought to himself while approaching the tower, so he decided to lay down and crawl the remaining way to the nearest bush to take a look at the tower without being seen.

When he closed in enough he began to hear two voices near the tower entrance, at this distance he couldn't hear them clearly, and shortly after that, he heard a voice in his head. It was a cute little voice it said. “Big… Scarry”
Knowing it wasn't his voice he looked around, but except for the two women by the entrance, he only found a moving plant.
So he spoke to the best of his ability, not expecting much in his current form. “Hey, you there can you please not speak into my mind.” But to most, it would sound like a roar changing into a bark halfway through.
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One Thousand Club
Approaching the tower, Errubia heard a voice from nearby, asking: "Sanae is heeeere...~ Big Sis, where is Sanae...? Why was Sanae sleeping just now?" Errubia spotted a kitsune, possibly a younger one. She approached it and said: "I have just awakened nearby too. Might you have lived a past life too? Or are you from here?" Soon after responding to the kitsune female, Errubia heard a voice saying: "Big... Scarry" She looked around and soon spotted a plant like being in the distance. It was somewhat anthropomorphic but was still more plant. Errubia approached the plant slowly and said: "You don't need to be afraid. I don't mean any harm." She gave the plant a smile tried to comfort it that way.

Errubia turned back to the kitsune and offered her hand to help the child up. "You might be in the same predicament as me. We can both figure out how to find our way in this world." Errubia said to the child. She turned her head to the plant and said: "If you are afraid of me, you can run away. But if you can trust me, you could tag along. I guess I know nobody in this world and might be better off making quick allies."

Suddenly there was a bark from a creature, but oddly enough Errubia could understand it. "Strange that I can understand so many creatures that aren't of my species." Errubia said as she opened her status screen. She spotted the beast language level 1 under her skills. That might explain that.

Suddenly, a notification popped up: "You made friends! Level up!" The level up gave her five attribute points and three skill points. She then distributed the points.

Strength: 5+1

Agility: 1+1

Constitution: 10+2

Intelligence: 3+1

Charisma: 1


Fisticuffs/Hand to Hand Lvl 2+1
Resistance to air: Lvl 1
Resistance to fire: Lvl 1
Resistance to water: Lvl 1
Resistance to lightning: Lvl 1
Defense: Lvl 5+1
Common language: Lvl 1+1

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Oh no, the giant turned to her. How could she know Vivi was there!? She didn’t do anything to reveal her presence. This was bad. There was nothing Vivi would like to do other than run away. but she knew she wouldn’t get far with that stump that is her legs. "Please don’t kill me! Please don’t kill me! Please don't kill me!" She unconsciously broadcasted while she stood there frozen in fear. maybe if she remains completely still these giants will not heed her any attention.

The giants might think she was some regular vegetable that happens to look humanoid and leave her alone. But if they thought she was a vegetable they might also pick her up, cut her in small pieces and serve her for dinner. however you look at it, she was done for. tears started to swell in her eyes and she was about to cry when something unexpected happened. The giant lady with the crystal on her forehead started to talk to her as she slowly approached the small turnip monster. "Scarry… Scarry..." Although the words of the giant were meant to comfort the little plant it did not take away that she was still extremely intimidating in the eyes of the small creature. "F-Friend?" Vivi spoke with the same cute voice that she was broadcasting telepathically. Although for those who could not understand her, her voice would sound like a bunch of high pitch squeaks. It seemed that the flesh golem was able to calm down Vivi a bit, even if it was just enough that she was not about to cry her eyes out.

And then came the maned wolf. Its sudden howl startled Vivi who made a small hop backwards, tripping and falling on her bum. She understood what the beast said. Which in itself was a shock for her that she was able to hear the words of an animal and not just other humanoid-shaped creatures. The animal sounded mad at Vivi for “Talking in his head”. "I-I… I don’t know what you are talking about… I-I’m not talking in your mind!" The little mandrake didn’t know what he was talking about. she was still oblivious about the fact that she subconsciously had activated telepathy earlier and with the sudden surge of fear it was happening again. "Oh no! danger!! Does he want to eat me!? I don’t want to get eaten! I don’t want to get eaten! please!! I don’t wanna die again!!" She broadcasted clearly sounding panicking. tears started to form in her eyes and a moment later everything became blank before her as she opened her mouth and let out an ear-shattering wail. Her fear overtook her, causing her to use the wail mandrakes were known for.




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"Past life?" The child tilted her head to the side, ears sagging as she pondered over the strange term. "No, Sanae doesn't know something like that. The last thing Sanae remembers is... mmm?"

She searched her mind for whatever her last memories were, but somehow came up empty. Where at first she'd thought it was just the immediate events leading to her awakening in the shrubs that had been lost, the much bigger truth that she couldn't remember anything had made itself known. Has she always lived here? Where is here? Why couldn't she remember growing up? Who were her parents? Why was she called Sanae?

Why was that the only thing she could remember about herself?

"Sanae... doesn't know. Sanae doesn't know anything..." Her ears sagged a bit lower as she revealed that truth to the pretty gem lady. But her spirits raised again as it seemed the lady wanted to be friends with her.

There were lots of strange noises going on too, but what caught her attention the most was a weird screen that made her flinch as it suddenly appeared. "You made friends! Level up!" it said, before showing her a lot of weird numbers and words. She didn't understand what any of it meant, so she ignored it and turned her attention to the high-pitched voice that kept filling her head. "Don't eat me, don't eat me", it was saying. Did that mean it was something that could be eaten?

The pretty gem lady seemed to know where it was, and soon Sanae's attention came upon it as well. It was... tiny. Tinier than even herself. But all that talk about eating made her realize that she was hungry - starving even. It wouldn't be much, and It was weird that it could apparently talk too but... wasn't that thing clearly food? Maybe food always talked before you ate it and she just didn't remember?

Without really thinking about it, Sanae took a step forward to gobble up the weird talking plant thing, but then it suddenly let out a strange cry. Sanae followed suit, as her sensitive ears were stabbed with the horrible noise and her head was wracked with pain. A threatening growl surged up from her throat in response to the attack, but the pain had worked its intended use and sent the girl running with her tail between her legs until the distance made the noise manageable.

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Chomps, tears, gulps, growls. Repeat. The cat was so absorbed with her food that she didn't notice much about her surrounding. However, at one point her pupils suddenly widen with realization. As if she just woke up from a dream, the hungry ravenous cat suddenly shifted her face to that of pure terror when she looked at the gory mess in front of her. All the furs on her body stood straight and made her looks almost twice bigger.

"W-what have I done???" The smell of fresh blood on her snout and the taste of raw rat flesh in her mouth weren't that bad, but Stella still reeled in disgust at herself.

She was confused and scared. Without thinking much she backed away from the carcass and ran to random direction. Her mind was flooded with various thoughts as some of the memories from her past life started to trickle down into her cat brain. She died? She was a human? Meow? She got shot? Gun? Grrrrr? Father? Mafia? The cat keep running until she got exhausted. While panting to recover her stamina, Stella noticed a slime slithering in front of her.

[You made a friend! Level up!]

Shut up! The cat let out a threatening growl as she pressed randomly just to make the annoying screen disappear from her view.

Constitution +5
MP regeneration +3

"Good. I need some water to wash all these blood." Stella spoke to herself as she approached the slime. If not stopped she would really rubs her bloody paws and mouth on the slime's body.

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Ricky continued to move in his random chosen direction for quite a while, not knowing where he was going or what he was going to do. He just wanted to run away from whatever was happening. Eventually he came to a rest, tired of both running and thinking. He attempted to lay down, his slime body responding by simply flattening out into a puddle like shape. He rested for a while, at first not thinking of anything, trying to sleep hoping to wake back up in his cozy bed. Once that didn't happen he started to put together what was happening. He was sent to a fantasy world, but not as a hero or anything but as a slime. Why? He pondered the idea around in his head. Maybe there wasn't a goddess that summoned him for a purpose? Then why would he have been transported in the middle of his sleep. Then a thought appeared, what if an evil being in this world used souls from his world to summon an evil army?

As he processed various ideas in his head, a display popped up in front of him.


-Constitution UP!
-Agility UP!]

He looked at the pop up, rolling his metaphorical eyes and thinking to himself. Oh, a fantasy world with video game rules, how cliche. He went to swipe the pop up away but lacked the hands to do so. He struggled to do so for a bit before finally managing to make the pop up disappear. Right as the pop up disapeared from his view, he noticed a cat approaching him. Nothing fancy about it, just a normal black cat like one would see from his world. He was startled at first but relaxed when he saw it was just a cat, his gelatinous body rose back to it's dumpling shape. Oh, just a cat. Well at least some things here are familiar. Hello kitty. He approached the cat, part of his jelly body extending as if to go and pet the cat.


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Altan didn't understand how this situation rolled like this, he only told her to not speak in his mind, but now she's claiming I want to eat her.

Strength: 3 +2
Agility: 5 +1
Constitution: 5
Intelligence: 5 +1
Charisma: 2 +1
Skill points unused: 3

At that moment her screech reached Altans ears making him drop to the floor and cover his ears with his paws.
While he lays there a few grunts of pain could be heard coming from him, but even then he needed to straighten the situation.

So he opened his mouth and spoke to the best of his ability while enduring the pain from that screech of that plant.
"Do I look like I would eat you up? I eat meat and berries but you're a root. Besides, I see no reason to do that......"
For a bit, he stopped saying anything as a screen popped up in front of him.
Telling him that he made a friend and he leveled up.
Then he looked at the screen for a bit. 'I should save those skill points but I might raise my stats now.' He concentrated his sight into something in the air and added the points to his stats, and left skills points for spare.

After that short while, Altan looked once again at the talking plant and the others.
"Sorry for that. But like I said we are here together, so don't even think I would do anything to you that would be detrimental to all of us and especially you. Especially since I think we should be friends."
Said Altan with a bit of a stupid grin on his face, but still covering his ears with his paws.
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Burning. Intense heat. Not from a fire, but from a chemical. That was the last thing *#8702* remembered. He clutched his head in agony. He couldnt even remember a name, only a number. 8702.
what could this mean.
something was seriously wrong about that number, but he couldn't tell what it was. He remembered shouting… shouting coming from another person. Fear… then he remembered pain. His flesh. it was… dying

NEKROSIS: the death of cells via injury or disease.


”what did you just say to me?”

Im not going through that pain again!

in a panic, the man picked up the nearest thing he could find… A knife-scalpel-sword-daggar-bottle?

whatever it was, this needed to protect him. He couldn’t go through the pain any longer. He gripped it hard and flung it at the person in front of him.

Red, it was coming out.
but he cant look at that, he’ll

the man threw up.

gaurds came in

no not them
i cant d!3
i cant pi3 yet
im too young
i have to get out!
i have to-!


what is this light. What if I reach for it…

my hand, its… what happened to my skin. It’s falling off



I try to blink, but my eyes cant close.

all is dark
its getting brighter…

my hands, they’re sharp. Like bone

”Hoh-oho! Mighty skeleton, I have summoned you here. I guess that makes me your master!”

I, the skeleton, looks up, the floor is made of cobbled stone, as are the walls. They seem to be in a ruins or a crypt.

Master?that cant be right… I dont take orders from anyone

“yes! I am your master, and you will bow before me”

the skeleton does nothing.

”Uh… I command you to bow!”

the skeleton still does nothing

”humph… well”, the man in front of him pulls out a staff and points it at him, “well, if you dont do my bidding… Ill have to send you back-“

I am not going back…” the skeleton starts to shift closer to the man, picking up pase as he grows nearer.

”halt! Uh… halt I say..!” As the skeleton grows nearer the man gets more nervous,

the skeleton grips the man’s arm, clenching tightly and piercing his skin.

”unhand me you… deamon”

the skeleton‘s eyes grow darker and a dark aura surrounds him, “you are not my master

for a moment, all the skeleton sees is red, then black. When he zones back in, the man in on the ground, and the skeletons hands are red, but there’s something in his right hand. Is that a?

the skeleton goes to gag, but there is nothing. “What did I do?

he drops the still heart onto the ground and walks out of the crypt into a graveyard.
There seems to be a wasteland as far as the eyes can see.

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The Lord of the Uneaten

Stella caught the approaching with her front legs, her limbs outreach the slime extended body and then started kneading her paws on the slime. Smearing the blood on her paws onto the creature. The fur on her back stood upright as her cat instinct told her not to dip her legs into something wet but her human mind who just wants to clean herself won. After her front legs were sufficiently clean, she laid on the ground sideways and rubbed her hind legs on the slime. It didn't have as much blood as her front but she still wants to clean it.

"Ahh, yes. This is good."

Now more relaxed than before, Stella became curious to the weird announcement which popped out before. She tried to summon it again but when she randomly swiped her paw another screen appeared. This time it's her stat screen.

"Holographic screen??" Swiping through the display, Stella tried to read the available info without understanding much. She barely played video games in her past life, especially RPG so she had no idea what this display were for. She was scrolling through her skill when a skill caught her attention. Appraisal. She clicked the skill and another screen popped out in front of her.


Huh... Did the thing just told her about the most obvious information in front of her? The cat experimented with the skill by pointing at different things before pressing the button.






"I see. So you are called a slime." The cat looked at the blob near her feet and once again rubbed her hind legs on its body.

"You looks kinda cute. How about becoming my personal cleaner?" Stella talked to the slime as if she was talking to a harmless wild pup.

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The kitsune Errubia was talking to seemed to identify as Sanae. Sanae noticed the telepathic plant and tried to approach it only for a piercing screech to be let out to which Sanae had followed suit. She then growled and distanced herself a little from the creature. Errubia was agitated by the screech but kept her composure: "Hey! Could you please not do that? We aren't going to hurt you."

The maned wolf seemed also interested in conversating with the plant creature. Errubia approached at maned wolf and said: "Since we all came together here, I guess this must be fate and I could need some companions, at least until I find my way in this world. That also means we should probably introduce ourselves. My name is Errubia, although I went by a different name in a past life. I was hit by car or truck from behind in my past world and came to in this world. I stood in a pool of blood, so I guess I was summoned either by blood magic if that is a thing here or my summoner made a mistake that was fatal for them, hence why I only found this robe in the cave but no person. According to this status screen, I am a flesh golem and have some pretty high defenses. So I guess if this is going to be a party like in a game, I might as well be the tank."

Realizing that she may have given a lengthy introduction and didn't know whether the others could have caught on, Errubia repeated her introduction but in a more simple understandable manner. "Since that may be a lot to take in and I don't know how much you understand. Hello, I am Errubia. I was reborn as a flesh golem. Nice to meet you." She said.

Errubia turned away to approach Sanae and try to calm her. In her past life, Errubia had a niece of that age and had hoped to be a mother one day. "There, there. All is fine. I can protect you if I need to." Errubia said to Sanae. She gave Sanae a smile and then turned back around. "So wolf and plant creature, may I have your names if you have any?" Errubia inquired.

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From her chosen hiding spot behind a tree, Sanae precariously poked her head out at the calming voice of Errubia. She listened as she introduced herself and offered her protection, and the girl's ears which had been sagging atop her head steadily rose up. "Big Sis Errubia will... protect, Sanae? ...Promise?" Somehow, her warm smile made Sanae's heart feel lighter, and the sight of it brought with it a sense of deja vu, aligning with a much muddier image in her head that she couldn't really discern. Was it a memory? Where was it from?

Why couldn't she remember anything except her own name?

Struggling with the confusion both within her mind and of the current situation, Sanae decided to at least trust the one thing she knew for certain: That she wanted to be with this person that was smiling kindly at her.

Hesitantly, she slithered from behind the tree and over to Errubia's side to grip her robe with both hands, pressing her body against the woman's waist in order to partially hide herself from all the other strangers and voices. The weird plant thing was still making a scary noise that hurt her ears, but Sanae felt like she could endure it as long as she was next to Errubia.


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After a few minutes of screeching, Vivi tired herself out and returned to her senses. "w-what happened?" the little plant was still a little bit shaken and unaware of where she was. but as her composure returned she remembered what was going on. "The giants!" She thought as she looked around to see the other beings still there. Luckily the breakdown caused her telepathy to turn off so for the time being no one but she could hear her thoughts at the moment.
"What are they doing?.. Are they scared of me?" She noticed that everyone had kept their distance from her. Did she do something wrong? Vivi suddenly felt a bit guilty. Although she had little to no control over it she knew she did something wrong. "I-I-I’m sorry if I did something. wrong" She said apologetically. fortunately, these beings didn’t seem the bad kind as they were telling her they weren’t going to hurt her. And that wolf thing even tried to smile which made Vivi giggle.


Vivi was startled when the level up screen appeared letting out a small squeak. "level? up?.. what should I do with it?" She thought. but given the situation, it might be better to put some point in social things and maybe make these people like her more that way.

-Strength: 1 -+1-> 2
-Agility: 2 -+0-> 2
-Constitution: 5 -+0-> 5
-Intelligence: 8 -+2-> 10
-Charisma: 4 -+2-> 6

-Likability: lv1 -+2-> lv3
-Perception: lv1 -+1-> lv2


She was barely done allocating her points or her attention was drawn by the gemmed lady who inquired about her and the dog being’s names. "Please don’t hurt me!... I mean… My name… My name’s Vivi… N-Nice to meet you" The plant creature said cautiously and bowed her head towards the giant lady.


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Ricky got close enough to pet the cat but before he could the creature extended it's dirty little paws and stuck them.... inside him? The feeling was completely foreign to him but it angered him having this animal using him to clean it's self off, he struggled for a bit but finally managed to pull himself away just as the cat finished cleaning itself. He went on a tirade, yelling at the cat however as he could not speak none of it was heard, instead he just vibrated angerly towards the cat as it spoke. Meanwhile, the blood that the cat had washed off onto him floated around in his body before slowly disappearing. The jelly that made up his body absorbed the blood, using it as food for the slime subconsciously.

As Ricky continued on with his silent rant, he only got more infuriated as the cat seemingly was ignoring him, swiping away at the air and pointing at stuff. At this point he was so heated that had his body been made of water he'd start boiling. THIS CREATURE! IT WAS SPEAKING SO IT IS SMART ENOUGH TO KNOW IT'S IGNORING ME! Finally the cat turned to him, declaring him a slime and offering him position as... personal cleaner? Ricky's vibrating rant stopped for a moment. You, a filthy creature... want ME, to be your cleaner? The slime was completely still before eventually lunging towards the cat, his body spreading out like a net flying towards a target.


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Upon realizing that the plant stopped screaming which he concluded by reactions of others, Altan took away his paws from his ears, and sat down with one hand up in the air he said.
"My name is Altan. I died via a flash flood so it wasn't really nice way to go, but I see yours wasn't either. I'm a maned wolf as all of you can see, and from what I understand of my status. I have almost jack of all trades stats, with mostly utility skills but I do have two magic skills. But I don't know how to use them."
Then he waved his paw a few times as a 'hey' sign, since well he had no hand to really shake with so that's the best he could do.
Upon doing it a few times he lifted his rear and stood back up on four legs, and ventured towards Vivi, and upon coming real close to her he laid down next to her with his head to the ground and said.
"Get on since it doesn't look like you can walk well like that."
Then he booped her with his nose and waited for Vivi's response, if she did get on top of him he would slowly stand up and real slow would go towards the rest of the group.


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The skeleton starts walking around the graveyard, tapping each headstone once as he passes it. He enjoys the tapping sound of bone against stone. It helped to calm him after what he had just experienced. It went over in his head a few times.

first I rebel.
then I get incredible pain in my head.
I wind up here with no skin, (or anything else for that matter…).
someone tries to enslave me (I really didn’t like that).
i get really angry and panicked over the idea of getting held captive.
i black out.
then I wake up with a heart in my hand and don’t throw up.
Now Im here…

something feels very off about this.

he notices a black hooded cloak drooped over one of the headstones and picks it up to examine it. Its torn in a few places, one couldn’t possibly know how long it has been there. He droops it over his shoulders and puts the hood atop his head, almost immediately forgetting its there. He scratches his chin and begins to walk out from the graveyard.
as he steps out into the wasteland, he notices a few figures in the distance. He holds his hand up to his face to try and block out the sun and possibly get a better look.


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When Sanae asked whether Errubia would protect her, Errubia said: "Yeah I will protect you. I promise." Sanae had then hid behind Errubia. Errubia felt a sense of joy over the trust of the kitsune girl, but managed to not show it, but instead just giving the kitsune a warm smile.

Then the plant creature introduced herself as Vivi but still showed some fear. The creature known as Vivi bowed to Errubia. Soon after the maned wolf introduced himself as Altan and gave a brief overview of his backstory. He also explained he didn't know how to use his magic skills. He then offered Vivi to get on him so he could carry her.

"It is nice to meet you two." Errubia said. "If we are going to travel together, we should maybe seek a destination or a purpose. I would naturally want to find a settlement of sorts or at least a place that we could use as a home which we can forage and operate from."

She then surveyed the surrounding landscape. Mostly just grassy land and distant mountains. Occasionally some ruins, but no signs of villages or towns, at least not visible yet. There was however a decrepit graveyard nearby and a robed skeleton standing in front of it. It seemed to be looking towards them with its hand in front of its face as if it was trying to block the sun from blinding its no existent eyes. "That thing is creepy and weird. I hope it doesn't approach us. Who knows if the undead are friendly or hostile to mobs like us in this world." Errubia said.

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The skeleton attempts to squint as his attempts to cover the sun do not seem to be working. This does not work either. Right, no eyelids…

He lowers his arm, realizing that the sun doesn’t actually hurt his eyes. As if he had eyes to begin with.

He isn't sure wether or not the group is friendly, but he figures he might as well check them out. He begins to make his treck over to them. He never thought about how weird it is to walk as a skeleton until now. He can feel every individual bone in his body as if it were connected to him, but at the same time they each felt like their own individual thing. Kind of like a prosthetic with nerves all around it. But without the nerves. It was like a sort of magical sense rather than a biological one.

As he got closer he could start to make out more of what the creatures were approaching are. Rather than just their general shapes.

He thought for a second as he was walking. Considering his new form, maybe he should do some sort of friendly gesture? He stop walking.

He did a large wave with his right arm, hopefully that would indicate that he at least means no harm.

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Stella's eyes were darting between the menu and the slime in front of her, trying to see a way to open the slime's status screen but it seems appraisal really only gives a one word explanation for the target. The cat didn't even realize the slime lashing out until it leapt to her while spreading itself like a net. It didn't hurt at all, but the fact that the slime was a wet creature sticking to her body was enough to kick start her cat instinct. Jumping backward while spinning midair, Stella let out a high-pitched shriek before she start to run in a panic.

"Let go of me, you doofus! I never said anything about cleaning my body RIGHT AWAY!! I hate bath!" The cat let hiss at the slime while running. It seems she didn't think much of the direction of her run as she jumped over boulders, rushed through bushes and even shoved away some smaller creatures in an attempt to get the slime off. Forest changed to meadow, meadow changed to graveyard and graveyard changed to a clearing as they got closer to where the tower was. In the distance Stella saw the rear figure of a skeleton, it seemed to be waving at something further away. Doesn't matter. That thing have a pair of nice hands so it should be able to help her peels the slime off. Rushing towards the figure, Stella abruptly stop next to the skeleton and then start rubbing her body to the skeleton's legs while letting a rather aggresive purring.

"Get this wet blob away from me...." Stella requested to the skeleton.

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These creatures seem to be nice so far. The wolf creature even offered Vivi to ride on his back. Although the plant was slightly hesitant to do so she eventually hopped over to him and sat down sideways on his back grabbing onto his manes to not fall off. She hoped this wasn’t hurting the wolf too much. He was right that moving around wasn’t the easiest thing for her.

The giant woman then started to speculate what the group should do if they were to stick together. She was right that they needed a destination. or at least a place they could temporarily stay. "uh… would this place not function as a good base of operation" Vivi asked pointing at the tower they were standing next to. So far there didn’t seem to be any life inside or they would have made themselves known by now with the ruckus of a bunch of monsters just outside the door.
Vivi noticed the robed skeleton when the giant woman mentioned it. Vivi was a little bit unnerved by the look of it and she shared the sentiment with the giant lady of wishing it wouldn’t come closer. But then out of nowhere a cat came running. The cat was being attacked by some sort of gelatinous being from what Vivi could see. "Oh no! we need to help that poor kitty!" she said shocked and unconsciously tightened her grip on Altan’s manes, softly pulling it in the process as she wanted to rush over to the cat to save it from both the skeleton thing and the blob.


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