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Screaming Mute
Mission took the rings and placed them in her pouch she took the Gold from, now having the room to put them in there it sort of worked out nicely. She bowed her head and left as Esra did, giving Caven a wave.

"I believe I do, Mircea I think you'll love the smith." She chuckled to herself and followed Esra. Though Mission sort of began walking beside her, looking down every now and then to check on her. She just sort of... wanted to make sure she was okay, she also seemed quite shook the other day and Felan had been very upset also. But the Sprite seemed to be powering through.

They reached the circle, the Blacksmith Mission had been at open - forge roaring and the clanging of metal made their visit a little less mundane. Someone exited the building next to the forge with what looked like a weapon case and made their way in the opposite direction. The party approached. The half-naked smith was smacking away at the anvil, two other hammers mirroring what he was doing on the other two anvils. Guilty took an immediate interest in the Arcane nature of the forge, the way it allowed the craftsman to triple his work and what looked like it's ability to protect the forger from burns.

Mission stepped into view to try and get his attention. It worked. The man stopped hammering and looked up at her, his eyes squinting. "Hello... you look different?... sorry if that's rude to say? You're like.. .glowing."

"I've heard that a lot recently. So. Been working hard?
" She smirked, a hand on her hip.

"Aha, if you mean by working hard I've done your order. I sure have. It's been a nice distraction all things considered. You can go collect and pay for it inside. My cousin is serving, I've got to get these done."

Mission nodded and walked passed the Forge towards the building, going inside. At the desk there was a very scrawny looking male with skin colour similar to their cousin, a septum piercing and few chains hanging from his right ear, his black hair was swept over his left eye - his eyes a light blue as he read a book in his hand, runes on the leather spine.

"Morning" Mission walked up to the counter with a little bit of a smile on her face.

"Hey." The man didn't look her way and kept reading.

"Hm... Your cousin said my order was ready to pick up, it's the Darkstone ore commission. Could I have it wrapped too?"

He closed the book and looked at her, a more interested look on his face, "Ah yes that one, I've half wrapped it so you could have a look - it's a lovely piece." He gets up off the stool holding his finger up and moving to the back. Mission waited leaning against the counter. Eventually he came back with a long narrow box and slid the lid off, revealing the blade resting on a sheathe and crimson cushioning inside. It was a sleek black blade that had been refined beautifully and had the carvings up the centre put in delicately and artistically. There was a hole in the blade's center near the hilt and inside the hole a clear glass vial. The man lifted the blade out the box and pushed the vial out onto the cushioning with his thumb.

"The Crystal dust chamber you requested was a neat idea, I did the runes myself. Without dust in the vial it's going to break, but when dust is put in and placed in the slot it'll light up the runes down the centre of the blade the same colour as the dust and magic will channel through it nicely, the glass vial won't break either unless it's empty so take it out when you've used it all. This was a big commission we only recently finished it too, you're looking at a lot of gold."

Mission was just grinning observing the blade, she took it from him and had a feel for the balance and everything. She was jealous, a blade like this. She wanted to keep it. "I have the coin." She rummaged through her pouch and brought out Platinum, placing a few coins of it on the table.

"Woah. I rarely see Platinum coins." The man's eyes lit up as he scooped them up.

"I've had them a while. Could you finish wrapping please? And keep whatever difference I gave you."

"Well, of course. And thank you."
He started to take out various bits of ribbon and paint from behind the counter. "To anyone in particular?"

"Blu, no E."


Bast squinted at the forge, having taken interest in it just as the goblin had. It was uncommon, even for someone who'd seen many things. His arms crossed along his chest as he walked around the edge of the area, not stepping within the parameter of the magic. His gaze shifted to the ground, studying it.

Mircea was tempted to keep an eye on his disguised human companion, but his attention was more on the sprite who just left his side to join Mission. His brows furrowed, his concern for Esra showing through his relaxed expression for a moment. She was doing well, but after their talk this morning he was more than sure she was putting on an act.

"Where is the energy coming from?" Bast spoke to himself as he had gotten closer to one of the anvils, crouching.

"Don't mess with anything, Bast," Mircea spoke up after noticing the familiar curiosity, causing the human to look back at him like a child getting caught red handed. Bast stood and backed up, settling for staying at a distance. At least, until Mircea joined Mission and Esra inside.

Mircea entered the shop at the end of the conversation, friendly surprise showing on his features, "Oh, you've got something for Blu?"


Screaming Mute
The smith stopped again, looking towards Bast. "Yeah be a little careful, I don't know if my mirror hammers are gonna hammer your head in if I'm facing away...Hmm, I'm not to versed in the magic aspect, my Brother is the one that did it for me. Though the Fire is lit by crystals in the well in the center, the smoke and heat rises to the incantations that're carved into the top of the pillars and stone ring held up by them there." He gestures to the stone structure that resembled a ring, it had carvings in the stone and the odd crystal adorning it. "The sparks I would create from hitting the weapon get absorbed pretty much instantly by the magic too, which helps, all the little things build up and power it."

Guilty was writing all of this down, observing the ring as best she could even though it was quite high up she managed to sketch some of it down. "IS Brother around?"

"Nah, he's rarely here lately. And with the incident yesterday, he's busy."

"Oh? Guilty see."

Mission turns around to face Mircea as he came in, her expression lighting up as she turns back to the man at the counter, "Hold on sorry." She takes the box and brings it to Mircea, showing him the Blade lying inside, she also tilts it so that Esra can take a look to.

"Smart right? You think he'd like it?"


"Oh, definitely," Esra chimed, looking over the blade with a small smile. It wasn't a very genuine smile, though the sprite didn't give much time to question it. She nodded and moved passed Mission, looking up to the pierced man behind the counter, "Do you have any daggers already made?"

Mircea eased through the slight tension Esra left behind, a calm smile on his face, "Blu would love this. He's been itching for his own real weapon, as you know." His gaze trailed over the blade, his brows raising some, "I'm almost jealous of the tyke, you don't see many dark stone swords anymore. What's this?" His hand rose to gesture to the vial, "Magic storage of some kind?"

"Well, that's nifty," Bast said, his arms crossed and thumb rubbing against his shoulder in thought.


Screaming Mute
"It has been very nifty." He rolls his shoulder and looks down at the blade before him, spinning the hammer in hand he takes the blade into his other and observes it before looking at the Green creature walking around with her book out. He flicks his head in her direction and looks at Bast, "Not everyday you see a Goblin with a book, you seem like an interesting bunch."

Mission was too pumped in this moment to notice Esra's ingenuity and just nodded at her as she walked passed, looking at Mircea with a bit more of a grin.

The male nodded as he finished painting 'To Blu' on the box in a cyan paint. He plopped the brush to the side and took a step back and turned, opening a clasp and taking four sheathed daggers out. He brings them back to the counter and places all four along the surface, one was a nice curved classic elvish carved styled blade, two were very similar, quite a thick blade that came down to an even point in the centre, the final one was a thin dagger that a decorated small crossguard. "We have a few of these ones, they're your standard throwing daggers." He points to the thin one.

"I'm jealous as well to be honest. And yes it stores Crystal Dust, I figured since he's practising a lot more with Magic too he can learn to use it offensively in this blade, it'll help him channel his energy. The blade reacts to the dust in the vial when placed in the hollow bit and will power the blade. Oooh I'm excited to see his face."


"Ay, we're interesting," Bast nodded, his boot rubbing against stone. His gaze had shifted to the goblin who was focused on taking notes, "Her name is Guilty. She's strange, but she's actually quite intelligent."

Esra looked over the blades carefully. She was obviously confused on what to pick, her expression showing mild frustration.

"That's creative," Mircea's brows furrowed, "Though, I do hope he is better at managing how much energy he uses before wielding it. I'm not sure how it would affect the...blockage."

"How much for all of them?" Esra finally responded, her expression more relaxed.

"Esra?" Mircea looked beyond Mission when he heard Esra's response, concern riddling his voice, "Is there a need for so many?"

The sprite looked back to Mircea, "I don't know which type I would be able to handle well without trying them all, and I don't want to use yours. You have too many augments and enchantments, I wouldn't be able to focus."


Screaming Mute
The Goblin's ear flicks upwards for a moment, aiming in a direction before relaxing. She continues taking notes. The Smith observes her for a moment, crossing his arms. An Intelligent Goblin? Not something you hear much of.

"What about you?" His eyes shift back to Bast.

"I guess we'll find out, he doesn't have to have the Vial straight away." Mission slipped the Box back onto the Counter. The interest of the conversation shifting to Esra's sudden need for a Dagger.

The Man at the counter blinked a few moments and offered a proposal, "Why don't you at least hold each one to feel which ever you're more comfortable with. I don't want you to buy four daggers you're not going to use."

"I'd pick that one for you Esra, if you wanted my Opinion that is."
Mission piped up, pointing at the thin dagger, "Looks light and easy to aim, a lot of people overlook thin daggers for the fancy big ones, you can easily get through gaps in armour with them but that's just me."

"That one is 4 Gold."


"I'm Bast," The disguised human responded, "Not very interesting, just the annoying one." His tone showed amusement from his own words, his gaze flicking between the goblin and the smith.

Esra listened to Mission and the shopkeeper, her attention settling on the thinner blade, "Then...I suppose I'll take two of that one." She gestured to the smaller blade as she spoke.


Screaming Mute
"Annoying?" The Smith raised an eyebrow, "That's starting to make you sound a little interesting to me."

"Alright, that's 8 gold please."
The man at the counter moved to one of the stands and unlocked a box, taking from it another dagger which he brought back to the other and placed it beside, sheathed and then sheathing the other too. He turned to Mission and slid the box back over to his side and started to repackage it again as Esra sorted out her finances.

Mission tilted her head at the Sprite, "Would you like me to teach you some moves with those things?"


"What kind of person finds 'annoying' interesting?" Bast questioned, his left brow raising as he looked at the half-dressed elf.

"Um, No," Esra responded, placing the coin she fetched from her pouch onto the counter, "You'll be busy with other matters, and I know a few people more.." She paused in thought, a slight smile showing on her features, "Well, my size, who can train me."

"So, this is something you've thought about already?" Mircea asked with mild concern visible on his features.

"Yes, Merci," Esra nodded, her curls bouncing, "I wouldn't try to handle a weapon without first thinking of how I would learn to use it. I have a few friends who would be more than happy to help, and it is something I can do on my own while the others are away."

Mircea nodded, burying his worry behind a kind smile, "Alright, I was simply worried."

"No need to worry," She carefully took the daggers as they were handed to her.


Screaming Mute
"Well you self-proclaim to be the annoying one meaning you're either pretty self-aware or you're just being paranoid , which means you have an interesting story." The Smith grabbed a poker and started to poke the fire that roared in the middle of the platform.

Mission's eyebrow rose, "Oh? Well that sounds like an interesting story for another time." Curious indeed the Black Hound turned to face the man at the counter, he was just finishing up wrapping the sword and writing out a folded note to who it should be addressed to which the woman relayed the information. The man took the coin on the counter and slid the box over, flashing a smile to the customers.

"Good doin business with you all."

Mission nodded, taking the box in her hands she rested it against her left shoulder and propped it up with her left hand, "Thank you."

The black hound left the building first, going out side she nods to the Smith who gave her one back, "Hope you like the blade."

"It's beautiful, thank you."
She smiled, she was happy about the gift, it got her all warm in her chest, "Ready to go, you lot?"

Guilty held up her finger for a moment before going back to her notes, writing things down as she concentrated reciting and copying some of these markings. She then closed the book and pocketed her charcoal. She let out a breath.

"DONE! Very intricate, very smart, Guilty will master." She looks around, eyes shifting from the Smith who was staring at her and then to Bast, "Also girl boy is very interesting, so shy, so modest."

Mission blows air between her amused lips, "Pfff, who gave the Goblin ale??"

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