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The others nodded to Mircea, following him into the home. Bast, Mal, and Correll sat at the table next to one another, Mal choosing to sit next to Arbonath and leaving Bast between he and Correll. Mircea was going to take a seat as well, but Blu grabbed his hand.

"What about Mission?" Blu asked, glancing at the table.

"Well, she may still be sleeping," Mircea answered before continuing to speak, "Would you like to wake her up?"

Blu nodded, jerking the elf with him as he dashed from the dinning room. He released Mircea's hand when they reached Mission's door, rushing inside and quickly jumping onto the bed. "Mission! Wake up!" Blu exclaimed, bouncing on the covers, "Wake up! Wake up!"

"Blu," Mircea's brows had scrunched from the display, some sternness to his voice, "Don't jump on the beds."

Blu huffed, stopping himself from jumping. He flopped onto his back next to her, his head tilting backwards with an exaggerated, "Waaaake upppppppp-"

The elf let a sigh escape him, placing his hand on his hip.


Screaming Mute
Mission's body just kind of jerked about in tandem with the jumps, a groan coming from her as she wakes up - though he eyes stay shut for a bit, trying to close tighter. But the Presence of small impline next to her didn't go away. She turns over, one eye just managing to open as she lets out a huff and she scoops him into her arms, pulling him closely. Her forehead presses against the side of the boy's, a little smirk managing as she cuddled him.

"Just what I needed, a cuddle toy."
Her arms get quite tight as she rubs her nose across his cheek and snuggles up to him. Her eyes were closed and she stayed in this position.


"Noo!" Blu whined, pushing against Mission as her grip tightened. He struggled for a moment, squirming to his side, his feet kicking against the bed before he stopped. His head reared back and he slammed it against Mission's.

"Blu!" Mircea scolded, watching the kid touch his own head in pain.


Screaming Mute
Mission's eyes snap open as her head cracks back, she just stares up at the headboard as her grip loosens around the boy letting him squirm away. Her expression frowns and she sits up, catching the boy again before he can escape, lifting him up under his shoulders from behind and then throws him out the door. She glares at Mircea and grabs his collar pulling him into her room, shutting the door behind her leaving Blu outside.

Inside she rests her head against Mircea's chest, gritting her teeth. She whispers and slowly lets out an, "Oooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. He's so feisty." She lifts her head off him and looks at the door angrily, "I'LL BE DOWN IN A MINUTE!...ugh I still need a bath."

She turns around, walking away from Mircea. She was never shy with him. Finding her clothes thrown on the floor she starts picking them up, her voice softened, "Mircea. I never got to speak to you before. Do you mind if we do it now?" She pulls a shirt over her head and straightens it a little, not too well, it was just hanging on her as she liked it. She sat down on the side of the bed and started to put some bottoms on.


Blu huffed, sulking on the other side of the door for a moment before he took notice of Tillian and Esra entering the dinning room. He followed after them curiously, peeking into the room. Bast seemed to be annoying Correll at first, his attention turning to Blu when he noticed the boy.

"Welcome back, Tyke," Bast said, letting go of Correll's ear. His head tilted, "Where's Mircea?"

"He and Mission are talking," Blu pouted, "I got kicked out!"

"Aw, that's okay, you can sit with us until they get here, yeah?"

Blu nodded in response to Bast's words, moving to take the seat next to Guilty. He sunk into the chair, rubbing his forehead.

"What happened?" Mal spoke up this time, noticing the darkened spot on the boy's forehead.

"Mission wouldn't wake up," Blu responded with a matter-of-fact tone to his voice, "So I hit her with my head!"

Bast tried to stifle a laugh, covering his mouth as Mal gave Blu a disapproving look. Even Correll had trouble not encouraging the boy's behavior, a spurt of laughter escaping him.

Mircea chuckled quietly when Mission had her head pressed against his chest in pain. His arms crossed when she moved, his eyes shifting away from her until she spoke to him again. "Of course, if you'd like to," his arms dropped and he sat down beside her on the bed, crossing one leg over the other, "We may not get another chance for some time."


Screaming Mute
She stands up as she pulls the bottoms up over her ass, doing a little hop and sits back down next to Mircea. She lets out a sigh , it was shaky and nervous. Her gaze stared with a hint of sadness to her expression, eyes meeting the Hybrids, "I have no idea where to start with that cryptic message your Ahur gave me. Also. Being called 'Black Hound', I don't want to really explain it - but can you keep that to yourself or on the down low, it's a name I don't wish to define me and it has a lot of darkness behind it. It's also a name that will get me into trouble, if said in front of people."

She leans back, her hands planted on the bed behind her. She looks up at the ceiling, "And can you tell me what you know of the name; Sollemtis?"

- --- -

Guilty holds her stomach as she rocks on the chair, laughing her face off, she can't contain herself. The fact that the impline was so proud of headbutting the broody woman awake, it was just a sight she wish she had witnessed.

Foxy covered her mouth with a glass of water, her words were quiet and muffled by the object in front of her face, "Well good maybe she'll shut up."

Arbonath looked up at the Giantess, shaking his head. "You've got to let that go."

"I just wanted to sleep and forget about things alright?"


"Hm... Ahur has always been a tad cryptic, but I think he only meant to help, giving you a quest to find people. He probably thought using that name would gather more of your attention, or perhaps he did it because he wanted you know the gravity of his words. I'm not sure either way, but I will not repeat the name myself. I can ask Bast if he'll refrain from repeating it as well, but I can only get so far trying to leash a feral dog... too often, at least. You may want to ask him yourself." He leaned towards her a little with that suggestion, one of his brows raised, "However, I wouldn't try threatening him into submission. It may make the sneaky bastard want to say it."

"Well," The hybrid let go of his knee when he thought of the name, moving to rest his head against his fingers as he looked at her, "Sollemtis is the primary name for a nature divine; He's known as the god of convergence, foregathering, and wine, so people often relate him to wild, drunken gatherings and celebrations. But, he is also known as one of the tricksters; considered mischievous and... Well, a bit of a tempest. There's a lot of myths about him because he's a mixed bag, I don't entirely know what is or isn't true." He smiled slightly, "Why the sudden interest in the divines?"


Screaming Mute
She let out an irritated sigh upon Bast being mentioned, though she nodded, "I'll try and talk to him about it. Maybe it just passed his mind."

Mission brought her thumb to her mouth and bit on her nail, not sure what to say in response to Mircea about Sollemtis or her interest in this specific individual. She goes to speak, but then stops herself. Her hands then come and cover her face and she sighs into them. "I think I gained the favour of one. I don't know? It's all confusing and new to me. Let's talk about it another time, if we have another chance to talk about it then I guess it's meant to be?"

She stands up and walks over to the door quickly, she looks back at him a nervous smile on her face. "Breakfast?" She opened the door, "Lead the way~."

Ever since she met Blu, her life was constantly being bombarded with new and destiny preaching ideals, though all of it was so real. And her experiences with it were just, exhausting. She feared it, for some reason, she didn't have a massive amount of fears. But it was the divines that she did fear, because she knew she was doomed or at least she thought she was. She didn't want the hope of favour from a strange man she had great sex with, claiming he was a God.


"Uhm, alright," Mircea stood with visible confusion on his features, a hand coming to rub the side of his head as he lead her from the room. He wasn't fully processing what she said, but he continued to the dinning room. He gently waved to the others when they made it inside, seeing Tillian and Esra had joined the table. The hybrid sat next to Esra, filling the seat between her and Correll.

"Ugh," Bast commented when Mission entered the room, his eyes squinting in her general direction, "What the hel did you take? You're glowing like a fucking brightwig." To most of them it was barely noticeable, but to some she was glowing quite harshly. Tillian also squinted before turning his attention to the food, as if not as interested in it as Bast was.

"Bast," Mircea spoke softly, "Lets not start an argument.."

"He has a point," Esra said meekly, "You do seem to be glowing...a little."

"I don't see anything," Correll commented.

Mal was more interested in his food, until Blu let out a loud, "FUCK!" The human's brows scrunched together, looking over to the child as he pointed the fork in his hands in Blu's direction. "Eat, boy."

Blu's annoying energy seemed to reduce some from the sternness of Mal's voice, sinking in his seat before he started gathering food onto his plate to eat.

"Anyways..." Mircea spoke up, putting food on his own plate, "I know this may be a sensitive topic for the table, but we need to discuss yesterday while everyone is here. Well, specifically King Mirion's request."

"King Mirion?" Correll asked.

"Ay, he took us to a room after the chaos and asked us, and a few other people, if we would go on a quest to save the princess." Bast spoke up, garnering a disapproving look from Mircea when Mal and Correll were only more confused.

"Yesterday the castle was attacked by Artemis during the prince's birthday celebration," Mircea said to Correll and Mal, "He..killed the queen and the prince Maelan, and kidnapped princess Neoma. After everything was... Well, taken care of, he asked us to help retrieve Princess Neoma."


Screaming Mute
Mission sat in her chair quite swiftly whilst Bast commented on her appearance, and the back and forth the rest of the Caravan made about it. Foxy turned her gaze away from Mission, a look of annoyance on her face as she made her appearance known, Arbonath calmly patted her thigh.

As this is happening she reaches for some bread and a knife, scooping some butter onto the blade she begins to spread it across the crusty surface. "Well Bast, you'd know a lot about being an insect wouldn't you?" She smiles at him, biting into her toast and then turns her attention to Esra, about to respond to her, though interrupted by the child,"All things considere.... OI BLU! LANGUAGE!?" The boy's outburst caused her a little shock, though her anger wasn't for the Impline, but the man that bugged her.

She points the butter knife at Bast, elbow rested on the table with a glare in his direction, Mircea spoke to them all so she just mouthed at him, her knife jabbing forward, "Stop."

Mission's shoulders sagged, the Queen was dead too? She only noticed the Prince. Though what really got her down was that she missed Artemis, she did not see him properly in the chaos. Something boiled inside her, a fury, the King that took everything from her was there and caused this pain. It started to become more real for the Hound, as before she was living a Fantasy of Adrenaline and Pleasure. There was the dread now.

"Save the Princess? So. who is thinking about going? How did they take her?"

Quiet raised his hand pretty quickly on the table, his Beak pointing in different directions as he waited for other people's reactions and slowly lowered his arm little less confidently from his over-excitement despite the air of the room.


"I can't," Esra let a weak chuckle escape her, "I don't think I can leave Felan so soon, not after yesterday. Also, I feel as though I would only get in the way."

"I will go in your stead," Tillian spoke up, his attention having been drawn from his food when they began discussing the king's request, "My master will be busy hunting the corrupted fae Artemis sent out, and the ones they'll surely attract. I... don't think she will be in a state of mind to let me help her, but I can be useful elsewhere with this."

Bast crossed his arms and let out a quiet, "woof," in Tillian's direction, causing the elf to give him an annoyed glare in return. The human's attention quickly shifted back to the table, "I'll be going." He didn't give much else to it, his gaze shifting to Mal, "What about you? We could probably use you."

Mal seemed to have been thinking quite hard about it, his thick fingers scratching at his beard. However, he shook his head when Bast questioned him, "No, not this time. If I get recognized, it would only bring more trouble."

"I can go," Correll chimed in, "I don't have much else to do." It was a pale excuse, one that Mircea saw through quite easily. The elf gave a sigh.

"Actually, Correll, there is something I need to talk to you about after we eat," Mircea said, "I can't stop you from going, but... I think this would be a better use of your time." The blond looked confused, but he only nodded to Mircea, his arms crossing.

"I want to go," Blu said, his mouth half full of sweet grain and bread.

"It's far too dangerous for you to go, Blu," Mircea spoke with a softer tone, "You can stay with me, I wont be going either."

"You're not?" Bast seemed surprised by this, his arms dropping to his sides.

"Ay, I'm afraid I've grown rather attached to the caravans, I'd hate to leave them behind." Mircea answered, a weak smile on his face.


Screaming Mute
"Guilty stay, Guilty learn magic maybe sneak into few classes." She coughs, and goes back to eating her food, shovelling eggs into her mouth.

"As horrible as I feel for letting Artemis subdue me. I think I'll be staying, I don't have to right mindset to face him." Foxy looks down shamefully, clutching her own arm tightly. She also had a feeling that Mission was going and at the moment, didn't want to be near her.

Arbonath reached up, patting her, "No one blames you.... Ahem... I won't be leaving the Caravans either. Wherever they go I go."

Mission nods, "Well I hope we aren't away for THAT long." The Black Hound realises the length of time it may take to do something like this, looking sadly at Blu, her expression hardening as she turned back to the table.

"So Tillian, Bast and the Bird. I'm assuming there will be other Volunteers at the meeting, I wonder how the final team will look."


Mircea's brow rose in Guilty's direction for a moment before Foxy spoke. The elf nodded after Arbonath's comforting words to her, "Take all the time you need, Foxy." His smile spread some when Arbie vocalized his similar sentiment to the caravans, though they both had separate reasons.

"No doubt a patchwork group," Mal commented on Missions statement, "Maybe King Mirion will fill in the blanks, if there are any."

"Maybe." Bast took a sip of his water, looking at Mal, "Though, I doubt having a bunch of soldiers is what's needed for a retrieval mission. No offense intended."

Mal nodded, "Well, you're not entirely wrong, but it's better than being too outnumbered." Bast shrugged, glancing away from the man.

The other's continued with eating breakfast, Blu eating a lot more than he usually would have.


Screaming Mute
Mission nods, "I have experience with being hidden, so have you Mal - If you change your mind and come with us, I doubt you'll be recognised and we'll be happy to have you."

The Black hound looked towards the Bird, tilting her head, "You were very eager. You sure about this?"

"Quiet been bored, does better out there. Guilty be okay."
The Goblin looks at her eggs, poking them with her fork- her ears were low. The Kenku looked back at Mission and nodded. They joined in with consuming the food presented to them, they had a day to prepare for. A King to meet with.

-- -- --​

Khora's household was more active at this point, her staff were in the house tidying and cleaning. Doing the usual chores after waking up, she was dressed for the day and ready to set off with a Fairy sitting on her shoulder. She got some strange glances from the staff, though none really questioned it like they were used to her doing things like this. Though a short curvy lady with a brown haired pixie cut, soft features except for the cut on her left side bottom lip and large green eyes looked in her direction as the Kitchen was entered, she was tidying the mess from earlier wearing an apron.

"Lady Zaldana, what the hell happened here? Who the hell is that creature?"

"Ah. This Fairy is what the hell happened here, It's dealt with now Veronica."

"Don't look dealt with, me pots and pans all over the place after I tidied up all nice yesterday."

"I believe the staff may want breakfast so..."

"Yeah yea, I get it, I'll get to it. For you Miss?"
She looked angry, though that was just how she always was.

"Not hungry." Khora took a small piece of cheese and fed it to the being on her shoulder.

"I swear you ain't eaten in the past five days, you're gonna fucking die."

Khora shook her head with a grin, "I ate at the event."

"The Event..." The Chef's expression suddenly became sad.

"Yeah. I may be gone for a few days, maybe couple of weeks. Not right now, but soon. You're in charge."

Veronica tilted her head, a new emotion on her face that wasn't that resting bitch face. Her eyebrow arched and she actually looked concerned for her lady. She grabbed some onions and began to peel, wash and cut them. "Trip with your wife?"

Khora sat on the counter, watching the woman work. "Not really. King's daughter is gone, I was going to help retrieve her."

The woman looked up, "Oh so you might die? One of yer old adventures."

The lady chuckled and looked up, "Maybe."

Veronica smirked now, "Good. Hope you left me the house and your gold." They both laughed together.


"Correll, come with me," Mircea spoke as he stood from the table, patting the blond's shoulder as he passed him. Correll nodded, getting up from his seat and following Mircea out and towards the gardens. The elf had his hands placed loosely on his hips, pacing over the crooked stone path between the greenery. "This is hard to say, I must admit," Mircea spoke up after a moment, pausing the nervous pacing, "In the temple, Ahur sent most of us messages. Things we need to do or focus on, that, for whatever reason, are important."

Correll responded curiously, "I'm guessing he included me, then?"

"Yes, but you... may not like it," The elf seemed hesitant, glancing between Correll and the flowers he neighbored, "He wants you to find a smith called Raganoth who lives in the Northwest for training. Which means.."

"Which means I'll have to leave the caravans for a while," The blond continued Mircea's sentence. Correll's arms crossed along his chest, his brows scrunched and lips pressed together. He obviously didn't like it. Silence fell between the two, the blond looking towards the ground after a moment, "You said it is important. How important?"

Mircea took a few steps closer to him as he responded, "That's not-"

"How important is it, Mircea?" Correll was watching Mircea again, annoyance in his voice when he interrupted the elf.

A huffed escaped Mircea, one of his hands lifting to rub his neck, "It's Ahur... It's usually very important. I can't say why- I don't know why myself. I'm not going to force you to do this, but trust me, I wouldn't suggest it if I had a doubt in the importance of it."

Correll nodded, hesitantly letting his arms drop to his side, "Then... I'll do it."

"Alright," Mircea nodded in return, placing his hands on Correll's shoulders before patting them, "We'll try to find out more about this smith and his whereabouts while the others are saving a princess." There was a hint of sadness to his voice, though it was hidden behind the same relaxed smile he often wore, "Come, we'll tell the others." He released Correll and lead him back inside. Blu sat in the lounge with Bast, the human entertaining Blu with card tricks, Mal sitting beside them. Tillian was carrying dirty dishes from the dinning hall to the kitchen. Mircea was about to call their attention when a knock sounded from the home's front door. Tillian placed the dishes down on a side table and headed towards the door, opening it to be met with one of their private guards.

"Lord Tillian," The guard spoke, "A human is here to speak with Lady Alfdorn, says a madam sent him."

"A madam?" Tillian questioned, "Which Madam?"

"I don't know sir, he wouldn't say her name," The guard responded. Tillian looked as if he was about to close the door when Esra approached, having followed from the dinning room.

"It's alright," Esra spoke up from beside Tillian, nearly startling the high elf, "Let him in, I'll see what he has to say."

The guard nodded, bowing to Esra before leaving the entrance. Esra waited expectantly for the guest to arrive at the door, but it was left open for some time without anyone approaching. She peeked out instead, noticing a familiar, gangling figure looking distracted, his glazed eyes shifting around quickly.

"Caven?" Esra questioned, calling the gaze of the human towards her. He crept towards her, side stepping at first before his attention fully focused on the sprite.

"The nice customer," Caven spoke, "--Lady Alfdorn, The Madam says to call you that."

"Yes, that's me," Esra seemed somewhat confused, watching as he nervously followed her into the home and stopped just beyond the door, "Is something wrong?"

"The Madam told me to see you," Caven's hands fiddled with one another, "She wants you to visit her shop if you are well, but I see sadness from you. There's a lot of that today." His gaze lifted from the sprite and trailed over the room, "The Madam also cries, but she wants to help. The princess was taken and she cares."

"Esra," Tillian started to speak, but the sprite held her hand up to stop him.

"Caven, how does she want to help?" Esra questioned the human, "How does she know?"

"Enchantments on her stones...her jewelry." Caven nodded, looking back to Esra, "The Madam knows things, she was there. The Queen was Madam's friend."

Esra nodded, a gentle smile showing on her face, "Alright, then. I'll... let them know. Would you like to wait here? I can't say I've ever seen The Madam's shop, I'll need your help finding it."

"I can wait," Caven nodded again, though he stayed where he stood until Tillian started to close the door, causing him to move out of the way. Esra chuckled quietly.

"Come, Caven, you can sit," Esra gestured him towards the lounge, the human following and sitting down on an empty chair. Esra patted the chair, "Wait here, I must go talk with someone." He nodded in response, his gaze shifting towards the others. Esra sighed, turning to her company, "This is Caven. Caven, these are my friends."

Tillian continued cleaning, leaving things for how they were.
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Arbonath went into the Lounge too, his stuff on the table he pulled it towards another seat and started to work on them again, he kept getting slightly distracted by Bast's card tricks and at one point almost cut himself. Though tried to play it off cool. Foxy helped Tillian carry dishes, she could carry a lot at a time, the perfect tidier. Mission also went into the Lounge, taking a chair close to Arbie so that she could rest her feet on the table. The Dwarf raised an eyebrow.

"I'm tryna work here."

"I'm tryna relax here."

The Dwarf couldn't help but Chuckle as Mission sank into the chair, resting her head back and closing her eyes. She was still a bit tired, not getting too much sleep she was just trying to let her body and mind rest before she had to listen to more important stuff. She didn't fall asleep, but she was resting her eyes.

Guilty was sitting on the steps, sadly rocking her legs as she leans on her hands. The Goblin was trying not to pout too much, she saw the talons of a Kenku move into view and looked up to see a beak pointing at her. Her eyes were glassy as if she wanted to cry and then booped the Kenku's beak tip.

"Guilty should come save princess too."

The Kenku stared at her,

"Yeah well! Guilty feel bad, feel sad. Been with Quiet since then."

The Kenku stared at her, it's eyes blinked.

"Yes, Guilty want to learn more magic. But Guilty don't want lose Quiet."

The Kenku tilted it's head,

"You Promise!? You PROMISE?"

The Kenku nodded.


Tears ran down Guilty's cheeks as she dived off the stares and hugged the bird created, it almost stumbled back but kept his footing and patted the Goblin on the back as he hugged her back. It took a few minutes but the Goblin eventually let the bird go and was plonked on the ground, she was smiling now, suddenly looking and feeling better. She stomped into the Lounge and sat in the corner of the room, as Caven was introduced the Goblin waved both her hands in the air,


Foxy had finished helping Tillian with the Dishes and had approached the Lounge also, standing close to the doorway as she tilted her head at Caven, "Esra. This is the man we met in Lythrope right?"


"Hello Green one, Caven is me," Caven responded, mimicking her form of greeting. His eyes lifted to the blond lady when she spoke to Esra, whispering, "the other nice customer," as Esra responded.

"Yes, the Madam sent him to see us," Esra gave a concerned smile, ignoring Caven's whispering, "The Madam sent him to ask us to visit her shop. She wants to give us some things for the quest, right?" She glanced at Caven who nodded in response.

"The Madam's jewelry is strong, but she is not," Caven added, "Yefadorei cries, and this is how she helps. She has little more than stones to give."

"alright," Esra nodded, "Anyone want to join us? The Madam is where Foxy bought those nifty rings, by the way, Mission."

"I'll come," Bast spoke up, a card stuck to his forehead, "I'd like to see what she has to give."


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Guilty's brow rose, "Why is white eyes talking strange?" she was genuinely confused and curious. The Goblin walked up to him and listened to the Conversation, she poked his leg a couple of times and then climbed on his lap and looked at his eyes closely. She then spun around and sat on his lap playing with Brutus,

"White eyes this is Brutus, Brutus mean but Harmless now."

Mission's head fell limply to one side as she looked at everyone talking, the strange man was strange and Guilty was all over him. Strange attracts strange. She lets out amused air from her nose, "I'll go, but only because I need to check in on the Blacksmith anyway.

Foxy's expression fell and she looked at Esra, "Tell the madam I said hi." She then turns her nose up and leaves the room, going up to designated bedroom. The dwarf just shook his head.

"Foxy okay?" Mission asked as she got up.


"Alright then." The Black Hound walked over to Esra. "The rings are pretty useful, they've been fun to work on. I really need to return the favour sweetheart, though it's gonna be hard to find something that matches your beauty."


Caven was quiet as Guilty made herself comfortable, his gaze shifting to the amphibian in her hands. Brutus and Caven seemed to be having a staring contest before Caven whispered again, "Wet with anger, caged... The lumpy creature is sometimes comfortable."

Esra nodded to Foxy, "I will... " Her smile subsided some when Foxy left, a sigh escaping her. It was obvious that Foxy wasn't her usual self. Hopefully a nap would help her. Though, the corners of her mouth lifted when Mission spoke to her again. "Flattery will get you to high places," Esra said in amusement, her finger pointed up at Mission from her face.

"Esra," Mircea spoke up, "I'll go, too. I'd like to see who this Madam is."

Esra nodded, "Very well then, I'll let Felan know we're leaving." She left them, heading up the stairs. Correll moved to plop down into a seat, his arms crossed along his chest.

Mircea glanced at Caven curiously, watching him looking around the room slowly. "What happened to your eyes, Caven?" Mircea asked bluntly, though his tone of voice was friendly, "I've never seen eyes like yours."

"I was born this way," Caven nodded, some of this fingers tapping against his leg, "Sister was the same."

"Oh," Mircea's curiosity turned to confusion, but he didn't pry. The man's use of the word 'was' kept him from doing so, not wanting to open a jar of worms. He turned and plucked the card from Bast's head, a familiar picture painted on them, "Did you take my cards?"

"Ay," Bast nodded, leaning back against the seat.

"I was wondering where they went," Mircea huffed, "Well, at least they are being used for something."

Esra returned a few minutes later, a bag hanging from her shoulders. "Well, lets go," she waved her hands towards herself, "Come on, Caven, lead the way."

The human nodded, moving the goblin from his lap and standing. He continued passed Esra, Bast and Mircea following the Sprite.

"Don't worry, we'll watch Blu," Mal spoke up after them, watching them leave. Blu had fallen asleep next to him.


Screaming Mute
Guilty giggles, "Yes Brutus is."

Mission gives Esra a wink reply, she checks her person for her stuff and quickly goes to her a room realising she may need a few things. She also left the room with Esra to go to her room, as she entered she grabbed her Coin Pouch off the side and also noticed her dagger. The Black Hound tilted her head for a moment before rolling her eyes and grabbing it, tying it to the back of her waist.

Guilty looked around curiously as she was lifted from his lap and placed down. She looked up at Caven, slightly drawn to his strangeness she decided to join them on their journey into town. She places her Frog on her head.

Mission made her way back down, joining the rest as for when they all left together. She peaked into the room and blew a kiss at Blu, "See you later, need to speak with you."


Yefadorei was quite different from the days prior. The buildings were decorated with unlit lanterns, banners, and flowers that bloomed in an array of colors. People were scattered, dressed in finer clothing of matching colors, dark purples, golds, and greens littering the streets. Some continued preparing for the festival, others were slow and solemn as they went about their daily duties. Despite the decorations and beautiful colors, the atmosphere lacked the same liveliness that the city once held. Many were in mourning for Levan's loss, as not every kingdom had a queen so kind, or a promise for a caring heir to put their futures to. The east of the lower city where Caven had lead them showed different signs of mourning; Distant arguments rang through the stone and wood walls, a few drunkards asleep in the gutters, people who had began working slowly, or were still working from the day before without rest. It was disorganized and slow, many of the shop keepers having closed their stores for the morning. Caven stopped at the middle of a slight incline, opening the door to a green building with a golden bird painted on the wall.

"USELESS!" A purple and gold bird bounced its body and danced on a wooden perch near the door, cawing at Caven when the human entered the shop. Caven lifted a finger and poked the bird's beak before moving passed it. The shop was spacious yet small, jewelry put on display behind enchanted glass shining with the sunlight that crept inside. Rugs, paintings, and banners decorated the building, strings of silver and gold hanging crystals over parts of the room. The Madam was sitting in a window nook when they first arrived, her gaze focused on the flower-covered glass at the back of the first floor. Her gaze turned to them when the bird screeched, "CUSTOMERS CUSTOMERS!" and she rose to her feet, giving them a small smile.

"Madam," Esra bowed slightly in greeting, "Caven said you wanted to see us?"

"Yes," The Madam bowed and then nodded to Caven, a bit of pride in her voice, "I'm glad you found her." She looked back to Esra, "I wasn't sure if you were the same customer from before. I saw you at the prince's celebration, but I was hesitant to approach because of it. However, now.."

"Lady Alfdorn is sad, like you," Caven commented before blinking and walking away from them. He entered a back room, closing the door behind him.

"Ah..." Esra wasn't sure what to say, silence holding her for a moment.

"I apologize," The Madam sighed, "He has been rather restless since yesterday... Well, more so than usual." Her hands came to clasp together gently, "I imagine he told you I wish to help. And, I do, but I can't offer more than a few pieces of enchanted jewelry.."

"May I ask why, and how you learned of this?" Bast spoke up, his glamour hiding him, "The king wasn't exactly public about saving the princess."

"I was the queen's friend," The madam responded, "We often kept in touch, and I've proven myself capable of not spreading gossip. King Mirion spoke to me about it at the temple in the castle.. He spoke of your company, Lady Alfdorn, and the people who fought yesterday. He sees promise in their strengths, that they might return his daughter safely." She was calm, though her expression softly edged with worry, "I'm hoping he is right, and lending a hand in the only way that I can."

Esra nodded, "I understand, Madam."

The Madam also nodded, morning light reflecting from her dark skin, "Then, let me show you what I have to offer." She stepped away from her position, moving behind the counter and setting jewelry onto a velvet cloth from a box. She also waved her hand towards the named displays, "The ones on the left have runes and augments. If you're curious about one, I will tell you its properties."

"You're giving us how much?" Bast questioned, his right brow raising as he glanced towards the jewels.

"You may each take one," Madam spoke, "I don't expect you to pay."

Esra nodded in understanding, stopping Bast from trying to get more out of her with a scolding stare. The disguise human pursed his lips and started looking over the displays.


Screaming Mute
The City's atmosphere was unique, a mixture of mourning and celebration never really went well together. It was like an immediate funeral of the events that had transpired, except it was just all too soon. All too fresh. And it was sad. Mission let out a sigh, distracting herself by cracking her fingers and keeping an eye on Guilty who seemed to wander and be quite restless. If anyone was taking this whole thing well it was her and the Goblin, she even noticed the bird didn't eat much if not anything at the table. They entered the store that Caven lead them to, her head snapped in the direction of the bird that kinda surprised her.

"I think we've all been a little restless." Mission piped in, looking up at the bird for a while and getting quite curious about it. Eventually she looked around, glancing at the Madam. Guilty was already being slightly rude and looking around with her hands going everywhere, Mission grabbed her by the collar and pulled her closely. Bopping a palm against the side of her cheek, it wasn't hard, just a warning shot.

The Guilty Goblin crossed her arms and pouted, "Guilty never touch anything."

"I saw you."

"Not. Was Illusion."

Mission didn't argue, she rolled her eyes. Her attention being drawn to the now presented Jewellery. Her eyes scan over them, her hand still gripping the Goblin's collar who was squirming every now and then.

"If they're to help us on such a delicate operation, would you mind going through each one's properties?..." Mission made an expression of slight guilt, she didn't mean to be so forward - her voice softening, "Your kindness is appreciated."


"Of course," The Madam nodded, "I apologize, I'm quite weary. The shelving on the left has names and short descriptions of items currently available if you wish to browse on your own." She looked down to the ones she had placed on the counter, gently placing her finger down next to a group of three rings. One was silver with gold ivy molded into the rims, "A ring of nature, The Seed. It allows the user to manipulate plants, but it has limits. It only works in areas where plant growth is possible. For example, If the soil is bad, or it's made of stone, the ring will be fairly useless. It also has a limited range, the area of effect is only six to seven feet around the wearer." She moved on to the second, a flat iron ring with runes embedded into it, "The Stone, an earth element. It encases the user or target in earth with an impenetrable defense, but greatly slows movement. " The third ring was next, a twisted, brass ring, "Blindeye. This one is releases a thick fog that only the wearer can see through naturally. The fog will slowly dissipate on its own, but is also hinders your company."

"I'll take this one," Bast spoke up from the left of the room, his eyes focused on a bland, golden band sitting next to a thin parchment beneath the glass. The Madam walked his side, the disguised human moving out of the way for her. She ran her fingers over the augmented wood rims of the display case, opening it and taking the ring from it.

"Are you sure this is the one you want?" She seemed slightly confused, "It is only a ring of sustenance."

"I'm sure, Madam," Bast held his hand out to her, "It has the most use to me." The high elf was surprised by this, but she placed it into his palm with a nod. Bast smiled at her, moving to lean against the wall next to the entrance.

"If you don't mind," Mircea directed the attention of the Madam towards himself, "May I buy one instead? I wont be joining the others."

"Yes, you may," The Madam nodded.

Mircea gave a kind smile before moving to look over the jewelry. Esra had replaced Bast at the left of the shop, scanning the items for something that caught her eye. The two seemed to come to a conclusion at the same time, Esra holding her hand up for the Madam to see while Mircea waited.

"These," She pointed to a set of studded earrings made of white gems, "Can you explain them further?"

The Madam's brows rose as she smiled slightly, "Ah, the twin stars. One is a purification augment, it keeps the wearer immune from poisons and diseases, and the other is a ward augment, which keeps those who use more... dark, or arcane magic from having affect if the user is targeted. However, it requires the user to have an abundant amount of magical energy themselves, as it is a constant stream of magic. The ward will also not work if the user becomes too confused or exhausted. "

Esra thought for a moment, her brows scrunching together before she nodded, "Yes, those. May I have them? I am pilling to pay for one if you'd like."

"It's alright, you can have them," The Madam seemed weakened some by Esra's offer, "Most customers overlook them, it is barely a loss on my end." She opened the cabinet and took the earrings from it, putting them in a small box laid out over the jewelry and handing the closed box to Esra. Esra placed it into her bag with a smile on her face.

"Thank you, Madam," Esra bowed, the shop keeper chuckling quietly in return.

"Now this," Mircea called her attention, "It says torc of cold resistance, can you explain further?"

"It is worn around the neck, or the wrist depending on the size you want. It keeps your body regulated at a safe temperature when exposed to extreme cold temperatures. Most use it to work or travel in the snow during winter, it's quite useful in that aspect. It does have a limit, that it must be left in the sun when not in use, and overuse of the item can cause mild fevers when removed."

Mircea nodded, "Alright, sounds good enough. How much?" He glanced over the thick, twisted metal as the Madam gave him a price, a hand fiddling with his money pouch as he pulled ten silver from it and handed it to her. She nodded and proceeded to retrieve it for him, wrapping it in a velvet cloth and handing it to the hybrid.


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As the Madam made the group aware of the other items in the shop they could browse, Mission let go of Guilty and gave her a stern look before approaching the rings presented to them. Guilty trotted over and scanned through some of the items to see what they may do - her hand lighting up with a little arcane energy as she identified the items.

Mission looked down at all the rings, rubbing her chin and thinking. "Honestly all of these could be of use... but I'm not going to take them all leaving you empty handed. For being so helpful you deserve... something." She rummages through her coin pouch and places 10 Gold pieces onto the counter. "Think of it as insurance, there is always the possibility that we don't succeed. I think we'll be getting more allies so, giving them each of these rings might work out better."

Guilty finally perked up after finding something, she grabs a box with two bangles in them and holds it up, "GUILTY TAKE THIS!? THANK YOU KIND LADY!" She trots out of the shop after Bast with a big grin on her face.


The Madam smiled, taking the coin after a moment, "Thank you, I appreciate it." She grabbed individual boxes to put the rings in, placing them inside and handing them to the Mission. Esra also placed a coin on the counter, a rather large gold coin with the King's face pressed into it. Caven returned from the back room with a glass cup of tea in his hand. He handed it to the Madam, his gaze shifting to Esra.

"We're leaving now, Caven," Esra spoke up, the human giving her a few nods in response, "I'll visit some time." She started to leave, Mircea joining her side.

"Please do," The Madam spoke as they exited.

"I almost feel like we stole from her," Mircea said when they were out of the store, the door closed behind them. Esra shook her head.

"No, don't worry about that," The sprite sighed and patted her dress, "I believe Mission needed to see the smith? Lets go then." She lead them forwards, not stopping to get a second opinion.

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