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Fantasy Aeon Storm

Dragon Slayer Arcos

Stealer of Thunder
Power.... That's what the world really boils down to, those that have it and those that don't.

In 2075 the world is a different place. Cities of glass float in the skies while sprawling city-scapes stretch across the land into the horizon. Flying vehicles whiz through the air while hard light holograms, sentient computer programs, sustainable energy, and a healthy environment exist in the background. During this time of growth and advancement, peace actually existed on Earth for a short time. As always however, peace never lasts. A scientist decided he wanted to take things to the next level. So he created behemoths with vast destructive potential and sold them to countries that offered the most money without conscious or common sense. Soon, a power struggle erupted between what was once Europe, now the Gran Kingdom, and what used to be the USA, now called Terra Prime.

The two sides clashed with incredible ferocity, their giant robots causing incredible devastation wherever they were used. Of course, the fights became more vicious. Enough so to gain someone else's attention. Soon balls of fire were raining from the sky, and new giant mechs of alien design began to fight against us. Their powers much more powerful than our own, humanity soon banded together once again, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend," and all that jazz. It's not exaggeration when I say we lost more than anything when we fought the aliens. But through the few small victories we humans managed to gain, scientists salvaged and reverse engineered the alien tech, using the alien components and materials to build two new mechs.

These new mechs, dubbed Aeons, were the very pinnacle of human advancement. However, no one could get them to work. No one knew why, for all diagnostics reported everything in working order with no errors. That is, until two seeming random people sat in the cockpits of the Aeons. After it seemed like the result would be the same, the Aeons' systems began to initialize for the first time. A bond, something beyond any understanding of science could be explained, were formed between the Aeons and their pilots in that instant, the giant war mechs seemingly choosing their own pilots.

And this is where our story begins, our two characters will have to learn on the fly and during missions what these extraordinary machines are capable of, why they chose us, and how to unlock all of the various and unique powers these might machines. It will be up to our two characters to turn the tide of war against our alien attackers before it is too late and humanity is destroyed. But what could be waiting in the future, corruption, lies, traps, and betrayal are all very good possibilities.

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