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Multiple Settings Adventures in Emerald Valley

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Adventure, Magical, Romance, Slice of Life


The Red One

Hello there! Have you heard of Emerald Valley? They say it's a sweet and cozy small town located in the countryside. They say it has some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the region, but mroe interestingly, they say it's a nice place to live for anyone who wants to live a relaxing and care-free life. But they also say there's something kind of strange about this little town. They tell the legend of a magical princess called Princess Natura, the princess who uses her magical powers to take care of nature and sometimes helps the citizens that do good deeds and have a pure heart. But that's just a legend. Some claim to have seen her by the Natura Lake, but there's no pictures of her to prove her existence. Anyway, I'm getting sidetrack, so why don't you go ahead and see what kind of adventures await you in this small and humble town if you do choose to stay. Have fun!


Welcome to this group roleplay interest check! So as you saw, this roleplay is set in a small rural town called Emerald Valley, a small and cozy place where you can live a nice life, make some good friends, and maybe even fall in love. Wait, what?

So in this roleplay you get to explore the lives of the people who live in this humble little town. Interact with the other people that live here, make friends, and keep your eyes open. While this roleplay may play as a slice-of-life or realistic roleplay for the most part, there's a small bit of fantasy to the setting that may show up from time to time. The legendary Princess Natura could be real, and furthermore, she might not be the only magical being to live in this place. But I'll let you find out more of that as you go on.

For the most part though, you'll be playing as if it were a realistic or modern slice of life roleplay. If you're a Harvest Moon fan, you'll be interested in knowing that the setting for this roleplay is slighty inspired by Harvest Moon games. And as such, romance will play a significant role in the story. Since it's a small town and everyone knows each other, there's bound to be crushes and relationships blossoming just as much as the crops in the farm. However, don't feel like your character has to fall in love. There's a lot of other things you can do: there's friends to make, drama and conflict between characters to deal with, and there's still that taste of fantasy in there for anyone interested in exploring that side a bit more. Overall, there's a lot of different things to explore, so I hope you find something in this roleplay that interests you!


The heart of any good roleplay are its characters. In Emerald Valley there's a wide variety of different people among the inhabitants. As a roleplayer, you won't be limited to only one character. So if you like to play multiple characters, I think you've found the right place for you. For the beginning I'll leave the character limit at 3 characters per person, but keep in mind that limit can go up as the roleplay moves on. You just have to prove you can handle multiple characters and give them all some spotlight, and then let me know if y-ou want more. But for those who want to stick to just one character, that's fine too!

The people in Emerald Valley all do different things that are necessary in order to keep the town going. I'm going to list a few different roles I think are important for the roleplay, so if you want to play one of these roles, let me know so I can mark it as taken. However, don't think you're limited to just choosing from these roles. If there's a particular thing you'd like your character to do that isn't mentioned here, let me know about it so we can add that in too!


- Farmer (This person will be in charge of the farm in town. Can be one or two characters.)
2/2 TAKEN JeloJellyJam JeloJellyJam & KennethPhoenix18 KennethPhoenix18

-Librarian (This person is in charge of the local library. Only one character should be in charge of this one.)
TAKEN BellePotter_Stormcloud BellePotter_Stormcloud

-Grocery Store (This person will be in charge of the local grocery store. One or two characters.)
TAKEN BoltBeam BoltBeam

-Diner Cook (This person will be the cook that works at the local diner. Only one character for this role please)
TAKEN Redfork2000 Redfork2000

-Diner Waiter/Waitress (This person is the waiter or waitress at the local diner. One character only.)
TAKEN BellePotter_Stormcloud BellePotter_Stormcloud

-Blacksmith (This person is in charge of, you guessed it, works at the blacksmith shop. He or she can repair tools, make new ones, etc. Probably one character for this)
TAKEN KennethPhoenix18 KennethPhoenix18

-Doctor (This will be the doctor that works at the local clinic. One character only)
TAKEN CaptainRustbolt21 CaptainRustbolt21

-Nurse (This will be the nurse that works at the local clinic. One character only)
TAKEN BoltBeam BoltBeam

-Miner (This person works in the mines, collecting valuable ore that is later used by the blacksmith or sold for money. One or two characters)
2/2 TAKEN Redfork2000 Redfork2000 lilbean lilbean

-Carpenter (This is the person who works with wood. He chops down the wood and uses it to build stuff, be it furniture, or even buildings if need be.)
TAKEN Redfork2000 Redfork2000

-Fisherman (This person lives by the shore, and is in charge of fishing, providing seafood for everyone in town. One character only)
TAKEN CaptainRustbolt21 CaptainRustbolt21

-Seamstress (The person in charge of making clothes, and owns the clothings shop in town. One character only)
TAKEN CaptainMarvelous CaptainMarvelous

-Mayor (Simple enough, he's the mayor of the town, and in charge of keeping everything in order. One character only)
TAKEN CaptainRustbolt21 CaptainRustbolt21

-Secretary (This is the person helping the mayor keep his agenda organized and helps with the filing and organizing. One character only)
TAKEN prettypessimist prettypessimist

-Reporter (This person came to Emerald Valley to research the supernatural activity taking place here. One character only)
TAKEN lilbean lilbean

-Witch (A person who has studied magic and can use crystals and herbs to perform spells or brew potions. One character only)
TAKEN CaptainMarvelous CaptainMarvelous

-Businessman (A person who leads a major corporation, who has interests in exploiting some of the region's natural resources. One character only)
TAKEN Redfork2000 Redfork2000

-Flower Store Owner (The person in charge of running the local flower store)
TAKEN Vagabond Spectre Vagabond Spectre

Those are the roles I have in mind for the roleplay, but as I mentioned, these aren't the only roles your character can fill. If you have an idea that wasn't mentioned here, let me know and I'll see if we can add it in.

Another important thing to remember is that our "main characters" will be young adults in their early to mid-twenties. This is to ensure all the main characters are roughly the same age and thus it'll be easier for relationships to develop between the different characters. However, there can be "side characters" who are relatives with the main characters. These characters can also fill the roles mentioned above. Like in Harvest Moon, there can be some main characters who don't fill one of these roles, but have a relative like a parent who does is instead, so there's definitely a lot of wiggle room here. For example, maybe the mayor isn't one of the "main characters", but his daughter is, or maybe the leading carpenter is a middle-aged man and his two helpers are his nephews, who are in "main character" age. Or the waitress can have a grandmother and a younger brother who is a kid. So get creative!

One last thing I must mention is that I'm only comfortable with MxF pairings. This is in no means meant to show any prejudice towards anyone, and I respect everyone as they are, but I'd prefer if we stick to straight characters throughout the roleplay.


-As in any other roleplay on this site, you must follow the rules of this site.

-No godmodding (taking control of other people's characters)

-Be respectful to each other at all times.

-Please post everything in the correct thread. There will be a thread for character sheets, another for OOC chat, and another for IC action, so please don't post character sheets in the OOC thread, OOC chat in the IC thread, or anything else where it doesn't belong.

-I won't impose a post length requirement, as I know that not everyone can produce lengthy posts, but please do your best to offer high-quality posts. Put effort into them.

-If you have any questions or suggestions, you can PM me for help.

I think that's all that needs to be said, so hopefully you're interested. I'll wait for a few people to show interest in the roleplay before making the other threads. Have a good day!​
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Here Lie 222
I may or may not back out of this after joining it due to real life happenings (subject to change). to which case if I do, free up my roles for everyone else.

So on that note, I want these roles, that I wanna play...
>Grocery store


Loved by Christ
I'm interested in the blacksmith if that role is still available. I may grab another role. I just haven't decided yet, but blacksmith for sure.


Professional Queer
I was thinking of a reporter coming into town researching the supernatural activity. This might help bring in the fantasy aspect. If you have any objections I would be happy to grab the secretary role! :)


The Red One
I was thinking of a reporter coming into town researching the supernatural activity. This might help bring in the fantasy aspect. If you have any objections I would be happy to grab the secretary role! :)
Actually, the idea of a reporter sounds great! I think it's a very good idea. I'll go ahead and add it in!


The Red One
No problem. I'm really excited now that more people are joining in. I'll give some more time to see if anyone else wants to join before starting the IC thread. However, I'll go ahead and make the CS thread and the OOC thread for now.


The Red One
Ok, the CS thread and the OOC chat thread are ready! Here they are:

CS Thread:

OOC Thread:



Could I possibly be a 'witch'? Like more of the modern witch with crystals and herbs and such, not so much the creepy curse placing one lol
Also I'd like to be the seamstress

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