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Fantasy Adventure/Thriller/Drama RP

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The Search
Someone who writes in third person, past-tense prose.

Someone who is fairly literate. A few mistakes here and there are fine but if there are enough mistakes to ruin the flow of the writing, that's no good for me. A few mistakes entail one or two in a five-paragraph post.

Someone who would double would be great, but it is not required. If there are more characters, it seems as though the world is more real. While I may play many characters, there will still be a primary character, despite the fact that they may not be present at all given times. That being said, I have no gender preference as to who I play against (f, m, or nb). I am also comfortable playing any gender.

I don't care about the pairings so whatever you're comfortable with I can do.

I do not want to play against a damsel in distress who waits for others to rescue them while doing nothing themselves. There is only so much that can be done when a character won't help him/herself in some way, even something so simple as extending a hand or prayer for help. I do not want to play against a Mary Sue. The world does not revolve around anyone, so don't try to force this written world to revolve around a single character. There are multiple focus characters but I don't think that any one focus character should be a protagonist of the story since the story is being written by two individuals and will follow the story arcs of multiple characters.

Please PM me if you are interested!

Please Include:
-Time Zone
-Experience writing and RPing
-Threads or pms
-Average reply length
-Average reply frequency
-Can you read BBCode on your device usually?
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All of these are subject to modification!

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Plot Ideas
It began one day when the sky appeared to split. A streak of black lightning broke up the clear blue sky. The thunder that accompanied this phenomenon seemed to make the very earth shake. As the crack in the sky widened, it showed a vast darkness that seemed to suck the warmth from the atmosphere and streams of black fog trickled down from the fissure. Panic swept across the land, as many believed the world to be ending, but before the world could fall into disarray, the sky returned to normal. It was not more than a day that the sky was torn before it was restored. That was believed to be the end of things.

While the general population knew not of the real cause of the rift, there were those in the shadows who were forced to move against that which had bled through the cracks. The drips of black fog had touched down on the ground in empty areas, so as to not be seen by the inhabitants of the planet. These horrific creatures had invaded this foreign planet and although there were no witnesses to their arrival, there were a few who knew of their coming. The Maji were forced to react to the invasion.

To fight against the invasion of these creatures from the rift, the Maji revived an ancient ritual that was used to summon powerful spirits as familiars. The battle began between the Maji and those who had emerged from the other side of the gate, the Ryfters. The Ryfters were found to consume energy in a manner similar to vampires of ancient mythology. While they never killed their targets, the targets also had no memory of the attack.
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