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Fandom advanced literate search - fandom and oc - always looking


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A little about me: My name is Jack. I'm 24. I've been roleplaying for over half of my life. I'm on leave from work and have way too much time on my hands for some good roleplays.

ground rules / guidelines: (please read, like. please. it's short.)

This thread is for fandom/OC search. I ALWAYS prefer the dominant role, and I stick to playing males most of the time. Bring me your female OCs and male submissives, I will love them. I roleplay M/M, M/F and F/F.

  • My preferred roleplays are romance based, but that is absolutely negotioable.
  • I don't have roleplay limits, so please make yours clear to me so our time together is safe and fun. Only contact me if you're age 18 or older, I'm not comfortable roleplaying with minors.
  • I will tell you my schedule, and it would be nice if I could know yours so that we can coordinate when we'll both be online. Not mandatory, but it will establish times that we're both online.
  • I like multiple replies a day. That being said, I understand when people have bad days, don't feel like writing or get busy; it happens to me too. Just let me know, I will always understand.
  • I prefer to be able to discuss our roleplay over an IM; I have discord and Skype. Again, not mandatory, but we'll probably get closer that way.
  • When I look for roleplay partners, I'm also looking for friends. Roleplaying for me is a serious hobby, and I've made quite a few online friends this way. I would love to get to know you personally, but I will not push your boundaries.
  • When I say advanced lit, I mean it. I'm looking for a certain level of skill and writing ability. I am a very strong writer and I'm looking for people who are also strong writers. That being said, the quality of writing is much more important than quantity, but of course no one liners.
  • I love AU ideas, please suggest them if you have them. Basically anything goes.
  • The fandoms I have listed will not include all possible pairings. If you see a fandom you like, but not the pairing, let me know. I'll probably be up for it.
  • I prefer M/M, but I will do M/F or F/F. My number of female OCs is limited, I have many more males for us to work with if we decide not to do a fandom roleplay.
  • Forum or PM are fine with me as for medium, but I'm flexible.

  • You can respond here, but sending me a private message would be ideal.
Now finally for fandom pairings and whatnot; * means I'm really craving this kind of roleplay. The italicized and bolded role is my preference on who to play.

NOTE: like I said, these lists of pairings are NOT exhaustive, if you have any suggestions, by all means throw them at me. (for some of them, I couldn't come up with specific pairings anyway)

TV Shows

Steven Universe***
Lapis Lazuli/Peridot




Pretty Little Liars


How To Train Your Dragon

Fantastic Beasts

Star Trek**

Star Wars*****
Kylo Ren/OC***
Kylo Ren/Hux***
Kylo Ren/Rey***
Han Solo/Luke Skywalker (modern AU)

Harry Potter
idk, you tell me

Bruce Wayne/Catwoman

Video Games

Life Is Strange**

Kingdom Hearts

The Last of Us

Resident Evil
Leon Kennedy/OC or canon

Dragon Age Origins, Dragon Age II, Inquisition

The Legend of Zelda

Tales Of Symphonia

setting for OCs


Fullmetal Alchemist

Death Note

Now, onto original content. Face claims for these characters are available upon request. I only use real face claims and no not accept anime face claims from my writing partners. Drawings and other art are permitted. These are some of my more polished characters, but the list does not include every character in my repertoire. I prefer modern settings for OCs and tend to stray into darker themes. That being said, I am always open to discuss fantasy, supernatural (angels, demons, werewolves, etc.) or medieval themes and I am more than willing to create new characters to write with.

Original Characters

Joseph Fein
Age: between 30 and 40
Gender: CIS male
Orientation: bisexual
Nationality: caucasian
Occupation: drug dealer / hit man
Basic Personality: flirtatious, laid back, loyal

Alex Fein
Age: between 18 and 25
Gender: CIS male
Orientation: straight, closeted bi-curious
Nationality: caucasian
Occupation: mechanic or student dependent on age
Basic Personality: rebellious, mischievous

Salvatore Giodani
Age: between 20 and 30
Gender: CIS male
Orientation: bisexual
Nationality: caucasian
Occupation: tattoo artist / singer
Basic Personality: easy going, kind, compassionate, creative

Jaimie Greyson
Age: between 18 and 25
Gender: Trans female
Orientation: straight
Nationality: caucasian
Occupation: none. homeless.
Basic Personality: naive, fiery, rebellious

Missy Cho
Age: between 18 and 25
Gender: CIS female
Orientation: straight/bicurious
Nationality: Chinese Canadian
Occupation: fashion student
Basic Personality: vain, selfish, witty

Robyn Pettimore
Age: 24-25
Gender: Transgender Male
Orientation: bisexual
Nationality: Japanese Canadian
Occupation: med student
Basic Personality: straightforward, easily attached

Kemii Lu

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I would so be up for a TLOU role play, the next one is probably the game I'm most looking forward to. The feels man.

Though, it doesn't look like you're overly craving that one?


wears heelies to escape their feelies
I think we exchanged Discords before, I'd love to RP with you, perhaps with originals, if you don't mind giving me another chance. : )
Here's a sample of my writing, if you're curious.

So came a particular shade of tumult to the facility, abrupt, taut as a strung wire, however, not of the abnormal. A cacophonous din erupted in the hospital in rumorous spillage whenever a miserly soul became admitted to the hellhole known as Laurel Ridge. Accommodated with ivory pigmented walls and tiled floors, many viewed the enclosing achromatism disconcerting; the smell of chemicals permeated through the air, the smell of the sick, ailing in ways where the traits of such illnesses might not unfurl in manifestations physical to the untrained eye. Of course, they elected to section all inmates- as he coined it- to individualistic wards associated with need as apropos, and marvel among his had reached a climax.

However, Elias, svelte frame nestled into a corner, perched on the edge of a recliner, the prominence of his skeletal figure clad in a baggy sweater that created the perception of weightlessness that he ever so lavished in, endeavoring to stray from the discordance. Donning scrub pants about double his size, knotted fast to affix around his jutting hip bones, Eli could find no grievances in regards to his wardrobe today, for it served its convoluted purpose to conceive distortion when he glimpsed his appearance in the mirror.
A pill lay under his tongue, acrid and bitter, dissolving; a sleep-aid, Ambien as it was, one he pilfered prior, how being his little secret, yet, despite pursuing a high, the fervent impulse for inebriation, it did not lessen his nuisance at the turbulence around him, that perpetual chattering of the restless.
Beside him propped a smaller man, scars marring the span of his forearms, and, moreover, if one perceived, the blemishing to his pallid skin appeared to be the result of self-mutilation.
Relatable, truly. Along the length of Elias's forearms bore similar marks, although he kept his obscured beneath articles of clothing.

Elias's meticulous glower flicked to a clock mounted on the wall, ticking with an audibleness grating and reverberating in his ears like a hum- a terrible reminder that time crawled at a sluggish, sufferable pace in this damnable place.
Furthermore, it served as a remembrance that the nurses would be taking medication rounds soon, drugging patients until reduced to the ambulating dead in function; patients certainly including himself, urging forth exasperation vehement.

"Y'know, i-it's S-smoke break s-soon, Eli, y-you think the new p-person w-will-"
Stammering came from Ben, who clenched his own hands in a wrenching, clutch stemming from neurosis, blossoming into a habit.
Also gaunt, Ben's emaciation matched Elias's, and his bony knuckles struck out with evident recesses between them.

"No, I don't particularly care about the new person, nor to speculate if our ward will be their new home, I don't listen to the grapevine, Ben."
Retaining a fractious mood, Elias came across brusque in his statements, rolling fierce, hazel eyes upward as if fancied Ben's vexatious self elsewhere, especially as he had lugged his entirety from bed to this position, to skirt past the rumor-mill. Since his brusque utterance, Ben fell into a reticence, and Eli sought rapture in it; everyone played the part of bothersome gnats with mouths fluttering like droning wings today, with the whole ward brimming with jabber.
Given such ruckus, Elias surmised the hapless sod would be coming to their ward, one for adults, both male and female, although, they kept the rooms gendered and apart, so a yawning gap lay between the two. The trickling of patients in their ward stalled in eventuality, and, perhaps that indeed was why everyone could not contain their un-collective shit.

In the meanwhile, two nurses, of whom Elias held no fondness for, corralled the idlers and gossipers up for medication like cattle, encouraging "hushed voices," which elicited a snort from Elias; there would be no tranquility until the newcomer made their grand reveal.
For now, Ben withdrew with a curt nod, while Elias opted not to stir for he found medication time to be abhorrent, albeit, it was to no avail. One of the nurses brought him a minuscule plastic cup, topfull with a myriad of meds indicated for a multitude of disorders.
Expectant the nurse who handed him the medications gave him a connotative glare and Eli knew the unraveling of what it meant.
While holding inclination to obstinacy, he swallowed the medications in one gulp, aversion striking him as they slid down his gullet, however, he endured.
These medications gave him the urge to eat, with an insatiable hunger perturbing. Of course, such hunger became bestial in the turmoil of his ruminating mind creating a complete and utter fervent fear. As usual, when not under the sights of a nurse, with a sliver of pain, he expectorated the medications. Especially since on agog days such as these where, despite his agitation, intrigue burrowed through him, piqued- something inclination would allow admittance of, and therefore, he chose not to be sedated.

With the stolen Ambien kindled in effect throughout him, the room seemed to waver, moving like wild tides, and a sensation of being upon a rocking ship encompassed him.
Steadiness from acclimation to the hallucinogenic effect, Elias lumbered to the front of the room, near the exit that promised freedom. Two guards awaited him, yet he lingered, loitering; what was he waiting for, it seemed elusive from his wrenching clutches.

In the meanwhile, relinquished from the ordeal that is check-in- something that imprinted trepidation in Elias- was the new patient of which he bumped into an accident brought about by intoxication. At once, his body colliding into a petite frame, willowy as his, bone met bone, and he stepped backward, almost stumbling, taking in a girl with gray, monochrome strands of tendriled hair long and mane-like, with piercing eyes of a peculiar violet that took Elias back.
There was no disputing she had an engaging visage.

"Fuck, watch it."
Feigning ignorance that he had been responsible for the collision, Eli snapped, embittered for no particular reason besides his current vicious disposition.
"Oh, it's you, the newbie, who's caused quite the bustle. Welcome to hell, what are you in for?"
Given her emaciation of which he perceived during their clash, he could figure a semblance of theory what in part delivered her here.



☆ Hello !! I'd be really keen to do a roleplay with you ! I wouldn't mind a Skyrim setting, or Kylo Ren / OC, that could be really interesting. If it's okay, i'd love to PM and discuss !!


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Hello hello! I'm not positive if I contacted you or not yet but I would love to roleplay with you through an IM! I'd love to do a Life is Strange roleplay and more often then not lean towards Grahamscott (Im a softy to play my boy Nathan,) but i'd also be super open to play Max for a Pricefield rp! I've just never done it before so im not sure how great ill be!


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Hey there! I was wondering if you’d be interested in a Resident Evil RP. If so, I’ll PM you and include some information about myself. I hope to hear from you ^ ^

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