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This was my first interest check. Anything you think I should improve on it?

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Jacie 💕
— Pinkity's Interest Check !
fantasy and fluff.
01. introduction.
Hello everyone! I'm Jacie, but you can call me Pinkity, and welcome to my first interest check! I looked around at free BBCode/freebies that I was allowed to use for this so it looks nice and appealing! Anyways, lets start this intro!

To start off, I've been roleplaying since I was 16, so I have 4 years of experience (which of course makes me 20 if you need to know my age)! If I recall correctly, my first ever roleplay was an Angel x Demon roleplay where the roles were swapped a bit with the angel being the more flirty and dominant person while the demon was more quiet and got embarrassed easily, whereas usually it'd be the other way around. That roleplay lasted a few months, and my Roleplay style somehow went from semi literate to advanced literate in that time, which my roleplay partner found surprising as well.

Out of character, I'm pretty chill! I'll gladly keep a separate private chat open for us to just chill out and chat about things like the roleplay or movies that we watch, that kinda of stuff. I also love to make memes, oh boy do I ever enjoy to do that. Memes give me life. I'll most likely make jokes about our pairing. For example, here's a meme from one of my current roleplays:

Keneth: "Are you from Tennessee? Cause you're one of the ten I see ahahah."
Liz: "Wait one of the ten... You're seeing nine other girls?!"
Kenneth: "Wait I didn't mean it like that I'm sorry baby - "
Liz: "Are they hot? :O "

Oh boy the memes we've made for Kenneth and Liz are beautiful. But anyways! I don't really have much else to add so lets move on! <3

02. rules.
RULE 01. Please actually be advanced literate! I'm talking 4 para minimum, 7 para maximum.

RULE 02. I only have female OCs, so MxF and FxF pairings! I plan on creating a character storage with my OCs on here soon, but I can still absolutely send them in DMs! Also, I'm not too good at doubling or tripling, so I'd like to stick with one pairing please! I can play one or two background characters here and there though. Also this is important to mention: I use anime face claims and character descriptions on my end! I don't like to use realistic face claims!! They kind of creep me out since they are real people.

RULE 03. I'm going to be real here: slow burn isn't my thing. I like medium burn or fast burn, or even no burn at all with them already being a couple! I also don't do platonic relationships.

RULE 04. I don't like to vaguely plot! I want to set up the setting completely and make sub plots!

RULE 05. If the site ever crashes or if you end up not wanting to roleplay on here anymore, you can still roleplay with me via Tumblr or via Email! I won't link those in this interest check because of the site rules not wanting offsite links in internet checks, but I have my Tumblr on my profile and I can send my Email in DMs! Of course, those are just backup options, and I'd much prefer to keep the roleplay on here since this site seems like such an amazing place to roleplay!

RULE 06. Please reach out to me via a DM!

RULE 07. Not a rule and not required at all so only do this if you want to, but tell me your favorite color when you DM me! Mine is a tie between baby pink and flamenco red. They're both just such hype colors!

03. pairings/plots.
Bolded character is who I want to take! I gave a brief description of what I imagine the setting for that pairing to be like beneath it!

Mage x Apprentice
In a world where magic fills every nook and cranny of every home, a world where magical creatures like unicorns and Phoenix's are kept as pets, is a talented mage whose magic is like non other. And their apprentice? A clumsy girl who tries her best to learn from them and admires them greatly. This plot would be the magic filled journey of the mage and their apprentice as the apprentice learns from her beloved mage.

Angel x Demon
An angel and demon cross paths, but they're breaking stereotypes. The angel, a flirty and absolutely gorgeous person, the demon, a shy and more nerdy looking girl. The angel is still a goody two shoes who keeps the rules and the demon is still a sinful gal who does sinful things, but their personalities seem completely out of place when they talk to each other in the in between, the place that divides Heaven and Hell. This plot would be the journey of two complete opposites who weren't even supposed to meet in the first place fight the stereotypes of their worlds and fall deeper and deeper in love.

Vampire x Princess
Magical creatures are highly feared in this kingdom. Because of this fear, witches are burned at the stake, werewolves are turned into tomorrow's dinner, and vampires are tortured till death. But what happens when a princess and a vampire are childhood best friends and love each other? This plot is the story of a forbidden romance sparked between two entirely different species, and they fight to make sure their love prevails.

Mage x Her Familiar
In a world where magic fills every nook and cranny of every home, a world where magical creatures like unicorns and Phoenix's are kept as pets, is a talented mage whose magic is like non other. And her familiar is her best friend and surprisingly the one she loves.
(side note on this! Familiars are demons who shapeshift and serve/help a witch, but in this case, a mage)
This plot is the adventure that a mage and her familiar go on, finding more reasons to love each other on the way.

04. conclusion.
Thank you for resign through this! If you want to roleplay, then please remember to contact me via DMs!

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