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Adam Russo


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"Everybody has a chapter that they don’t want to read out loud"

Name: Adam Russo

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Birthday: December 31

Track: Adam doesn’t really have a track, he just wants to graduate so his grandparents will leave him alone.

Face claim: Stephen James

Roleplayed and written by: @Sasil


With a taut jaw and a resting ‘bitch’ face that show the world his emerald green eyes, Adam seems to be the man of every girl’s dreams. A side way smile from having bell’s palsy when he was only 15 years old,while at the time he was very self conscious about it now it is a trick he uses to get girls to do his bidding. In the right situation of course. No one can say no to a side smirk or smile. He stands at his tallest 6’7 but he has a bit of a slouching posture which brings him down to a 6’6. A mop of dark hair covers his head in a permanent ‘I just woke up’ kind of look, it’s naturally a little wavy so it’s a plus to his appearance. His nose is broken though so it goes off to the side from being punched in the face one to many times, but he finds it to be a bit of an enduring attribute to his face so he pushes the thought to the side.

Up and down his arms you will find many, many tattoos that range in meanings to how cool they are. He also has a large on his back that he only really shows off when he is sleeping or going to the beach with friends. Almost all his tattoos on his body have some kind of meaning; like on his neck he got when he was in a desperate situation in his life or his very first tattoo that he got when he was still in his old high school, a raven sitting on a skull that can be found on his right shoulder blade.

Though Adam is fond of his tattoos he knows very well that people do not appreciate them like he does so he likes to wear long sleeves with or a leather jacket and black pants. Nothing to fancy for him.


Adam harbors more resentment for the world then a 19 year old should truly harbor. He feels like the outsider of any kind of group and likes to be a lone more than being around many people. Because of his moving from place to another he hardly has time to get to know people, therefor he stops trying. At each new school he makes the same impression. He is a trouble maker; he likes to bully and push people into doing stupid things and won’t stop laughing till he is good and ready. Especially if it is on someone else head.

He has a dry sense of humor, almost dark and what he finds funny others might not. But with him failing to graduate back in Italy, and being transferred to a pretensous new school he has to be on his best behavior. Otherwise he will be sent to something even worse. You may ask what but he would rather not think about it.

While he doesn’t go out of his way to talk to people, and truly he hates most, if you where to getto know him you might find out that the guy is nothing but a big grumbling bear that, in his center he is a nice guy.

If you are lucky to gain his trust, his friendship he will, without any thought kill for you and protect you from anything and anyone.

As a promise to his mother, he is trying to turn over a new leaf; but his short fuss is still easier to start but hard to put out. He is more likely to punch someone hard in the face then to try and talk it out. His feelings are too hard to try and explain.


+ To play the piano, picked it up to calm his nerves after a long day

+ Cats, dogs—animals in general he has a habit of talking Italian to them when he is alone

+ Smoking, another thing to calm his nerves

+ Tea and coffee


- People judging him before they even speak to him

- Spoiled people who never had to work a day in their lives

- Doctors, police etc.


- Shakes his knees when he is sitting down when he is anxious or needs another smoke.

- Cracks his knuckles and neck a lot.

- Used to grind his teeth a lot.

- Resting bitch face—he almost always looks like he is pissed

- Speaks fluent Italian

- Can preform a number of magic tricks, he finds the idea of quick hands to be very useful for when he liked to steal things as a kid.

- Steals. A lot. He’s trying to stop but the rush is to great from getting away with it.

Favorite Memories

xx. A quiet afternoon in the small apartment that a small 5-year old Adam and his mother sitting at a small electronic piano. His mother was an amazing pianist; and taught him from a young age. She used it to help him with his anger, and his pain and that afternoon was quiet an it was one of the times he remembers being happy.

xx. Getting a tattoo in the name of his mother, she was there when he got it but he paid for it before she died. It is a small musical note that is just behind his ear.

xx. Going to the zoo and seeing the tigers when he was little with his mother. He really loved his mom.

xx. Embarrassing Memory: Stuttering when he was a pre-teen, before he become a complete hard ass. He had a hard time speaking and getting his words out and people would make fun of him. His English wasn’t very good either, but his Italian was the best around.

Life Story:

“I’ll save you the sob fest.”

Abusive father; mother running desperately trying to escape the clutches of a man who says ‘he will change’ but never does. That is how Adam’s life started out. Finally around the age of 16 he was freed from his father’s arms when the man was killed by a drunk driver. With the man gone Adam’s mom tried to fix the mess that turned out to be her son. It wasn’t going well from the moving and constant bullying from always being the new kid he found his own place in life. The asshole you ran from in the hallways. Or the cool kid, though really he wasn’t that cool. In his lowest moments in life he considered himself to the loser of the century, but like hell you would ever find him saying that to a living breathing person.

Soon after he moved to the city to be closer to his mothers parents, the ones who wrote the two of them off as ‘betrayers’ and never helped when Adam’s mother asked for it. After the move though tragedy happened and their only daughter turned sick and weak. Before Adam knew it he was alone once again, he tried his best to get his mother to a doctor but not having much income at the time nothing worked and soon she was gone.

His grandparents felt ashamed for how they treated their daughter and the son she had had and tried their best to help him. But Adam turned against them and caused more trouble than he was worth. After so much issues with his stealing and getting mixed with the wrong groups they had enough and shipped him off to one of the most prestigious schools around hoping that the strict school would mold him into being a better man, and more like the angel his mother was.

Writing Sample

Adam looked down at his old flip phone in disbelief. “How the fuck did they find me?” He frowned looking over the number again before seeing the address of the place they wanted to met up. He hadn’t seen his old peeps since middle school which seemed a lot longer then 4 years. Shit he hated thinking of that little tidbit that was his life.

Closing the screen he stuffed the piece of crap phone into his pocket before standing to his feet putting the smoke he had been enjoying out on the bottom of his shoe. “Guess it won’t hurt to stop by…Wonder how everyone is doing.” He mumbles to himself before crossing the street. Having lived in the busiest city in the world he knew what he was doing. He took a short cut threw an alleyway, ignoring the looks that people seemed to be giving him before he found himself on the main side walks. Looking down at the address once more he sighed cracking his knuckles once more seeing the building in sight. He had to collect his thoughts—these people probably didn’t have the best thoughts of him but he was in need of some kind of human contact that didn’t involve trigonometry or history school work. Perhaps they would welcome him with open arms.

Yeah. That wasn’t going to happen. “If it sucks…I’m leaving.” He told himself before entering the fancy building. He scanned the room looking for any faces that seemed to be familiar, perhaps he wasn’t going to be able to recognize anyone. Before he knew it though he found the small group that had arrived. Slowly he made his way towards it stuffing his hands into the pockets of his leather jacket.
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