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Fantasy Acts of Rebellion

Which Option do you prefer? Please do not vote unless seriously interested.

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Sub Genres
Adventure, Horror, Magical, Realistic


Option 1
Premise - a small bus load of teenagers (juniors and seniors, coed) is drawn into a fantasy realm where they will soon face dangers beyond their wildest dreams.

Each of these teens has survived recent horrors. Perhaps the family died. Perhaps they were hostages. Perhaps they survived being in a crossfire between gangs and saw several friends die. Maybe they were at a sniper shooting where numerous people got killed. Whatever it was, it was bad, but they survived.

Option 2
Premise - College students on Spring Break. Age 18-21

Option 3
Or a roleplaying group - basically a bunch of geeks. (Age 18-21)

This will not be the nice sort of fantasy realm with elves and dwarves laughing and singing merrily. (No, they are likely at war.) For that matter there will be quite a few other races in the mix. The realm is in a Dark Age. Feudal lords fight against one another. Bandits and brigands raid villages. The land is divided, chaotic. It is not a socially advanced world. If you act like a victim, you will soon become one. Flash a little wealth, and you will probably lose your life.

The group will awaken in an Inn, supplied with various gear. (I will throw in some hints that some of it is magic.)

Yes, you will need a CS.
Please no animated gifs, but yes, you need a good clear pic for your character.
Your CS needs to be well-written - coherent. I want something people can skim through and get a fair idea of your personality without having to know every detail. In other words, people should get tired of trying to read your CS.
No wimpy liabilities.

I am looking for literate writers.
Posts will be in 3rd person, past tense.
500 word minimum posts. (At least try. I want to push some skills here. But I do realize that conversations make length tough. We can be a little lenient there. But try to get at least a couple paragraphs.)
Please, no animated gifs.
Include a pic of your character - or a link to your CS post - with your posts.



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