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  1. NEXUS

    "eh not necessarily...he wasn't looking for sex,motheal is no cheap slut. " he told him sternly with a growl. he continued to float behind him."honestly,he's very complex compared to what you probly think...maybe you should try to apologize to him.."
  2. "Look. You." drawled Belial. "I don't know about you, but I think some random cutie coming up to sit on your lap is a little weird. But I guess I went a bit overboard. And would you stop with that twisting around- it's making my head spin."

    Missy yapped.

  3. NEXUS

    "nexus not you." he huffed and came hovering beside him twitching his ears. he exhaled. "it's how he is and he can't help it..." nexus told him waving his stubs. nexus looked like rabbit sprite thingy from a anime or something made from shadows.

  4. "Nexus." Belial paused, thinking. "Hey, isn't that a computer program or something?"

    Missy nipped his heel and he let out a yelp and glared at her. "Hey! Bad! Bad dog!" Belial yelled. "No!"

    Missy blew a raspberry and ran off, leaving Belial spouting a range of obscenities.

  5. @mewbot5408

    • His phone let out a loud series of hallelujahs and Belial fished it out. Swiping right, he held it to his ear.

      "Hello? Who is this?" he growled.

      A cheery voice came from the other end. It made him freeze. "Belial! I hope you haven't antagonized anyone today!"

      "G-Gabriel." Muttered Belial. "No, I haven't. I. Have not."

      "That's good!" Gabriel continued happily. "Because we all know what happened LAST TIME, didn't we?"

      "Y- yes..." Belial stammered. "Nothing bad has happened. I made new friends and Missy is fine."

      There was a pause. "You bought your dog to school?"

      "YES! NO! I mean, no, I did not bring my dog to school, and she did not bite me nor run away from me."

      You could literally hear the disapproval emanating from the other end.

      "Belial, I am so disappointed in you. I expe-"

      "Oh look, I have herbology! BYE! BYE, UNCLE GABE!"


      Belial hung up. There seemed to be a thin film of sweat on his skin.

    • Missy ran full-pelt into Motheal. She yelped and collapsed into a furry heap at his feet. Belial is being accosted by a floating rabbit thing! Help! Help! Halp! Halp! Halp! Weird guy, Belial i-
  6. nexus sighed shaking his head. "NO! i've had this name my whole life!" the spirit stated and started flying in circles like crazy. motheal soon stepped out of nowhere basically(he controls portals) and walked towards the poodle crouching down. not realizing that missy was belial's dog or anything he gently reached out with a small treat coaxing her. "...hello there,where did you come from?" he asked softly and smiled. when it can to animals and the spirits he was comfortable, he was able to let them see his softer sides and emotions. he let his guard down easier. he gently petted her picking her up. "'s ok." he told her gently petting her head and carried her in the direction of belial and nexus. he continued to comfort the sweet puppy gently and gave nexus a stern look. "nexus. what did you do this time?" he asked putting her down with his hands on his hips as nexus floated over with a creepy smile. "n-nothing,mothy.." he said and floated over and materialized into a black rabbit thing curling around motheal's neck. "i swear if you do one more thing i'm taking away all your candy privileges!"
  7. Chouette´s eyes appeared again, as he talked about the things and tools he would own. She was interested, to say the least. Then however, he held out his hand, for her to take. The kiss. Chouette didn´t know what to do. This would be her first kiss and she didn´t even know how to really do it. The owls noticed her sudden uncertainty, but they knew, she did want that page. Therefore, they kept nudging the girl towards him, signalizing to just give him her hand. Chouette nodded slightly, putting down her cup and giving him his hand. She was slightly shivering. BUt that was nervousness, not fear.
  8. Sewell took the Chouette's hand, feeling her shivering. He moved closer to her before leaning forward. To help her nervousness he decided to use his charm early as his face got closer to hers. Sewell stared into her eyes as a warmth emanated from around him, "Don't be nervous, I'll lead." He whispered. Eventually his lips found hers, and he locked them together in what was surely Chouette's, and Sewell's, first kiss. He held the kiss for many seconds before pulling away. His eyes glowing a soft amber color as a result of the charm and ritual magic. He held onto Chouette's hand expecting her to move away herself if she wanted. He didn't really know how she would react. Sure they were just doing business but Sewell slipped in a bit more than just a deal.
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  9. Chouette´s face felt mostly human. Even when he came close to it, no matter how hard he tried or what abilities he tried to use, he could not see anything, but those glowing yellow eyes. Once his lips touched hers, those eyes however closed as well. Chouette did not pull away out of many reasons, the one she tried to tell herself was dominant, was that she wanted him to see the deal as accepted. When they did pull away, her glowing eyes opened again. She took a few seconds, a little hoot coming from her, before she spoke. "Are you now satisfied? Is the deal now sealed?", she nervously inquired.
  10. Bukhita Barbara Esmeralda
    A beautiful 6"5'tall girl walked into the auditorium as though it was her first day and looking around sat next to a seat she just happened to know the person but did not recognize him she spoke in a high pitched even for a female but also breathy voice and said, " hello Mr rat how is the school so far for you...?

    Bart: I can not complain I am sitting in the middle of a slew of tall beau...?

    They recognized each other now​
    They jumped back for each other and in his half moon stance and her double chop stance began to fight, talking so they could hear only each other moving fast they began to debate,
    Buki: "last time I saw you you were nursing a bad wound let me help you..."

    Bart: "No I do not need your help" he said landing a blow on her blocking arm, "I would rather not be drained of my energy"

    Buki:"but I have changed and even whe- oh I have had enough of this," she grew to 10 feet and put her foot on him ending the fight and pinning him to the ground of the stage, the fight was over
    When the teachers came into the room Bart said,
    "Arrest her please she is Barbarella the butcher of men's hearts" everyone seemed to hush or gasp at that as she held up a paper the said she is excused from her crimes pending a scholarship at this school (which she had) and becoming a cleric, he was out of line...He said "I-I was wrong to assume..." the teachers said it was up to her how he was to be handled she whispered into the head masters ear shrinking to his (the head masters) size and then walked up to Bart picked him up and saying the words for the spell witches kiss, only used by a famed mage, in a far off land, no one knew the spell at her level (you can't resist my healing kiss) kissed him with her giant (compared to him) lips healing his ware rat malady so he could revert at will instead and have his nice personality and said to him "say hello to your new roommate Barty!"
    Going to assume this is ok leaving details up to GM but I think I did well
  11. Elia had been walking around for a good 15 minutes. Getting incredibely frustrated, she sat down with a sigh, her head in her hands. She sat like that for about half a minute, before she heard a noise coming from down the hall. Although, she really didn't feel like getting up her curiosity got the best of her. She stood up and walked over hoping to find some clue as to where she had to be.
    To her surprise she saw black crow, that was seemingly trying to escape the building. Unfortunately for the bird there was a big glass window in the way of its escape. As no one else was around and she didn't have anything better to do anyway, Elia decided she might as well help the bird. Seeing it struggle made her feel a bit sympathetic for it, because the crow was a fellow feathered brethren. Deciding to take it slow, because she didn't have a net to catch it, she snuck closer.
    After she was only about a meter away the bird stopped its struggles, when it fell down once more after flying into the glass. Lying on the ground a bit dazed, it turned its head with curiosity towards Elia. After that it hopped over and gave her a letter. Elia had never seen such an intelligent bird before, although she should have expected nothing less from a school full of magical creatures. She offered her arm to the crow and although it seemed suspicious at first, it still hopped on. Maby the bird trusted her, because it could sense that Elia was similar to itself. Maby it just wanted to get out of the damn building. Either way Elia miraculously was able to navigated her way back out of the huge building and after giving a seemingly appreciating caw the crow flew off.
    It was only then that Elia remembered the letter the crow had given her and she quickly fished the now crumpled note out of her pocket. The note stated that there was going to be an opening ceremony. She looked around in the hopes of spoting a floor plan or someone who she could get directions from.

    // open for interaction with anyone
  12. Sewell smiled and nodded, "Enjoy the page." He giggled, being a little extra flirty by giving her a tiny wink, his amber eyes seeming to glow, before walking several feet away. If the charm spell worked then she would show some sign of wanting to be close to him, or talk to him, or something. At least that's how he thought it worked since he had never used his powers without their dark influence. He smoothed out his robe as he sat down, waiting patiently, using his peripheral vision to keep an eye on Chouette to see her reaction.
  13. Chouette watched him leave. This guy had nerves, flirting with her and kissing her and all that on his first day. She looked at the page and rolled it up, then picking a little cord and binding it. She handed it to the owl she had called Orwill. "Here. Bring this to my dorm and then go on duty, also tell Mira to come." The owl seemed to nod before flying off. Chouette then resumed to sipping her tea. Her eyes, luckily not visible, however always wandered to the witch. Why had she a desire to talk to him again? She didn´t give in to it, but it was weird. To others, it wasnt visible how her eyes always darted towards the witch.
  14. Gren Hastings

    Gren's focus was taken away from his snacks as he looked back up at her with an enthusiastic smile with a hint of shyness. "O-Oh, my name? It's Gren! I come from a long line of blade mages." He said happily before he noticed her flower crown, looking at it in awe. "So pretty! Pretty flowers for a pretty lady I guess huh?" He asked before he went red and scratched his cheek.
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  15. Sewell's eyes started to turn redder and redder, his features altering until his hair and eyes were both a bright red color. His entire body shifted and changed, his eyes widening during the process. She had inadvertently become female, her bust enlarging and body obtaining curves, stretching his baggy robes out until they were now a perfect fit. "Oh... My...." Her face was a deep red in embarrassment. "Just calm down..." She took slow deep breaths. Sewell cleared her throat and just sat there acting as if nothing were out of the ordinary, hoping no one saw what had just happened. She glanced at Chouette hoping the owl girl didn't notice. It was a long shot but she could hope.
  16. It was late at night when Rhea finally got to sleep in her new bed - even with the magic and special preparations made for her, she could still feel the cold in the air. She somewhat envied humans - able to tolerate such low temperatures with ease. Apparently, they even find boiled water to hot for them. As a result, she woke up fairly late - around half way through her first lesson of Herbology (she made a note to herself to apologize to the teacher when she could). Still, with her waking up late, she knew that they was little point rushing to lesson now - might as well skip the entire thing and be ready for second lesson.

    With this in mind, Rhea started getting ready. After a fairly large plate of various meats, of various rawness, she sighed as she looked around her empty dorm. Everyone else was at lesson, it seemed. As she thought, she raked her hand through her clay coloured hair - then her mind was made up. She'd have a bath, then head to next lesson. So, with that, she walked into her own room, locked the iron door, and ran the bath. After a relaxing bath of liquid iron, heated as thoroughly as Rhea was used to, she shook herself down and made super sure that no iron was going to cool on her - it was such a relaxing material to bathe in, but it was annoying to peel off if it cooled.

    Around ten minutes later, when Rhea was fully ready for class, she started walking through the corridors to the assembly hall. She had a rough idea of where she was headed, but she still was new and it took some time to get around.

  17. Elia was giving up hope on finding a floor plan and decided to ask the next best person where the assembly hall was, seeing as that was the place where she needed to be. Just at that moment someone walked around the corner and with a sigh she decided it would be best to ask. It wasn’t that she didn’t enjoy having a good conversation, but people often went on too long about pointless things, that Elia found it tiring. Approaching the girl Elia cleared her throath trying to get her attention. ‘Hey, do you happen to know where the assembly hall is? Apparently the principal is doing an opening ceremony. I haven’t seen a floor plan, in this entire building.’ Her voice and posture gave away her boredom and irritation, but right now she couldn’t care less. She probably wouldn’t have to have an interaction with this person any time in the near future. Besides it was best not to let people get to close anyway. Who knew what kind of people this crazy school was harbouring.
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  18. Chouette witnesssed as the boy she had talked with sudden transmorphed. He changed gender, just like that, on the spot. It did not seem to be on purpose however. She was curious to what the reason could be, though. Then, she saw her glance over. The now female witch could see the yellow eyes shining, looking at her, before disappearing again. "Interesting...", the owl girl muttered.
  19. Rhea didn't seem particularly happy either about the interaction - she had places to be, after all. But, she supposes to herself, it'll only take a second. "It's this way", she says finally, "I'm heading to it now." As she speaks, there is a noticeable heat from her breath, and Rhea gives off a strong metallic odour - normal for her, perhaps, but she always forgets that humans prefer 'flowers' as a scent. Not that she'd care, of course. With a simple sigh, she points to where they needed to go, her tail whipping side to side in annoyance, as she heads towards the auditorium.

  20. Despite the fact that Elia had already seen a couple of fellow latecomers outside. The girl she was following defenitely looked the most unordinary. Her long tail was whipping from side to side and her entire posture was telling Elia that she was anoyed with her. The strangest thing about her wasn’t even the heat she was emenating, but her scent. It was very metallic, but strangely enough it made her feel at ease. It reminded her of the times she could freely transform and get all of her built up energy out. She only ever had the chance to transform into her bird form, a couple of times, because she had to be really carefull not to be found out. After a long time in her human form, it became like an itch she was unable to reach and it only got worse the more she tried to ignore it. Her posture relaxed a bit and she walked besides the strange girl. Deciding it probably wouldn’t hurt to get on a first name basis, she said. ‘Thanks, I’m Elia by the way’ she had looked over at the girl awaiting a response.
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  21. After some time Dau and Shira find their way over to the Auditorium and, hearing voices inside, enters as silently as they can. When Dau realizes that the meeting hasn't actually started yet, the students are just talking among themselves, they sigh in relief.
    "Looks like we're on time." they think as much as to themselves as to Shira.
    "Yes." Shira replies relieved "I feared we would be late, because of the wrong turn we made." she continues a bit embarrassed and gives Dau an apologetic look.
    "It's not your fault, Shira."
    "Yes it is. I thought I had read the map properly but... I completely messed up. Forgive me master."
    "Don't worry about it my friend. We're here and on time, no harm done."
    They went over to the seats, where Dau sat down in the very end seat in the last row. Shira, still blaming herself. lay on the ground beside them.
    "Don't be so hard on yourself, Shira." Dau tells her encouragingly, while stroking her fur in a fond, calming way.
    Though Shira remains silent Dau can feel her easing up a bit, and soon she purrs contently at their soft strokes. Dau continues to pet her as they wait for the meeting to begin.

    (Interactions: open)
  22. *Svetlana sighed and stretched, noting the meeting seems to be taking awhile and she was getting a little bored, people watching, while interesting usually just didnt seem to be interesting to her, a moment later, someone sat down beside her and she seized up a little, very carefully turning her head to see who sat down beside her, didnt people know better then to get too close to unicorns incase of being impaled by accident? and when she looked, she saw someone sitting there, with a cat* "ah hello...uhm...are you sure you want to sit over here...?"

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  23. "Oh? My name is Kallista Rhea - you can call me Rhea, if you wish." As she says that, however, she is taken off guard by a fairly large, about arm's length, flaming snake creature battering into her. The fire wyrm appears friendly, however, as it flares up and shrills in happiness when Rhea smiles at it and pets it. "This, Elia, is Grymwyrm. I'm sure I don't have to tell you not to pet it too much, or it'll flare up like now and burn your hand off." Rhea, however, appears to have no issue with it, as fire and the occasional splash of lava dance around her fingers as she pets the creature.

    "Do you have any pets?" As she speaks, it's clear the presence of Grymwyrm has cheered her up a bit - Grymwrym always had that effect on her.

  24. Sewell sat there quietly, taking out a scroll and reading through it while she waited for... Something to happen. She wondered what was taking so long for things to start. She wanted things to get over with so she could meet people. She looked around and noticed people were occupied with each other and she hardly stood out from all the unique characters. There was always the owl girl... But no, that would be pushing it. The charm would work it's wonders over time. Sewell crossed her legs and sighed, twiddling her fingers boredly after putting her scroll away.
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