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Fantasy absolutely WILD RP concept: "Slidin' Dirty"

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I pull levers
Ok fellas here's the skinny. After listening to a combination of this:
and this:
(more so the latter), I was hit with a sudden and absolutely bat shit idea. Drum roll please.....


Boom. Yeah.

The plot is still bouncing around in my head, but I can tell you now that this wont be any kind of super serious roleplay. Essentially, a failing food truck business finds itself chartered out by a mysterious individual for an equally mysterious "weekend festival". The intrepid crew of this truck follow the charter's directions out into the wilderness only to find themselves transported into an entire new world upon their arrival. From there, chaos would ensue.

When I was thinking of the aesthetic for this thing, the high octane fantasy tropes of the 80s came to mind. We're talking magic, fruity visuals, lightning unicorns, a giant ass set of moons in the sky when night falls...that sort of feel. Hit up the thread below with your interest statements and gear up an bombastic burrito filled odyssey.

never ending story.jpg food truck.jpg


I pull levers
I'm surprised to see people still hanging onto this, I guess I 'll throw a character thread up.

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