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Realistic or Modern Above the waters surface and blow


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Dylan looked tired as he walked out of the gift shop, he hated early morning shifts, as a regular summer employee and a damn good one he was given the luxury of the shifts he wanted, but today he switched with another person because they wanted to spend the last few hours with some family before they left. Dylan stretched as he yawned and walked along the docks, busy with people wanting to have their own sighting of the 'bay mermaid'.

Well they already have, because it was him.

Didn't see that one coming huh? normally he went swimming before his shift to drive work sales up- what it's the least he can do as the favourite employee, but he didn't have time this morning and wasn't going to cause a rush for everyone else while he wasn't on shift, that was just mean.

What Dylan wasn't expecting was there to be so much shoving on his pleasurably walk, everyone must be super annoyed about no mermaid sightings- OH SHIT SOMEONE WAS FALLING.

Dylan nearly went over into the water as well if it hadn't been for himself catching part of the railing as he grabbed to the poor guy, Dylan had one foot on the walking area and one on the side of the docks, holding himself and whoever this guy was by one hand. Whoever he was he had fluffy brown hair and was fairly light- though Dylan didn't have any issues in the strength department.

Whoever he was was just dangling over the water.

"Are you okay?"Dylan questioned as he slowly pulled himself up one handed and lifted the guy back up onto the docks, only letting go when the guy was safely both feet planted on the walking area, Dylan was now kinda just hanging out on the outer side of the railing over the water, perfectly calm.

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