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Abandoned RP


Mystery Man
Everyone knows Las Vegas is a city of Sin and Vice, but few know the true extent of how deep the Darkness goes. It is a city where Humans are far from the worst predators that stalk the Neon-lit alleyways at Night. There are supernatural hunters that stalk the city always watchful for danger and opportunity, they are Demons in Human flesh, Wolves in Sheep's Clothing and they care only for relieving their eternal hunger, but even the most gluttonous feast will never satiate these perfidious animals, at least not for long. Those are one of the least dangers, although one of the most pressing. Yet more dangers await those who are unprepared, from vicious "coyote" attacks, to the blood soaked cellars of those who know not what they summon, there are plenty of crimes occurring in Las Vegas that could be, and often are, perpetrated by many different kinds of supernatural beings. So should you find yourself unfortunate enough to fall prey to those who hunt the unwary, pray that it is a Human predator that takes you, lest you find out that there are worse things than death. One who meets such a fate will soon wish they were. There is precious little defense against the depredations of these Beasts, and even less comfort should you become one, there are few cures for the supernatural, and even less if it is not caught early. Nor are there any who stalk the stalkers, who fight against such predations upon the innocent, or the less so. Humanity, save for the precious few who have the sight, are blissfully unaware of these Demons in the Night, and thus blissfully unaware they have no one to save them. But those who are cursed with such vision are Painfully aware of what horrors await them away from prying eyes. With the introduction finished, the only question left is, "What Manner of Monster are you?"
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