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Hyperspace Gazer
Imagine a world where there exists no human, no dwarf, no elf nor any variation thereof, and in the absence of man do monsters fill the void. And these monsters, they've their own societies, cultures, knowledge, and so much more! This is not a world where one would find elves, kemonomimi, dwarves, but instead goblins, orcs, beastfolk, ogres, any form of monster from traditional RPGs and the like. I am creating several original 'monster races' for this, and have a few lands and regions named, such as the Pels and Kobon. One race in particular, which is actually a subrace of one, that I have incredibly detailed are the Kobolds, or a type of batfolk. Their culture and nations are influenced by Arthurian legend and Medieval Europe at large, with my own unique flavor added to them. To them, nothing is more valuable than memory, and they build heavily-guarded libraries to preserve memories. They also worship an eldritch goddess as a primary faith. Beyond that, giant rats are their battle mounts, they like to bathe, and have some level of feudal monarchical governments (usually).

I am heavily focused on realism in this, attempting to be as biologically sound and technologically accurate to an extent with some level of fantastic leniency that shouldn't be deriving from the realistic nature too much. Magic exists but is not something we, as people in this world, would experience often, and in truth may never encounter, depending on how a plot is conceived or how the dice roll. That might change over time, but will always be something one does not see often. If I were to ever make an RP in this world, would any of you be interested?

Be sure to ask questions! Matter of fact, ask all the questions.
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As doom approaches I watch the rainbows bloom
@BeastofLores I'm interested. But have a question that could change which character I go with. You mentioned a set of races, I have a picture for one of them. But the character I want to use is most definitely not. So my question is, can my character be a sort of anomaly or experiment or something like that?


Hyperspace Gazer
@LittleBlindKitten Share with me the image. I'm assuming that you mean the image for the character isn't original, or?...

Edit: Wait a minute, you're saying the character you want to go with is not the image you wish to use? To say, you have a picture for the ones I mentioned, but what you want is not a part of the aforementioned- Ah, I was right.


Hyperspace Gazer
@LittleBlindKitten Ah, so you want to utilize something likened to a kemonomimi. As I said before, we shall not find kemonomimi in this world, as they do not traditionally exist. You would become a subject of study and possibly fear, for you're an abnormality in a world where things different might sometimes be viewed as dangerous or abominable. Just as one would look upon a vampire out in daylight would you be looked upon, though perhaps not exactly. Get my drift?...

Though, there is potential. Other races do exist, but even they sometimes view one another in the light of curiosity or fear. A Kobold that has lived his life on a farm would most certainly have some concern when a hulking, green and tusked thing clad in armor walks down his road to his home. Likewise, an orc would possibly be as concerned as the Kobold if he saw a, well, Kobold.


As doom approaches I watch the rainbows bloom
@BeastofLores Ah. Her original story was along the lines of an experiment that failed. She was cast away and has no memories of anything before. She only knows that she is looking for something, but she doesn't know what. Of course, it can be tweaked to fit storylines, but that's the basic principle.


Hyperspace Gazer
That might count her as a magical creature, perhaps in line with the Kurog, a creature that is the result of the magical infusion of Kobold with Ogre. I won't go over much of the details, but you could assume the following image to be likened to a Kurog:

It could be classified as TPK-type creature, due to its 'stats.'


Hyperspace Gazer
Possibly. Though, do know you'd most likely draw the attention of everything, whether that attention is good or bad, as you'd be unique amidst this world. Especially those more keen on studying arcane, such as the Devil King of Kobon, or more specifically, his court wizard. @LittleBlindKitten


Hyperspace Gazer
@LittleBlindKitten, I'll have to think on it for a bit. Do you have anything else, though? Are you sure you want to play a "unique magical experiment" amidst a world where magic is not prevalent? I didn't mention it before, but magic is something looked down upon in certain societies, such as the Kobold society. Practitioners of magic are prejudice-ly referred to as Warlocks, or devil-worshippers who make deals with evil in exchange for powers.


As doom approaches I watch the rainbows bloom

Name: Urzoth
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Orc
Role: Warrior
Personality: Urzoth is very calm for an orc. She still has a temper, but it is far more tame than most. When she does lose her temper she becomes quite savage, which helps her in battles and fights, but not in a normal situation. Hardly anything can calm her down unless she decides so herself. Other times she is very friendly with the people she knows and has an amazing sense of humor.
Brief Bio: She doesn't tell people about her history.


Hyperspace Gazer
@LittleBlindKitten A wee bit... *thoughtful inhaling*... I suppose we should wait on character-related things until I get closer to completion, or point nearing what could be considered complete.

@431101134 I don't know, what should you do? I'm still working on the world, I just set this interest check up to see if anyone would be interested in the premise and on what content I have officially made.


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I'm interested in this. As far as beasts go, how possible would a Griffin Centaur be? Like, a full animal Taur with an anthro Gryph torso on a quadruped Gryph body.


Certified Professional.
Ah, this is rather clever, peeling away from the typical fantasy races and species to allow one larger freedom, at the expence of actually thinking of what type of peoples they would be and beyond the typical human with extra parts we oh so love.

Consider me curious! I'll take to snooping and looking around at what I have and see what I can come up with.


Hyperspace Gazer
@Orikanyo Glad you're interested in this! Do bear in mind that would an original race within this world would need a heavy basis in realism with a slight leniency afforded by fantasy. Suppose you could PM me the information you might have or images - perhaps both - and I can assist you in developing something.


It's lonely in the deep
This seems really cool. I have a few ideas kicking around in the back of my head that I wouldn't mind having the opportunity to use.


It's lonely in the deep
Ok, character ideas:

So my first character idea is a race of mountain folk, who are an old race that is declining in numbers after their cities fell a few centuries ago. They are well adapted to extreme habitats, possessing six limbs to easily traverse difficult terrain as either bipedal or a quadruped, and a fur coat that thickens to protect them from the cold in winter and sheds water as naturally as a ducks feathers. They used to live in wonderous, quite advanced cities but are presently found only in isolated villages that are relatively self-sustained by farming and the resources that come from their own territories (largely timber and minining minerals). Rarely they trade with other towns and races, selling their extra crops, wool (they raise a lot of sheep and goat type animals), tough fabrics and metals.

The mountain folk pride themselves on their durability, eleborate horns, craftsmanship (fabric and metalsmithing) and find it dishonourable to remain in debt. They are hard workers, but struggle to find employment due to the rumour that they bing bad luck wherever they go and that they can read minds*.

*Mountain folk possess a 3rd eye-like orb on their forhead that allows them to see into different spectrums of light, which they can filter through as desired. A savvy individual can learn to interpret things like body-temperature to tell when a person is lying, afraid, etc and it gives them an uncanny ability to read people and has lead to rumors that they have strange, mystical abilities....There are however tales of some mountain folk who actually do possess the ability to see unnatural phenomena among other things, though it has yet to be seen in modern times.


Idea number 2 to be added (heads up, it's probably going to be some kind of lizard folk).


Hyperspace Gazer
@Abyss, this appears to be incredibly intriguing, though I suppose it would have to be found on a continent unlike the one the batfolk I mentioned before are.

P.S. PM me this information and I'll elaborate on what content I've developed to assist ye in the endeavor.


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Right, can I play as a Gnoll?
If Gnolls exist in your setting, how do the behave? If they don't, I have an idea about them.

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