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Fantasy A World Renewed (Sandbox God RP)

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Cath even while dreaming would dream of her lands and the events going on in it. She had expected to not need to intervene and let things take their natural path allowing her to live out life after life among them. She had seen conflict coming and had expected it to come from others gaining power and threatening the old groups. What she had not expected was that two of the old group would let a very minor conflict fester into something that even Cath did not like. The priests sometimes claimed to speak for her and they had once been humble only saying they searched for her will. Now one pretended to bring justice in her name. That was the true insult: he pretended that he held her power and was her voice. Cath did not want any of the groups to use her to dominate the others, if they wanted to reign supreme they had to do it without using her. The odd flux in the laylines would have to wait as it seemed the other gods were messing with her domain, if they were that eager to have her remove her influence then she just might. That would have to wait as Cath would have to wake up. She didn’t want to wake up to be the goddess she was, but this insult to her could not go unpunished.

In Quan’cath all would know something was wrong as the twilight that bathed all the land eternally changed not tonight but to pure black and the glow of all things magical started to flicker and dim. The only thing that glowed as bright as it had before was the well where Cath slept. The well didn’t just glow as it had before, instead it grew brighter and brighter, a pillar of blue light erupting from it’s depths and all that looked upon it would realize what was happening as the blue became a bright red. Cath, their creator, had woken and she was not pleased. As the red pillar reached the heavens the sky of Quan’Cath was dyed crimson every animal hid and yu’varth ran for their homes not sure what the wrath of their fickle creator would bring. Not many would truly know what had happened in court, they would know of the sculptor but not even his destruction of the holy church had roused Cath from her slumber and everyone would wonder what had happened in that sealed room to cause this.

In the court even as the guards looked over the bandages and clothes that had held the sculptor they felt something change not knowing what was going on they did not know of the waking of Cath and the descent of her wrath upon her people. They would feel someone appear in the courtroom and raise their weapons before even knowing who it was as just now two people had died and they could not be found out. It was only a split second latter that they realized their mistake and dropped their weapons and fell with their knees going as far to press their faces into the floor at the sight. All knew Cath their creator, but in no work of art had she ever been depicted with anything but the serene calm of slumber, now she stood before them furry erupting from her and the expression of anger on her face making each and every guard know how close they were to being unmade.

My goddess we..'' The captain started before he was silenced with a raised hand from Cath the energies of the enraged god lapping against him making him feel as if he was being torn apart, millimeter by millimeter yet instantly healed at the same time. Any pleas he might have died in his throat as he knew he could do nothing before Cath.

Cath turned from the Capatin to the two dead Yu’varth and raised her hands. Energy poured from her fingertips filling the robes as even if death was not her domain Cath in her mind had every right to call back what was hers from the grasp of Ninuzid. The two Yu’varth that had seconds ago been dead were reformed both surprised and shocked as they had been dead. The first thing the two saw was each other and both knew they had in a way killed each other, yet the rage was not gone and as one the pair would lunge at each other. Just Before the highpriest and sculptor could meet both would find themselves yanked back and sent flying into the walls hard enough to send cracks spider webbing through the polished white rock. The two should have passed out, should have been in pain, but they were not and only then did they actually see more than each other. They registered the guards kneeling in full supplication to another figure which both knew. One had swore his life to her and the other had tried to bring about her image upon a pillar. What both didn’t recognize was her expression, never had they seen such anger.

High priest D’Uze” Cath said her voice contrasting her clear anger as it sounded almost calm “ Explain” She said and with one word the priest knew exactly where he stood and how little sway the high priest had with his goddess.

I.. I-i “ D’uze stammered he had always wished to commune with Cath having thought his views were right and he had never seen a sign to the contrary. Now that he had his wish come true he could only want to run and never stop to flee the pure primal terror he felt before his maker. “ I was only carrying out your will” He pleaded though instantly regretted it as the red aura that filled the room grew more intense “ I thought you had sent a sign, we just tried to do as we thought you said. I didn’t want him to defile what you had made” D’uze almost cried sounding on the verge of a break down and madness “ It was him the heretic that caused your cathedral to collapse to harm your children, not me” D’uze screamed like a child trying his hardest to deflect any blame to another. D’uze raised his hand and pointed out the sculptor “ It was him he is the one that did it

Cath could see D’uze did not get why she was angry, why this had caused her to wake up and not the destruction of part of her cathedral. Still the sculptor did have his own share of the blame for this incident. “Sculptor E’ral “ Cath said and E’ral knew he had no better standing than D'uze; they were both equally small before their angry goddess. “ Explain” she commanded, giving him his chance.

E’ral swallowed trying to not break down like the high priest who was trying to shift all the blame onto him. He needed to do something different; he could not just deny his guilt like the high priest did. “ I just … I am sorry I only meant to show my devotion” E’ral said, moving from trying to defend himself to throwing himself at Cath’s mercy. “ I did not think that such a prank would go so far, it was just meant to mess with D’uze as he was always so against the artists decorating the city.” E’ral explained though in a way he was also shifting the blame. “ I deserve to be punished, but D’uze was being too harsh and was going against the laws of Yu that we had set forth,” E’ral said, pointing to D’’uze who looked like he was trying his hardest to die again. E’ral would have said more but before he could speak he felt the urge to shut his mouth and never speak again.

Yes though what is a bigger sin, to make a mistake in faith , or to try to usurp a god?” Cath asked her they were both sinners, but one was less than the other. “ D’uze I have never sent a sign to you, I have never spoken to guide you for that was not what I wanted, you were to find your own way in this land I have given you. Instead you cling to stones left blank so that it might be decorated.” Cath explained just how wrong the high priest and his kind had been “ I had turned a blind eye to what your kind did because you did it with in the laws of your own people, but now you break those laws crowning yourself god of these lands for you say you speak with my voice” Cath continued her voice still sounding calm yet the infinite rage of the divine lurked just behind that front barely kept in check.

I didn’t mean to try to be a king, I never thought of myself as your replacement “ D’uze said though even he knew on some level he was telling a lie. He had seen the power he could wield if he just said the slumbering goddess sent him a sign. He had liked that power and thought himself the better of the other guilds that he knew best. “ I tried to do what I thought you wanted I wanted to make you happy with our people” D’uze croaked again on the verge of crying.

And look where that got us” E’ral snapped at D’uze before he regretted his words as it felt like a giant hand was squeezing his chest seeking to crush him.

Silence E’ral you are not free of sins for the high priest did not act alone and was not the only one to think he knew best what I wanted” Cath said though the sculptor had been more right than the high priest he was still very much in the wrong. “ You in your pride and haste, in your arrogance and spite killed your own kind and through pretend devotion brought down part of my creation all to get back at one man.”

Now it was the high priest who for the briefest moment got to feel better than his rival. Still both knew better than to speak then it came to bothering to defend themselves. Cath had torn through any excuse they might have and forced each to know this was about two men who wanted to get back at each other and tear the other down. One had done far worse than the other but both had made great mistakes.

If it had just been the collapse of part of my temple, if it had just been the killing of my creations, if it had been a sentence within the laws then I would not be here” Cath clarified leaving just one reason she had truly woken, why this trial and the verdict given by D’uze had stirred Cath to action “ But it is not, now is it? D’uze you have insulted me and transgressed beyond any station you thought you had. Your kind has grown to think themselves privy to my thoughts and thus all knowing. You have doomed not only yourself but your whole order” Cath said a finality in her tone giving no room to protest her verdict. “ I will dismantle the priesthood and remake it as you have shown me it was a mistake to think you could govern yourselves without me. You however will not see that day, but you will not know death or rebirth all must know what it is to transgress me as you have oblivion is your fate” Cath declared.

Even as she spoke, Cath raised her palm to face D’uze, a black spot formed and then grew creating a wind as nothingness tried to suck in everything. From the nothingness black tendrils erupted each ebing another aspect of the great nothing of Unry. “ In this world of light, there is no place for you of the darkness. Thirst not. Hunger not. Return to the void” Cath chanted though she had no need to do so as a dark sphere appeared around the entangled priests screams were silenced and as Cath closed her hand the sphere of the void shrank and vanished leaving only a hemisphere in the stone where D’uze had once been.

That was one of them dealt with the greater of the sinners, now for the lesser. Cath would only somewhat change his sentence. She had an idea that was both a punishment and a way to protect him. “ Sculptor E’ral you will receive a sentence as well” Cath said and E’ral flinched expecting to face nothingness like the priest. Darkness however, did not come for him “ No you will live but you and your family shall leave this city” She said though she was not sending him to the mines “ You will go into my lands and you will find a land of sand and crystal there in penance you, your family and those who wish to follow you shall build a new city “ Cath explained not needing to explain the mercy in this act sheltering them from any angry ex priests. “ You are a sculptor no more from this day forth you shall be founder E’ral and you shall found the first city made by your hands and your hands alone

E’ral could say nothing and as soon as he realized her was no longer being held by the power of his deity he also noticed the redness of everything had faded, the natural colors returning. “ Y-yes of course thank you thank you for your mercy” E’ral said anything even the mines were more merciful than not existing. E’ral not needing the command got up and ran past the still kneeling guards who this whole time had done their absolute best to not be seen or remembered. Still they could feel the anger had abated and their Goddess was no longer wrathful.

Go tell everyone spread the word you do not speak for me or with my voice but only carry the message. The priests as they no longer exist each is to be stripped of what they have to find new paths in life. And from now on I will be awake to help you deal with your problems” Cath ordered and the guards rushed out to spread the word. Cath wanting them to not be doubted would mark them so that all that looked upon them would know they spoke the truth. There would be much to do and Cath was just getting started already outsiders had found her lands. They were on the outside for now, but given how humans had been given immortality they would one day make it into Quan’cath. She knew they would only bring pointless death and destruction to her lands, they needed to be dealt with. Or at least she should have had to deal with them, but even now she could feel them leaving and was oddly annoyed by that. She had already thought up a lovely little curse for such brutes that had come to her shores. Mawlock had already dealt with the invaders and thus they would not suffer the curse, but Cath was not one to simply let a good idea go to waste. Cath vanished from the courthouse and appeared moments later in the snow of the outlands where she could just barely make out the slowly shrinking shapes of the humans. That had not left much behind being here only for a short time, still they had left blood. That muchCath could work with. With a gesture she unfroze the blood and made it float in the air before her. While she might have living or dead humans to work with, this was good enough for her spell work.

Cath reached into her mouth and pulled forth a tooth, a symbol of hunger. The humans had come with the hunger to fight, the hunger to explore, to kill , destroy, now she would create the manifestation of that hunger. Plunging the tooth into the now sphere of liquid blood Cath started the creation of her curse. The blood started to expand adding to its mass becoming a torso, then limb, then finger till it was the human made purely of blood. That was not enough so Cath scooped up the snow dirt of the land covering the blood human with white and brown giving it a solid form. Cath then changed the now solid whit humans, she gave it longer hands and claw-like fingers made it abnormally thin yet holding all the strength of the endless hunger of mortals. Yet even this was not enough, the humans had left behind the rotting hides they had swam in and Cath gathered them up with a wave. She then attached the rotting fur to the monster binding it as if it was living flesh to her creation. Yet the head was lacking, a human face with sharp teeth was no good. Cath tore the flesh and muscle away from the face exposing the skull and tore the skull up as antlers grew from the now empty sockets and from the former throat another skull emerged wearing the human skull like a helmet. The new skull was more like that of a wolf. With that and a few more minor tweeks the new being was done.

You are hunger made manifest, always will you hunger for the flesh of humans and what you do not kill you shall curse'' Cath said “ You are the first of the cursed, the first of the man eaters, you are Gjardr the first wendigo the first of the cursed” Cath finished as she gave life to her newest creature and set it upon the wastes. It would forever hunger and never be able to eat enough. That was another matter settled she Cath could now know the shores would forever be guarded by Gjardr and he would spread his curse to others in time.


The lord of randomness and the warp
it had been some time since Zexzad had last overtly done something or prehaps covertly who was to say with such a bizarre god, in fact there form had changed it was no longer a time for primal gods of great and vast size with strange unending rolls of mass stretching into infinitum. Now Zexzad had taken a far smaller form that off a half human half sheep creature adorable floofy and innocent looking carrying with him was the minor deity Zir whom had decided to take the form of a sheep for a little while just as a joke before morphing back into something else and leaving Zexzad as they had reported what there superior requested of them. Zexzads attention turned to the mortal plan out of boredom it seemed everything it had set into motion was going according to plan and thusly zexzad needed to interfere very little leaving them annoyed as they’d shot there own amusement in the foot so to speak. However there was something that caught the now bean of a gods interest. The great amount of death all its mortals experienced and it though perhaps a plant of sort to honour there sacrifices form there own progress would be appropriate one that would warp itself to represent each of the races. And the perfect name for it.. the triumph bloom. With that detour out of the way a single lone mortal had caught the eyes of Zexzad, for now they would watch them.. perhaps once they where alone Zexzad would grab them.. but right now Zexzad had the feeling to go and visit some of the gods it had not encountered in person. Maybe in a little while mawlock had change too it seemed as expected by Zexzad seems the deepspawn had competition for what should truly be called a demon. It’s next plan required the geldek and the kobolds to interact but that could wait for another time. since Zexzad had last looked at the mortal that had taken its interest was finally outcast as a year or so had passed since it had last checked and that being? Was a small dragon like creature who’s horns and tail seemed like that of shimmer jellish energy, a unexpected hybrid of dragon and changeling.
The young dragon was left outcast by there family having discovered there strangeness they found it best to leave them out in the woods alone and scared the child no more then about 5 wandered aimlessly as they sobbed not even having a name yet least not one he could remember wanting to go home but having no clue where home actually was only for them to get blinded by a bright light standing before the scared boy was a fluffy looking person that seemed to have a calming aura too them. “Don’t worry small one ol Zexzad’s here to take care of you, others might have not seen it but your a special one” the sheep like humanoid spoke to the boy who smiled just a little wiping away a tear form there eyes. “Oh.. ok.?” The boy mumbled confused taking the strange being hand gently. “Hmm now how bout I get you a name then? Miko? Sound good? Least for now maybe I’ll change it later” the sheepish humanoid said thoughtfully as the dragon boy just nodded. Before being whisked away to who knows where.


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Runa, Goddess of Language, Literature, and Rune

Interaction: N/A

Mention: Tetro Tetro (Mawlock, Kail), Karcen Karcen (Cath)

A century had passed since the creation of the Eternal Archive. Runa and the First Archivist were still hard at work as the civilizations continued to develop under the watchful eyes of the gods. There were some that had created many literary works and developed their own languages, while some remained crude and ferocious. But even among the most barbaric among them knew the preciousness of being able to communicate, and Runa was pleased.

Her effort in maintaining all the hidden systems that had been put in place was not in vain.

However, what happened upon the world that the gods ruled did not go unnoticed. Despite Runa’s gaze was mostly upon the maintenance of the Eternal Archive, she had not averted completely upon the happenings on the mortal realm. She simply watched at the rise and falls of the mortal races. What was time to one such as herself?

She had remained mostly silent as the world progressed, pleased to simply be an observer, an archivist of the things that had been done. However, it was at this time that she noticed strange occurrences at locations where the first runes had been formed. From her seat in the Eternal Archive, she turned her curious gaze upon these locations all at once.

Strange, crystal-like creatures had formed around where the Runes were the most powerful. Unintended creations from her placing the Runes there, no doubt. They were curious little creatures, prodding their environments with their natural ability to harness the power of the Fonts – components of a full Rune. These… Living Runes were simple yet elegant in their architecture. Not unlike the Runes that she had fashioned.

She could sense them all around the mortal world where no mortals tread, but curiously, her sister Cath’s barrier had blocked her senses to the realms of the South. She would wish to peer further into her realm, but that was a matter for another time as manners dictate that she must first approach her sister for permission. Such was the relationship among the primal gods. Close, yet afar.

She then pulled her attention back from the mortal world.

However, it was at this time that she sensed a change in her fellow brother and sister. She summoned Mawlock’s rune before her. She could feel the change in its energy, its meaning. Despite being the Goddess of the Runes, she could only watch in sorrow as she felt her brother’s change. She was powerless in all this. Despite being one of the primal deities, she could do nothing to soothe her brother’s anger and bitterness.

What was the use of being a goddess when she could not even help her family when they were in need?

It was also then that she discovered that one of her Runes, the minor goddess Kail’s rune began to lose its meaning and connotation. The minor goddess had fallen. Gone. Scattered into the pitch-black darkness of the Void as her essence returned to her creator. She wanted to weep but noticed that no tears came out. Had she, a goddess, learned to pity the divines’ playthings?

They were gods.

They must put their work above all else.

But yet, if that feeling was unnecessary, a mere construct, why would she have them in the first place? In a moment of weakness, she averted her gaze from the mortal realm once more. And return to her work, to pen the rise and fall of Kail, the Goddess of Mortal Knowledge as she ignored her own wariness and pitifulness.


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Kianu, Goddess of Ice, Winter, Hunt, and Preservation
Everfrost Castle (Divine Realm)


Within a 100 years, as famine and hardship spread over the lands of frost, the number of edible creatures dwindled and Azorfs descendants departed for new homelands…before completing the promise. Creatures that couldn’t adapt to the harshness of winter died. The giants, as if they’d forgotten all Bihorn taught them, ate whatever they could get their hands on—rabbits, bears, wolves, yetis, snow serpents, etc. The wolves, suffering the worst of it, neared extinction. In all honesty, Kianu wouldn’t have really cared, as it was a simple enough matter for her to recycle their souls and make more…if the aberration had not been born.

When enough wolf blood littered the snow, and the wolves howled their anguish and prayers, it was as if the planet itself had answered them and a deity of wolves was born. Was it her power that created them? Some sort of magic in the snow? In the planet itself? An accidental ritual performed by her creations, made solely to be game to be hunted? Kianu didn’t know. However, the birth of the immortal creature fascinated her. Or it would have, if it had not been created with vengeance in its heart—a monstrous wolf that slew giants and set its divine sights on her castle. The first rebellion against winter…after Azorf’s pitiful descendants ran away of course. That itself was a rebellion. Did Azorf teach them nothing? At what point did they think they could escape a goddess like herself before repaying their debts? Did they not take her threats seriously? Had they forgotten?

It was a very mortal-like thing to do…forgetting things with time. Or did they not think themselves responsible for the debts of their ancestors?

Scowling, Kinau walked down the icy halls of Everfrost castle and opened one of the frozen doors that lead to a ‘dungeon’ –one specifically made for the large canine that tried to break her castle. Past the empty cells. Into a barren field of naught but ice and snow, where the temperature was cold enough to drain the life out of any normal mortal, Kianu’s gaze settled on the large wolf chained to large frozen rocks. Shackled in zone of deep cold for nearly 100 years, furs crusted in ice, and stabbed repeatedly with hundreds of thousands of spears of ice by her maidens as ‘punishment’ for daring to bare his fangs at their queen, the creature still did not die—not that Kianu expected him to. Even if a weaker god, killing a deity would be no easy task…and this one seemed to possess a high level of regeneration. Kainu tilted her head. Besides Zexzad, the deity of change, it wasn’t like very many gods came to visit.

“Ah, you’re not the one that usually comes to torture me,” The wolf’s ear perked up at her approach, his glowing eyes opening to peer down at her as he growled. “Come to kill me at last, White Huntress?”

“White huntress?”

“It’s what most of my kind call you—the goddess that brings about eternal slumber in the cold.”

Kianu nodded. She had many names. It didn’t really matter what others called her. “If I wanted to kill you, I would’ve already done so already. Besides, you are one of my kind.”

“What do you mean?”

“A god,”

The wolf snorted. “Am I? Your messengers certainly don’t treat me like a god. I swear, the pale-haired one would murder me if she could.”

“The giants are Sey’s descendants…and you slaughtered many,”

“As they did my kin,”
the wolf god’s eyes narrowed. “I delivered to your favored creations what they deserved. Or do you think they are just in the massacre of the wolves, Oh Great Deity of Ice?”

“No. The strong live and the weak die. It has nothing to do with justice…but an immortal such as yourself should not interfere in the proceedings of mortals. You also turned your sights on my castle. Tried to kill the one that created you. ”

The wolf god barred his teeth. “And I’d slaughter you if I could, White Huntress. Put an end to winter once and for all. Many in the Frostlands would be happier for it—the wolves included.”

“Is that so? I suppose a mortal would want to live out their short lives for as long as possible,” Kianu replied indifferently.

“Are all gods as heartless as you?”

“Ask yourself that. I told you you’re a god, didn’t I?”

“God or not, I was born to protect the wolves that called to me. To save them. Their hatred. Their anger at being created just to die. It’s all mine. Everything I do, I do for them.”

“And what can you do for them now?”

Kianu watched as the large wolf snarled and struggled to free himself from the chains. She supposed that was the difference between her and a god that’d been born on the planet; Whose purpose was to protect one of the creatures existing on it. Kianu had no such purpose. She found some of things other gods created pretty…but that was it. She joined because she thought it would’ve been fun. She made her own toys to play with…and she cared for a few…but they were still toys in the end. They lived, they died. Kianu wasn’t a part of that cycle, so she could never truly understand. Making her creations undying would make them last longer…but then they weren’t as interesting. It was those that had something to lose that struggled. “Work for me and I’ll ensure that the handful that remain won’t be hunted by the giants – or any other species living in the Frostlands—while they replenish their numbers. They’ll gain the protection of winter, of the goddess Kianu, and be given a chance to flourish—to a certain extent—along with yourself and any descendants you might have in the future.”

The wolf god stilled, his angry, savage eyes becoming suspicious. “Why?”

“I am a goddess of preservation,”
Kianu tossed her hair. “I’m also bored and curious…so I’m giving you a chance to accomplish your purpose. Whether you take it is up to you. Call my name when you’re ready to decide.”

Like some of the mortal races that called her name and sent their prayers when they wanted something from her. Kianu could hear them—like a tiny buzz in the back of her mind. She thought only Frost Giants prayed to her like Sey taught. Had Sey, Falma, and Ysmir spread her name elsewhere? They were quite the chatterboxes when they wanted to be. Some other gods? Exiting the dungeon, Kianu made her way to where Falma and Ysmir were feeding the gifts the goddess of magic had given them: Beira, Boreas, and Skadi.

“Did you hear the screams of angels, Falma? That god of life and order must be going crazy. I heard he and the dragon god trapped the sleeping one in a box as well. You know the one that—,”

Kianu cleared her throat and both Ice Maidens hastily bowed. Falma more graceful than Ysmir, who was caught off guard and seemed slightly embarrassed. “You know better than to gossip about other gods.” Though it was hard not to miss the planet shaking. She made it her policy not to interfere with the doings of other gods…but when they were causing crudely built mortal houses to crumble because of some realm-merging shenanigans, Kianu could only pinch the bridge of her nose. Why? What was the point? Was this what ‘love’ did to gods? “Where’s Sey?”

“She went to Giant’s Ridge to tend to prayers there, Lady Kianu.”
Falma answered. “As you are aware, the number of giants are dwindling due to the lack of sustenance…as well as the appearance of the savage wolf deity…so she’s leading them to where the Frostlands meet the sea and showing them where the cold water fish are plentiful. Teaching them preserve and domesticate food, like they tamed the Ice Wyverns, as well.”

“You know how Sey is, Milady. They remind her of Bihorn.”

“But with none of Bihorn’s wisdom,”
Kianu sighed. However, she also remembered the big child that brought a bit of warmth to Everfrost Castle. For his memory, she would ensure his children didn’t die out…not completely at least. They were also a pious lot. A race born of two creatures of Ice. Strong and intuitive wielders of Winter Magic. They wouldn’t feel comfortable anywhere that wasn’t cold. Azorf’s descendants as well. She may have taken away his size and his blessing of Winter, but their roots were of Ice. Compared to Frost Giants, they were weaker. Their lifespans were also shorter and they were more prolific. For those that died easily, it only made sense for them to find warmth in each other’s company, make big families, and breed as often as they could for their lives were fragile and they lived each day not knowing whether they would live or die. “Find the Priestess of Winter among them and relay my message: If there is no food at the moment then they should sleep; Hibernate and conserve their energy like the bears do so that they might survive. Do not fear. The next time they open their eyes, the Frostlands will be flourishing with prey for them to hunt.”

Ysmir nodded and vanished to do as told. As easy as it would be to spoon-feed them and simply create more creatures from snow for them to feed on, they needed to understand the consequence of overhunting. They needed to learn from their struggles…but she’d make sure they didn’t completely die out before then.

“What of Azorf’s Descendants that have escaped, Lady Kianu? They’ve defied your will and—,”

Kianu stopped her messenger with a cold gaze. “Do you know why I even let Azorf have descendants?”

A mirror of ice formed in her hand, reflecting the dwarves in the mortal realm. “I did not expect Azorf to complete his promise in his lifetime and I gain nothing from the demise of his line. Fool as he was, even a cursed Frost giant like himself managed to find love among those that were once his kind…so I answered their prayers let them both procreate. I told him his descendants would continue his promise or die, after all. How could he pay me back if he has no descendants…and wouldn’t you say his children finally found the pretty jewels Azorf promised?” Kianu showed Falma the image of the land of beautiful crystals discovered by the dwarfs once they left the Frostlands. “In respect for the strength they’ve shown,” Taking down a Frost Giant was no simple task. “I’ll give them one more chance. Track them down, Falma. Remind them of the deal made to me by their ancestor. I’m a goddess that keeps her word. If they refuse, report back to me and I will deal with them myself.”

When Ysmir returned, she sent the Ice Maiden collect from the Coria and show their children how to hunt. Kianu would’ve normally handled something like that herself, but she was curious about the ‘magic’ the ‘hero’ of the dwarfs displayed. Had another god interfered? Had he tapped into the wild magic of the land? Runic magic? Like with the birth of the wolf deity, it was moments of desperation like that which gave way to strength. Kianu smiled.

Exiting Everfrost Castle, Kianu observed the changes in the Frostlands in the last 100 years. The Yisgramor proliferated, their eggs frozen and buried in the snow until they grew well enough to melt out of it on their own. She’d hunt them down if they became an infestation on her hunting grounds, but in all honesty, the snow serpents—who also buried their hatchlings in the snow—where doing that well enough on their own. The species, races, kept each other in check. The mother of the Yu’varth dropped some sort of magical trees to protect children in the Frostlands. Reaching a spot where the Frost Lands met the Frost Seas, Kianu continued nonchalantly, every step on the surface of the water forming a bridge of ice while she walked aimlessly in thought. A visit to Runa’s Library might give her some answers as to the magic displayed by the ‘hero’ of the dwarfs. Unry, the god of knowledge and nothingness, would likely know as well. However, before she could leave to track the gods on their realms down, the goddess of ice spotted something the made her eyebrows rise. Five humans…swimming in the icy cold waters.

Mawlock’s favored creations. Were they so bored of their endless life that they were entertaining themselves in any way that they could? If so, Kianu couldn’t blame them. Had he given them endless strength as well? How long had they been swimming? They seemed lost. Or were they headed towards the Frostlands? Curiosity bade her stroll over to where the ‘immortals’ waded, her voice coming out in an imperial, slightly frigid tone as she gazed down at the two playing in the water. “What are you doing?”

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Giantson of Ephias

  • Sinidarr lurked high within the sky, the slight pitter-patter of rain drizzling down the pillars of Gladwe. The once close community of Tilune had grown a lot over time. No longer were they huddled in the centre of the pillar, careful not to stray too close to the edge. Now, they had built a game around jumping between the short gaps that separated some of the pillars, racing each other across the Peaks. Their fear of falling was gone, thanks to the gliding that Sinidarr had gifted them. Gone, too, was their humility, now they boasted their accomplishments to anything that would listen, true or otherwise. Sinidarr had managed to convince them not to throw away their lives in search of this glory, but he could not stop them from leaving the Peaks in search of adventure and treasure. Not that he could blame them, after all, he was doing the same with Unry, the intelligent god who kept secrets. The call to adventure was too strong for the Tilune, and the children grew up with tales of grand adventure and slain beasts.

    Sinidarr stewed, the clouds darkening somewhat. He had dreamt a different fate for the Tilune. He quietly wished for them to remain humble, remain a simple village of compassion and the pursuit of worldly understanding. Instead, they had become reckless and attention-seeking, happily looking for deadly monsters to fell and treasure to win. He had followed the Awakener's advice and guided the vine, but the vine grew too strong in the wrong direction. Either the Awakener was wrong, or Sinidarr was weak, both thoughts that unsettled him.
    Another thought that plagued his mind was the mote in his collection. It had grown. Only slightly, but grown nonetheless. Sinidarr once thought nothing of it, but eventually, something had to be done.
    Sinidarr took his mortal form and drifted within the cloud. It was his own realm, in this cloud. A place for contemplation and to truly hear himself think.
    The mote was perhaps the size of one's fingernail and glowed with a faint blue light. It was amorphous, yet hard to the touch, easily morphing and squishing. Sinidarr funnelled some of his energy into the sphere to analyse its interior. To his surprise, there was not just the potential of creation. There was *life* within the mote. An actual soul and being confined within the speck of creation. Yet there were two life sources, one was distinctly his own power, and the other was different. It had the feeling of rich, damp soil. A being supercharged with divine energy, and brought to life.
    Sinidarr held it suspended in his hand, static electricity crackling between his fingers and the mote. With willpower alone, Sinidarr tried coaxing the life out, pulling at the edge of the mote until a blinding light split through the side like a funnel of pure creation. A violent gale tore the mote apart for a split second before it snapped shut again, its colour faded. Sinidarr was focused on the greyish-blue deflated mote that was barely a fraction of its former size, so focused that he barely felt a light pat on his shoulder. Sinidarr flew back as he turned, seeing a human-sized form of pure spinning winds, with a bright sphere of light at the top, staring at him like a great unblinking eye. The body was alien, but the concept was not. He had heard of such things from Unry. A being born from the energy of two gods. A *Minor* God.
    It projected no thoughts, only pure emotion: afraid, confused, afraid, afraid, confused.
    Sinidarr held out his hand, tendrils of lightning connecting him to the Minor God. It... it was his child in a vague sense, he had a duty to protect it and care for it. Sinidarr channelled more of his power into the being and imparted some of his own wisdom. He taught it language and art, then of people and animals, then philosophy and the concept of humour. It liked humour very much, the same with dance and entertainment. Sinidarr smiled.
    "You have the knowledge," Sinidarr started, "Now find understanding, child of mine."
    "I am... without form," it did not speak but thought directly into Sinidarr's mind.
    "Go below, find the mortals, give yourself a form like theirs and they will accept you. Then travel the world as I have done, talk to people and find the Stag. They should know you exist."
    "A-And should they ask my name?" Sinidarr looked expectantly at his child. It waited for a moment before it realised, "Paleros?"
    "Paleros!" Sinidarr exclaimed. His child, Paleros!

    Paleros flew down through the cloud cover, down into the village of Gladwe and adopted the form most familiar to them. From there, they flew out across the mountains towards any civilisation they could find.
    The world was big and Paleros would see it all, just as Sinidarr was doing. Along the way, they would join travellers on a road for a short while, before recommending a shortcut down a road of their own creation, just to leave in the night and take the illusion of the road with them. Some harmless fun to make a long journey bearable.

    Sinidarr's clouds were full of rainbows that day, for it was a day of pure joy.

    He had a child!

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White Masquerade's Blue Oni
Kianu (God) + Freak Human #1 + Mawlock (God)
Collab with: Solirus Solirus Tetro Tetro

The Frostlands, Northernmost Part of the World (Mortal Realm)
One of the humans stopped swimming and looked at the voice, “What are we doing? Well we’re looking for some guy who appeared as some pillar of fire and then gave us a Good smack, may group over here loved it so much we want a bit more, know anything about him?” The humans responded paying no mind to the godly presence of Kianu.

Kianu’s eyebrow rose. “Pillar of fire…?No...I can’t say I have…” A guy appearing in a pillar of fire could be anything, from some mortal using fire magic to a god. Mawlock and L’Oria were the first gods to come to mind when she thought of fire.Why are you looking for him?”

“Well, cause he gave us such a good smack, we’ve been fighting each other cause everything else bores us and soon we were mindlessly fighting each other you know? Then suddenly he shows up and BOOM we get knocked out and it FELT AMAZING… so we’re looking for them to fight him, can’t leave it at that.” the human responded with a tinge of excitement on his voice.

“I can’t say I understand that sentiment…” Kianu tilted her head. “If you’ve already lost the first time, why do you want to challenge him again? Won’t you just lose again?”

“Well it’s likely we will lose aye, but it feels great to have a challenge, to have a purpose yeah, if we constantly try then eventually we’ll learn yeah, and then win!”
the human responded with more excitement.

Kianu blinked at the human’s response…then smiled. “Is that so? You’re quite the feisty race aren’t you?” Reaching her hand above the human’s head, she wove her way through his memories, the images flooding into her mind as if they were her own. Mawlock might’ve been in the form of a human, but she could tell it was him just fine. She saw him beat up the five humans that were fighting each other in the frozen wastes, south of the world. She could hear his words to them as well. So he wanted her to educate his favored race, did he? “His name is Mawlock. Go to a shrine dedicated to him and call his name. He should be able to hear you.”

A voice echoed around the goddess and humans, “I see my children’s children have reached you, my sister.” Mawlock formed in front of the goddess, unable to resist seeing how the humans were doing now that they had stepped into Kianu’s domain. “I hope they have not caused you too much trouble. Why do you speak my name?”

“Ah, you're here,”
Looking up from the human to the god that took form before her, Kianu smiled. “Greetings God Mawlock. Your children’s children have been looking for you.”

“Looking for me? I told them to search for you.”
He turned and stared at the humans. “It seems their parents failed them so utterly, they cannot comprehend basic instructions.” Mawlock sighed, turning his attention back to Kianu. “They have fulfilled their task, so I will not be taking their lives. I figured you would be best suited to turn these brutes into civilized ‘mortals’. I have seen the conduct of your more evolved creations, and if you’d have these humans, I would enjoy seeing them emulate the good qualities of your maidens.”

“I see…”
Eyes flickering thoughtfully between the humans in the water and Mawlock, Kianu nodded before taking the hand of the human she’d been talking to and pulling him up and out the water to stand on the bridge of ice beside her. She smirked. “Very well. I don’t mind. But are you certain you want them to be like my maidens?”

“I am no fool, I know to be careful with my words with you. I want you to teach them a life without mindless brutish violence. You have your giants, you have that vicious wolf god in your possession, and many others who have great strength and power. Directing such mortal power into something more productive is all I ask. You may have your fun with them while you do, but do not forget that they are still humans and I expect you to treat them with some respect.”
Mawlock put a hand on the head of the human. It was evident he held a soft spot in his heart for them. “I will leave you to it then, yes?”

“Certainly. The Frostlands shall welcome these children with open arms,”
Kianu’s gaze returned to the rest of the humans frolicking in the icy waters. Normally she tested the creatures that entered her frozen lands, but, looking at them right now, it didn’t take much to see that they wouldn’t be bothered by the cold. Hard to tell whether they were mortal or immortal. “What are their names, by the way?”

He thought for a moment. “I will let you name them, sister. Nothing warms my heart more than to see the creativity of my brethren. As additional thanks for taking on the task, I give you my support in any endeavor you wish. Simply call my name and I will come.”

“I appreciate the gesture,”
Kianu responded dryly. She didn’t really consider any of the gods her siblings, but it didn’t really matter to her what Mawlock called her either way. “Since you’ve come all this way to my domain God Mawlock, polite decorum requires that I invite you into Everfrost Castle for a cup of tea...if you so desire.”

Kianu didn’t wait for Mawlock’s answer.

With a snap of her fingers, the gates of Everfrost Castle appeared before them in shimmering splendor. “Come, Disobedient Children of Mawlock. Swim into my castle and I assure you I won’t let you be bored.”

Not that they really had a choice in the matter. Any that did not listen were forcibly captured by a giant hand of ice that formed from the frozen waters and tossed through the gates of her immortal realm.

Sybella and the Slumber of the Frost Giants
Sybella was the name of the Priestess of Winter that Ysmir delivered Kianu’s message to. When Sybella asked Kianu’s messenger how the Frost Giants could sleep at will, Ysmir told the Frost Giantess of the Gentle Repose that grew at the bottom of the Great Mountain. A gift that the goddess of Sleep had given the world. And so Sybella left the Frostlands and set out on a pilgrimage to the tallest mountain in the world, guided by the Ice Maiden Ysmir. She saw many strange sights, making some friends along the way. Learned many things as Ysmir tended to talk a lot. Strangely enough, only some could hear Ysmir while others did not. After gathering some Gentle Repose in her large hands, Sybella returned to the Frostlands to see that the number of Frost Giants had once more dwindled.

They had once been the strongest mortal creatures in the Frostlands--the top the food chain. Their natural lifespan long, extending 500 years. Yet, it was for that same reason, that they couldn’t make children often enough to replenish their numbers. Many were dying of starvation before even reaching that age. They were slowly eating the frostlands dry before it could replenish. Living outside the Frostlands wasn’t an option for those born of Ice either. She understood the Winter Queen’s reasoning. Yet Sybella couldn’t help being afraid. After seeing more of the world, the feeling of regret only intensified. Was this really the only option for them?

As Sybella wept, the Mother of Giants, Sey, appeared before her and placed a comforting hand on her knee. “Does Queen Kianu hate us?”

“No child, this isn’t death. It’s simply rest. Once you meet the god of sleep and dreams, be respectful. Even in your dreams, there is much you can learn about the world. Earn the favor of the gods. Once you awaken you will be all the more smarter and stronger for it.”

“B-But what if something kills us while we sleep? W-what if we never awaken?”

“Your father commands the Ice Golems--the guards of Everfrost Castle. They will protect you all while you sleep.”

“How can you be sure?”

“You can’t be sure of anything, Love. That’s what faith is. That’s what will give you strength.”

“I-Is this a test then?”

“It is. And, so long as you remain faithful, the Queen and Mother of Ice will always protect you.”

Thus, Sybella conveyed Kianu’s will to the rest of the Frost Giants, handing out a Gentle Repose to each to sleep whenever they were ready. Most were pious and obeyed the words of the Winter Queen, finding safe caverns on Giant’s Ridge to breathe in the slumbering pollen. However a couple of others, like Azorf and his descendants, chose to disobey and left the Frostlands in search of more food. Whether those ones lived or died, Kianu did not care. Once the Frost Giants that remained in the Frostlands were all asleep, a wall of Immortal Ice formed around Giant’s Ridge and Ice Golems moved in to protect the Giants from any that would dare to disturb their slumber.

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Celestial Speck

I'm not a bad guy, I swear!

The Nameless Orb

When it came to be, it was nothing but a white orb. A shapeless piece of infinity.

It was born from nothing and it existed in nothing for an unknown amount of time. It was something round and white, with no start nor end to it. It glowed ever so slightly, every ray of light reflecting off of it like it was a pearl. A physical star in a world where no such thing existed.

Then, sometime later, the orb slipped from the sky. It was perhaps drawn to the realm where beings like it existed. Not beings like his 'kin', but those who are born, those who learn, and those who grow. But it could have simply been simple luck attracting it there. It could have perhaps fallen anywhere else, but it was there it ended upon. Perhaps for the absolute best. Because, even if it sounds anti-climactic, I'll confirm it to you: were it not for this event, the orb would have forever stayed in the space it had been born with. Learning nothing and becoming nothing at the end of creation.

Yet, it was there it ended upon. Where the divine kept to themselves and knew of only hate, chaos, or intense, uncomfortable justices. Compared to them, the orb was nothing.

To you, my friend, the orb is the weakest. Someone to take advantage of, if you're someone cruel. To use its abilities to gain a powerful ally, grooming the perfect companions. Yet, this immortal one was born bound by none. Much like mortals, it was born thoughtless, yet it was immortal. It had an eternity, an infinity to grow. Perhaps as the orb floated down onto the mortal world, it would exist as that: someone forever free. Only to perhaps have it taken away from it.

It landed on a bloated little place, with humid hot air and bogs that housed all manner of invisible life. A little white pearl in a place of gray palettes and heavy mud. The orb didn't know it yet, but it had landed on a 'swamp.' The very first place it could perhaps call 'home.' Or perhaps, 'birthplace.' Even though it was not born here. Even though it did not belong here.

What happened next wasn't much interesting. You heard it before, retold many times amongst many cultures. 'The little orb stood there, for seven days and eight nights...'

Plants rapidly grew around it, like ancient foliage hiding some manner of treasure. A treasure that was known as 'God.'

It experienced cold when night came. It experienced heat as the sun's rays evaporated water. It experienced rain as it fell from the skies. It experienced many small things you don't even think about. The feeling of touching something solid, the feeling of insects crawling onto your body, the feeling of many things. Hence, as cruel as it may sound... it was so lucky to have something die in front of it, for it to understand it as it rotted in front of it. For otherwise, the orb would have existed as a 'treasure', unmoving, for a long, long time.

A crocodile, one day, fell atop its body. It was heavy and old. Its scales were a sad color, its existence reaching the final road one meets when growing up. Death.

It was the first time the orb then changed.

Like a thousand threads made its being, the orb wildly flailed. A golden light, like that one of a beating heart of a star, could be seen for but an instant. Those little threads made of a material that was nothing but everything at the same time, changed as it took shape, and the orb experienced growth for the first time. It gained a long and heavy body, filled with teeth that could shatter bone and drown someone in its territory.

Breathing came almost naturally to the orb. However, for seven hours it struggled to walk with its small legs. Occasionally falling and sinking deep into mud. Yet eventually, it learned how to walk, the only direction existing for it being forwards. And so, in a constant motion, like a toy that had winded up, the orb walked forward. In search of something it did not know it sought.

To know everything and become everything.



  • Long Rest

    Deity of Sleep

    Lord of Dream
    "I will... sleep forever."

    [Master] bowed in response. "Please reconsider."

    Sigh gave no response. [Master] bowed deeper. "Please reconsider."

    Again, he received no response. He raised his head in disbelief. Once, twice had Sigh announced such a statement, but both times, she resigned with a sigh to his retort. Sigh sighed, a long sigh that no mortals could make. [Master] regained his composure. He waited, and Sigh eventually continued.

    "This place..."

    The box. The golden box that trapped Sigh, not through physical force, but the suppression of her domain. Sleep. Once she stepped out of the garden, the Sleep Goddess would not be able to sleep, a fate worse than death for the deity. She closed her eyes and sighed again.

    "It's useless."

    What is? What was? Through all the obscurity, [Master] only nodded. Sigh offered a hand at [Master]. The Minor God took it. The two immortals exchanged thoughts without words. Their connections ran deeper than blood, redder than ashes. Theirs was a connection between sleep and dream.

    Sleep is sleep. I will always sleep. Bed is bed, yet never truly bed. Bed is rest, rest is home. I am rested and will continue to sleep.
    The Dreaming Lord, the One Whose Name Gods Cannot Pronounce, you will not sleep. Dream is an endless fantasy, a realm without an end. Dream is power, dream is ethereal. So I will sleep, and you will dream. Good night.

    Good night.

    When [Master] opened his eyes, Sigh had disappeared. The only thing left in her place was a layer of blanket, the only piece of cloth she wore. The edge of the immortal's lips curled up.


    All over the world, the Gods would notice that the Dream Realm had stopped sending 'help' message it had sent over a thousand year.

    In the box, Sigh existed, and not existed.

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    Mention: Anyone who would notice the dream SOS message ceasing
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Spring Thief
Vitis Gurthu & Dream's End
Interacting with: Human NPC
Mention: Tetro Tetro Karcen Karcen Beeihu Beeihu

The body fell to the floor with a thud as End let out a sad noise. With skin the colour of the darkest black and emitting seeps of goop that dripped onto the ground, they frowned down at the human. The human couldn’t handle a god inside it, obviously, and had passed away. End sunk down back into goop form in despair. Why could it not work? They just wanted to look like everyone else. Maybe then, people would like them. Things would be okay and they wouldn’t be the bad guy anymore.

The great stag, ever present in their watch over the wayward god of war, had been momentarily distracted. An ungodly shriek shook the heavens, a flow of anguish for all mortals to hear. A divine being had passed on and the angels wept. Something had snipped a life from existence. Vitis lifted their crowned head to the skies, breathing in the air. Something new ruffled their dark mane. They strained their ears to catch it. "The winds sing of sorrow and fire. It carries the scent of frost and magic. This one must tend to the call once more..."

It was at that moment they heard the thud. A dead shape laid before End, an uncommon one that should not be anywhere close to the wilds. By all memory, this area should be the heart of a nameless forest and far from the human’s village. Their eyes pierced the trees. The once humble collection of huts had swelled like a tumour into the land.

The dead-thing was a resident of this village. Vitis Gurthu approached, starry eyes full of curiosity. It was unheard of for a child of Mawlock to taste death. Cursed life. Hollow.

Even more troubling still, was the infatuation Mawlock held for them. Yet now was not the time for harvest. If left unchecked, End’s instability could breed conflict. Perhaps it could also bring opportunity. The stag approached the sulking god and the dead human, "Let not sorrow cloud thy heart, little one. Immortality may stave off death… but a life stretched too thinly makes it all the more fragile. Scoured to insignificance with the years.”

A small mote of light rose from the human body. A soul. Vitis caught it, nesting it into a flower on their antlers until it could be returned to its master and reborn. “Fear not, in death finds its true eternity. Nothing is ever wasted, or truly gone. See…”

The human’s body broke down into a fine ash, sprouting flowers and fruits of all sorts. As if released, butterflies and drifting pollen took to the sky. Finally, the body was remade into a similar shape. It appeared as a sleeping child with pale hair and dark, curving horns. “Try once more. A host remade without such fragility. In it, one should find the stability thou seeks.”

The blob nodded in a way looking in amazement at the life their friend could create. If only they could do that. If only they could be amazing like them. If only they could bring life and not destruction. The form it had to be what was stopping them right? They had to find one that wouldn’t fade. They had to. They would be good like everyone else. They won’t hurt anyone anymore. “Does one know how to find me a host?”

A sound like chimes in the wind came from the stag, laughter. “One has already created such a thing. See this reborn form, hollow without a soul, strong enough to hold a divine.” The stag nodded their head towards the host. “Come, nestle oneself within it. Worry not, the human’s soul is safe with me. I believe their death will serve the greatest purpose of all. A rebirth for the god of life to witness for himself.”

End looked at them with wide unsure eyes, a soft blush forming on their face. “C-could you t-turn around?” they spoke, nervous to do it in front of someone

Amused, Vitis Gurthu inclined their head and turned away from the god, “Of course.”

Once their friend had turned, End slithered over to the body, going up its corpse and entering its way into their mouth. As their self entered they felt a tingle flow through them as their goop traversed through the veins and nerves, inserting itself into the body. They shivered as their hands twitched. “It feels weird… good weird.” they spoke, a new voice still holding the same as before but slightly different. A proper voice box this time.

precious bb boi.jpg“Mastering this form shall take time, but this one hopes one shall use this gift well. Take care of it, and it shall bring the joy one seeks.” The stag nodded towards a resting sparrow, “Go, test one’s gift. Worry not, this host should hold one’s corruption at bay...lest one wills it to spread.”

“Really? Does that mean that one is as good as you?” they spoke, small tears in their eyes.

“Little one, thou has always been worthy to call this one equal.” said the stag, an unusual warmth in their voice.

A warm smile spread on End's face as they broke into sobs. Could they finally do what they came here to do? To spread good like all the other gods did? This was their chance. They finally had their form. They could finally do it. A soft nudge came from behind, the stag’s nose pushing them lightly towards the bird.

“Go now, before the creature grows impatient.” A handful of seeds appeared in End’s hand, made by the god of harvest them self. The stag gazed down at End, an unusual fondness in their eyes.

When End stood up they couldn’t help but stumble, their arms going out in the air beside them to balance again. They looked up at the bird, seeing it fly away in fear, and let out a sigh. They slowly approached reaching out their seed-filled hand and closed their eyes as they awaited rejection.

From a branch, the sparrow considered the offered seeds. Copper eyes flicked between the rich treats and the strange being. It hopped down to a rock, tilted its head and gave a soft ‘chu~’. Finally, it fluttered up to End’s open palms and began to peck at the seeds.

Tears flowed from the god's face. “ I did it!” they exclaimed. They could finally face the world. They could be good.

The stag watched the whole encounter, their ethereal eyes chipped with a warmth that spilled into their chest. It was a sensation that caught them by surprise, a deep ache no word could hold. A beautiful golden glow emanated from the spirit blossom on their antler, petals catching a fragrant breeze. The stag cast their eyes towards the human settlement. Perhaps after all these years they should venture inside, leave the wild for just a moment.

An unusual thought, one that made them pause. Was this desire born from godly purpose... or something else?


The lord of randomness and the warp
Interaction: Celestial Speck Celestial Speck Damafaud Damafaud
Zexzad hand brought the child it had called Miko back to its realm the young boy was tired and soon they'd fallen asleep on a bed that the god hand produced for them Zexzad would allow Miko to rest for now as little one had earned such A small peace after such pain it had good through while. however something else had caught the god attention an entity that intrigued it so for how it was similar to itself yet oh so wonderfully different, a little white orb that floated aimlessly but to Zexzad it had limitless potential and thusly endless interest to the great change that it was. Zexzad sat and observed for a time. Its goals made clear to Zexzad knowing there where other important that would ruin such an interesting deity once again Zexzad would need to step in to ensure that things all went according to plan even if such plans where not it's own. The crocodile's shaped gods movement amused Zexzad for a time then it finally decided to step in their sheeplike humanoid form simply appearing form thin air in front of the orb crocodile. "Hello there, bringing of growth, little being that changes I do hope we can not be strangers. I am Zexzad the one of change the one with an utmost vast range. You are one without purpose without name, allow me to give you one if you'd done, perhaps allagí?" Zexzad has more or less sung softly uncaring of any response from the entity before extending a hand and patting Allagi's snout. "Now I shall certain be your hmmm guide, if ever you need me simple call my name and I will be there to answer your questions or help but just know I shall not solve your problems for you" Zexzad explained with a little grin, hopefully, the new deity was able to understand. it was only then when Zexzad realised master was also there. "oh ello haven't see you before nor did i see you just then but it is good to meet you now miss SIGH? yes or is it not hmm mayhaps?" zexzad rambled confusingly
Meanwhile, zir planted some idea of new weaponry into the minds of the geldek oh so subtle as it's master Instructed for it had simply given them a vague idea of a tool, how it would develop would be INTERESTING.. next the kobolds were given the thoughts of how to use the wyrdstone... till they created their first contraption with it at the centre Zir would remain working in the shadows, for the other races it too planted random ideas for new things within some subconcious those would maybe come into fruition eventually.
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F o u r
Sinidarr and Unry


Collab done with: jmann154 jmann154

“Thus we… return to the place… you call home… ” Unry spoke, hidden from view of mortals, “It’s likely… I do not need to give you an explanation… of your own home… instead… show me around your home… I know your people have… experienced changes.” Unry suggested moving his view up to a cloud that hovered above him.

“Yes…” a hundred years had passed, but Gladwe was always in Sinidarr’s eye. He merged his two visions into one and followed Unry upwards, “My home… is a land of adventure now, it has changed much since you were last here with the Stag. They lust for glory and a tale of their deeds. Come, see for yourself.”
Sinidarr hurled a bolt of lightning at one of the taller pillars. On the ground appeared his older mortal form, hair and beard swirling in a non-existent breeze. He hopped down to a lower pillar and approached a group of teenage Tilune at the edge of the pillar, daring each other to jump. Sinidarr waved them along and they obeyed absentmindedly. He looked back to where he knew Unry to be.

Unry moved his gaze to the young Tilune while speaking to Sinidarr,
“Their tales of adventure… and glory would be… stories of death and martyrs… were it not… for your guidance.” Unry remained standing where he was and moved his gaze back at Sinidarr.

“That, they would be,” Sinidarr spoke in a voice only Unry could hear, “Yet, sometimes I find myself wondering. The mortals we have seen on our journey have all grown and learned from their mistakes, and brought about their own change. I find myself wondering if I should have let them do the same.”
Sinidarr hopped to a lower pillar where a few small houses stood, made of thatch and basic woodwork. A few adults were training their children together, learning to go through obstacle courses with ease. Some were teaching the older children to wield staves and batons.

“Mistakes teach lessons… yes… but when a generation… is struck with mistakes and learns… it is their job… to teach their children… to not commit the same… mistakes… in your case… you foresaw the consequences of their actions… and acted accordingly.” Unry responded, moving his gaze back at the training Tilune.

“A wise interpretation…” Sinidarr picked up a stick and fenced playfully with a small child that had approached him, wishing to show his parents his fighting prowess. The child was far from skilled, but that didn’t stop him from advancing and striking Sinidarr in the stomach. Sinidarr faked a mortal wound, much to the child’s delight, before returning to his walk.
“They will change many times over the course of history, of this I am sure. But, my fear lies in just how much they will differ from my teachings. I suppose a small part of me fears they may one day forget my knowledge and know me only for the rain I give to their crops. A foolish fear, I know, especially for a timeless being such as myself.”
Sinidarr continued into the village proper. It was still relatively peaceful in Gladwe. The elderly ran most of the business and artisanal trades, and their children learned to work and contribute either out in the fields or inside building tools and furniture.
“Enough about my problems. What will you do, Unry? Now that our journey seems at an end?”

Unry remained still and motionless while staring at each Tilune, “I’ll do what all of us… do… I’ll create… but for all my creations… they need to serve a purpose… whether grand or mundane……… ” Without saying another word Unry began to rise high into the sky, extending his free arm and opening his palm. In his palm did a blinding bright light begin to shine growing massively in size, yet at a certain point did the light begin to get pulled violently inwards until only a small ball of concentrated energy remained. Unry moved back down with now a small ball in his palm and showing it to Sinidarr, “This shall be improvement and experience, a god with the only desire to seek out and improve whatever it has not reached the limit of, and it shall do this through experience… Animus shall be it’s name” Unry stated, “Yet… I believe it will require… an initial mentor of sorts… who do you believe... is best suited for... the role?” Unry asked Sinirdarr

“Well,” Sinidarr was quite taken aback at the display of creation. It was violent and sudden, quite unfitting of the methodical god he had travelled with, “I believe that Animus would make a fine partner for my… my child, Paleros.”
Sinidarr waved the stick and with the imaginary line, a cloud of leaves were caught in a strong current of air and taken off the pillar.
“Place your Animus in the current and I believe it should take them directly to Paleros. My child needs to learn, as does yours. Their journeys align perfectly.”
Sinidarr bent over and whispered into the wind, instructions that carried and echoed down from the mountain and across the terrain until it reached Paleros, telling him of the company they would soon have.

Unry slightly nodded before gently placing Animus on the current, darting away into the distance. “Then it is done… I shall take my leave… Perhaps I'll form my realm…… If you are ever in need of help… just say my name… I’ll know… ” Unry once more spoke to Sinidarr before distorting space around him to teleport away. “I’ll know” a voice echoed once more in Sinidarr’s mind even when Unry was gone.
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Allagí...? Swamp Crocodile

Huntertabbysandshark3 Huntertabbysandshark3 | Damafaud Damafaud

For some time, the orb wandered forward. His current state, while powerful, lacked natural instinct and knowledge that often stems from such creatures. He didn't know things such as eating, sleeping, speaking... things that come naturally to our minds. Things that we learn from experience. It may sound cruel or even worrisome to say it, but one day, the orb would experience these things and die from them. Death and pain walked closely together with the orb in its eternal journey, a natural aspect of growing up was to experience such things, after all.

But to its simple mind, such things might as well not exist at all, as it did not experience them yet.

...For some time, it walked forward aimlessly with its reptilian body. At first not bothering dodging inconvenient paths, but after some time, it seemed to realize that walking around them would save it from the effort of walking on uneven terrain or sinking deeper into mud or water.

It was the orb's first experience with traveling, and how to take the most convenient route towards nowhere in particular.

Its growth was exponential. Perhaps not as fast as one might have hoped for, but it allowed itself to follow the instincts and memories of the old reptilian it had taken the form of. Even though it didn't know how to swim, it had memories of how to trash its body to move forward in bodies of water. Even though it didn't know how to eat, it had memories of using its elongated jaw to eat the raw flesh of other beings.

It wouldn't take long before it would need to experience those things. Principally when...


The air shifted instantly once the two beings appeared from nowhere. Like the world itself held in a breath at the presence of two divine beings in the middle of such a sad and humid place such as this. There was something different to the area now, in some vague manner. The orb understood that instantly as it stared at the two beings touching against it and talking to it. It did not and could not understand their words, but it was an important event nevertheless. One that happened surprisingly early.

Simply put... it was important for it was the first time the being met another one of its kin.

It was also the first time it heard words, and the first time it was given a name.

Allagí. The name was given, but the weight behind it was lost on the immortal orb. It had weight to it, the words that were spoken by the God of Change, and the touch of both him and the God of Dreams... yet that weight wouldn't be understood today. Yet, that did not mean 'it' could not feel it... the intent behind it, something to latch onto. Names had power, after all. They were something available to all living creatures like it, something that determines their worth in the world, that dictates they are capable of Growth. Of pursuing paths inanimate objects with no souls cannot.

A name was the most powerful thing it could receive. Allagí wouldn't be its first, and it likely wouldn't be it's last, either.

But it would be his first.

What occurred next could only be described in legends amongst mortals as fantastical, something to tell children in front of a great fire about to raise their spirits, and make their belief in the protagonist of the story stronger. But to [Master] and Zexzad, it was beautiful.

'Allagí's' eyes would shift color endlessly for several seconds. Red, yellow, orange, golden, brown, black, white... it shifted to colors mortals could perceive. It shifted to colors only Gods could perceive. The irises danced, the sclera sometimes being a deep white, like a painting with no paint on it, before shifting again. The words it heard, now simply 'noise' in its heard, kept attempting to repeat themselves perfectly as the Gods said it. Hello. God. Change. Allagí. Allagí. Allagí!

Like the sound of a coin dropping down, it changed one last time. To a deep and mesmerizing purple, like its eyes led to outer space.

That was the color of Growth. Purple.

Its forms shifted again rapidly: from a crocodile with purple eyes, to a sheep with purple eyes, to a butterfly with purple wings, to a white orb... and finally, it stopped, and once more, returned to a crocodile.

And 'Allagí' stood there, eyes staring at the two deities.


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Zexzad quickly came to realise that the entity it had dubbed Allgaì truly didn't understand much of what it had said to them no matter Zexzad though they where still adorable regardless at least to the god of Change for it's interest had turned swiftly to endearment especially as the godling morphed into various forms right before them oh glorious change how wonderful. As they couldn't help but

To be fair Zexzad ignored much of what [master] had said just being more enamored by the deity in crocodile form. And how it changed oh so much Zexzad was tempted to mimick it In return but instead opted to simply give allagì a very big hug. "Awwww your adorable" Zexzad mumbled squishing it's cheek against the crocodiles before backing off and turning to [master] "i think it for the best that we guide this one toward the relam of mortals I'm sure they will learn far more amongst them then here, certainly not us interfering much yes? Least we can do is give them a direction?"


F o u r

Unry stood on nothing, with the world the Gods inhabited being but a speck of light. Yet even with such distance Unry didn’t believe it to be enough. With a gesture of his hand did he begin to travel towards the vast nothingness, the speck that was the world no longer reaching him and the vast ocean of stars fading from distance, yet even then did his movement not stop, maintaining a constant velocity away from the rest of creation.

It was then that Unry decided it would be good enough. Grabbing the very nothingness around him, Unry began to rip it apart causing columns and pillars to burst forth from the rift, colliding with each other and forming a structure of peculiar shape with no clear direction, left or right, no up or down. The structure didn’t seize to grow as more and more columns and pillars began to pop out and connect with each other thus did Unry form a small orb on his free hand, tossing it at the center of it all. Within seconds the orb surrounded the entirety of columns entrapping the infinite growth of the realm into the size of a small village.

From the outside it would remain nothing but the size of a small village, yet inside it would have infinite space to grow.

“Moria… that will be the name” Unry said to himself as he entered the realm. Wherever one could stand, a force would keep them there like gravity, yet more problems arose, Unry knew nothing could be seen and the lack of heat would make deadly for mortals or an eternal trap for immortals. For a simple problem, a simple solution was required, and thus Unry created a light on his hand, placing it on the border of infinity, shining and heating the entirety of the ever growing realm.

Moria was finally complete, yet the realm couldn’t simply exist… it needed a purpose and a simple purpose it would have. Moria would serve to be the realm to seek out Unry, to ask and to receive answers and knowledge, yet that alone would not suffice. In his memory did Unry gain slight inspiration at the existence of the Stag, If one would come here and deliver a gift to Unry, a blessing would be granted of according strength and power relating to the value and importance of said gift. These promises would be written upon the gate of Moria, the physical entrance to the Realm, which would only appear in random places for a few days across the world, most notably, places of great calm and stillness.

Yet those willing to not play with luck could also access the Realm through deep meditation at the statue of the thinker, a fragment of Unry and transport their very soul for a singular day to the realm.

With the hard work done, did Unry finally move to the center of a large room, where he would provide the knowledge to the seekers, each path through the infinity of Moria leading to Unry. And thus he waited as the first Gate of Moria began to take form in the far center west of the eastern continent.

Gate of Moria
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Ysmir and the Coria
Swamp on the North of Western Continent (Mortal Realm)
Ysmir didn’t leave to find the Coria until after helping Sybella find the Gentle Repose. In the brief time they traveled together, Ysmir had grown to like the Frost Giantess. It saddened her that her sister’s faithful descendants would be put to rest while the monster that defied Winter—that defied Queen Kianu—could still glare at them from the walls of Everfrost. The fact that such a beast still existed was proof her majesty’s graciousness. A god it may be, but it was a weak one. Barely 100 years old, it couldn’t even compare to the greatness that was Kianu…but she couldn’t deny that it was strong. Even with all her sisters fighting together, they’d only been able to hold him off until Queen Kianu stepped in. She didn’t understand why her majesty of winter allowed such a threat to live just as she didn’t understand why Kianu put the loyal Frost Giants to slumber, but it wasn’t Ysmir’s job to understand. It was Ysmir’s job to obey.

And so, on the back of Skadi, beautiful Skadi, Ysmir soared the skies of the mortal realm to a swamp a mere plane away from the Frostlands. If there was a goddess other than Kianu she liked, it was Cath, for the deity of magic had given her a gift—a personal companion to share her duties with. A snow griffin! Ysmir giggled in delight. Wings of ice were easy enough to make on her own, but there was something fun about riding atop of the back of majestic and powerful beast. It assisted her in her hunts. Less effort too. Urging Skadi faster, Ysmir practice arial feats such as loops de loops and barrel rolls before circling above the area where the Coria were gathered. She and her sister were still competing amongst themselves to see who the best rider was, after all

Mawlock’s lesser creations were certainly a…colorful…lot. She watched them enter and exit their cave in an attempt to ‘hunt’, observing them and their clumsy attempts, before clearing her throat. “Hear me, lesser creations of Mawlock! Your devotion and prayers have been heard! By the will of Queen Kianu, I, her servant and pupil, have come to show your children how to properly hunt! Be grateful!”

Landing in front of the crudely made shrine of stones, Ysmir jumped off Skadi and onto the soft, mushy land. It wasn’t really any different from walking ontop of snow…except snow was less icky. Ysmir sighed, collecting the primitive gifts. Gifts were gifts. It was as if she expected much of a race that could barely make a decent weapon. As always, she wore a cloak of Winter Magic for mortal eyes upon leaving Everfrost Castle. Only those with true faith to Kianu, who believed in her power, would be able to see and hear her servant. Would be able to receive her blessing. That was how her queen determined the devout from the disbelieving.

The ones that deserved the gift of Winter Magic.

Then again, that God of Mortal Knowledge, Kail, probably already told Mawlock’s races all about the other gods, so they wouldn’t have too much difficulty believing in the existence of higher powers. A dead god now from what she’d heard of the whisper of angels. No more easy knowledge for the mortals. Perhaps if she’d been granted the power to give away knowledge like candy she’d have less work to do, but, alas, that sort of omnipotence was only reserved for the gods of that domain. Her main authority was to carry out the duties of Winter. “Step up to the shrine if you wish to learn!”

Stroking Skadi, Ysmir waited for the bravest of them to step forth first. Wariness was to be expected. Doubt as well…but of course, those that completely doubted the existence of Kianu couldn’t even see her. A god probably could though. She’d thought she sensed some divine beings(?) when she flew above the skies of the swamp…but she’d come for work, not play. There were few gods she could say she liked on a personal level anyway. Better to avoid them then to start a hassle.

It was a child that stepped up first. A blue scaled, lizard-like child. “I want to be as good of a hunter as my da!”

Ysmir smirked down at the little Coria. “You’re going to be a much, much, better hunter than your da when I’m through with you, Kid.”

Queen Kianu never specified how long she had to stay teaching the Coria so she supposed her majesty left it up to her to decide. As much as the tributes were worth, she supposed. Or until they got the basics down. Stay too long and they’d be expecting too much…so just picking the best among them giving them the blessing of the hunt could work…so long as she got Queen Kianu’s permission to do so. Any powers she gave out rightfully belonged to Kianu after all.

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Kianu (God of Ice, Winter, Hunt, and Preservation) and Xanthos (Minor God of Wolves)

Everfrost Castle (Divine Realm)
Kaleb, Lix, Huggorith, Erys, and Sigraine.

Did the names have any meaning? Not really. Sey told her that names were important and that she loved the name that Kianu had given her, but, in all honesty, the goddess simply pieced letters and sounds together and called it a day. If she had to name everything she’d ever created, then she’d exhaust all the combination of possible sounds and symbols eventually. The undying humans weren’t even her creations. They were Mawlock’s. Kianu found it amusing that he thought she could train them to civilized when she hadn’t a clue what went on in their minds…or how they were even made in the first place.

She simply found what Kaleb told her amusing. The immortal ‘mortals’ wanted a purpose…and they found their purpose in trying to defeat their creator in a brawl. It was an utterly impossible goal, but certainly an entertaining one. She didn’t dislike heroes who aimed high, who tried to take on difficult challenges, so she’d give them a chance. Train them to be warriors. As for how far they went…that would be solely dependent on them. Kianu smirked. For now, she’d give them an empty room in her castle and some regenerating Ice Golems to fight—let them burn out all their aggression so she’d see where their limits were at. If they had limits.

They reminded her of the wolf god that tried to challenge her…except she didn’t think he was addicted to pain. The wolf god called her name. Agreed to her deal, just like she thought he would. His domain were the wolves and he would do whatever he could to keep the wolves she created alive. A deity of protection and rebellion. Teleporting straight into the dungeon where she’d left him, Kianu smiled. “I’m glad you are able to see reason.”

The wolf god sneered.

Kianu vanished the chains. “For now, take on a smaller form. You won’t be able to have tea with me without hands and I’d like to discuss the specifics of our deal in a civilized manner.”

The wolf licked his wrists which had been shackled for nearly a hundred years. “How?”

“You’re a god. Taking on a different form should be instinctual. Just imagine what you want to look like.”

Kianu watched the other god close his eyes, his body slowly changing into something that was similar to her own…though it was male and he didn’t seem able to remove certain attributes. She nodded. It at least had hands. “Now let’s go”

“You’ll keep your end of the bargain, right?”

“Of course,”
Swiftly turning, Kianu left the dungeons of Everfrost expecting the wolf god to follow. It wasn’t like he had anywhere else to go. She’d need to make a room for him. Rooms for the 5 humans she’d taken in as well. Seemed like Everfrost was once more becoming livelier. “I never asked for your name by the way.”

“I don’t have one.”

Of course he didn’t.

“Xanthos,” Kianu had become good at coming up with names on the spot. “ I’ll introduce you to the other occupants of Everfrost whom you’ll be working with. ” She led Xanthos to what looked to be an icy drawing room. The Winter Elves brought them tea.

“…Don’t you have anything warm?”

“Why would I want anything warm?”
The question was asked rhetorically. Kianu brought her hands together, as the air around them cooled and flakes of ice gathered in her palms. “This is my gift to you in light of our agreement—the Xanthos Bloom” She opened her palms to show him a violet-colored flower. “Consuming the petals will give the individual energy and temporary resistance to the cold so that they might endure the harsh winters of the Frostlands. You can give it to the remainder of your race. You can also plant it anywhere you’d like in the Frostlands so that other species might share this blessing of Winter. As a flower made of ice, it’d have no problem blooming even in the coldest conditions.”

“That’s awfully kind of you,”
Xanthos said suspiciously.

“I’m feeling generous today,” Kianu shrugged. “I don’t expect that feeling to last.”

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Nyylathe...that was their name. The entity of unending benevolence that crawled from the void on eight massive, spearing legs and pulled themselves out of the ground to reveal a body that was both sleek and obese, with a fine carapace that was both sturdy and light surrounding a bloated body of a creature that had gorged itself constantly until was near bursting. From the emptiness, Nyylathe had entered a world that was filled with nothing but new experiences.

Everything felt so foreign to the creature, and it all so facinating! Nyylathe hated the feeling of the open air on their back, but loved the gentle breeze that caused their hair to bristle and stiffen. The fear caused by a lack of walls was accompanied by a sensation of safety and relief when they stared into the vast darkness of the night sky. They were new feelings, new emotions associated with those feelings and Nyylathe wanted to feel more things. To know what they thought of any new sights their eight eyes and eight legs can touch and see! But there simply too much, too many things to experience and feel all on their own. No matter how far their eyes can see, their legs can only reach so far...so Nyylathe must extend their will.

Their abdomen convulsed and pulsed, as if it was suddenly filled dozens of living things before suddenly being expelled from their body, as dozens of glowing green eggs were ejected into the world. They hatched quite suddenly, and dozens of smaller versions of the Nyylathe, servants without a true will of their own began to emerge fully formed from these eggs and began to spread across the area, gathering anything they deemed new for Nyylathe, be it object, plant or animal. With the start of the entourage formed, Nyylathe began to travel towards the closest kin they can sense. Not another spider nor similar being, but another god. One that exists within a white land of bitter cold and harsh creatures.


Travelling into this land was difficult, even for the spider's brood. Dozens of wolf sized spiders scuttled close to their parent, continuously collecting and bringing food and curiosities to their maker, but they were easily killed by the weather. A third had froze to death simply because their biting chill had penetrated their carapace and turned their insides into an icy slush. The rest were told by Nyylathe to go, back to warmer climates and to create a place for the Spider to nest once they returned. Now alone, Nyylathe continued on, felling trees and making a trail of sizable holes in the snow for someone to follow, for the great beast knew that with enough commotion, someone will come to it. Eventually. Soon hopefully. While the cold was certainly a new experience, worthy of experiencing personally, the spider did not much enjoy the stiffness in their joints and the way their venom formed frozen droplets as it fell from their fangs.​


[Master] Enters the Stage

Seeing the God of Growth changed, [Master] came to understand why Zexzad had called the deity 'white orb'. It should be its natal form, the form it took during its birth. Truly, it is all regarding growth, he mused as colors shifted in quick succession. His desire to guide it only grew.

He paused at Zexzad's question for a moment. The Dream Realm sent a feedback, real from the illusory. He pointed at a direction. "There, mortals are close and the immortals far. Everything that comes after should be left to fate."

He and Zexzad did not want to interfere with the God of Growth, but the same could not be guaranteed for the other gods. It was best not to get too close. If a god truly interfered...

"Any who plans to interfere, I will halt, with what little strength I possess." Slowly, [Master] faded from view. Everything should be fine with Zexzad there still.

"I dream you will help when a God try to force through, Zexzad." His voice thinned as his image disappeared, until nothing but the butterflies remain.

[Master] retreated into the Dream Realm, his eyes focused on the northern Gods and Immortals. If they planned to take the God of Growth in, he would interfere. If not, he would remain, watching.
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Falma didn’t bother with subtlety. In the forested mountains where the dwarves lived, the air cooled as Winter Magic permeated it. Crystals of ice spread along the ground, congregating near where the Chief of Dwarfs resided, forming an icy platform from which Falma, one of Kianu’s messengers, appeared on top. Staff in hand, her icy gaze settled down on the leader of Azorf’s descendant with disdain. “No matter how far you wretched creatures run, did you think you can escape from the Hunters of Winter?”

The dwarves may have been descendants of her sister as well—despite being cursed—thus technically family, but Azorf and his children had defied their queen one too many times. They were short. They were ugly. More importantly, they were the reason that Lady Kianu was not very happy with her at the moment. Collecting the payment of jewels had been her task. Yet Azorf’s dumb kids couldn’t even tell an ordinary rock from a pretty one. In her mind, it was better to simply eliminate the treacherous dwarves once and for all…yet her majesty would give them another chance. “I’ve come at the behest of Kianu, Queen of Winter and Mother of Ice, to remind you of deal between your ancestor and our goddess—390, 435 jewels in exchange for his life.”

The number of hairs that had been on his head. “So long as this amount isn’t met, you dwarves will be hunted down every Winter Season, your numbers dwindling, no matter where you choose to go, until the line of Azorf is no more. Her majesty will see to it herself.”

Could they even count that high? Azorf, as Falma remembered, had been cunning and greedy…but the cold probably killed all the mortal brain cells of his children. Falma checked her nails. “Oh, and in case you didn’t know, a jewel is precious and pretty stone—either a crystal or one of the lustrous and translucent minerals that’d been put in the earth when Caradhim created it. The ones you’ve found will work. Preferably cut and polished so that it glimmers as her majesty likes shiny things.”

Whether they managed to do so was up to them. You'd think after 100 years with the god of knowledge traveling around, they'd somehow become smarter not dumber. Either way, she was only the messenger. She’d listen to what they have to say and report back to Queen Kianu—not that her majesty wasn’t likely watching from the walls of Everfrost Castle. The sooner this was done, the sooner she could return to her sister who she knew was likely finding comfort in Bijorn’s arms. Sey had always been the most 'loving' among them.

Solirus Solirus

Kianu (God of Ice, Winter, Hunt, and Preservation)
‘Winter Magic’ was what the Frost Giants had called her power, for she was the Queen of Winter, and her abilities like magic to them.

Those who could harness it were, simply put, those she’d allowed to access to a silver of her power, based on the faith and feelings they held towards her. The Ice Maidens wielded the greatest form of her authority for they were the ones she trusted to carry out the duties of Winter. However, it was still her power. She knew where, when, and how it was being utilized. She could shut it off at will. They were still limited by what their bodies could handle…and the power of the divine was not to be taken lightly. That was why she only gave it to select few.

Ysmir was with the Coria.

Falma with the Dwarfs.

Sey tended to the sleeping Giants with Bijorn.

Xanthos with the remainder of the wolves.

That left Kianu mostly alone in Everfrost with nothing to do…so she just watched the ‘children’ that Mawlock left her with punch moving—constantly reforming—blocks of Ice while a Winter Elf brushed her hair. Hunting wasn’t really an option this season either as there were too few creatures in the Frostlands left to hunt…and she was feeling too lazy to make more. Other gods probably wouldn’t be happy if she started to hunt their creations either…which was why she limited her hunting grounds to the Frostlands. She didn’t feel bad about hunting the Dwarfs because they were hers. Disloyal children of her creations. Thus, in her mind, it was her right to do with them as she pleased.

Her eyes followed the five pain-loving humans as they—finally—decided to team up against the golem she’d made from Immortal Ice that’d been pummeling them left and right. Because they were strong, they felt no need to work together. Because they didn’t die, there was no need for them to fear. Because they loved pain, beating them up only satisfied them. Kianu rolled her eyes. The first thing she had to do, if she was going to ‘teach’ them, was to show them what the emotion of fear was.

Kianu was pondering how to do that when she felt the presence of another deity step into her Hunting Grounds. Tilting her head, the goddess’s body scattered into little flakes of snow that flew out of Everfrost Castle, reforming in front of the eight-legged god. A winter elf, carrying a brush, ran out of the immortal castle after her. “Why have you come to these barren lands, eight-legged deity?”

Even amongst the gods, there were few that actually liked the cold.

Mostly barren anyway.

The creatures that were still alive ran away, or hid themselves, as soon as the White Huntress approached. They prayed to her so that they might survive the winter. They weren’t intelligent, but they knew what fear was. They knew how to survive. Then, of course, there were the race of walking magical trees that randomly appeared by the will of Cath, calling themselves the Yegon, and trudging along the snow in search of ‘children’ to protect. Those things didn’t need to fear Kianu because she didn’t tend to hunt trees…but even then, they knew to keep away from the area of deepest cold where an endless blizzard rage and her divine castle resided, as it wasn’t suitable habitat for creatures that were not of Ice or did receive the blessings of winter.

Or lost them, like Azorf’s descendants did.

“There isn’t much to do here since I’ve sent the Frost Giants to sleep.” Kianu pointed to a mountainous ridge in the distance where a wall of un-meltable ice (at least by anything less than divine fire) had formed around the base—a warning to those that knew her, that the Giants were under her protection…though the presence of the Ice Golems should be proof enough. They proved their faith and Kianu promised them protection. Their faith would be their shield.

She didn’t want Sey to be sad either. “And I don’t imagine this environment to be very suitable to your tastes.”

Her tone came off as cold, but, in all honesty, Kianu was simply curious. Gods were having ‘children’. Creating their realms. All placing their marks on the world…so she figured the eight-legged one would be striving to do the same. One look was all it took for Kianu to tell that the deity before her wasn’t the same as Xanthos. It was stronger. A creator like her.

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Zexzad would smile cheerfully at master as both deities seemed to be in agreement over Allagí‘s wandering the world. “Perfect perfect now shall we prehaps take our leave?” Zexzad suggested with a big smile. Before turning back to Allagí turning them slightly in a direction so They where going towards the more civilisation and hopefully a great source of change. “Anyway I need to pay a vitis to a certain deer.” Zexzad would say before bowing and fading back into obscurity and wherever Zexzad went when it traveled across the land Zexzad searched for the big deer and the strange other nameless god there purpose for there visit was simple to say hello and to ask a question. Appearing a little distances away from the pair there smaller sheepish form walked towards them rather cheerfully. “I don’t believe we have both met just yet, the name Zexzad god of change contradictions and scheming good to see you both getting along.“ zexzad announced giving a little bow and giggled. “Anyhow I suppose reality been treating you well, oh yes? Well I have a question but that can wait till formalities see over” Zexzad said with a cheeky little grin upon there face. In Zexzads own ramblings they’d not noticed the fact that Vitis seemed rather spaced out.. with a little sigh there attention turned mostly towards the other deity present. “Your the one who is uncertain of there role yes? you Will find it all in good time I’d say so do not threat.“ zexzads tone was soft and rather kind sounding, as they’d give the little no longer gooey god a small pat On the head.
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The pale woman rose with a yawn, stretching out upon the blankets like a feline. She took a moment to cherish the air before donning her flowing silks once again. The paint had dried fantastically, each design perfect. Her bare feet touched the floor, nudging against a cold mass.

A sylvan lay there, a smile of pure joy frozen on their scarred face. The pale woman smiled too, "Sleep well, sweet thing. May you dream of bliss until you awaken once more~"

She then stepped over them, dyed silk dragging against bloody skin. The sylvan did not rise. They were a warrior outcasted for some lowly mortal reasoning and had known little joy in their life since. A taste of purest bliss was all they needed to be drunk of it. It was the greatest gift of all; to reach the height of all happiness and never feel the fall.

"Ah, what a wonderful break from a repetitive task. Sometimes, I envy you dead-things." She giggled, "If I don't carry on, perhaps I will join you. Farewell~."

The pale lady now became a pale owl, instant in the shift, and quicker than wind. What was once a dusty hut was now swirling snow. She sighed.

The humans had fled Cath's land. Noted. Cath made a bloody creature. Noted with great interest. Through a starry eye, the stag's gaze settled upon it for a moment then was felt no more. Lechiku shuddered as her will returned.

In a wingbeat she flickered above the swimming humans. None injured, unfortunately. Not that it would last long, anyway.

She appeared over a palace of ice. Hmm. Where had the giants gone? My my... and those humans had gone missing too. What a shame, it was amusing to see them go mad with boredom. Though she couldn't say she didn't empathize with them a tiny bit. The dwarves also needed to be check on. Had they died from overwork yet? The owl gave a yawn. Nechiku could do that searching for her. Besides, being shot by The White Huntress was not something she particularly desired today.

Buras was still doing his thing and Nechiku had already check the others. That just left... crusty old Unry. The stag was always eager to watch his movements, for some reason. Not that she cared. It was an easy job, all Lechiku needed to do was find Sinidarr.

As quickly as she appeared, the owl disappeared from the frozen wastes. What snow had settled on her wings were melted away by the warmer climate of Gladwe. Her golden eyes quickly observed each creature in the village, never missing a single detail. It was obvious enough whenever a God returned. Not just because of their aura of supreme power... but also by how their mortals reacted. Also, they usually messed up certain parts of their disguise. Sinnidar was recognizable by the beard and hair blowing out of sync with the wind.

Also, Unry didn't even try.

Lechiku settled on a mountaintop, feathers puffed up comfortably and watched Sinidarr and Unry discuss things. Nothing new to report. Even still, The Stag's eye was drawn in again. Lechiku waited, frozen as the heavens funnelled towards Unry's hand. A new god? Of what? The stag's eye withdrew. What remained was a voice, 'Go to Sinidarr.'

Lechiku preened herself tenderly, wishing the great stag would give her a warning first. When she looked back at the two gods, Unry had vanished. "Ah. That's why."

Like wind, Lechiku rushed down the mountain. Yet as soon as she reached the village she was no longer a monstrous owl. The feathers gave way to a white dress and red-specked cloak, the claws and beak to a soft looking woman. With a flourish, she bowed graciously before Sinidarr. "How do you do-hoo, oh glorious Sinidarr. It is a pleasure to meet you at last. My name is Lechiku, left eye of-"

The woman froze, a orb of bright blue light appearing just in front of her forehead. A separate voice came from her, "Ah, the Spreader of Seeds. Long has it been since this one laid eye upon thee. Seeds of stormy spring have blossoms indeed into a strong sapling. One that has shed its own seeds. How far one has come from a cowering cloud of storm, and yet a storm remains in one's heart. What troubles one that lingers in a garden of such bounty? Perhaps it is time we meet beneath shining skies. One must tell this one of thy journey, and it is time one meets-"

Whatever connected the two beings was either broken, or suddenly closed. Lechiku shook herself, clearly uncomfortable. She rubbed her head, "Oh no! Anyway, where did Unry go? I need to- I would like to talk to him too!" the woman quickly dashed to a marketstall and plucked a hanging slab of mutton. It was gone in seconds, long before the butcher noticed. "He certainly doesn't like parenting, does he? Heh~"


Deus Vult

  • Mawlock basked in the heat of the realm and the newfound power he shared with L'Oria, his eyes closed as he watched the world along with his demons and fallen angels. Most of his attention was on the interactions he was having with Kianu, so when one of his demons approached his throne he kept his eyes closed, not fully realizing her presence until she spoke up. "My lord, the nameless one approaches the humans along with Vitis." Mawlock's eyes snapped open, staring at the demon. She stiffened in fear, staring back with every muscle in her body tensing. "I see," he began, "thank you for bringing it to my attention." A mirror formed in front of him, the images of Vitis and End appearing as they moved towards the human settlement. "Sinidarr may have let Vitis get away with meddling with his creation, but I shall not. The audacity she has to disrespect me as Sigh disrespected L'Oria." He sighed in frustration, his anger rising. The demon cleared her throat, relaxing now. "My lord, maybe Vitis doesn't have disrespect in mind? After all wh-"

    "Humans!" Mawlock shouted, the entire realm rumbling, "are not a part of the cycle! Do you think I don't know exactly what Vitis plans on doing!? This god of famine and disease, and the god of rebirth. You have much to learn regarding discernment. You cannot be so easy to trust. That is why it is important to remain vigilant, and to always have a plan." He glared at the demon while he held out his hand. An orb of light materialized, and strings began to expand out of the orb. Millions upon millions of golden threads, "first, you wait, you watch." Mawlock gestured to the mirror and the demon turned their gaze to look. Just as End approached a human, alone, Mawlock reached over to one of the strings, "then, you execute..." He plucked it, then another, and changed their places."

    The stag that Mawlock had created so long ago, in the beginning, that worked tirelessly for Vitis, suddenly fell in the forest, letting out a tired whine. The large and majestic creation took one last breath before the light faded from its glowing eyes. Grove Keeper dissipated into nothing, returning to Mawlock.

    The human that End tried to forcefully inhabit felt himself become overwhelmed at first, but then fall fast asleep. The body of the man fell to the ground with a thud, and just after the soul of Grove Keeper entered the body, Vitis took it.

    The man awoke back in the village, gasping loudly and bolting up. His chest heaved and he looked around, wondering how he arrived back. 'Fear not my child, sleep. Rest your mind and trust in my protection.' The voice of Mawlock echoed in his head, and after slowly nodding, the man slumbered.

    The demon watched with awe, "but my lord, you just..."

    "Killed Grove Keeper? Do not worry, Vitis holds their soul safely in the flowers of their antlers. The body stopped being human the moment Grove Keeper was placed inside. And from the looks of things," he pointed as End fed a bird in their new form, crying tears of joy, "they are too busy celebrating to realize such things." The orb and threads vanished. Mawlock stood up from his throne. The demon bowed, "thank you for sharing such wisdom with me, my lord. I will do my best to learn from this."

    "See that you do, and share it with all the others. There may come a time one of you will be sent to do a task, not unlike this one."


F o u r
Unfinished Promises

Written with: Tetro Tetro QuirkyAngel QuirkyAngel
The arrival of Falma did not faze the Chief of Dwarfs, even behind his helmet it was clear he showed not a sign of fear. After letting Falma prattle on, did the chief respond. “Falma, ugly and distasteful as the last time we met!” the chief stated loudly before continuing. “Do not think I forgot that promise, yet I do not want to waste more time with this idle chatter… follow me.” The dwarf chief turned around before walking to his throne room.

Her eyebrow rising at the audacity of the Chief of the Dwarfs to insult her--a far cry from when they last met--Falma’s curiosity nonetheless urged the eldest of the three Ice Maidens to step down from the platform of ice and follow him. “Very well, Dwarf. I hope you won’t disappoint this time.”

The Dwarf moved forth deeper into the mountain until finally walking into the throne room. The floor and walls were smooth, decorated with engravings and brilliant torches. The Throne itself was only slightly elevated from the ground, and remained simple as it appeared mostly rough around the edges. Yet standing tall on both sides of the throne were two statues, the one on the left was a statue of Kianu with an Arsenal of weapons at her back, yet not lacking any grace. The statue to the right was that of Mawlock, standing tall with his wings open and wide, holding a ball of fire in one hand and a ball of light signifying life; it stood symmetrical and balanced. The two statues towered over the throne, yet it was clear that the statue of Mawlock towered greater than that of Kianu. The chief moved and took his seat on the throne.

“Pfft-hahahaha!” Falma laughed, clutching her abdomen as wiped away a tear. “Ran into the arms of another god, did you? How very Azorf-like of you.” She’d worked closely with the first snow dwarf so she knew him quite well. Inspecting the two god-statues for a moment, Falma then met the eyes of the Chief of Dwarfs who sat upon a throne. Was he attempting to imitate Lady Kianu? Her Majesty of Winter did so love her castles and crowns. “What is it that you wish to show me?”

“A moment before I show you” The chief responded before pulling out a symbol, holding it tightly in his hand, “Mawlock, Lord of the World, Master of Life, as a humble servant I but pray that we may be graced by your presence and that you may bear witness”

The statue of Mawlock standing beside the throne came to life, lowering its hands and looking around. “I have been summoned?” Mawlock’s voice echoed from the statue. Taking in the scene, the god realized what was going on. “Ah, Falma was it? One of Kianu’s little servants. A pleasure to finally meet you. My angels have told me so much about you.” The statue stepped off of it’s base and approached the maiden. “Forgive me for not gracing you all with my form. I wanted to see what using this statue would be like,” he laughed. Mawlock turned his head to look at the chief who called to him. “What is it you wish for me to witness?”

The chief looked at Mawlock, containing a grin, “The freedom of my people.” The chief gently placed the symbols down before clapping his hands 3 times in a fast motion and within a short time did a large group of Dwarfs and Zorks barge into Throne room, each carrying a large and sizable bag.
“Greetings God Mawlock,” Falma inclined her head in respect, but did not bow to another god, for that would be a disrespect of her goddess as Kianu’s representative. She then looked upon the large groups of Dwarfs and Zorks that barged into the throne room, arms folded as she waited, eying the bags curiously.

The chief waved his hand slightly, giving the signal to the Dwarfs and Zorks. One th signal did the Dwarfs and Zorks quickly open the bags and begin pouring a constant stream of gems, crystals, and precious rocks in an almost endless stream from each bag, and when the bags had been emptied and the surface of the ground was covered in jewels did another group enter the throne room with even bigger bags dropping wave after wave of gemstones. This repeated for several minutes until the ground itself was covered with so many jewels that it threatened to swallow the throne itself. “Tell me… is this enough?” The chief asked Falma, his head almost dug into the gems.

Falma picked up one of the gems, inspecting it. “They certainly do gleam...Queen Kianu will be pleased.” A wave of her icy staff and all the gems, crystals, and precious rocks in the room vanished. “Garguntyr will do the counting once the jewels are brought to Everfrost Castle, but it certainly seems like enough.” Falma didn’t think the Chief of Dwarfs would bring Mawlock to bear witness if he had miscounted. If he had, then he was an idiot.

The Chief quickly responded, “I’ll pity whoever needs to count that many… but to show you some mercy… it’s about 800,000 gems you picked up”

“Do not worry, immortals have all the time in the world.” Falma shrugged. “But if that is the case, the difference shall be returned to your coffers, Chief of Dwarves.” Pity Lady Kianu wasn’t the sort to charge interest. Eyes flickering from the leader of the Dwarves to the statue of Mawlock, Falma nodded. “This must be a momentous occasion for you, so I shall take my leave...unless there’s anything else you wish to show me.”

“You and your kind are no longer welcome to set foot on any piece of territory the dwarves call their home. Only Kianu may interact with them, as they are her creations. Your cruelty to the descendants of the punished can only be described as… disgusting.” He wanted to choose the word carefully, and felt rather satisfied with it. Mawlock knelt down, looking at Falma, “do give my regards to your sisters, I feel bad I wasn’t able to give a gift to celebrate the birth of Bihorn. I will think of one to give while I tend to other matters.” He stood back up, waving his hand as if shooing Falma away.

Falma tilted her head. Did that mean Mawlock didn’t want her to bring winter to the land of the Dwarfs? However, she simply nodded her head. “Sey would appreciate your graciousness, God Mawlock. I shall inform Queen Kianu of your message.”

And with that, Falma disappeared within a whirl of icy winds.

With Falma gone did the Chief breathe a sigh of relief turning his gaze to face Mawlock, “Were it not for the message you snuck into my dream this encounter would’ve been… vastly more different… and for that you’ll have mine and my people’s eternal thanks… Yet I did not want you to witness a simple transaction of gems and our livelihoods, that would be certainly insulting if it were the case.”

“I take no offense in witnessing a transaction. You paid a debt that was not yours, and instead of calling on me to send Falma away you paid back the debt in full. You are a greater bunch than the ice maidens. So, what is it you truly brought me here for?”

“Twas not the transaction itself but the actions that made it possible for our lives to be spared, each one of those gems is the product of a line of people working for the salvation of the Dwarfs. The Zorks while owing us nothing spared no time in polishing and helping search for the best gems. The fellow Dwarfs spent day and night mining till their fists would give out and the Geldek, for while they were not present here, guided us to a land of unimaginable splendor where we collected the jewels from. Through cooperation and peace was this transaction possible, I wanted to show you how far my people have come, both the Dwarfs, Zorks, and even the Geldek.”

Mawlock nodded, listening to the dwarf’s words. He was genuinely impressed at how the three races banded together in such a way. “Time has been spent, by all of you, in a way that was quite worthless. Kianu does not need precious rocks. No god does. Life has been wasted for what amounts to a sick joke. A cruel attempt at entertainment from the looks of it. Thus, I will give you and the others back what has been taken from you.” Mawlock spread out of his hands, and golden energy flowed out, engulfing the dwarf and filling the entire interior systems of the caves. The old and tired would feel themselves regaining their energy and youth. After blessing the mortals, Mawlock crossed his arms, “was there anything else you needed of me?”

The Chief fell into his knees at the unexpected rejuvenation, he momentarily took off his helmet to see his once white beard now with a brilliant and lively brown. Quickly putting on his helmet and standing upright, he bowed down his head at Mawlock, “You have done more than enough… Thank you.”

“Do not bow, dwarf. Not to me. I have failed the races of this world in more ways than one. Now I simply do what I can to make up for my mistakes. I will see you and all who have helped you as examples to follow. Farewell.” The statue moved to stand back into its place, resuming its original position.

The Chief quickly rose from his bowing position, “Farewell… and although you may know it better than anyone else… you are welcome here anytime” The chief spoke, with a clear smile on his face.


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The biting cold dug its teeth into the hard armor of the spider. They shook their entire body to throw off the thin layer of frost, and spat out a semi-solid glob of venom stuck in their fangs to allow the fresh venom to flow freely. A tired hiss escapes their mouth as they slowly became bored of the snowing, barren landscape. There was nothing to do, nothing to see, nothing to enjoy. There was white, soft and cold white. It was enjoyable the first few moments, but the experience quickly became nothing if not bothersome. Nyylathe was just about to follow the rest of their brood to aid in the construction of their new home when they sense a new presence, and it excited them! Nyylathe stopped in their tracks, and dug their legs into the frozen earth as they watched the strangely flowing snow flakes fall and form in front of them into some kind of a strange creature, and it delighted Nyylathe to no end!

"My, my! What a strange thing you are. Two eyes, four limbs, no carapace and so very small...what a wonderfully revolting way to live!" Elated at the sight, Nyylathe lowered their body and brought their head closer to better examine the anatomy of the creature with their eight beady green eyes. They can feel the same power emanating from it, though it was projected in a different manner then the Spiders. This place and it was connected, and Nyylathe wanted nothing more then to learn more about this wonderful power. "Tell me dear creature, what are you and why do you rule this realm? You do not seem like the type to rule anything with such a soft carapace and so few eyes?" They ask. The spider's voice was like a harsh hissing with every syllable, and the soft chittering of their fangs sounded like laugher with how amazed they were at the strange design of the new person they had just met.​


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Ludum emerges

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Deep within the Eternal Archives, an orange haired boy could be seen wandering the halls of the library with an expression of boredom plastered on his face. He had no idea about how long he had been there but all the books inside of the library started to feel same and blend into each other. At least the ones he had read since he gave up reading all of them somewhat quickly as a way to pass the time. The halls of the library didn't contain anything that caught his interest in the time being and the other rooms that the archive had available wasn't very eye catching either. How could someone willingly stay at such a place for such a long time without dying of boredom? Reading was nice and all from time to time but spending an eternity surrounded by them wasn't how he was looking to spend his immortal life. So that's when an idea came to mind to create some entertainment for himself. After all, it didn't seem like it was a thing that people focused on from what he read so he could use the time he had to create something.

As he got to work planning on just what exactly he would make which was pretty hard considering all the ideas that he had at the moment. for now though, he created a plain board of a decent size made out of wood before he started on the layout of the board. Multiple squares of equal size would be created on the board until there were a hundred squares present on the board and he added some colour and numbers for every square in order to make it more appealing. Next would be the design of not only the board but the game itself as he added in several shortcuts and traps on some of the squares of the board in order to help or hinder those who landed on them. Then he created a few FATE squares along with some FATE cards which functioned similar to the shortcuts and traps littered around the board although they were more random with their effects rather than simply moving or pushing someone back a few squares. He finally created a die along with some player pieces before everything looked to be coming together. He even made a slim rectangular box under the board so that the board could also act as a storage compartment for everything so that nothing would get damaged or lost when it's moved.

He was pretty satisfied with all of his work although there was still something that was missing from all of this. He had nobody to play with of course! After all, the game he created was supposed to be played with two or more people yet he was the only one willing to play the game at the moment although that would surely change in the future. For now though, he packed his things and started wandering around the library in the hopes of meeting the owner of the place and potentially get them to play a game with him.
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