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Fantasy A World Renewed (Sandbox God RP)

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Deus Vult

Kail smiled at Indily's compliment of Kail's stoicism. Stoic but kind. Just like her own father. She took another puff, thinking on Indily's words regarding being free. The minor god began to circle Indily while she played with the little creature, studying her closely. "Niche? My new purpose is to learn and to teach the mortal creations of this world." Just as Kail suspected, the back of the goddess was without any coverings. "Another god, Krajowa, wears a cloth that only covers her upper half and leaves her lower exposed. I can understand the purpose of being 'free', as you described it, by leaving one's form exposed to the elements of their domain. Perhaps there would be merit to it for the mortal creations as well. What better way to praise a god than to emulate them?" Kail tapped her foot while she thought.

"You mentioned ruling. I myself do no ruling. Those kinds of responsibilities are left to my brother and sister. But, to be specific, Unry is the ruler of knowledge, I am simply a... vessel, for a more specific task of knowledge. Unry granted me knowledge for mortals under the request of Mawlock, and I was gifted with a higher purpose as a result. Though, I do find the task rather..." Kail looked up and around, biting her lower lip as she feared potentially invoking Mawlock's wrath. She cleared her throat and looked back to Indily, "sometimes I miss having company." She was careful with her words. "In the realm of my creator, there are legions of my kind. I was never without companionship. But walking about this world alone, seeing the mortals and other creations together, makes me feel lonely at times. Syrion filled this world with love, allowing all who are a part of it to enjoy the fruits of such a gift. I was not created with love in mind. But I can feel it in this world's air and in its inhabitants. I can even see it in the gods." Kail took a long puff from her pipe, crossing her arms and thinking deeply.

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The lord of randomness and the warp
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The deity hovered over it's creations the changlings had mostly worked there way into the societies of other mortals as the god had expected. The kobolds had finally found the first vains of wyrdstone and began the experimenting that would later define there race. The Geldek contuied there quiet development ignorate of the gods above them shaping the world, while the zorks practised magic and cause a Foresto to explode that resulted in no end of amusement for the deity. Now the god had other duties to attend to. A realm of there own to reside within and watch a simple task for such a god weaving a tapestry of wild change and folding backwards inverted energies providing a twisted warped space for the god to reside within deciding to call it just that the WARP however in his wake he'd accidently created thousands of entities that resided within this strange realm as he'd mixed in some life energy just to see what would happens, next mimicking mawlock he produced some kind of angel equivalent a horrible monsterous eldrich thing much like the god herself. Then clad them in a Static armor. "Remain the same my sentinels watch over things yes" they'd tell the entities all nodes knowing there purpose but as being of change it hurt them deep down. Lastly the god turned it's attention to the ocean knowing something else a gift god of the sea theu deity though grabbing a insect the god weaved it into a strange creature that was sent buzzing and flying over the oceans for now it would remain small till it was needed a solution to am inevitable problem... a gift and a good one too


F o u r

Unry let the new God speak his mind, answering many of his questions slowly and patiently. He could tell that the God was feeling somewhat restless, with every answer more questions came and Unry knew of the events that had transpired to lead to his emotions.

"The other Gods... are quite a variety... they are rather large in number... only barely compared to the mortals... however... each have their own goals, their own purpose... just like how you surround yourself in clouds... and emanate lightning there are those who shine with brilliance... or other characteristics... I can not chare much about the... other Gods my boy... it is they who I need to truly learn for the knowledge doesn't come to me so easily... you'll need to travel and meet them yourself... however if you need someone to travel with you... I would be compliant in... assisting you."

"Mortals vary as much as each of the Gods do... we have mortals of flesh... mortals of stone and mineral... mortals of energy... and more... they'll develop different cultures and different relations... to one another... yet mortals are also similar in two simple things... they live... and they die... And in the time they live... they are driven by instincts placed upon them... most notable: to survive... to extend their life as long as possible... and with this goal they develop many things... groups... civilization... technology... weapons... even religion soon enough... but all this... in the hopes to survive whether for the individual... or for the group..."

"... a very tricky question... because it tends to differ... at this very moment when a mortal dies... they are brought to a different realm... these realms can be either bad... or good... I suspect it'll be the latter... the God of Death seemed... rather nice... but worry not my boy because... glimpsing at the eyes of the Stag I saw the embers of rebirth... thus it is a matter of time until the Stag and Death reach a mutual agreement for Rebirth... the dead returning to live... with the same soul but different body..."

For the last question Unry paused, "that.................. is a question that shall be answered... when you grow older my boy... it is not something we should... worry about."

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White Masquerade's Blue Oni
Kianu, Goddess of Ice, Winter, Hunt, and Preservation

Omnipotent creators they may be, but all gods had things they enjoyed. Pastimes to whittle the days of their immortal lives away while the less fortunate, mortal beings struggled to live out their lives. For Kianu, it was hunting. After resting for a bit (which was probably a bit longer than she intended since the world was already changing left and right from what the Ice Maidens told her), she wanted to stretch her limbs.

However, the hunt required prey and her barren white lands didn’t have much of that yet. Just 3 Ice Maidens and Ice Golems to guard it.

So Kianu made simple creatures to hunt—hares, wolves, bears, etc—enlisting the help of her Ice Maidens to do so. She had them assist her in designing her hunting grounds as well, altering the frost-filled terrain to her liking. Ice wove into frozen trees, mountains, and caves where Kianu wanted her hunting grounds to be. Hunting wouldn’t be nearly as fun if the prey didn’t have any places to hide, after all, and though her being asleep had allowed a bit of warmth to seep through to her lands— changing it naturally somewhat—it wasn’t quick enough for her to enjoy a good hunt. It wasn’t like her territory was completely immune to the changes made by the other gods either. No matter how far north the lands she claimed in the new world, there was no escaping the burning gaze of Buras, the god of the Sun, as he claimed a position to watch over all. Snow was lessened in the areas where the light of the sun’s warmth was able to reach, allowing the seeds planted by the wandering Vitus to grow. Cracks formed on her frozen land as ice melted, revealing the waters that the goddess Krajowa had covered the planet in. The further she strolled from the castle, which was submerged in subzero temperature, the more of that she could see—not that Kianu really minded. She had never really asked the Spring Herald what he thought about her binging Winter into the new world either. While all gods had an equal say in the blank canvas they now painted on, it would certainly be more orderly if they discussed it out, establishing rules and whatnot.

That was what the god of Bureaucracy was for.

From what she’d heard, the Ice Maiden sisters had given one of his Seraphims a difficult time while she’d been resting, not even letting Wazir’s angel enter the castle while she slumbered. Yet that same Seraphim came back again today, descending from the skies to interrupt her hunt; Azrah, if she remembered the name correctly. Quite the persistent fellow. Kianu could only assume it was something important for the angel to return after being turned away once so she granted him an audience.

Scooping up another handful of snow, the goddess blew on it, watching the flakes scatter and transform into animals that ran for their dear lives. Kianu let them, giving the animals a head start as she listened Azrah’s words. Then she drew back the string of her ice bow, shooting 10 hares, 10 wolves, and 10 bears in the blink of an eye. However, instead of the animals falling over in a pool of their own blood, the divine arrows that pierced their flesh froze them solid, turning them into statues of ice. There was no need for Kainu to stain her pure white lands with red, after all. “You’ve traveled far, Winged-One, but I must apologize. I do not need your assistance. Return to Wazir and tell him I am grateful for his consideration and will take heed of his prophetic warnings, but I can make my own servants to help me in either creating or maintaining my domain.”

For now. If his foresight was true, she probably would need his help eventually…but who knows how long eventually was. Kianu wasn’t one to follow the whims of prophecy, nor fear the future.

“You heard Lady Kianu,” Sey, who rode atop an ice golem, said haughtily to the angel. “Shoo! Shoo!”

“I do not like to hear disrespect, Sey--especially to a servant of another god.”

“My apologies, Milady,”
The Ice Maiden replied apologetically, hiding her face behind her sleeves in shame for having displeased her goddess. “I just don’t like him. He talks like we sisters aren’t enough help for you.”

“Where are your sisters?”

“Dealing with some Marlock’s creations that have accidentally wandered into your territory in search of food.”

Kianu nodded, shooting another bear. “I trust the girls with test them fairly.”

“But of course~ Falma actually likes their appearance, I think.”

Adversity was needed for living creatures to evolve and grow stronger. With so many gods creating their own creatures and races, Kianu didn’t doubt competition would increase as resources on the planets grew scarce and differences clashed. At the very least, with giant monster gods running around, Kianu didn’t doubt that trouble would stir whether a prophecy of Calamity existed or not. Strolling forward to find more prey to hunt, Kianu touched the animal statues she passed, shattering them and letting their souls be taken to Ninuzid’s newly created realm for the dead. Better than just letting them wander around and be messed with she supposed. An orderly cycle of birth and rebirth meant that gods like her didn’t have to spending more energy making souls to fill their creations. For some reason, she could hear thunder echoing in the distance, but she simply shrugged.

Gods were being gods. Whether it was shooting flaming balls down to the earth or making a storm, so long as it didn’t interfere with her and her creations, Kianu didn’t really care.

“I personally don’t understand why. Those humans are weak, unlike Bijorn here~” Sey pet the Ice Golem whose shoulder she sat on lovingly.

“…you gave a soul-less moving block of ice a name?”

“He does what I tell him to and he protects me,”
Sey explained why she liked the creature. “Besides, I was very happy when you named me, Milady, so I’m sure Bijorn will like his too. I think everything will be happier with a name.”

“Is that so?”

The pale haired Ice Maiden replied happily. “By the way, what should we call these white lands of yours, Milady?”

“…The Frostlands. And my castle shall be Everfrost.”

Sey clapped and Kianu smiled. Moving to a frozen bear, the goddess shattered the body, but caught the soul, encasing it in divine ice and preserving it before it could be pulled to the realm of the dead. The bear was dead, but the soul could always be used again. Ninuzid might be a bit upset at her for not following the rules he set up, but, it was soul she created in the first place so, by all rights, it was hers to claim. Shrinking the divine ice to the size of a gemstone, Kianu the gave it to Sey. “This is my gift to you for sharing your wisdom with me. I may not be Syrion, but even I can tell you love Bijorn. Have Bijorn swallow this and he will acquire a soul. By doing this, he might not always listen to your commands, but he will be able to return your feelings. The choice is yours.”

The Ice Maiden race could mate with a male of any species, but it lessened their lifespan to do so. Only a pure Ice Maiden that lived long enough could undergo the sacred ritual to produce another one. Not that it mattered much to Kianu because she could always just make more if needed. They were her first creations, made specifically to serve her—Falma, Sey, and Ysmir being the only 3 of their kind in the new world. Kianu wasn’t quite sure she needed more.

Eyes wide, Sey received the gift from her goddess gratefully before throwing her arms around the ice deity. “Thank you! Thank you, Milady!”

Kianu blushed, clearing her throat as she spoke in dignified tone. “You are welcome. Now let's go see how your sisters are doing."

In time, the union between Sey, the Ice Maiden, and Bijorn, the Ice Golem, would give birth to Bihorn, the first Frost Giant of the Frostlands.

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God of Beauty, Love, and Fertility


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Syrion took the gifted bottle, inhaling the lovely aroma radiating off of the cyan flower bobbing about in the water. "So many gifts I've received as of late. Please do remind me to give you something of my own. It would only be fair." He wasn't an unfair person and would surely gift Krajowa and Mawlock back. It's not that he was being lazy, or maybe he was, it's just that he couldn't think of anything worth giving at this time, perhaps a few centuries later they would get their gifts. Syrion flipped the bottle into the air and with a flash of light, it disappeared. He didn't feel like holding it so he threw it into a separate dimension specially made for holding objects.

The god's eyes lit up with interest upon seeing the images being shaped in the air. A man with the lower body of a fish, how curious. "That idea is certainly fascinating." Syrion began pondering over this idea. A collaboration effort between him and Krajowa to make a new race was something new to him. He had never really considered making mortals of his own before. "Sure, though I can't pinpoint how I exactly feel I want to try this out." Syrion didn't care about the fact that his acquaintance was the quiet sort, completely leading the conversation. "With their tails, they'll of course have to live in the water. But what about when they come on land? I mean if they ever come on land. And what shall we call them?" While waiting for the god beside him to answer, he started poking at Krajowa's Ironside's crabs.

They were armored and looked though. Syrion wondered, did they have meat under their shells? Could they be cooked?​


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Indily, Goddess of Forests and Forest Creatures

Indily smiled warmly. "I suppose that having a free mindset as well as fashion sense would make for a more generally fluid and abstract lifestyle, prosperous with good and natural energy. I, myself, find that not restricting myself to the traditional aesthetics and outer appearance of other deities proves for a more flowing and joyful journey through my life. Being the goddess that I am, it nearly requires for a natural presence." The goddess floated towards a meadow ahead and beckoned Kail to come forward with her.

She glided around, gracefully moving her hands above her and creating a small cloud that floated
merely a few feet above the other goddess's head. She simply put her energy into the cloud and it turned into a forest green color. Indily closed her eyes and breathed out, the cloud suddenly revealed a simple sentence. "You will prove to do very great things with your life, my friend." The cloud floated down towards Indily's hands and she held it out for Kail to read. The cloud was buzzing with her energy, radiating with calmness and peacefulness.

"I am quite dramatic at times, yes. However, my dear, I am honest as well. I mean every word. You truly will do great things one day. I can feel it in the air around you. Your aura radiates with importance and destiny. I hope to see you thrive." She smiled softly at Kail and took her hand in both of her own. "I hope that you an I can become friends, kin even. I consider all who are important to me like my own family. So, if you are up for the humble offer, I would love for you and I to become close someday. We have all the time in the world, quite literally." She laughed almost angelically. She continued floating around the other goddess, circling her and studying her features as Kail did to her before.


Ten Thousand Club
The Yu'Varth
Area: Quan'Cath

Time had passed, years, maybe decades since they had first come out from the lake and the Yu'Varth were flourishing in their own style. The council had been rather turbulent as they learned what was to have authority and power. Still they had managed to after many near fights, figure out a number and order of who was in the council. Right now the arch mage, the high priest, the forge master, the head of agriculture, the city administrators, the leader of the stone masons, and the head of the adventures were the current make up of the council. it was lacking many factors but right now they Yu'Varth needed to make decisions not end up bogged down with countless minor members. The city itself while not growing had changed and become more lived in as the artisans would slowly craft various works of art, from sculptures, to murals, to engravings around the city often depicting whatever struck their fancy, or telling minor short stories. Plants were brought in from the surrounding area and used to further add to the beauty of the city bathed in eternal twilight and lit up with magic and the glow of nature.

Outside the city the farmers would tend their fields, though very few needed to actually work. With their magic the yu'vath had created hoes that would work at all times to plow the fields. in the fields where various infused grains, and vegetables. Each tended and looked after by a great number of the mystical animated tools. even watering the plants was done with floating jugs that would never run low on water. This in truth meant the farmer worked more on understanding the plant and how best to grow it. Often A farmer had a small section that was purely for paying with the plants to figure them out. They would test how best to fertilize plants to make them grow and look to improve the flavor of the plants once they were processed. Orchards and vineyards would need more looking after and require more Yu'Varth to work the fields. While the plants still got basic care from the animated tools, they needed more careful tending and trimming that required a Yu'Varth to guide it. They also needed Yu'Varth to determine if they were ripe and take only what was ready. There were also other types of farmers those that grew smaller plants that while they made no meal themselves were used to make other meals taste better the mana in them mixing and combining .

The ranchers had a decent time with their herds of kaataaru finding the beasts easy to manage. Though they had to figure out which ones were ready for slaughter and how to pacify them as the tentacles could injure Yu'Varth quite badly. They had also discovered the ways of keeping the beasts to make sure they tasted good and the crystals within the flesh of the kaataaru. while the flesh mana had a savory teste the crystals were sweet and best used as a treat over a real meal. Keeping unwelcome creatures from devouring their heard had been an issue but wards and culling the populations had proven sufficient in keeping the herds safe.

The forges under the supervision of the forge master looked to ever improve their weapons, the magic infused ore found in the hills not far from the outskirts of the city providing a fine base material. The metal while like simple iron was far more mystically inclined as it like everything had been soaked in the magic of the lands. The knowledge left by their creator had taught them how to heat the metal and shape it, yet they had found there was more to it. They had found by going beyond that Cath had said and heating the metal till it was liquid and infusing it with more mana they could create something new. Etherium. The silver like metal was incredibly versatile and could easily be manipulated and enchanted. The outskirts however did not have an endless supply and the metal could into simply be conjured into existence. They needed to find more and to explore Quan'Cath to find veins and create mines.

It was this need for exploration and the need to cull the various creature populations that head lead to the formation of the Adventures. They were not a truly organized group as they came from all walks, but slowly they were forming rules and ranks even having a new building made to house them. This act had annoyed the priests for a time as while decoration had been done changing the holy city had been seen as almost blasphemy. Still cooler heads had prevailed and the change had been accepted as they had been given all the lands of Quan'Cath and someone had to explore it. That was what adventures did, they went out and mapped the lands finding where creatures lurked and where good stone or metal might be found. Why they did this often was purely to do it to see what was outside the city or to spread the faith beyond the city, or in many mages cases to prove their strength. Still this was dangerous and sometimes entire groups did not return. Luckily the Yu'Varth like any race had decided to multiply and had brought forth plenty to replace those lost.

This was why the adventures were trying to create more order, a system to tell how bad something was and how powerful someone was. Still it was slow going as they had to truly understand what made something dangerous as in Quan'Cath not everything was powerful just because it was big. They also had to figure out how one could prove themselves to be ready to handle bigger threats. It was a case of trial and error as much as the farmer experimenting in his fields. this had all given rise to a new problem compensation. While most could be won over with offers of food and some luxuries their value was to random.

They needed something to denote value as simple bartering might work in the case of average people, but the adventures needed something more, something solid they could hold and save that would not spoil. The problem was that making this whatever it was was complex as with magic many things could just be made, many metals like a yellow one were to easy to make and another the looked like refined Etherium was Childs play to produce. The only metal that could be used was Etherium. The council had a full year of debate on how to use this as the forge master did not want any other to use the metal and other factions felt the forge master would grow to powerful if he controlled the currency. The only decision was making it a joint venture with many groups sending members to create this currency so all would have some say in it. The Ether as it would be called was a small solid cube of Etherium with various distinctive markings on it to avoid counterfeit. The council did not know it but they had started the birth of yet another new faction that would one day become a thorn in their side.

The creation of the Ether was the start of currency, however the problem was adoption and storage. Crime did exist even among the Yu'Varth so theft was a concern. They also had to get everyone to slowly adopt it. not ever person wanted to be paid or wanted to be paid in metal. The Adventures had to barter with them then sell to adventures for Ether. They hoped this would slowly encourage the adoption of the Ether as having both systems up and running was a massive headache for all. That would be solved in time for the immediate future they had a solution.


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At some point, Caradhim had ceased her observation of the mortals below. As fascinating as they were, they were still base, primitive creatures, with virtually no civilization to speak of. Boredom had begun to set in, and so she’d given in to her urge to create. She was just adding the finishing touched to the sword in her hands when suddenly, a god appeared before her. Though she quickly composed herself, she’d dropped the sword in her surprise, and it fell down into the world below, embedding itself hilt deep into a large rock. The stranger made no introduction, but she listened with patience all the same. “Oh? A mortal race, you say? Hmm...” With a tilt of her head and a finger on her chin, she considered the god’s odd request, scrutinizing the god before her.

Finally, after a long silence, she spoke. “A being of flesh and blood alone could never have hoped to contain your splendor, yet by striking too softly, you have failed to hammer life into your creation. Is that right? Well, fret not, radiant one, for I shall provide the solution to your problem. You’ve done well to seek my assistance, if I do say so myself.” The goddess puffed out her tiny chest with a huff of pride. The smugness in her voice was palpable. “As for compensation for my services, that won’t be necessary. The opportunity to work for a client such as yourself is payment enough. All that I require is a bit of your light with which to make the vessels functional.”

From the earth, strange new minerals began to surface, ones which had not yet been entrusted to mortal hands. These, she laid out before her, before reaching up to grab the sun’s rays and the cold darkness which existed beyond the planet’s bounds. Once all the necessary materials were obtained, she began to work. Melting the metals down, she stirred in the sun’s rays, resulting in a bright burst of light. This, she calmed by throwing the void’s darkness into the mixture. Instantly, it began to cool, and as it hardened, she molded it with her hands into a skeletal form.

The first vessel was complete, and so she presented it to Buras. She then used the leftover material to create a second, slightly smaller vessel, which she placed beside the first. They weren’t pretty, all hollow and barebones as they were, but that would soon change. All that it was missing was the other god’s touch. The skeletal frame would regulate the god’s essence, ensuring the vessel neither burst from the power nor lacked the energy necessary for life.

The god of smiths let out a breath of satisfaction at her work. “There. Although the containers are complete, I’d advise you not to pour your essence into them just yet. They’re merely frames, you see, blank canvases. I’ve elected to leave the finer details to you, but do be gentle with the bones. Those need to be intact, otherwise...” She spread her arms out wide and mimicked the sound of an explosion. “The result will be quite destructive.”

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L'Oria and Mawlock
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1628535810651.png 1628535848033.png

Mawlock paid little mind to the goings on of the other gods and their interactions. For a time, there seemed to be order and peace. Nevertheless, he kept watch with his angels. Sure enough, Mawlock witnessed the sleeping god awaken. He stood up from his throne, believing this to be quite the occasion. Wondering what the goddess would do, Mawlock stepped forward and watched closely.

What he witnessed next made him tense. He kept his exterior calm and collected. Neutral in his expression and demeanor so not to scare his angels who were watching both the goddess and their creator. But internally, Mawlock began to boil with rage. "How dare this... lazy, good-for-nothing, disrespectful, excuse of a god..." He couldn't finish his sentence as he spoke through a clenched jaw.

He watched in pain and anger as the beautiful dragon L'Oria had created went to her and begged for rest. Mawlock put a hand over his chest, feeling the pain swell within at the suffering of the poor beast, and the subsequent pain that it caused his beloved sister.

As if bonded to L'Oria, seeing her burst into flames made Mawlock release his own anger. His realm shook violently, causing the skies of the planet to boom as the life energy that flowed around Mawlock ignited. His form twisted and darkened. His angels cowered, moving away from Mawlock as he expressed anger for the first time.

He watched on as L'Oria turned the scales of the beast into more dragons, and while it brought him some semblance of peace, what had happened was a spit to his and L'Oria's face. He had filled the empty void with life, with purpose, with potential for all. Then a god caring for no one but her own self came along and brought imbalance to the world with her perverted plants for the sake of what? Sleep?

Mawlock commanded some of his angels to go and awaken any who had fallen asleep as a result of the pollen that had not yet been awoken by any of the other gods. With immense fear and haste, several angels went and began working. The angered god left and approached L'Oria in his new, more unstable form as she sent away his gift to search for the god of sleep.

L'Oria glanced away from the sky to face the new presence with burning eyes. They didn't bother trying to conceal their anguish at the sight of Mawlock; it only sharpened into something noble and dangerous. The goddess mournfully brushed the edge of the stone dragon with fiery fingers as the God of Order spoke, though appreciation burned in her at his words.

"I know of where the god resides... You have my condolences." He put a hand on her shoulder, patting it before turning his head to look in the direction of where Sigh had gone. "Would you follow me to her?"

''Thank you.'' She murmured, eyes flitting away as Mawlock patted her shoulder. She didn't want the others to see her in her mourning state, of course, even if it looked like raging fury to all but her. L'Oria was taken back by the god's own rage, though. 'I suppose it makes sense,' they mused darkly, clenching a flaming fist, 'How would one call themselves a god of law, if they let selfishness and destruction rule?' Order and righteousness seemed to emit from Mawlock like a suffocating blanket, more so now than ever. It collided and danced with the roaring chaos she emitted herself, making the area around the two almost unbearable.

''Very well, then.'' L'Oria responded sharply to Mawlock's request, unable to help the anger that seeped into his tone. The roars of newborn dragons thundered in the distance as they too mourned the loss of their ancestor, and the small, kitten-like griffin let out a startled chirp from the far branch it was nestled on. ''Let's pay The One Who Sleeps a visit.''

Mawlock led the way, walking with L'Oria and leaving a burning trail behind them as chaos and order raged around the two in their purest form. The two didn't spend long traveling before coming upon the bed of Sigh. Mawlock clapped his hands together, causing a thunderous shockwave to shake the area so violently the ground below them cracked. "WAKE UP!"


Deus Vult

Kail stiffened and tensed all the muscles in her body when Indily took hold of her hand. Indily's words made Kail feel warm and nervous. To hear such praise from one of the great gods. Kail turned her head to the side, puffing her pipe in a very futile attempt to hide a flustered smile as her face began to feel hot. She didn't know how to respond, her mind going crazy with questions and doubts. When Indily studied Kail as she had done earlier her gaze met the ground. Only after Indily was done did Kail dare look back up to the god. "W-What exactly," she stuttered, trying to keep herself composed, "would us being close look like? How would a servant like me become close to a god like yourself?" She shifted her weight, puffing away nervously. Kail had seen the gods give each other gifts. Is that what Indily meant? Kail couldn't shake away this feeling of warmth that had grown inside of her. It was new and exciting and scary all at the same time.

indily giggled softly. "Don't put me on such a high pedestal, my dear. I am just like you, if not lesser than. You are destined to be much more important than I will ever amount to." She put her hand on the side of Kail's face and stroked her thumb across her cheek. Her skin was very soft and she sighed at the feeling. Subconsciously, Indily leaned in, now they were only inches apart. She gazed into Kail's beautiful eyes and Indily's face went a bit red. She stroked her other hand through Kail's hair as she gazed into her eyes. She was so beautiful and soft...so sweet and caring...just, perfect. Indily knew what she was feeling. she knew that she wanted to be with Kail. She was everything she needed and more...

Kail's eyes widened at Indily's words. More important? Before Kail could protest, Indily put one hand on Kail's face and the other through her hair. Kail's legs felt weak, and standing seemed almost impossible. She stared at Indily, horrified at how close they were. Kail wasn't even sure if she was allowed to touch the gods. What was she supposed to do now? Just stand there? Run away? Fall to the ground and bow? Kail thought back to the times she had seen others in situations like this; mortals who would hold and touch and kiss one another. Kail didn't have anything to gift Indily, as the other gods did for each other, so she instead leaned forward, kissing the god softly.

Indily was shocked, but she kissed her back. "My love, you complete me." Indily smiled softly and kissed Kail again gently and sweetly. She wrapped her arms around Kail, and gave the other a hug. Surprisingly, tears welled up in her eyes. "My heart swells at your presence and my energy intertwines with your own, dear. As a mortal would say, I love you." Tears streamed down Indily's face and she tightened her embrace on Kail.

Kail had dropped her pipe and enjoyed the affectionate moment the two shared. Indily's words were like honey, and all of Kail's worries washed away while the two held one another. She felt complete. She felt loved. Kail didn't mind however much time passed, she held onto her beloved without worry.

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Rude Awakening

Deity of Sleep

Gentle Repose

A rude awakening.

Roaring noise that shook the very frame her bed lied on. Sigh buried her head deeper under her blanket with a frown. All she wanted was to sleep, yet the world seemed to conspire against her one and only wish. Unwillingly, she peeled her heavy eyes open.

Two winged gods. Wings again. She started to really hate wings. Noise, wings brought with them the ability to fly and noise. The gentle world around her twisted and cracked. Sigh threw a pillow at the earth, returning it to sleep. The cracks stopped. The field of flower retained its quiet. But still, Sigh frowned again. Something had been eating her flowers. Refusing her gift of sleep... ah, whatever. The Noisy Ones in front of her was more important. If some gods didn't like her gift for the mortals, whatever.

"Noisy Ones, I remember you creating a realm above the world... and I don't recall you at all." Her voice sighed like the softest wind on a silent lake, delivered quietly to the ears of the two Gods, Mawlock and L'Oria both. Sigh snuggled deeper into her bed, hugging a bolster with her naked arms. Talking... was tiring. She sighed again, lamenting fate and life.

"Why have you disturbed my sleep?"

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Kianu, Goddess of Ice, Winter, Hunt, and Preservation

Bihorn was a…big…baby.

Nonetheless, his birth brought joy and, in a way, “warmth” to Everfrost Castle. Since he was the child of her servants, Kianu allowed the babe to be raised in her divine construct made of Eternal Ice, free from the touches of death and other atrocities that beseeched the mortal realm. Loved by his parents and doted on by his aunts, Bihorn grew up strong, wise, and big. It was the first time she’d seen Sey act as a mother. The pale haired Ice Maiden taught Bihorn many things: the language of the gods, how to hunt for food, how to wield weapons, how to wield the magic of the Ice. Most of all, Sey taught her son to love and respect Winter.

It was also this time, that Kianu made other servants to tend to Everfrost while her messengers delivered her frost to the new world with every passing ‘season’: Garguntyr, to guard her treasury, and Winter Elves, to do all other menial tasks. As for Kianu, she continued to hunt, adding new beasts to her hunting grounds as she did so. For every brave (or foolhardy) adventurer that wandered into the Frostlands and failed her tests—regardless of the species—, the Winter Queen either let the realm of the dead take their soul or claim it for herself…depending on whether she liked the soul or not. Preserving their spirits in ice, the goddess would then give them new life, as a new beast, on one of her glacial islands.

Maintaining a hunting ground was difficult work, after all, and it was easier to recycle old souls than create an entirely new creature from scratch. The Yeti. The Snow Serpent. The Ice Wyvern. They all had different temperatures in which they liked to live. Kianu would sometimes take Bihorn hunting with her as well and, though he was a little clumsy, he wasn’t by any means bad at it. She enjoyed the company. However, all things must come to an end and once he was old enough to defend himself, it was time for him to leave the protection of Everfrost’s icy walls and start his own family.

“Once you leave, Bihorn, I will not let you return,” The Winter Queen said from atop her throne. “Death will reach you as it does all mortal creatures living in these frozen lands and you will be tested like the rest. Do you still wish to go?”

“Yes, My Queen—Mother of Ice,”
The giant knelt. “I, Bihorn, son of Bijorn, am ready.”

Kianu nodded. “Very well. I will give you three gifts before you go: a mountain range filled with game for you live, a wife made in your image, and a weapon of your choice from my treasury. The rest of your life I leave to you.”

“You are too kind, your Grace.”

And so Bihorn left Everfrost and moved to what would be named Giants’ Ridge with his new wife. From her mirror of ice, Kianu watched as Bihorn carved himself a home and fathered children, his children birthing their own children, until a village of giants appeared on the Frostlands with Bihorn being their leader. Frost Giants lived long lives, but they weren’t as prolific as other mortals because of this. Their large size made them the one of the strongest mortal creatures in the Frostlands, but it also meant they required more to feed, so the giants weren’t without troubles. Fights weren’t uncommon. Proud warriors that they were, they eventually learned to compromise with Bihorn’s wisdom. Meats preserved in Ice as their numbers grew. Furs/Hide used for clothing. Wyverns and other animals domesticated. They mined the ice and rocks for ore to build their weapons…though their race could twist a bear’s neck with ease…so it didn’t really take them long to climb to the top of the Frostland’s foodchain. Through all of that, they never forgot to pay tribute to the Winter as Bihorn taught them and so they never lost the blessings of the Mother of Ice. Statues and shrines of the Winter goddess and their Ice Maiden ancestors were built in icy caverns, history recorded on walls in the language of the gods…so as even after Bihorn died and Sey wept…the giants did not forget their roots.

Or, at least, the Priests of the Frost Giants never did.

Yet time changed all things and the higher one climbed, the easier it was to be blinded by pride and arrogance. Azorf was the largest of the Frost Giants. Azorf the Undefeated. Azorf the Mountain of the Frostlands. That same Azorf ran for his dear life through a blindingly white blizzard, panting and heaving as the bearded giant dragged his frozen leg through the snow. Yet Azorf knew he couldn’t stop. The moment he did, he was dead.

“You can’t escape~” A feminine voice giggled, echoing from some unknown location.

“You’ve been a bad, bad boy, Azorf.”

“It’s time for your punishment!”
A spear of iced pierced straight through his non-frozen leg, causing the monstrous giant to tumble. “Oooo, I got him! Let’s aim for the heart next!”

“Stop Ysmir. Lady Kianu is here.”

Azorf sighed in relief as the blizzard died and the three ice dieties he’d only heard in stories bowed to an approaching ethereal figure with snow white hair and cold golden eyes. The frost giant recognized her instantly (as her statues were located all throughout Giant’s Ridge) and scrambled to his knees before the much smaller goddess. “P-please s-s-spare me! I didn’t mean it!”

“Didn’t mean it?”
Ysmir hissed, glaring furiously at the much larger figure. “You smashed her majesty’s shrine, you big oaf! If I—”

Kianu held her hand up to stop Ysmir from continuing without looking way from the trembling frost giant. “Why should I? I do not dislike strength, Azorf son of Kragg, but you’ve misused yours.”

Bullying the giants that were smaller than him. Killing for pleasure, rather than food. Azorf had bloodied her pure white lands more than any other creature on the Frostlands yet. However, it was Azorf's smashing of her shrine, injuring a priestess Kianu rather liked, in an attempt to steal the tributes offered to her that had been the last straw. Kianu did not like interfering with mortal lives, but even her patience had its limits.

“I-I’ll pay ye back! I’ll gift ye with the rarest, and purest jewels the Frostlands hafta offer!”

“...How many?”

“As many as the strands of hair on ma face,”
Azorf relaxed when he saw the goddess was interested in his offer.

Kianu’s lips quirked upward, but her eyes remained cold. “Do you think you can fool a goddess?”

Azorf stiffened.

“But I’m feeling merciful today. I will keep you to your promise, Azorf. If you break it, you die. If you shave, you die. If you cannot complete your promise in your lifetime, your descendants will complete it in your stead or meet the same fate. Oh, and since you seem to take great pride in your size…”
Kianu snapped her finger.

Azorf’s eyes widened in horror as his body warped and shrunk until the once giant was forced to look up to meet the Winter Queen’s eyes.

“I will take that away from you and your descendants as well.” Kianu turned away, summoning the gates of Everfrost Castle with a wave of her hand and stepping through.

The three Ice Maidens followed, Ysmir sticking her tongue out at Azorf. “Get to work, Dwarf!”

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local they/them
Large goops of black goo fell from their eyes and splashed on the ground. As they cried their tears soaked into the soil and the life around them soon withered away. Why could they do no good? They did not understand. They looked just like their kin but they could not be like them. What was the difference? Were they simply just evil in every inch of themself? Were they just here to be the villain? The enemy in the story that is to be vanquished?

Admist their tears a voice spoke, causing them to jump, frantically looking for the source. They blinked up at the breathtaking beast before them, a few tears still falling down their face as they stared. The beast spoke and asked for a response. They glanced at the beasts mouth for a long momment. Before putting on a face of concentration and tore a hole in their face, a mouth. Their mouth was created with much effort, their jaw pulling until it created it. It worked as it should but strings of sludge still connected from the top to bottom and the edges of their mouth were jagged and uneven.

"n-name? Me no own?" They spoke uncertain, their words struggling to come out and sounded slightly gurgled. They shuffled to their feet, whipping away the tears that stuck in their eyes as they nervously glanced up at them, "Does you own the name?" They asked the other, definitely not confusing the for tthy. They were much too short compared to the other and struggled to stare up at them without their sludge body falling over. Seeing the others antlers up close couldn't help but make them even happier they chose that as the part they took from them, their beauty even superior now that they could truly see it. Were the two of them really that different? They wonder what they would have to change to be able to be the same? When they stand across from eachother like this it is almost easy for them to forget the difference.

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The lord of randomness and the warp
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the warp realm was filled with reflections of the gods one in particular he found most amusing the soulweaver a huge horrific looking insectoid entity that represent dear old mawlock, it sat for a moment and then realised that mayhaps another gift to his dear brother would be suitable the man judge and jury but lacked a proper executioner what would be more befitting then the twisted reflection of mawlock? Snatching up four of the creatures the god of change bound there will to something else a particular lesser god. specifically Alysia, finding the lesser deity as they towered over them in its unfathomable form. “A gift for you these four entities.. use them well the soul weaver even name them of you want” the deity explained cryptically before leaving the gifts eacj one bowed “we serve you“ they all said in unison.

Sushi Muncher

Be Sick of The World

Dominion of the Sea
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When Syrion offered to return the favor with a gift by their own hands, the Sea Goddess simply smile, fluttering her hand to refuse such a notion. It was only then, did the goddess realized, she did not have a projection that Syrion and his creations possessed. Rather, she had been so involved in physical creations of lifeforms out at sea, that she had forsaken the most important detail of all - the projection of the self via a melodious form. Unlike the sea, where her works and their subsequent derivatives had little needs for these noisy forms of words, the mainland had their own approach. Even long before she took form, Krajowa had spent an eternity beyond the unknown, for her voice was of little use. Forever in solitude, drifting beyond the aetherial arrays. With the changing times, perhaps the goddess must attend to these immediate needs. Krajowa took a sharp breath, as she adjusted her hair slightly before pondering upon Syrion's question with her fingertips brushing against her delicate lips.

Meanwhile the Ironsides frolicked in response to Syrion's curiosity. They would form circles, stacking stones upon stones to create a miniature obelisk, while snipping away at the wilted plants. Krajowa simply shrugged at the end.

"Merfolk, they shall be called. Their human tongue shall be their earthly gift. Their nautical refuge shall be their haven. One cannot be all, as Order would have it. Thus, in your image, they shall bloom as the arbitrator of both worlds." she finally spoke for the first time since Creation. Krajowa then eyed Syrion intently, as the man continued to eye her crustacean companions. The goddess simply extended her hand, as an Ironside boarded her palm without hesitation. Within her grasp, she presented Syrion the metal-shelled crab.

"Ironsides distributes essence of growth. Their taste are..." the goddess remarked, mentioning how these non-complex decomposers are also sensible sweepers of water sources. Krajowa eyed the crab in her hand, of which the creature widened its eyes in anticipatory horror. "...less than desirable." she concluded, patting the Ironside in her hand softly, before returning them to their kin. She then yawns, stretching her hand about nonchalantly. Perhaps it was better for the Sea Goddess to provide for in action rather than with words.

Almost as if on instinct, she got up from the cushion and procured for herself a pot that was recently put together by the Ironsides. The latter began to snip series of algae and processed them with adjusted brine. She took her time peeling fresh shrimps and dousing them in citrus. After a combination of various ingredients were placed in the boiling pot, Krajowa stirred it gently. Emulating what she learnt from the humans, along with her personal innovations, the goddess managed to conjure forth a bowl of spicy seafood soup. Complemented by herbs and hint of coconut juice perforating the area. An unnamed recipe she hoped the God of Beauty would appreciate. One that she would perhaps continue to develop as the Azure Realm's signature offer.

"Try, Syrion-kai." she offered them, as the Ironsides began to clean up their operation. Krajowa then leaned forward, resting her drowsy countenance upon her palms. "Is it to your liking?" she added, tilting her head curiously.



Spring Thief
Vitis Gurthu
Vitis Gurthu watched the newest disease spread into the surrounding flowers and trees, seeing the water swell within them. They leaned their head down, brushing their muzzle against a bloated leaf. A change in the balance of this place and yet... these diseased plants would provide water for those that resisted the blight. Animals would find ample water in places where it was trapped within the soil. Through strife, the forest would only grow stronger.

"How curious. What blossoms will come of such seeds?" they murmured. 'yo this shit's bussin.' :bishiesparklesr:

Returning their attention to the newborn god, Vitis waited for them to form a mouth. It seemed that manifesting into a solid form was difficult for this god. Perhaps it was the ambiguity of its own domain? Needless of this, the stag was surprised when the god did not know of its own name. Such a thing was inherent in every god they had met, including themself. A god's name was as natural to them as the domain they commanded. Then again, this strange god seemed to be unable to control themself.

"One lacks a name? Hmm..."The great stag thought for a moment, listening to the sounds of dead leaves in the wind. "This one cannot bestow upon thee a true name, for that is not something for one to give. However... this one can give you something to hold onto until thou remembers thy name." 'oh... you dont have a name?' *snort of poorly hidden laughter*' -- 'due to copyright infringement, I cannot legally give you a name. However, I can give you an ugly nick name!'

"...Dream's End. For one's action against the sleeping blight. May it serve you well." The stag seemed satisfied, and hoped the new god would be too. 'Here is a super cryptic name I just made up'

They then turned their head to the sky. The heavens trembled with fury, the source Mawlock. For the third time in their existence, they felt an unease. Somewhere closer, another god cried out in anguish. This came directly after the god of death's announcement, giving the stag a clue as to what was the matter. As for Mawlock, not so much. "A time of great change is upon us. Though for better or worse remains to be seen." Things are about to get spicy. @_@ Better get ready for more damage control... XwX'

Vitis rounded on the budding god of war, "Come, walk with me. If thou wishes to learn of restraint, perhaps this one may act as teacher." 'Come, child. I know de whey'
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The lord of randomness and the warp
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As was such with the god of change they had quickly become bored onxe more a titanic claw tapping gently against a mountain in thought gaze turned northward as it had spotted somewhere of interest there was a land of pure white... a boring stagnet place in desperate need of the god of changes twisted touch. Moving in the unfathomable way i did it titanic form simply appeared within the snowy white landscape maw frowning somehow as it's disappointment was immeasurable and it's day was now ruined. Too bland too unchanging too cold hmmm this could be easily fixed through a visit with the offending sibling was In order. This place could use ab ice breaker and not just any ice breaker a giant monsterous insectoid becuse that seems antithetical to the cold one limb stretched out to grab a centipied swiftly growing it to the size of several bears stacked up on one another then gifting it the ability to produce such intense heat it would melt easily through snow and steel it's slime growing With intense heat. "Perfect little creature now ruin along and cut channels in the ice bring change to this dull place.

With that out of the way the next task was to speak to the goddess here kianu her realm was easy enough to find some big Icy castle but instead of phasing into the place like before with mawlock the god felt it neccesary to walk in deciding the most amusing course of action was to mimic in appearance these "ice maidens" resulting in the titanic god becoming much smaller and looking like a combo of all three ice maidens in features... before proceeding to kick the ice palances doors off there hinges and walk in like it owned the place. Eventually finding the goddess kianu. "Aaah you muste be kianu I just say I'm rather disappointed in you" the deity spoke in many voices adding a condescending tisk tisk "do not worry though iV fixed your stagnet land with a new beast of fire I'm sure you won't mind yes? Or are you going to destroy them and maKe me start over"


White Masquerade's Blue Oni
Kianu, Goddess of Ice, Winter, Hunt, and Preservation

Everfrost was much bigger on the inside than the outside. It was the realm of a god, after all, and gods came in all shapes and sizes. Big ones. Small ones. Oldly shaped ones. At the very least, the audience room was big enough to hold an army of giants. The goddess was still in the process of sculpting more rooms as well. Doors that led to all sorts of places, beyond what could be expected of the average castle—not that it didn’t have your regular castle furnishings: The Frozen Great Hall, the ice-cold bedchambers, frigid kitchens, etc. Truly, only a creature born of Ice—or given her blessing—could enjoy the hospitality of her frozen realm.

Seated on her throne in Everfrost, Kianu had been calmly sipping the ice-cold tea prepared for her by the Winter Elves when she felt the presence of another god step into the Frostlands. Snow was her gift to the new world, after all, the goddess of winter could naturally sense the presence of whatever her powers touched—especially snow that was so close its source.

Holding her hand up to stop Ysmir from talking, Kianu tilted her head. “Another god approaches.”

Ysmir blinked. “Wha—? Really?”

Then, as if on cue, the doors to her throne room crashed down, broken by a monstrously disfigured version of her Ice Maidens. The god was followed her ice golems that tried to stop him—not that she could blame them for failing to stop a deity—and more that surrounded him on Bijorn’s order. Sey’s husband stood like a massive ice statue behind the throne of his queen, ready to hammer down on the infidel intruding Everfrost at her order.

Kianu didn’t give the order. On the contrary, she waved her Ice Golems to back down. The god’s rudeness irked her…but so did finding out Mawlock had his angels spying on her. On her. A fellow god. She wasn’t one of his creations—or even a mortal—for him the God of Law and Order to judge. Kianu’s grip on her tea cup tightened and the temperature of the room decreased drastically such that even the tea the Winter Elves spelled to remain liquid—despite their subzero surroundings—started to freeze over. Kianu let out a sigh. Getting angry over something so trivial and risking cracks into the mortal realm wasn’t very queen-like at all. Besides, feeling the angels’ eyes on her made it all that much easier for the huntress to track down Mawlock’s own realm. If he wanted to spy on her, she had no qualms about doing the same.

Kianu handed the tea cup to Ysmir, who’d bit her tongue to avoid commenting on the ghastly version of herself and her sisters that the god presented himself as, but the Ice Maiden’s expression of horror and disgust was as plain as day—especially when the god started speaking. The tongue biting didn’t hold. “How rude! I’ll have you know that her majesty made these lands absolutely beautiful and comfortable for beings like u—”

Narrowing her eyes at one of her first creations, who immediately went silent in response, Kianu directed her cold gaze towards the disrespectful god. One of the major gods…as powerful as her from what she could tell. Even in his guise, she, with her divine sight, could see his true form as clear as day. “You’re…that monster god…” She’d seen him a couple of times, but didn’t know his name…not that she cared very much about other gods in the first place. If he wasn’t going to show her respect, then she didn’t feel obligated to do the same. Respect, for her, had to be earned. “If you cannot appreciate the beauty that I’ve made of the Frostlands, then it’s your loss Disrespectful One. I’ve as much right to add my own touch to this world as any other god.”

She didn’t imagine many gods would like her cold in the first place—definitely not gods of spring and heat—which was why she moved North in the first place. Kianu loved the cold she'd been surrounded in when she was born and all the beings she made in the cold. Her first 'friends'.

A crystal of ice appeared in the palm of her hand, which then expanded to form a mirror that reflected the mortal realm, as she watched ‘fire beast’ that the disrespectful god spoke of glide through the snow, melting what it touched into puddles of water. More water for the living creatures she supposed. However, so long as she still existed and remained in reach of the planet, snow would continue to fall on the lands that she promised everlasting winter. Water would eventually harden to ice as the periods of extreme cold struck—Frostland winters were much, much harder than the bit of cold that she graced some other locations in the world. One creature of heat wasn’t enough to strongly influence the infinitely and forever cold biome she produced. Even if it reproduced, it would only be food for the ice wyverns that roamed the skies and the 20-30ft Frost Giants that tamed them. Azorf had been 50 feet tall. The insectoid didn’t look any bigger than the Snow Serpent that lived buried under the snow either. Creatures that had little to eat would eat anything when hungry—especially with the god of disease and famine that had been born to her world.

Survival of the fittest.

Was the god being kind to the creatures of the Frostlands? Was he giving his own blessing to Sey’s descendants? If they were smart, they’d make use of the slime it produced for their own ends—a test of wisdom then? Kianu raised her brow, not really understanding the other god's purpose.

“If your beast of fire is mortal and can pass my test then, it can live in the Frostlands.” A fire creature living in a land that was forever cold was very likely to have its flames put out. “However, if is immortal like us, then it will be taken into my castle.” Her divine ice wouldn’t melt unless it was the power of a god itself. Even then, that was arguable as she didn’t consider her cold—when used at its max—to be any less than the heat produced by other gods. “I will not have the immortal creations of other gods ruin my test for mortals no matter what change you desire, Disrespectful Deity. Ysmir!”

“Yes, Your Majesty?”

“Gather your sisters and prepare to test the new species this god has brought to our lands. If it cannot die, bring it to me.”

Ysmir saluted, icy winds surrounding her Kianu’s messenger disappeared to do as told. A flick of a wrist later and a chair of ice appeared behind the gruesome deity. She then summoned the Winter Elves to tend to the door…as well as any other needs the god may have. Kianu wasn’t the nicest goddess around, but she wouldn’t have anyone call her terrible host…even if that someone was an uninvited guest. “You may sit while we watch the show…or stand if you wish.”

It didn’t really matter to her. Kianu’s fitted to the mirror that reflected the mortal realm, watching as a raging blizzard struck the creature whose slime produced intense heat, massive amounts of snow burying the large creature like an avalanche. Steam rose. For every bit of snow it managed to melt, more, and more, piled on top of it as spears of ice appeared in the sky and pierced the insectoid’s flesh, infecting it with a bitter cold that cooled the slime it produced and started to slowly freeze the creature from the inside out—a suitable test for a create of that size whose body produced such intense heat enough to melt steel. She wanted to see its will to live...if it lived.

That was strength in Kianu's eyes - not the strength of a god or an immortal, but the strength of a soul.

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”monster is but a matter of perspective and sigh is often deceiving“ the god commented with a almost cocky grin upon there face turning to the ice maiden’d obvious horror having just spoken out on abject disgust over the gods comments. ”again but a matter of perspectives such thing can and will change its inevitable really“ The god chuckled once more to itself. “and I can very well appricate such a place but what I can not tolerate is stagnation and these frostlands are by far the most stagnant place iv seen, prehaps I should do well to introduce myself, I am Zexzad“ they’d give and exaggerated bow.

however the deities interested with peaked when kianu mentioned a test for zexzads beast, “ooh a test an trial now that’s interesting perhaps you are as dull as first glance made it seem.“ they’d comment sounding more cheerful now. “Trust me I would not make in immortal no sport in that oh no but I’m sure you will it rather interesting.“ zexzad added Seemingly fainting a offended gasp Before taking a seat. “now I suppose the test shall begin yes oh this should be good”
the fire beast had been minding its own business when it had suddenly become buried in snow.. melting it as it would the beast simply swam through It as if it where water yet more snow kept piling leaving the beast somewhat confused surly it should have surfaced by Now? Then the bitter cold struck the slime that gave the creature its immense heat begin to freeze it almost instinctively it ramped up its internal heating to greater heights as to stave off this attack forcing a lot of it to its rear. The intensive and sudden shift in heat caused the sudden vaporisation of the snow under it launching the beast into the air and out of the avalanche it’s large sail like structures slowing its fall somewhat unfortunatly for a passing frost wyvern who had thought this flailing creature an easy meal had found itself on the receiving end of the falling creature super heated bite the jaws slicing into the wyvern’s flesh like a hot knife through butter, the would cauterising instantly so no blood ruined the white landscape as the beast and the wyvern smashed down into Snow disappearing beneath the snow hardly a trace as the snow filled in around it as it quietly devoured its pray to fuel its much more intensive heat to contuie to stave off the cold.. mayhaps it would succumb eventually but for now had survived.
Zexzad grinned at kianu seeing as there creature hadn’t Instantly dropped dead and chuckled in amusement. “Fun creature yes? Prehaps I should name it after one of your ice maidens a fitting idea don’t you think?”


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In the Beginning, there was nothing. Then, there was the Word. And the Word was made whole. However, the Word could not see. The Word could only feel. The World felt the throbbing heart of the cosmos. The chilling coldness of the void. The surge of divine powers. The creation of worlds. But the Word knew her purpose, and it was not yet her time. However, preparations needed to be made for what was to be.

Then out from Void, the Word took form. There was no glistening light, there was no warping of space, there were no burning flames. She simply appeared from the nothingness, as if she had always meant to be there, sitting on a throne of nothingness. The other gods were all long gone, pursuing their own purposes.

As they should be.

And so should she, for her Time had come.

She cast her gaze upon the world before her, pushing her finger by her lips. A single, toneless word was muttered, and the gift of Understanding and Comprehension was bestowed upon the world. Each syllable now contained Meaning and Potential. Each scar upon the stones now carried Weight. A gift for all to communicate and understand one another.


If words could be spoken, and so they must be able to be recorded. The Word then made her next step as a collection of empty pages formed in her hands, and the first runes and letters were written. They were entirely meaningless, but the Word gave them meanings as she took inspiration from the creations of her brothers and sisters.

The winds and fires of L’Oria, the oceans of Krajowa, the earth of Caradhim…

Out from the first Rune, the four elemental Runes were born. Then the pages began to fill themselves with even more Runes of power. Some corresponded to a fellow godling, some corresponded to aspects without masters, and some corresponded to things that were yet to be created. They shall be reminders of the powers of the gods that had created this world, as it was written unto her by her Creator.

She spoke, her words reverbed through the very fabric of realities. They reached to those that they were intended to but became silent to those that were not.

“Hail, brothers, and sisters. I bear you gifts from the great beyond. May your name be kept in remembrance forever and evermore in accordance with the fields you plow. I hereby swear upon my domains that I shall dutifully execute my duties so that your names will be forever upheld in your honor.”

From then onward, the gifts of Runes and the written words had been sown into the world. Waiting only to be discovered and invoked.

The Word then turned her gaze away from the world. She needed somewhere she could work uninterrupted. To preserve all things that were written by mortals and divines alike. An archive. A library. Yes. She believed those were the words that had been etched into her divine soul. However, it must not be a place that mortals could reach, for they were meant only for the eyes of the Divine.


An interstice between spaces.

Too dangerous for mortals, but a mere inconvenience for the gods.

The Word took a step forward and appeared in the gap between the Material World and the infinite blackness of the Void. The Word uttered a word and a gateway appeared before her. The gateway had the appearance of a glass pane held by a simple, metallic frame with a silver sheen. However, to those that were permitted to enter, it would reveal a whole new world once they walked through the glass.

Walking through the pane, one would enter a hall surrounded by mostly empty bookcases. Yes, indeed. Few written works had been created, but more would appear in time. And a copy of their work would remain here to be archived as a remembrance of their diligence. The Word appeared in the hall of the Eternal Archive.

Then, there was a tug in her heart.

The first part of her duty had ended, and her long watch had only begun. She must prepare for visitors to this place. But first, she would need a name.

And she stared at the tome in her hand. On the cover of its page was written “The Tome of Runa.”

“I see. My name is Runa,” She muttered to herself. She turned around and fashioned a wooden table and a wooden chair with her words directly opposite the Gateway. She then had a seat, and a figure appeared next to her. The figure was an old man in a plain robe, and he sat right next to her. Parchments and Quills appeared in front of him and began to work.

The First Archivist had already been put to work, recording what was known about the creation and of the gods. He would diligently record and archive all the happenings in the world in a neutral manner, for their emotions were irrelevant. Yes. Words could be used to stir emotions. But they must be omitted if one were to gleam the truth beyond the written words.

As for Runa, the tome once again appeared before her. She began to put her thoughts into words, and continue completing her work.


White Masquerade's Blue Oni
Kianu, Goddess of Ice, Winter, Hunt, and Preservation
Kianu looked back at the deity that still donned the grotesque combination of all three Ice Maidens, an eyebrow arched, before replying in a slightly amused, yet firm tone. “I hope you aren’t insulting my girls, Zexzad.”

She wasn’t the type of goddess to take insults to those she cared for lying down, whether it was from another god or otherwise. The sisters of ice were the messengers that represented her in the new world. Her servants. Her retainers. Her companions. To insult them, was to insult her—in her own castle no less. Yet…she didn’t know the other god’s purpose for naming his creation after them either, so she opted to believe not. Gaze returning to the insectoid that was devouring the Ice Wyvern in order to live, she replied simply. “Your creature certainly is vicious…but it did well to survive.” Escaping the snowy clutches of her Ice Maidens, even if only for a moment, was an impressive feat for any living creature. They were the hunters she trained herself, after all.

“Sey. Falma. Ysmir.” Voice echoing though the white flakes that descended upon the mortal realm, the winter goddess called her messengers before they could continue the chase. To go any further would pass the point of a test and enter the realm of downright bullying. Hunting season wasn’t until the next ‘winter’…and it wasn’t as if the creature had done anything to deserve her ire. “What do think?”

They were the ones that administered the test, after all, and they’d been closer. One by one, the girls appeared in her throne room—in the order that they were called—and knelt on one knee before their goddess.

“It reacts quickly to change and the heat it produces is strong. It shouldn’t have any problem living and adapting to the severe climate of the Frostlands.” (Sey)

“The use of steam to escape the blizzard was clever,” (Falma)

“Tch, I would’ve gotten it on my next shot,” (Ysmir)

Kianu nodded. She’d also seen the will to live and fight within tough conditions, which was the main requirement for surviving in her ever-cold lands. Blizzards. Avalanches. A bitter cold that would consume it once its weakness was exposed. The girls had only given it taste of what the winters of the Frostlands were like. Kianu glanced at Zexzad. “It passes. Whether it lives long enough to reproduce in the Frostlands or moves to a new area to inhabit would depend on its own ability to survive.” She didn’t really interfere with the lives of mortal creations except to hunt come winter…or whenever she felt like it. Some winters were long. Some winters were short. It wasn’t like she’d ever sat down and discussed with other gods how long winters should be, so the temperatures from the Frostlands ranged wildly from cold, to very cold, to deathly cold, to ‘Why did I ever come to the Frostlands’ cold. The weather in the mortal realm was as unpredictable as her mood(and the storm god’s)…though it was only in the Frostlands (the land closest to her realm) where ice rained instead of water. Only the species that were strong and resilient could live and adapt in the Frostlands.

Once the giants found the dead wyvern, the children of Bihorn, would likely understand that a new foreign predator had entered their midst. Famine. Disease. Conflicts. How mortals handled themselves in the face of new challenges was up to them. Kianu didn’t intend to interfere…though she knew Sey favored the frost giants. Kianu, to a degree, did as well. “I do not care what you call your creature, nor do I understand your interest in my Ice Maidens, but I would rather you didn't name it after my messengers as that would get confusing. Sey, Falma, and Ysmir” Kianu listed their names from left to right as they stood. "are the only 3 I've brought with me from Winterdale and the ones I've granted my authority to bring frost to this still unnamed planet."

"That's right, we're special!" (Ysmir)

"I don't mind the lil' darling being named after me~" (Sey)

"Hush, Sisters. Her majesty is still talking." (Falma)

Kianu sighed, ignoring the antics of the ladies she'd brought with her from her first castle—a palace she’d made when she’d first been born into a world of nothingness and was just starting to learn about her powers. Placed upon a giant rock of ice, void of life—and anything else really—it was where she first created the maidens of Ice in her likeness. Everfrost was the second castle that she’d made on a whim when she heard the voices of other beings like herself gather. Curiosity and perhaps a bit of loneliness bade her to join them…though together was yet still something she wasn’t very used to. Much easier to grab her own corner further from everyone else.

But that defeated the purposed of her joining them in the first place.

It wasn’t like Kianu disliked the things she saw on the new, still-unnamed planet. Skies. Bodies of water. Flowers. Stars. Many of the things she created—including the ice wyverns—were simply made based on the images already designed by other gods. When making things to hunt (and eventually kill), it was easier to copy the designs of other gods than coming up with something new from scratch. Many gods liked making things in their likeness. Therefore, it was really no surprised to Kianu that one of Zexzad’s creations would…resemble…him somewhat; An insect that produced its own heat; Certainly a trait that would allow it to live in the Frostlands, no different from furs growing longer or scales turning white to better hide from the Winter when she hunted. Kianu was a goddess of ice and winter. The cold would forever be her domain and she didn’t intend to change that fact. She couldn’t. Therefore, it was only the creatures born of ice, immortals, and those that could endure her frigid temperatures that could make their home in mortal land closest to her realm. “Naming aside, since you’ve made the effort to visit and even brought a new addition to my hunting grounds, you may enjoy the hospitality of Everfrost for as long as you wish. I make it my policy not to interfere with the doings of other gods. However, if you intend to make a mess of my castle—or my hunting grounds—then I must ask you leave.” By force if necessary. Since Zexzad seemed so keen on imparting his opinion of her domain, she responded likewise. “Change makes things more interesting, but stability provides comfort and the consistency for which it can safely take root.” Without creating chaos and disorder. “You say my lands are stagnant, deity of change, but I’ve seen many changes in the mortals that struggle to survive in my hunting grounds. They learn my movements. Craft shelters or bury themselves in snow to escape my blizzards. Utilize my gifts to their advantage.” Whether it was due to the Existence of Zexzad in the world or not she couldn’t say, but every new god brought about a change to the Unnamed World…just as she did. The sun. The stars. The earth. The sky. The stars. She didn’t mind them…nor any other species that could breed in a land of endless frost and white. “Perhaps your true form simply lacked the eyes to see them.”

The last line was said airily, almost jokingly, as the Winter Queen dismissed the Ice Maidens and bade her Winter Elves to bring her more ice-cold tea. Soon enough it would be time to have them collect whichever of Caradhim’s pretty rocks that Azorf was able to mine and refine—after digging through piles and piles of snow and ice in his small form. Chances are he wouldn’t be able to keep his promise in his lifetime, but that was no consequence to her. She’d simply collect his descendants…if he survived long enough to breed of course. It didn’t matter either way. The ‘Dwarf’ as Ysmir called him, would have to use his wits if he wanted to survive in the Frostlands in his small size. She doubted the frost giants would be kind to him after all the bullying he’d done either.

Tucking her snow-white hair behind her ears, Kiana brought the crystal cup to her lips and took a small, satisfying sip before speaking again. “Whichever the case, I will apologize for calling you a monster, God Zexzad,” appearance mattered little to the ice goddess and, though she had a preference for pretty things, she simply had no other word to describe Zexzad’s form. Monster had been the best thing she could come up with, though it only just occurred to her how insulting that might've sounded. Kianu crossed her legs, her ice crowned head tilted slightly. “I am also curious about what sort of change a fellow creator like yourself thinks my Frostlands might need.”

It was the first time she’d spoken to another god like herself and it wouldn’t hurt to hear him out…though whether or not she listened to his advice depended on the soundness of it. Beyond the extremely cold weather and the animals she made to hunt, it wasn’t like she actively made very many changes to the mortal lands surrounding her realm, where source of Winter resided. She’d leave that the mortals. Winter, though sometimes a bit long and sometimes a bit short, was largely consistent. The only thing Kianu really did was hunt, kill the things she didn’t like…and maybe make a large iceberg or glacial island here and there where the Frostlands met the sea.

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interaction: QuirkyAngel QuirkyAngel
"Oh miss kianu I mean note an insult afterall mimicry is the highest form of flattery" Zexzad replied cheerfully. This was when Zexzad would properly sit down properly listening to the evaluation of its creation knowing full well it had designed it to suite the expectation of the seemingly cold hearted goddess. Promoting a small chuckle form zexzad. "Oh I assure you now that it had your blessing so to speak you will find it's presence valuable." Zexzad commented seemily foreshadowing something. "As for the naming prehaps your correct it would Tarnish there reputation somewhat to named after such a beast hmm" Zexzad though for a moment " the yisgramor then perfect name" they'd add gazing contented at the mortal realm below knowing full well the yisgramor was already multiplying and would find stable numbers in due time. "Oh do not worry aside form my admittedly exaggerated entrance your realm is safe. Afterall it's not much my place, morally speaking the mortal realm however is very much so." Zexzad explains stretching a little out. " as for your opinion of change prehaps your correct though I can't truly see such a thing. As for your statement of your relate not being stagnet, there only so much change to go around once they learn mortal become set in there ways and a low to improve or prehaps negate the threat all together but I can agree with you perspective is changing and prehaps my previous one was not the right perspective to appreciate your work" Zexzad considered conceding the point. Surprisingly kianu had apologized zexzads eyes widening with a bit of shock. "Oh well thank you prehaps your not as cold as you let on" Zexzad smiled it grew even more when she asked about what it might change. "Oh not much my additions has sloved the issue of those with fire magic overturning your forstlands, but prehaps a solidified essence of yourself so to speak... a gem... buried in the snow and frozen stone as a reminder for those that find it that your power primates even the depths here"


Spring Thief
Sindarr2.png 1627842632382.png
Sinidarr, Vitis Gurthu & Unry
~collab with moi, jmann154 jmann154 and Solirus Solirus
Sinidarr's storm subsided slowly as he became more confident in sustaining the Tilune. Those he marked with symbols and powerful runes became known as the Gilded Ones. Branded with his mark, they would live forever. That was the way Sinidarr designed it, at least.

Yet there was another who saw things differently.

Vitis Girthu emerged from the mountains, eyes shining like twin stars through the heavy mist. Storm rain had gathered on their pelt, falling off easily with each movement. Where these droplets landed upon the earth, new seeds sprung up. Wherever the stag's hooves touched, plants wilted.

A small thing -- a mortal -- saw the great god and ran towards a hut. Out came several others like it, yet Vitis only seemed to notice one among them. Strange markings littered their skin, strong with the scent of Sinidarr. An immortal.

With a single glance, the immortal was pinned in place. What false life had been breathed into them began to be stripped away. Fragility returned to their bones, age on their features. All those around them might have panicked, or called out to their creator, if they had not been overcome with godly power. They fell into a peaceful stupor, dazed with muddled thoughts.

Vitis called out to the stormy clouds above, their voice calm yet firm, "One sows the seeds yet does not reap? Stormchild, reveal thyself. This one requires many an answer." Translation for Soli: What do you think you're doing making life without death? Sinidarr, get your ass down here now. I just want to ☆*talk*☆

A flash of lightning that turned night to day for a second arced down and struck the Gilded One. A pulsing orb of electricity and crackling thunder formed over the mortal, from it formed the large bird Sinidarr made his avatar. He wrapped the talons of one foot around the mortal, channelling his divine energy into a surge of power. The wrinkles stopped forming valleys in their skin, their bones stopped withering to dust. Someone was trying to destroy his creation, to rid the world of a natural beauty. Sinidarr would not allow this stag to do that, even if the bookish god had warned him of this beast of fur and spite.

He shouted to the stag in a voice of anger and distress bordering on desperation, the voice coming half from the avatar and half from the booming thunder above.
“ S t o p t h i s , S t a g ! P l e a s e ! ” He hopped forward, coming low to the ground and spreading out his wings, shielding his Tilune.
“ T h e y n e e d m y p r o t e c t i o n ! ”

"Protection?" The stag closed their eyes for a moment, thinking. "Ah. Praytell, does one protect these things because they need to be kept, or because one refuses to let them go? So often may care become a cage." 'Tell me, do they need protection, or do you just refuse to let them go. 🤔 such obsession can be a prison'

“ T h e y . . . ” Sinidarr faltered, he had never thought he was capable of such a lowly motivation, but it was true, “ t h e y n e e d m e , a n d I n e e d t h e m ! ”

Unphased by Sinidarr's defensive stance, Vitis took a step towards them. They remembered the crying war god, and softened their voice in understanding. "Thou looked for a soul snatched by death. This one heard thy cries. In pain, one let the end blot out the richness of a life well lived. Gaze at thine feet, see the fruits of such a life. It continues in the blood of daughters and sons." 'I heard you were looking for a dead mortal QwQ; smh ya forgettin they had a nice long life 😤 look at these kiddos'

“ I . . .” Sinidarr was lost for words. He took a step back, carefully dragging the mortal with him.

Vitis nodded their head towards the dazed mortals on the ground around them. One was a young adult while others were mere children. "When a tree falls in the forest, it makes room for new growth and nourishes the seeds of tomorrow. Death does not mark the end, but a beginning of a new form. An endless cycle. This is true immortality, not the unholy extension of a lifespan." [ITS THE CIRCLE OF LIIIIIFE!!!! 🙌]

Sinidarr met the stag’s gaze at Aerias’ offspring, he saw her children with children of their own. Every generation knew her wisdom. Perhaps what the stag was saying was true. He had placed a piece of himself in each mortal, but he still felt each piece in the mountains, he felt part of her piece in her children, and part of their pieces in their children. A cycle, of sorts. But one piece still tugged at his heart.
“ A n d w h a t i f t h e s e e d s f a i l t o g r o w ? I c a n n o t n o t s i m p l y l e t m y T i l u n e d i s a p p e a r . ”

“When one buries a seed in the earth they may not tell if it will flourish or fade away to rot. There is only the waiting, and the faith.” The stag seemed amused, though not unkindly, “Of course, one may always tend to the garden. Nurture it, guide the vine. When winter comes, strong little saplings shall endure.” [[You’ll have to find out in the next season, but the fandom’s theories are that they’ll be in the next game]]

Sinidarr paused, tucking his wings back and standing upright. The lightning had stopped, as had the thunder. The wind was a mere breeze, though the rain was just as torrential. He thought of Aerias, he thought of her children and her grandchildren. The rest of the Tilune would one day follow her lead, and Sinidarr was not supposed to stop it. He could fight it as much as he wanted, but eventually he would need to let go. So that was what he did. His grip loosened on the Tilune until his claws dropped to the ground. His divine protection faded, and the Tilune’s overextended life came to its natural end. All over Gladwe, the Gilded Ones collapsed in their homes, static energy crackling around their families, muting any overt reaction. He could not protect them from death, but maybe just this once he would let them avoid mourning too many.

Sinidarr’s next words came only from the avatar:
“Thank you, Stag,”
Sinidarr bowed slightly, before immediately regretting it and returning to his stance.

The stag dipped their head in return, “One needs no thanks, for this one did little but share words of wind and a pollen’s worth of wisdom. We gods have power in abundance, yet we are without guidance or purpose other than our own. We cling to pride and desire, to wrath and loss. Lest we blind ourselves…” U..w..U don't mention it.

The stag thought for a moment. It was a vice, was it not? One known only to these firstborn, these gods. Was it present in themself as well? They thought back to the hesitation to cull the cursed creatures, back in those sleeping blooms. How troubling. They ought to carve this piece out of themself before it made them irrational too.

“Ah, this one rambles on for far too long. Spreader of Seeds, cast your eyes to thy garden. Rejoice in the cycle anewed.” Vitis poured their power into the land, like a spring breeze. Wherever the Tilune fell, their bodies were turned into beautiful flowers. They sprung up from the earth as the dead made contact, their petals like ice and their pollen as brilliant as the glowing runes. Elsewhere, in the fields and forests, Gladwe’s harvests bloomed like never before. Before I leave, I has a present Owo

Sinidarr’s eyes lit up with the sight. Such beauty he had never thought possible. The rain lightened to soft patches, rays of light shone through the cloud cover, reflecting off the glistening grass and verdant fields. From life to death. From death came life anew. This was the natural order, it seemed. A chain he broke, and the stag mended.
“I know little of this world. It’s colour and growth amazes me still. I hope one day we might meet again, under better circumstances. Thank you for showing me a new side of life.”

Content, the stag turned away towards the east. Balance had been restored, yet somewhere in the distance the great god of order and chaos had stirred up a new storm. “It is time this one continues their wandering. Balance must be maintained, be it the will of the gods or the harvest of the land. Remember this well, Stormchild, and your little seeds will never know the bite of true winter” [[aight, imma head out. Don't mess with the balance and I wont mess with you.]]

Vitis took a step away, then stopped. “And if this one might bare one last seed of wisdom to thee…” Vitis turned their gaze back to Sinidarr, eyes like stars, “Beware the one who carries hidden knowledge in hand and void in heart. Trust him not, for he cares little of this world or of any creation in it. Even little gods of storm. He would see this place return to void and be glad of it, of this, this one is sure.” [[Void god is sus. Trust no bitch that likes to eat carpet.]]

Sinidarr recoiled slightly. The knowledgeable god had taught him much, but kept secrets. Could he trust someone like that? The stag had not yet lied to him, nor kept secrets from him. He nodded.
“I will take this to heart,” Sinidarr said, false confidence surrounding him like an ill-fitting coat. The stag — this was the wrong name. Before he could open his mouth-like beak, a new flash brought him knowledge. The Awakener. That name felt right. “Goodbye, Awakener.”

The stag made a soft sound, like the tinkling of chimes, at their anointed name. “Farewell, O’ Spreader of Seeds, until we meet again. May thy wings always catch the wind, and may the fresh scent of flowers protect thee always.” [[*minecraft level up sound* adios. don’t die out there uwu]]

Sinidarr nodded as the stag left. He could not deny their counsel was invaluable. They would make a good friend in times to come.
When they had left, Sinidarr looked down and held up his claw. Pinched between two talons was a blue mote. The same piece of creation inside the Tilune. Charged with the divine influence of two gods, the mote both crackled with electricity and ached to the touch.
Sinidarr beat his wings and flew high into the air, carving open a pocket in the cloud with a twirl of his wing. In the pocket hovered the Awakener’s seeds he was tasked with spreading. Sinidarr pushed the mote into the seed cluster to hover on the same spiralling wind. A new item for his collection, a new memory of the gods he had met. With each memory came the experience he would share with all the Tilune. He would do as the Awakener said; guide the vine.

Elsewhere...“It is not wise to speak ill of others both when you know none the better or when you speak to them behind their own back Vitis” [[Don’t talk smack behind others backs yo, very uncool bro]] A voice spoke behind the great stag.

The stag’s stride slowed for a moment, head tilted, but they did not stop. “It would seem the wind carries words far, or perhaps mongers of secrets prefer the shade. One misunderstands. This one speaks only the truths laid before them. Pray tell, should this one lack the truth, then thou would surely lay it to bare?” Vitis Gurthu did turn around this time, standing elegantly among snowy mountain grass. Their eyes held a steady intensity, though not enough to be harsh. “Doth one deny this one’s claims then, Void Heart? Does one not desire the void whence they came?” [[oh, so you're approaching me? I only tell the truth i've seen. If it's incorrect, please enlighten me uwu. Am I not correct that you’d desire void]]

The form Unry appeared in was similar to the original yet he lacked the book he carried. He moved his hand to his chin and paused before answering, “the so-called truth laid before thee has seemingly fallen under a misinterpretation. I am part of the void or perhaps am the void… but the void is but a foundation of nothing in which it has allowed everything else to exist, the things brought in a way are beautiful and filled with possibilities that I wish to observe, yet do not take my inaction as me wanting everything to return as it was, I merely wish to allow it to evolve without my influence… though I cannot resist myself with… some things” Unry looked up at the stars before looking back at Vitis, “... did these thoughts… come from a fear of the void?” [[Don’t believe everything you read on facebook, kid. I don’t want to touch a perfectly good world so I just leave it there although I occasionally create billions of stars… don’t tell me you’re afraid of nothing?]]

"It can be said that knowledge without action is as useless as hoarding seeds without the intent of ever planting a garden…" Vitis said thoughtfully. The impassive god stiffened at the notion of being afraid of 'nothing' then let out a small huff of amusement. The arrow had struck true. "Perhaps one thinks this to be absurd. This one is charged with maintaining the sacred balance between life and death. An eternal cycle that shall not end. Void is the shattering of this. It is in this one’s nature to beware the void, and he who commands it. One would think us to be enemies, but this one does not wish it to be so. Not yet, at least.” [[knowledge is useless without action you filthy casual. It’s not like I'm scared or anything, baka! I’m just doing my job. >w>]]

The stag tilted their head up at the stars Unry had made. Even with their brightness, the endless dark remained “So it would seem one has finally answered this one’s question. Apologies, but this one has a final question to be answered. This one deals in cycles, in the fleeting turns of eternity. Yet this one was born into void. Was one the firstborn, then? Many would believe it to be Mawlock, the first to act, but this cannot be so.” Vitis gazed squarely at Unry, searching “If one is void, what came before thee? Is this one right to fear the end, or is the end the beginning of A World Anew?” [[FINALLY AN ANSWER. Ok, last question. Were you born before all of us and do you know what came before the void? If we all straight up died, would creation be renewed? ;w; dont mind the shameless reference]]

Unry looked at Vitis, though he lacked his face he appeared curious at the first remark, “perhaps… knowledge can be a… reward that those who seek it may earn… I shall think about this more later”

Then Vitis asked a very important question… Unry paused, still and motionless he appeared lost in thought, before he spoke again. “I… am not sure… I do not know if there was anything before… perhaps… I came to be once Mawlock did… like the rest of you did……. I do not have a complete answer for you… my most sincere apologies” Unry remained still, but his usual presence of nothingness shifted to that of worriedness… a question that remained unanswered not because he wanted to keep it secret but because he wasn’t sure.

"It would seem that even knowledge itself has limits. What a shame. One is left only with the unknown and the vigil. Perhaps it is wise to fear the end of things." The stag turned away, unhappy with the answer given. "If continuity cannot be assured, then its vision or doom is within the action of gods. Already this one can sense a crippling flaw fester. A vice of the firstborn. A weed that must be uprooted. See to it that thine own heart, void or otherwise, refuses its hold. Fare thee well, Void of Heart. " [[imagine being the God of knowledge and not knowing stuff. Welp, guess I gotta keep cleaning up everyone's messes. C ya.]]

Vitis bounded down the mountain, stirring up sproutlings and dead leaves in their wake.

The fragment of Unry didn’t move, lost in thought it remained there, still and motionless,with one hand on his chin and the other behind his back. Like a statue he remained there.


F o u r

  • Humans

    Upon the southern territory of the Western continent, humans reside, created by the life god himself to be a spitting image of beauty and perfection. Since the time of the first human, they have been small in number due to the fact that they have extremely slow reproductive rates and their immortality.

    Though when they had first appeared, they knew not what to do, a short-lived sensation which died when a being of wings descended down from the stars, speaking and teaching in a way they understood. The first humans were given knowledge and in that knowledge lied options, they had not been told what they had to do, but what they could do. Thus did the first humans begin to share their knowledge with those unfortunate enough to miss the arrival of the winged being, soon becoming the leaders of the humans, the Progenitors.

    In the first years, humans were guided by the Progenitors, moving with caution through the world in search for a place to call home, a place which the winged being insisted was of most importance. Thus they traveled and traveled, learning to sleep more comfortably every night and learning to move more efficiently with every step before finally home was found, a valley of lush green hills with a bountiful forest next and the ocean in the distance. It was in these fields of hills that the Progenitors declared their home.

    It was within this time that the Progenitors were finally ready to share more information with the rest of their fellow humans and thus they did. But the knowledge held many branching paths, and if everyone did what they wished to do then it would bring about disorder with no progress. So the Progenitors held a vote upon which they would select how many other humans should move forward. Eventually, after much debate it was decided that they would build a village, using the materials in their environment to grow and progress with the guidance of the Progenitors. It was a landslide vote save for one singular Progenitor, Azarel, who saw the nature around him as more than just resources to be gathered and used. At first, he demanded there be a revote but with the rest of the Progenitors not budging he instead gave an offer: “I do not agree with the decision you have all come around to accept… Yet I have not many options save for one… I shall leave this place and live how I wish, but I wish to offer my lifestyle upon those who would listen to me and once I have those who accept my offer wholeheartedly, I shall leave you all be.”

    At first, the rest of the Progenitors hesitated but accepted his conditions. Arazel quickly went to his fellow man, expressing his ideals and thoughts, his way of life that he wished others to follow. In the end, only a very small handful of humans decided to travel with him, yet even with such a small group he appeared content, and thus the group of Arazel ventured into the forest to form what Arazel called: ‘The Druidic Tribe’

    The majority of humans that now remained quickly began work on taking the resources from their environment building huts and tents and, within only a few years, a wooden wall to keep them safe.

    It is within these years that humans truly realized the extent of their immortality, fatal wounds healed in minutes and once they reached their prime, humans would cease to age among other things, and in a hunting expedition did a human realize the true physical capabilities he wielded as a singular swing of the arm tore through a tree with ease.

    In the times of this revelation humans grew from cautious to confident and quickly began adopting rather interesting habits, punching a fellow man to greet them, playing pranks that would be deadly for anyone else, or fighting and hunting not to survive but to enjoy themselves, and with each day they realized they suffered little to no consequences. Each day brought new pride and arrogance, yet the village held up, save for a small band of freaks.

    These freaks were not amongst the firstborn, from the day of their births these humans fought with each other for the fun of it, traveling into hunts for fun only to return years later covered with rotten pelts of their prey. Soon, however, the band grew bored, a trait weirdly not seen within humans, and thus did they do the unthinkable and began swimming in the ocean, far and far until out of view, lost and bored eventually the band landed upon a land of uncontrollable ice and cold, a place with nothing but death and it is upon this place that the band realized that the only fun they needed was within each other, and thus they brawl with no stopping and with no distractions.

    As for the Humans who are still led by the Progenitors, a religion quickly formed around their winged being who had also explained to them the existence of higher beings, especially that of their creator who had granted them such perfection and beauty. Thus did Mawlock become their God.



Deus Vult

  • Mawlock and L’Oria worked together to gather up the sleep-inducing flowers created by Sigh. Despite their disagreement, Mawlock respected the creation of his fellow god and as a result, had the flowers planted at the base of the Great Mountain where the entrance to his realm resided. In an attempt to comfort his mourning sister, Mawlock made a creature similar to those created by the god of Chaos herself. It was one of a kind, and its fur emanated a soothing light. The small and furry creation was quick to climb onto L’Oria’s shoulder, and even give her a high-five with its small hand.

    The two gods remained together for a time, speaking and taking solace in one another despite their opposing natures. During their time together the two fell in love with one another, and a union formed between them. As a symbol of their love and devotion to one another, the two gods created a tunnel at the base of the Great Mountain that would lead into the very core of the planet where the entrance of their new realm would be. With emotions and power never seen before by mortal or even god, the two worked on creating a realm that would reflect their individuality and their union simultaneously. An ocean of golden magma and fire flowed freely in the realm, hot enough to keep even a god at bay. As the two crafted spires and buildings together where their creations could reside Mawlock felt himself becoming overwhelmed. His mind became filled with warped and twisted forms of his own concepts of order, balance, life, and judgment.

    Fearing for his beloved, lest she became consumed just as he felt himself becoming, he ushered her away. Despite L’Oria’s protests, Mawlock promised that they would be together again. Madness crept into the god’s mind, and before becoming consumed in a perverted mix of chaos and order, he gave what was left of himself to L’Oria. L’Oria lamented once more, having lost yet another beloved of theirs in such a short span of time. With what she was given L’Oria created a son, a god of art. The new god reflected the free-spirited nature of L’Oria, but the controlled and focused aspect of Mawlock.

    Using the power freely given to him by L’Oria, Mawlock locked himself within the realm. The god fell to the center platform that acted as the foundation for what the two had planned to build. Mawlock fought the chaotic energy that flowed so powerfully, and in an act of desperation called upon his own realm, forcefully pulling the heavenly domain down into this realm of chaos and distortion. The angelic inhabitants burned as they fell helplessly into the hellfire. The angels’ screams of agony could be heard throughout the realms. Reborn as creatures tainted by chaos and charred by madness, the now fallen angels and daemons crawled out of the burning ocean with new forms and warped minds.

    Letting out one final cry, the Great Mountain, and all of the planet shook. The shout devolved into maddening laughter, and despite his best efforts, the god of order lost himself to madness, insanity infecting his very being as the flames of chaos consumed him completely.

    Rising from the ashes of his old form, Mawlock was reborn just as his creations were. Standing tall and proud, the dark god looked around at his new home. “I will complete the task my beloved and I had set forth to accomplish and more.” Mawlock crafted a massive citadel that would act as the home to the creations of Mawlock and L’Oria, a prison for the golden box of Sigh, and a palace for the two gods to reside in. Mawlock scooped his hand into the burning ocean, taking out the small charred feathers of some of the old angels and turning them into various demonic creatures that would inhabit the realm.
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