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Fantasy A World Renewed (Sandbox God RP)

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Giantson of Ephias
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    As the bird-form of Sinidarr soared through the air, the occasional flap of his wings elevating him and rumbling thunder through the storm, his keen divine sight spotted something far below. He slowed himself, getting a better view of a stag running across the stormy waters. They were running straight towards the edge of the world. Would they fall off? Was this a god, too? Sinidarr drifted closer, a sense of impending doom growing with each step the stag took. Sinidarr felt he should say something, anything, warn them of the edge. With a small spray of water, they stopped. Sinidarr breathed a sigh of relief. Next, an enormous pink blossom seemed to sprout from nowhere. Yes, this was another god. One that could teach him! Sinidarr drifted closer. The stag leapt across the waves, spreading more of these blossoms until they caught him. The two made eye contact and Sinidarr truly saw its antlers. The same from his vision, the same antlers he modelled himself after. This was a great god, indeed, he had never been more certain.
    They said something… a cryptic message. Sinidarr did not seek destruction, nor did he wait for whatever a spring was. The stag moved again, creating a dozen floating blossoms, identical to the blooming flowers but much smaller. Seeds, swiftly floating before him when the stag spoke again.
    "Storms may yet spread seeds, if one takes heart to ride the wind."
    Was that who he was? Sinidarr, Spreader of Seeds?
    The stag began to run again. Now was his chance to say something, to stop them, to get answers. A million different words flooded his mind at once. Which would he say? How could he convince them to stay? He needed to say something, anything. Sinidarr opened his mouth, but instead of words, he released an ear-splitting thundercrack that sent a surge of lightning through the storm. It was too late. The stag was gone.

    Sinidarr lifted himself back into the storm proper just as a fluffy white cloud slapped him in the face. This was no cloud of his, this was an assault. Sinidarr took the cloud in one talon and crystalised it into a spear of ice. His eyes scanned the sky for his assailant. High above, nestled in a nook of the topmost clouds was a bed. He raised the spear, ready to throw, ready to teach them the meaning of an enemy. That’s when he stopped. Another vision filled his mind… a vision of beds: Furniture for resting, for relaxation. Was this not an assault? Maybe his storm had disturbed them. Maybe they only sought rest. It was another god; he was sure of it. But they obviously did not want to be disturbed. Sinidarr dropped the ice to be swallowed up by the ocean below.

    These wings made too much noise. Sinidarr concentrated on spreading his wings as wide as he could, the space between feathers filled with dark clouds. That gave him an idea. Sinidarr closed his eyes and spread his entire body as wide as the storm, the feathers disappearing to be replaced with more clouds. When he tried opening his eyes, he found nothing. He had only a sense of direction and an innate knowledge of the area. He willed himself forward and felt the clouds roll in the same direction. He was the storm.


    A vast raincloud spread from shore to land, the dozen seeds still swirling in the wind. One seed it dropped in a bay, the divine rain blossoming it as it sunk into the sea floor. It would protect this place and keep it stable for the generations that would find it. The clouds moved again, this time hovering over a mountain range. There were creatures here. Not gods, not plants, something new. They moved around, climbing up and down the mountain range, with no idea of the vast and incomprehensible power the gods had by comparison. He dropped another blossom, landing in a deep ravine where the snow melted to rain. These curious little beings would be safe around it, or at least Sinidarr hoped so.

    Sinidarr sighed a deep rumble. He had so many questions but so many things he wanted to do. But he also felt this primal drive for life. Some deep part of him had connected to those feline beings and he knew he would make more of them. But how could he do both of these at once? As he struggled with the concept, a vision rippled into his mind. Not another flash of knowledge, but a longer one. A double vision, even. He saw a being floating in the air. Two arms clutched a book, with legs that swirled into mist. Sinidarr did not know this person, but they must have been a god. This area was saturated with divine presence. Sinidarr focused himself, prepared a mouth that didn’t exist, and spoke.

    From Unry’s perspective, it began to rain, and in the raincloud there came a spark of light. With it came a deep, distant roll of thunder that sounded almost like words…
    “ E x c u s e. . .m e . ”
    The voice paused.
    “ W h a t. . .i s. . .a. . .g o d ? ”



Deity of Sleep

Gentle Repose
Unwillingly, Sigh stopped her sleep and sighed a sigh. The top of the world was no longer silent or remote. High above, she could feel something else built by a God, in the void. Little winged creations occasionally fleeted between that high place and the world below. The sky below, which she had hoped to be quiet after that mournfully loud lightning, just now had a huge flying creature soaring through freely and noisily as if it ruled the sky. Well. Since it woke her up, see how it like going without sleep.

There. No sleep for the giant, noise-creating flying creature.

Unfortunately, from her half-opened eyes, Sigh could see many problems lying ahead of her blissful sleep. She saw a God with giant wings, a Goddess with wings... Well. Wings and feathers could be used for rest and disturbance, so she shall not blame them.

Now unfortunately awake, Sigh looked at the world around her. Many had been created while she... well, slept. The poor things she noticed the most were the living beings who must work and eat and not only sleep. Poor things, she thought again with a yawn. So, she rolled her blanket up and closed her eyes, and not sleep.

The noisy sky, the poor living beings. Her divine bed descended to an unexplored space on the world, few in mortals, animals, or other noisemakers. From the feet of her bed, a sea of red flowers grew. Red flowers with purple pollen, pollen that condensed into airy crystals and flew to every corner of the world.

As she pitied the living beings of the world, Sigh bestowed upon them a gift in the form of flowers. Upon consuming a crystal it produced, the consumer would no longer to perform any biological need a living being had. Eat, drink, defecate, all would be unneeded. Oh, and the consumer would also be put into a deep, deep, long, long sleep. And the crystals could be inhaled by accident as they could be minuscule in size and could be spread by the air and water.


Sigh was sleeping again, not knowing what influence she had brought to the world.

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apathy's a tragedy, boredom is a crime

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L'Oria had been in the process of constructing new colours and forms for his creations when he was startled by a familiar yet newly-heavy presence. The goddess glanced up from a particular griffin; a small, kitten-like beast with striped feathers that reminded her of the fuzzy honey-seeking insects she had once caught sight of, and their gaze landed on the being she had created earlier. L'Oria's eyes immediately widened at the sight, for his treasured dragon was visibly shaken and distraught. Its usually flowing mane was matted and unkept, grime coated its scales, and the usual light that lingered in its eyes was no longer present. The dragon bowed its head in greeting, though it had great trouble rising from the gesture, and met L'Oria's gaze with a pleading look. ''Please, my lady, let me rest.'' It begged, its voice painfully devoid of feeling or vibrancy. The creature L'Oria had so lovingly crafted had been reduced to nothing but a husk, and it filled the goddess with feral, twisting rage. The deity strode over to the dragon and cupped its chin with a hand, her wings flared in anger. Gentle heat began to dissipate from L'Oria's touch to soothe the dragon's unsteady limbs, but she could do nothing to relieve its exhaustion, despite her best efforts. The creature let out a shaky sigh and lowered itself to the ground, tucking its legs underneath its body. Tears sprang to L'Oria's eyes at the dragon's suffering, though they were quickly evaporated away into steam.

''Who did this to you?'' He demanded, his voice dangerously soft. L'Oria clenched her fists as the beast opened its mouth with difficulty to speak once more. ''...The one who sleeps.''


The deity's eyes darkened at the dragon's words, and, at once, L'Oria burst into flames.

''I can provide you rest, my love.'' They murmured kindly, the wicked heat charring everything within a short distance. The dragon looked on with awe, its fire-resistant scales saving it from certain obliteration. As L'Oria knew the chances of having the beast's ability to sleep restored were slim, she had come up with an alternative method to honor it. ''You will be known as Yaolan, the first of your kin. You will be seen as a beacon of strength and glory among fellow dragons, and your name will be uttered with fear and respect.'' The dragon was growing heavy now, and the soil around it began to shift around its tired limbs. Scales fell off to be replaced with stone, and as the dragon drew in its final breath, L'oria uttered a quiet apology. ''I've failed you. I'm sorry.''

The flaming deity gathered the shimmering scales in her scorching palms and tossed them into the heavens. In turn, each scale grew and twisted to become a new dragon, until the sky was dotted with hundreds of the magnificent beasts. Their roars rose in volume and melted together to create a melody of rage and anguish; a sound so full of promise it was impossible to ignore. The goddess waved a burning hand, and Mawlock's gift to her took off in search of the one Yaolan spoke of. It was clear, then, that L'Oria had only one thing in mind.




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be gay, do crime
Indily, Goddess of Forests and Forest Creatures

Indily felt a heavy weight. It was crushing all around her, threatening her lungs and pushing the air out of them. She tried to scream, but it came out a whisper. She tried to move, and it was in slow motion. Her bones felt like they were fracturing, her eyes felt like they were going to pop out of her head, her legs felt like they had just run a marathon. She finally was able to open her eyes. Darkness...a void is all she saw. Slowly, her vision came to her and she saw a blue sky.

Indily wiggled her fingers in the grass around her. It felt soft...and warm. She heard foreign voices floating around her. Through the air, they whispered towards her and past her. She looked around and saw greenery. Forests and rivers. She heard the soft pitter patter of small footsteps. She pressed her hands against the ground and pushed herself onto her feet.

Around her she saw a forest and other people...or gods she supposed. Where she had pressed her hands to the ground was now wildflowers and mushrooms. She smiled and walked into the forest. She created her first member of the Fae, the queen, whom she commanded to follow her around wherever she went as a guiding voice of righteousness. Indily smiled warmly and danced around the forest. A staff was by her side and she used such to navigate the new world around her.

Indily frolicked in the forest and climbed a small tree and sat, waiting for something to happen. She felt energy bursting around her in many forms. It was only a matter of time before someone walked up to her, or something happened. She smiled and admired the forest around her, the tall trees, the flowing river, the swaying grass, all of it.



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Ten Thousand Club
domains: Magic

With the land and planets mostly sorted, each something of an imitation of the outside yet with their own twist to make them different and glowing with their own inner light, She would need to start making creatures to inhabit the waters and lands. these she would be more creative with as the plants to her were for now decoration and would no doubt become something slightly different in time. That was assuming the god of order didn't freeze the place in stasis or the god of change decide everything need and extra but of 5 new eyes because change. In truth Cath would rather the other gods have nothing to do with her lands as she would have nothing to do with theirs. it was just professional courtesy really she influenced the others as little as she could they should repay her in kind.

After plants the order of creation was animals and in thins Cath would really make something unseen in the rest of the world. While other started with clay or with the things Mawlock had made Cath would instead start with what she had, magic. Still she could not just make everything out of pure magic, they needed substance, and annoying as it was the ground was the best place to start. Or was it? As Cath picked up a handful of dirt she truly noticed her had, the well of magic had been made from her blood, and if her blood made that what could her flesh make? Cath changed her size and with ease pulled off a lump of flesh for a test. She would make something small and simple. Cath let simple idle thought guide her crafting in making something tiny with sharp teeth 6 eyes and multiple tentacles that would move through the air. There would be tentacles on the front with nails to grab things and some on the back to move with as they flew through the air. The creature looked like something the goddess of the sea might make but it would be a thing of magic and air. The thing a Qeofi would only be about the size of a human palm when full grown. Seeing the little creature and gifting it with a hunger for flesh Cath changed the rest of the flesh into thousands of the little Qeofi and let them start to disperse and roam the land breaking into smaller swarms.

With the test a success Cath could start making something for these swarming predators to actually eat. Taking another chunk of herself that quickly regrew itself Cath went about making something that would eat the grasses and plants of the land. She started with a simple blob like center about the size of a cow from outside, but it was rounded and made from a rubbery skin and on the top was covered in tentacles that were of many different lengths that would reach out and swat at others in defense. The mouth would be on one such tentacle and would extend out to let the creature harvest plants from various areas, though it needed to move. Taking form the idea of cows she gave it four legs which would end in hooves. These would be Kaataatu and they could live in heard and be easy to domesticate, a beast of burden should it ever be needed. Once more Cath would use the first to make many more of the creatures and scatter them out.

These two would work well enough now Cath could start in earnest in creation of the life that would fill her lands. Those still needed a name which she would decide to be Qaun'Cath which would one day mean home of Cath for the race she had started thinking up. Still First Cath had to find her home with animals. Things to walk one land, things to soar through the skies, and to swim through the waters. Each would be a strange oddity in the outside world and likely hated by the other gods, but for Cath she made what she wanted. She knew she would dwell her in every sense of the word and already was thinking how she would one day make a life for herself. The other gods could do what they wanted with magic outside her realm and she had little desire to stop them. Still one of them might be helpful to her once she made her race , the god of change might be up for a scheme.


The lord of randomness and the warp
Interaction: whoever​
With his gifts granted the god turned back to the world to finish what it had started checking in on his creations the kobolds had started great excavation in search for the wyrdstone promised to them while the zorks spread magic oh so wild. Good good the deity through. Now to fix his mistakes.

Collecting many of the slimes he'd embune them with more care and love... in a way, fusing then with the essence of change and crystal bestowing upon them the power of shapeshifting, and the ability to absorb ambient wild magic and dispel it safely. "My sweet changlings go enjoy your gifts change twist and warp to your hearts desire, but you little one shall stay" they singled out a small changling. "You shall be a less aspect of one so vast as me a God of creativity and invention use your gifts of shifting to become the form most pleasing to the race, Zir I shall name you spread the power" the deity spoke to the small slime flaking off a part of itself and sprinkling it into the changlings slimy form this process somehow elevating it. "I shall do well my lord Thank you for this chance" the changling replied growing wings to fly off and fulfill its duties.

Now zexzad checked on his crystal ecosystem it had flourished with lifeforms of its own accord they where already producing armor and weaponry out of crystal without intervention form him directly developing so deep underground theu knew nothing of the gods above zexzad intended to keep is that way only reaching down enoug to bestow one with some leadership and innovative skills transforming them into a demigod a hulking crystalin creature. Shifting his attention deeper he places a cavern that would spew fourth howling monsters as so the newly dubed Geldek would not stagnate his last subtle gift to the new race was to make there crystalin forms the anathema to the arcane force he'd placed in the world.

Next he produced a creature in his own image a large tendril like beast hued form the deities own bizzare mass. "Arcamorphs I shall call you go feast upon the bountiful chaotic energies of the arcane purify it stabilise it let the more palatable can't have them exploding afterall." He'd explain there purpose and release then upon then world to produce for the raw "arcane flow" form the wild magic... Now to see if mortals noticed this new more stable but regrettably far weaker form of his mess.

Lastly he made rodents of all sorts Becuse why the hell not also just regular lizards... and some rat lizard things... There was also a teleporting dog somewhere in that... oh fun.
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local they/them
Admist the everything they surely always exsited. The screams of pain echo in emptiness. The nothing coated in the blood of the damned. They claw
They fight. Desperately reaching for the top only to be met with them. A damning journey to be met with no spoils. And as they sit at the top realizing all they have done is naught they are ripped from their position by the next, falling down to the bottom as the next takes their place.

Oh a bitter fruit that bears no seeds. For none can be satisfied by staring up at the top and those staring down are left empty. So they struggling and fail and its only met with destruction. And so they are there. The hand that guides the knife to strike and the one who poisons the mind. For they are the evil that lurks in the minds testing the bonds and sanity of all. Even the creators of this land are not immune to the test of conflict and the desires it brings. Were they always there? Its impossible to tell. As long as there is existence the struggle for the top exists. So they are far from late, simply too early that they are thought of as background.

And so they form. From the screaming in their head and the scratching on their flesh they form. Their eyes see no colour but the shade of blood from the fallen. Their mouth tastes no flavor but that of the sweat on their skin and the blood on their lips. Their nose smells naught but the scent of battle and rot. The scents of deaths the flavors and sights of such. They form as nothing but as mass of black, for what form is a thought, an idea, meant to take? A mass of sludge covered in eyes to see a dull world. They see others mortal and immortal alike. They can see themself stir between them and they frown. Their kin weave and sow themselves and their creations into the earth while they spread destruction. A pit forms in them, a pit of despair. They are so unlike the others.

They see a common thing among them, maybe that is it? An appearance much more soothing then the one they hold. So they look and they change. Their mass stands on two their eyes close and only two remain. They can't be as bad now right? No longer a monster in form. They sag, their body hunched as the sludge tries to stay upright. They notice one of their kin who looks quite different yet spreads life so they decided they would have to have something from them if they were to truly be good. Their head forms tiny antlers to match the deer kin. They feel themself smile inside as they become good just like the others. Surley now they can spread life as well right?

They stood on the ground, their form hobbled as they sat down admist a patch of life. Their skin soft and delicate their stalks firm in the dirt. They held the life in their fingers as gently as they could, their sludge staining the petals causing them to feel unhappy, but they were sure it wouldn't be too big of an issue. They sat and they enjoyed the life around them. They were good just like their kin. They closed their eyes and for a momment it was silent. Until the sounds of screams filled their ears and they could feel the prickle of thorns around their neck and limbs, gripping them, bleeding everywhere. So their eyes opened and they were met with horror. The life seemed less vigorous. They sagged their petals fell. They scrambled away from the bed of flowers panic inside them. They didn't want this. Their head rang with thoughts. crush them. Destroy them. Rage a war inside them. Let them die. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. they held their head maybe if they left the flowers would live. But their sludge sat amongst the growth and their infection had spread. Flowers wilted and died. The ground under them rotted and perished. They could not be like their kin could they? Only destruction would follow them.

Soviet Panda

Red Panda Commanda.
The blazing orb that had become to be known as the Sun was not all it seemed. It hung above the fledgling world, and shuttered. At first it was a mere wobble, a slight jiggle in it's normal path. But all to soon, it was clear, it was moving. The mortals thought this was the end, that they had failed their Gods, and that they were simply wiping the world clean to try again. The Sun grew large, red and angry. It scorched verdant forests, turning them to ash in it's wake, and turned sand to glass. It came crashing down upon the world, but as soon as it touched the ground, it receded back into the sky, the same, cheery yellow orb that had been ignited by the god L'Orial.

Where the fiery orb had touched, there was nothing but a scorched crater. Nothing, save for the golden being, on fire, and screaming in agony. It rolled on the ground, batting at the many fires that flickered on him in a vain attempt to extinguish them. Only as day turned to night did the fires finally die, the golden deity with them by appearances. But slowly, he stood, no longer resplendent in gold but cloaked in silver. Half of his face was covered in burn scars, long healed though only alight a breath before, and one milky eye peered out from his skull. Wordlessly, the being looked towards the heavens, and at the orb of ice that had replaced the orb of fire. In an instant, the being was gone.

Buras cradled the ball of ice that was the moon delicately in one hand. It was truly a beautiful thing, something that had been made with care, it's surface smooth and shining. How he hated it. He was supposed to be in it's place, yet instead another god had dared make a pale imitation. A pale imitation that had done his duty better than he. In a fit of rage, he hurled the ball of ice as hard as he could, crushing it's glass smooth surface as he did so. A trail of ice followed the former moon as it flew across the night sky.

Buras noticed his own reflection in the great oceans and seas that covered the newborn world, and stared in horrid fascination. Looking this way and that at his scarred features, he got closer. And as he got closer, the waters were pulled towards him. He, of course, did not notice this, he was to busy grieving the loss of his sole duty.

All to soon, for Buras, night turned to day and he lit once more on fire. He was calm this time, the flames did not hurt him as they once had. In fact, they seemed to clear his mind of that miserable dreary that had clouded it. Why had another duty been thrust upon him? He could not remember, all he could remember was blissful sleep, then a burning agony as the first fire was lit. He had to find out who had lit that fire. 'Oh, what do we have here?' He thought, his train of thought completely thrown off as he gazed at the word below, this time looking at more than just his golden, fiery visage. There were little things down there, so many of them, all doing as they pleased, grateful for the day. Grateful for him.


F o u r

The God looked back at Ralia,
"you may... leave... if I need you... I'll come looking for you..." Unry spoke with Ralia quickly nodding before heading nowhere in particular. Unry looked back at the world, to him... it was now looking a lot better... not perfect but certainly an improvement.

Then Unry heard him coming, with a voice that spoke with the force of a hundred storms and rivaled the brightness of his own stars with the tendrils of electricity, the God had come to him like those previously had... for knowledge, yet their request was simple yet difficult. Unry would usually give a short and simple answer, but the manners of the God contrary to his existence encouraged Unry to put more effort.

Unry moved one of his hands forward and in an instant approached the God placing his hand on his shoulder.

It became dark, Sinidarr was robbed of his senses, no matter where he looked he could see nothing, he could hear nothing, he could only feel himself in a constant and perpetual state of falling... true Nothingness.

Then Unry's voice began speaking, but Sinidarr could only hear it in his mind.

"My boy... tell me what do you see here?" Unry asked, yet no matter if Sinidarr responded or not, their would be no sound for their voice.

"... Nothing... this is nothing... it is that which many will learn to fear... for it represents the failure of preservation and the end of everything..."

Unry paused for a bit to let the words sink into Sinidarr

"However... in this nothing there are those that appear... beyond logic or understanding... beings of concepts come forth... this nothingness while scary, is also an empty canvas for these beings to fill up, a place for these being to bring forth whatever they desire. They bring forth something to destroy the state of nothing and the beings that do that... are Gods... We gods are responsible for making nothing into something and should that nothing be allowed to engulf what is created... then we as gods have failed"

Quickly everything came back to normal, sound, light, senses... everything rushed back to Sinidarr.
"So... my boy I hope you are pleased with that answered... if not... well I may try again."

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Lazy Waste of Oxygen

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A long, glowing, ephemeral line appeared, far above the world, as if reality itself had been cut with a knife. Then, several more cuts in space, line after line, creating and forming an incredibly complex shape. Once formed, this shape with an impossible number of sides shattered into a billion golden pieces, as if a mirror had been shattered. These pieces, with great speed, separated and soared across all of observable reality. To Gods and Mortals alike this was obvious, for the golden triangles flew overhead or right by with a thin buzzing, before they were gone again.

Only minutes later, these triangles came back together, combining into polygons, into shape. The shape was vaguely humanoid, and upon floating pyramids above its shoulders, glowing blue 'eyes' formed. They were not organic eyes, simply lines on triangles, but for this God, they would be enough.

"Quaint," came the first word from the God of Death. "Quaint... but unformed." With sharp-tipped fingers the God went to work, tracing lines, shapes into the air. There was shape in all Ninuzid's fellow divines had made, whether they knew this or not, yet they had left the shape uncomplete. They could not be blamed for this, of course. They did not know the beauty of the shape, the function of it. Their mortals withered and died, yet in death they were incomplete. Their souls sat about, tortured, in pain, forgotten. Or, they were unable to die at all. This would be fixed.

From shapes and lines was constructed a new reality, a plane entirely of geometry, the home of its God. The geometry of the Soul would not be wasted, left about until the God of Harvest arrived to collect. It would be stored, protected, Ninuzid would see to it. For now, this realm was unfinished, a vast plane of shapes and colors, a place for souls. For now however, it would do. Down there, in the world of Mortals, all beheld the geometry, the lights in the sky. And there, in the souls of Mortals, the Geometry was complete, their souls tied to Enezah, the Realm of the Dead. All those who had died and simply laid about in it, had their souls ushered upward by shapes, carried and transported to Enezah, the Realm Beyond.

There were some races that could not die, some beings that could not die, and that was fine. That is how they had been made, and so they would stay. Yet, those who had been made to die, had been unable to do so properly, orderly, in a way that completed them or allowed them peace. Such could not stand.

Once this had been done, the Geometry of the Soul completed, and the realm of the Dead formed, Ninuzid spoke, a note drifting out across reality.

"Hello. I have fixed Death for you. You all have made some lovely shapes so far, but you had yet to complete the Sacred Geometry of the Soul, and so I have done this thing for you."


Ten Thousand Club
domains: Magic

Cath had spent who knows how long managing different animals of all shapes and sizes to fill every niche she could think of and letting them find their own. She had also added many new kind of plants to the lands plants from mighty trees that reached into the sky to simple moss that clung under rocks. Still that was was not enough she needed more. The others had started making self aware beings able to think for themselves, they treated them different from other creatures they were races of mortals. Well all creatures were mortal or at least most where. Still they could fall to simple things like starvation and illness. Cath did not enjoy doing as the others did she felt like she was following in their footsteps to much, yet she had to in this case she wanted some beings of her own. While others had taken from the god of order Cath did not want him to have a claim on her creations.

Cath decided she would make her own, she might not have life as Mawlock had made it but there were other ways to create it after all from her blood had come magic, from her flesh had come creatures so what if she gave a bit of herself in another way to create her own life. Cath moved back to the well of power she had made and thought at it's edge. How could she remove something of her that did not have a physical form and make it power a body. Still did her creations really need a body? She could make them of magic itself beings of energy and light given form through godly essence. Would that diminish her? Cath did not know and she did not care. Even if she became lesser she would still be a god and already the world outside her home was taking shape. The magic outside her home was already being unofficial managed. If she vanished it would not be known, perhaps she could do so.

Cath had an idea one that might just prevent the other gods from trying to call upon her for their works and squabbles. Cath would however need to prepare even more for this. She needed to prepare a home for her race, while other gods had left their to make their own home and learn from the gods Cath would be different. A single city would be a start and all she needed at first. She would with a save of her hand conjure into existence vast towers of pale white marble adorned with countless crystals of all sizes. She would will into being great causeways paved with near unbreakable stone as smaller building each one different and built to please they eye as much as be functional sprouted up. Above walkways would from and and vines would grow over them to form lighted canopies. Vast foundries were created each adorned with vast mosaics and mighty forges that blazed with magic fires. Land flattened itself and soon it was plowed by unseen hand as seeds were sown and made to grow. Kaataaru herds were brought from all over and put in massive pastures fences with crystal like wire fences to keep them in. Cath would create a vast city perfectly suited to aid her creations in starting out. It was stocked with everything they might need and Cath created crystals filled with knowledge that would teach them what to do and the basics of magic. This would not make a civilization, but it was easier than starting out at zero and having to learn yourself or from the gods.

With the city done Cath moved once more the the shore of the well and started creating her race. She didn't make them bodies a and instead created bandaged countless bundles of them. She also made various clothes, armors, regal robes, common rough spun tunics. Taking the bandages and clothes Cath tossed them out into the well letting them get soaked and start to sink before she jumped in herself. Cath felt herself sinking deep into the waters. Cath focused on and image as she closed her eyes. She dreamed up a new race one of magical energy held with in the bandages and armors she had created. They could go without in her realm but beyond there would not be enough magic and they would need both to exist. She dreamed of their need only for the energy of mana and how each kind would taste to them. How they would reproduce and every details she thought of as she left herself drift off. Cath would let herself dream as she slept at the bottom of the well she would dream of being one of her own creations. Dream of living amongst them even as they slowly made their way out of the well. Perhaps her mind would be made into one them a connection to her godly self even as she lived with her immortal creations. She would see what would happen as she in a way gave herself to make the Yu'Vath the race of magic, born of their god's blood and her essence.


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Pure destruction. The inevitability of the end, as if watching the world consumed in totality by a black hole, torn apart chunks at a time to be consumed by some uncaring, unwanting nothing. Rivers of blood soaked from the corpses of gods, the ashes of their works used as kindling to set their bodies and realms aflame. Mortal races reduced to depths of depravity and madness unforeseen, unwanted, unneeded. The end of an age, the end of all ages, the slingshot of every creation slamming together in one titanic CALAMITY before reduced to ash and dust, and then that to nothing. The end approaches, for as long as the end exists, it is nigh.

It was then Wazir had realized they existed. Whether they were a god formed and received this revelation, or a god born from this vision is irrelevant. Unlike mortals who struggle to decipher their place in the world and the other gods whom did as their whims guided, Wazir knew their place in the universe perfectly. From the first moment of sentience they did not hesitate or take in the sights of existence. No, Wazir's first moments were the confident steps of a warrior. Figuratively a warrior, that is. Much of their divine power was used in facilitating the vast sight of prophecy they channeled, and another significant chunk was used to keep their body together under the weight of this uncontrolable power.

(The entrance to the Divine Palace of the Heavenly Bureaucracy. Other Towers, Buildings, and Parapets can be seen poking through the clouds occasionally but only the entrance remains static)

Immediately shedding the dust of this 'new world' off their boots, Wazir stepped into a new realm, one of their immediate creation. With work, the features of this realm took shape. A vast field of clouds spread for as far as the eye could see, a field of rolling white hills beneath a beautiful blue sky. A single structure could be seen, and this would be the base of their work. Spreading their arms out, they watched as the rooms within grew and expanded, connecting to rooms that had formed but moments ago. It was a vast network of rooms, pathways, halls, bridges, and causeways connecting great structures and platforms in a way that it became impossible where one room ended and another began. It was as if a vast city had formed within, all focused towards the singular focus of managing the cosmos. But it sat empty.

Wiggling their fingers, little motes of Light began to appear like dust. These motes divided into bigger motes, who divided into bigger motes of light themselves. These forms of light divided into the vast swarms of little light that began to flood the Divine Palace and immediately set to working, these so called Sprite Scribes. Looming over them the Spirit Inspectors gazed over the more numerous and tiny charges, their long thing bodies making them look like sepents. Before the Grand Vizier themself, dozens of much larger forms struggled to take form. The Seraphimic Seneschals, all blank slates were molding themselves before the God as they added the finishing touches on their work.

"Spread, now. Our effort must begin in earnest if we are to avoid the Calamity. Spread out to the domains of the gods and aid them as you were created to do."

The Seraphim dissolved into beams of light which shot up, dancing past the columns and super structures of the Divine Palace. Upon seeing the forms of their superiors, the cutesy Sprites lept from their stations and after the Seraphim followed shortly by the slick Inspectors spirits. From the doors of the Divine Palace of the Heavenly Bureaucracy, rivers of gold and white flooded forth. Some shot up into the sky in random directions or to the sun, some streams towards the various points of the horizon, and yet others dug down past the clouds. All spread throughout the universe, little tiny sprites invisible to the mortal eye working on managing the world, falling in sync with the gods of the domains. A vast network of threads that pulled the world that much tighter. Though it was no controlling or governing body, the Heavenly Bureaucracy had made its presence known.

WIth that done, the Grand Vizier nodded to themselves. They turned and strode into the nerve center of the Palace, what others may call a throne room, his Hall of Tomorrow. "Much is needed to be done, and already time runs short."

The Doors of Righteousness slammed shut behind him.


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Indily, Goddess of Forests and Forest Creatures

Indily felt the warm air swirling around her in gusts of pure bliss. She smiled warmly and with a graceful wave of her hand, she had brought new life to this world. A small elf sat on the ground, tinkering with the plants around them. She created a village of the elves and laughed softly at how lovely they were.

Soon, she grew tired of the forest and frolicked into the grassy hills surrounding it. She admired the blue sky and the clouds laying against it. She felt the grass in between her toes and sighed at the warmness of the sun on her skin. She let her dress flow in the wind and closed her eyes.

Suddenly the Queen on her shoulder, Vixen, whispered to her. "There's a god over there, you should talk to them..." She spoke in a graceful manner and smiled at Indily. She reluctantly agreed and walked over to the magical looking being. From the looks of it, they were just admiring the world around them.

Indily frolicked over towards them and smiled softly. "Hello~ My name is Indily, Goddess of the Forest and Forest Beings. Pleasure to meet your acquaintance." Indily curtsied with her dress and looked at the beautiful stranger.​


White Masquerade's Blue Oni
Kianu, Goddess of Ice, Winter, Hunt, and Preservation

Wherever Kianu stepped on the newly created landmass, the temperature dropped as heat scurried away from the goddess of winter and ice. She didn’t know what prompted her to join the other gods in their little world-making party. It wasn’t like her to join large gatherings. However, what she did know, was that the planet they created wasn’t cold enough for her liking. It lacked the challenge and harshness of winter. So, tucking her flowing white hair behind her ear, she blew frost onto the lands where the sun—the brightest star—didn’t look.

Not wanting to intrude with all the other gods that were making flowers, life, and whatnot, Kiana moved North. She didn’t know how long it took her. Time was irrelevant to an immortal being such as herself. Tiredness. Hunger. Death. All concepts that had nothing to with her. Even her name, Kianu, was a string of letters gifted to her by her servants so as to give her an identity; Servants she made in her likeness when she’d first been born so as to not feel lonely.

As she journeyed across the newly born planet, she watched the other gods add their touches to the baby world all the while bringing the touch of snow where she went…until, at last, she reached the Northernmost part of the world, furthest from the sun. Kianu looked to the three Servants that accompanied her. “Here is where I shall claim my territory—a land of pure white and everlasting winter!”

The girls cheered as Kianu raised her scepter to the sky. Blue, shimmering energy gathered at the tip where a blizzard gushed forth, blanketing the land around them in the promised white. Flakes of snow fell from the heavens. However, neither the goddess nor her servants (beings of ice) felt the cold. Rather, they loved it and started to dance, frolicking in the snow. Kianu watched their happiness shaking her head, but inwardly feeling pleased. As she waved her scepter, the snow moved on its own, weaving into a shinning castle made of pure ice—one no normal mortal eye could see, submerged in an area of deep cold no normal mortal could reach (before dying at least).

A snowstorm surrounded the castle.

“What should we do now?” The eldest in the center, Falma, asked.

“Keep guard of this place,” Kianu said as she entered her newly created palace. It was her second one. “Protect it. I’ve given you Ice Maiden sisters a portion of my power so that you might be my messengers and bestow my blessings onto this new world. Do not let anyone enter this castle without my permission. My fellow gods are busy creating many critters to populate this new world, so I doubt they’ll need my help.”

From her experience, mortals bred like rabbits on their own and she was content to let natural selection be the judge of who lived or reproduced in the new world.

“By ourselves?” the youngest with pigtails, Ysmir, asked. "These are biiiig lands..."

The pale haired one, Sey, raised her hand. “What if some of the newly created creatures wish to live in these lands?”

“Then they shall be tested as always,”
Kianu replied simply as her ice scepter changed into a bow. “Only the strong can live and adapt to these harsh conditions that I've set.”

She shot several pillars of ice that then warped into large, moving golems of ice. “But if you need help, then you can command these things. They aren’t very smart, but they are strong and follow the orders of anyone I’ve given my authority to.”

They were also easy enough to make. Less complicated than a human with a soul and no ability to reproduce so to speak of, but sentries didn't need any of that.

The Ice Maidens bowed to their goddess and led the golems out, while Kianu sat herself, eyes closed, upon a throne of crystalline ice. There was more that needed to be made for her new castle—more rooms, more vassals—but for now she wanted a moment to rest. It’d been a long journey spreading winter, after all, and even though gods didn’t get easily tired, expending her godly powers did drain her a little. She trusted her maidens of ice to keep her protected...or at the very least, alert her of any troubles.
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Be Sick of The World

Dominion of the Sea
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Inspired by Mawlock's gift, the goddess began to emulate their image, intricately designing seaborne creatures and arranging them each according to their purpose and bound by the natural order. Environmental efficiency intertwined with her established currents, bringing lives beneath the stirring water to distant shores. Adapting to their new habitat, these creatures began to evolve, bearing forms of their creator's intentions. Some remained in the deep, others travelled further inland, guided by streams and rivers. Wild seeds that fell to the wind are given a purpose within Krajowa's realm. Overtime, these underwater forests and animals began to form their own hierarchy, much like the creatures that rose from the deep. The eternal blue teemed with life, supplying the mortals with a variety of coastal provisions and commodities. But her work was not done.

Krajowa sought after the God of Beauty, roaming the land as she did before. This time, her emergence from the deep brought pure essence of the eternal blue. Droplets formed upon Krajowa's glistening skin fell unto the grounds where she trod. Springs were formed. At times, Krajowa would take long naps on land. When she did, the grounds around her began to seep in her essence. The neglectful goddess inadvertently formed lakes whenever she napped on the spot. When she finally passed the Garden that she fell upon and met Syrion not so long ago, Krajowa blessed the ground - expediting the budding process and aided the soil's fertility. The goddess sat there for some time, awaiting Syrion's return.

As she waited for the God of Beauty to return, Krajowa eyed the mortals that passed the ridge over yonder. She did not reveal herself, curious as to what these beings were capable of when left to their own devices. Despite their hardy skills, their works were inefficient. Even more so when the Matron of Forest Life was otherwise occupied. These mortals all lacked a coherent awareness of their surroundings, perhaps out of benign neglect. Krajowa brushed her chin, contemplating with unrivaled focus, pondering upon what action she should take if any at all. She looked to the ever-changing fulcrum of the stars above and an idea passed her by like a shooting star.

She came upon the humans within the nearby forest, answering their forlorn call for help. Rather than introducing herself properly like her astral associates, Krajowa stumbled out of the nearby bush with the branches tugging at her apparel. Sharing the same structural form, Krajowa managed to not invoke their caution. Stunned by the not-so-shiny deity, the humans eyed the goddess with confused intrigues. Without a single word, Krajowa forced her palm against the dark soil. From it, water flowed forth. The water remained clear, negating all impurities surrounding it - distinguishing her craft as something beyond mortal comprehension. Krajowa lifted her hand and let them peered at her unspoken instructions. The puddle reflected the stars above, linking them in such a way that it became a common language between the lethargic goddess and the humans. She finally got up and pointed towards the glowing star above with her left hand. The goddess then unfurled her right hand towards the ground and pointed down the path from whence the humans came prior. The puddle that she had used prior to demonstrate the astrological patterns turned into a well, drawing water from the stream that finally arrived where they were. She spent several days with the humans, teaching them to fish and exercised starline navigation with them. During their time spent together, Krajowa created the Ironside. A four-legged creature with hardened metallic shell and a pair of powerful pinchers, with their distinctive feature being their mossy-apparatus and a faux-primrose that serves as camouflage. A relatively small creation in regards of all the grand schematics, but nevertheless a pivotal factor to aid the endeavors of the Forest Deity. As time went on, they began to populate riversides, entrusted by their creator to keep these flowing waters clean. With Krajowa's gift, the humans were able to return home. Eventually, the sleepy goddess would return to the same spot that she was residing in, awaiting her associate's return.



Death of Gentle Death

Deity of Sleep

Gentle Repose

Gentle Repose soon lost to its natural enemy. The flower was slowly and surely eradicated from the world, with the exception of a red field around the sleeping deity's bed, where new flowers grew faster than the infection and showed no sign of dying. Traces of the crystal pollen gradually faded from the world's circulation, though few beings still fell to the clutch of long slumber from it.

The sleeping Sigh remained unaware of what had happened to her first creation. Even if she was, she would still be asleep now.

Ah, right.

She wasn't aware a goddess was chasing her down for revenge, too. Well. She just made a noisy flying creature couldn't sleep.

So Sigh continued to sleep, in the middle of a red, black, and glowing white field.

Interaction: Gentle Repose flowers ( Fluffykitty9000 Fluffykitty9000 )
Mention: A deity sleeping in the center of black and red flowers ( Beeihu Beeihu , Tetro Tetro )


Spring Thief
Vitis Gurthu
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  • Seasons of Harvest In the end, the Immortal Blossoms held true and the world was stabilized long enough for Order to reshape it. How suiting it was for the one responsible for its great instability was the one to remake it. Of course, if there were no further issues. Vitis Gurthu watched as their blossoms were pulled into the centre of the world, acting as a core. The stag nodded in approval, standing still as the world below them became a globe. What was once an oceanic waterfall into the void was now the shore of a new land.

    Vitis stepped onto the sands, hooves digging into the salted earth. They glanced around them, eyeing the new world suspiciously for any other catastrophes, until they were content. Alas, equilibrium had been returned. While the gods created new life with wanton desire, death would keep it balanced. Or so the stag believed.

    Words carried upon the wind, speaking praise from afar. Vitis heard it nonetheless, as they would with every prayer, and dipped their head humbly. They recognized the voice of L'Oria. "One is too generous. This one acts only in accordance of one's duty. Power without action is the greatest shape of arrogance." Translation for Solirus (RIP): Ayy shawty, you're too kind OwO. If I didn't do anything I would have been an asshole (like a god of void, for example)

    Soon sandy shore gave way to rocky crags, and then lush forest. Grove Keeper had done well, it would seem, for this land had been covered in hinterland for as far as the eye could see. A great sense of peace overtook the stag as they wandered beneath bough and leaf, spreading a great harvest of root and fruit. Wherever they wandered, the trees bore fruit and shifted. Creatures gathered, hungry to collect the spoils, and grew fat and lazy from the overabundance in the god's wake. Vitis Gurthu tilted their head, considering the effects of such endless fruition. While the creatures would flourish, the soil and plants would become depleted over time.

    After a moment of reflection, Vitis Gurthu decided that there would be a time for harvest and a time for growing. Some plants would flower late while others would bring fruit early. There would also be a time of great struggle, where even the plants slept, but if the creatures could preservere a great reward of spring would greet them. Seasons, they would be called. Marked by the coming and goings of the sun and moon and rain. Some areas would never know a change, locked in eternal summer or winter, but to those where cold and warm wind intermingled, this change would occur in regular cycles.

    Vitis touched their nose to a tree and watched as the leaves became the colour of blood. The colour spread to other trees, some taking on gold and oranges. Fruit grew heavy on the vine and seeds fell to the ground. It was a season of harvest. The great stag watched as the animals sensed the change, and granted them the instinct to sense the coming and going of seasons, be it a scent in the air, or the change in the sky.

    The means they chose to survive the coming winter would be different. Some would gorge themselves in a gluttonous feast, building up a layer of fat that would sustain them through the winter...
    Vitis stirred a cluster of rich, fatty seeds and made them into tawny hybrids of rodent and bird. The name Seed Feaster came to mind, though names did not mean much to the god. Mortals may better yet call them Pygmy Griffins.

    Others would stash away provisions...
    Vitis stirred up a pile of soft, fallen fruit and changed it into a new form. A small yet fierce creature came to be; Fruit Thief. These rodents would gather as much food as they could, even stealing from others, and store them away in secret stashes underground. A selfish behaviour, perhaps, but one that unknowingly planted the seeds of spring and spread the forest.

    Or adapt to the harsh change in weather...
    Vitis breathed over a ripe dandelion puff and let the downy seeds scatter. From them arose a gold-colored creature that would be sleek in the summer and grow a sumptuous coat in the winter. Perhaps mortals would call them Dandelion Fox.

    And then there would be those that migrate...
    From reddened leaves, Vitis Gurthu brought forth a large bovine beast with swooping horns for digging into snow and rich, nutritious meat. They would wander in the grasslands and provide food for predators during the hard months of starvation. Red Ox.

    Satisfied with their work, the stag continued their peaceful journey.

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They felt nothing at first, simply floating through a void, in between reality and not. Zaahir then felt a great density emanate through their being. Dust and particles floated towards them as they came together to create light. Joy was their purpose. Happiness was their virtue and darkness was the only thing in-between them and eternal light. The sun warmed their dark skin. They looked down upon the small, young world and smiled. Closing their eyes they created an atmosphere of light and bliss around the gods and small creatures. Each one of them felt a little lighter, a little brighter and more joyful. They felt their soul swell with pride as they completed their first duty as the embodiment of all things blissful. A voice boomed loudly over them, comfortingly, "Do not fear, my child, for you have started your journey through the lens of a god whom has nothing more than light in their soul and good intentions in their heart. I am exceptionally proud of you and my being puffs out his metaphorical chest with pride as you have obeyed my orders and done even more than I intended for you. I expect great things from you, young one..."

The voice comforted Zaahir and made them feel at east as they floated through space towards the green globe. As they gracefully landed on their feet, Zaahir spread their wings and levitated above the lush grass. They glided around and a trail of gold particles followed closely behind, they continued watching all of the creatures around them bustle about. Soon enough they saw other god's doing their own thing. Creating new creatures, chatting, whirling around while bringing light and love to the small and mighty planet. The darkness of some of their aura's saddened Zaahir, but they accepted it for what it was.

With a wave of their hand, the golden particles came together in a dense mass. Eventually creating a pop and whirling around as a pixie creature, spreading sunshine to all of the plants nearby. They laughed and twirled about, still admiring the world around them. They decided to go West to create their own realm of happiness and blissful unawareness to the darkness outside. After heading far enough west, Zaahir waved their hand and gold spread over everything like a blanket. A pastel yellow haze covered over everything and soon, more golden pixies were frolicking about, creating small meadows and streams as they went.

Zaahir gracefully flapped her wings and went above the realm to create a barrier to keep out all the darkness. Once the atmosphere was set, they laid back on a rock and watched as the world came to life. It bustled with energy, nearly overwhelming, but not quite there yet.


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Ten Thousand Club
The Yu'Varth
Area: Quan'Cath

The Yu'Varth had come from the great lake their forms wrapped in bandages and covered by clothes, yet they didn't understand why. They had been created with some knowledge as within moments they were using the magic of the land to create spells and cast powerful magic that would be hard outside their home. Still they questioned what they were and where they were, the spells came naturally the answers to their questions did not. Before them was the great city with it's crystal towers reaching high up into the sky and its many roads paved with even stones. Slowly they started to explore and see what thing were. That was when they found the messages left by their makers who slept in the great well. The answers to their questions and more were held within the crystals and slowly they would be passed around each Yu'Varth learning about the land of Quan'Cath the home of their creator and their home. The world outside their home had little information about it only that outside their home the thing that kept them alive grew weak and they would be weak.

When each had a turn the Yu'Vasrth still an unorganized group would place all the crystals from across the city into one place. A large building full of shelves that was meant to store their knowledge, a place where anyone could come to learn anything they wanted. Right now it was empty the Yu'Varth were to fill it with what they learned, they had been given a starting point and would not have their hand held through all their growth. Still this place seemed the right place to house these crystals and they would name the place Quan'Xits or Home of knowledge. One day they would fill it with more knowledge till the shelves were overflowing with it, more than any one Yu'Varth could ever learn.

With the crystals housed the Yu'Varth now knowing how to do many different jobs would start to find the jobs that suited them. Each was different and had their own skills, while all Yu'Varth were skilled in magic not all were good at farming, or rather not all liked it. Though unlike others they didn't really need farmers as they consumed magic energy the farmers just farmed flavors. This meant they mostly farmed or ranched because they found doing either fun or something of a hobby. The forges left by their goddess would slowly be filled with blacksmiths making arms and armor infusing magic with every hammer blow making things that would be unseen in the rest of the world. Weavers would create more bandages for the Yu'Varth to wrap themselves in as even now they slowly created more of themselves who needed the bandages and clothing to contain them. Priests started to write hymns to their creator finding fulfillment in the simple life of worship they adopted.

The last type to com forth was the hardest to actually understand, the leaders. while anyone could in theory lead a group they understood leading everyone was hard. The Yu'Varth had no information left on how to govern themselves from Cath and the priests had interpreted it as their goddess wanted them to decide who would lead them and how. Right now they had many factions in their city and in the outskirts and most wanted some form of power over the others. Still they had little to really fight over just yet, they had one city and power was not yet truly corruptive. There was no wealth to be gained yet as they had yet to even think of a trade or understanding of wealth, for now they could meet and exceed every need they had. There were no true elders to lead them as they were all walking in territory as uncharted as the lands of Quan'Cath. When people turned to the priests for guidance thinking they might lead them in the name of Cath they had been honest that Cath slept and did not speak as they did and they interpreted her will from what signs they could. The mages , the most powerful of spell casters were asked and while they might try they were to involved in their spells and research to truly lead all people. The truth was no one group had all it took to lead they needed to work together. Thus representatives of every group selected by those within the group would gather together in a large building in the city of the city. It had been made the center of all things a heart of the Yu'Varth a palace for leaders to lead. Here in Quan'Qyet they would start to work out their first laws and rules dividing powers and responsibilities. If any of the idealistic founders saw what would one day happen to the council they would have never made it and found some other way to rule. They were young and they were full of ideals with no guidance from their goddess on how to set thing up, they would fail in time and try again. That was a long way off for now the first government of the Yu'Varth had formed and the nation of Yu was born.


Deus Vult

The minor god wandered about, watching every bit of creation she passed by carefully, committing all she saw to memory. She took note of how things worked, how they adapted and changed and interacted. Her journey was one she made alone, and while at times she longed to see her brothers and sisters, she understood the importance of her work.

Kail strode through a forest, petting the occasional animal or bird, and even plant. She didn't know how long she remained in this small world of trees and life, but after learning what she could about this one specific place she took her leave. She took a puff from her pipe, feeling life flow through her interior while she made her way through grassy hills after leaving the forest. To her surprise, a god frolicked towards her. She was taken aback at the sight but remained still.

Kail took another puff as the god introduced herself, giving Kail a curtsy. Kail had stood tall and proud this entire time, and to witness Indily give her a curtsy almost felt wrong. A god lowering themselves even slightly to a servant like Kail? "Well... This is a learning experience after all. I am Kail, god of mortal knowledge. I am the servant of the great Mawlock, the father of life. It is an honor to meet one of his sisters. May I ask why you are wearing so little?" Her voice was ethereal and otherworldly, but smooth and melodic. Kail looked Indily over. The god barely had anything covering the front of her form, and from what Kail could tell there was even less covering the back.
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Indily, Goddess of Forests and Forest Creatures

Indily saw the god, smoking a pipe and sighing. From the looks of it, she was very stern and cold. Indily continued her curtsy. She looked back up to the goddess with bright eyes after she had finished introducing herself in a nice tone. She listened intently as the goddess spoke in a smooth, appealing voice.

Indily sighed a breath of nice relief as the goddess finished speaking. "It's very freeing. I am the goddess of the forest, after all. Being free is in my nature. It is a pleasure to meet one of my brother's servants. You have a nice energy...stoic, but kind." Indily smiled warmly at the girl and started floating slightly above the ground.

"So...what do you rule? What are you niche's if you will..." Indily spoke carefully before giving a light-hearted laugh. As she waited for her response, she held out her hand and with the wave of her other hand, created a small fairy. It floated above her palm and she smiled, still intently listening.
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Giantson of Ephias

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    Life was good in Gladwe. Sinidarr was learning to better control his rainfall in his original form, and his storm subsided to a light drizzle. Now that the Tilune were growing and learning for themselves, Sinidarr spread his attention to new things. With the Tilune forever in his mind, Sinidarr summoned more motes of creation, one growing into a four-legged horse, with large wings protruding from their back. These things, Norin, grazed on the larger plateaus, being chased by bold Tilune seeking a mount. Through the clouds hovered smaller creatures of his design; bobbing jellyfish, the Masua, floating on the air and soaking up the moisture in the rain.

    That’s when a voice sounded, in the language of gods. Someone had fixed death, whatever that meant.

    That was when the first one died. An older Tilune they called Aerias, too old to work or hunt, she gave her wisdom and knowledge to those who stopped by her hovel. Gone. A shell of once former life. Where had they gone? A body was here, but Aerias had disappeared. She was stolen. This new god had stolen her. He acted like it was charity! The rain got heavier; the drizzle became a torrential storm. The breeze became a gale that chipped rocks off the pillars, sent skyeels scurrying for burrows, and ripped apart the thatch houses. Lightning snapped at trees and rocks, obliterating chunks of land.
    Sinidarr’s mind raced on where this god was. He probed the source of his visions for answers. He found… shapes, pyramids, the corpse of Aerias— In the midst of the vision Sinidarr struck, pushing himself into his own mind. His double consciousness split into three. Three storms throughout the world, each of which he perceived through.
    In his original form, Sinidarr focused his energy, not on creation but on permanence. Sinidarr scanned the pillars, scouring for the aged and the feeble. Striking them with divine lightning, he blessed them with radiant power. Injuries were cauterised, infections burned out, weak bones became stronger than ever before, and lightning radiated between their fingers. They were the Gilded Ones. The oldest of the Tilune, guarded from the cold void that struck Aerias.

    Life was good in Gladwe. And it would stay that way.
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As Buras gazed down upon the mortals and how the other Gods created their own, a small niggling feeling of jealousy wormed its way into his being. He was the one that lit up their sky day and night, he was the one that watched over all, and yet he had none to call his own. The mortals did not shun him, but neither did they recognize his place and purpose in the world. To them, he was just the Sun and the Moon, nothing more.

'Nothing more', he thought sourly to himself. 'Let us see how true that is.' Gathering all of his powers, he began to shape. The very fires of his Solari self were pushed, shoved, and contained into a squat form, that promptly exploded. And so his Lunari self attempted much the same. And while these tall, elegant figures did not burst with the energy, they simply refused to live. They saw the imperfections the First Fire had caused upon their great god, and simply chose not to exist in a universe where such a great injustice existed. Try and try as he might, neither his Solari nor Lunari self could create life, not as it was in the mortal realm. He 'hmmed' and 'hawed' for centuries, perhaps more, all a blink of an eye for gods. But no matter what he did, how he pinched a point here or dulled an edge there, nothing worked. Then a thought came to him.

'A little help never goes awry. They will still be my creations, but I cannot make them alone.' And so, he sought out the first of the gods that would hopefully assist him. And soon enough, he found her. In a flash, Solari Buras appeared before Caradhim, the patron God of Smiths, the perfect choice to make the vessels of his mortal race.

"Caradhim, I come to you in search of someone to help me in creating a mortal race. My mortal race. Try as I might, no matter what I do, no matter how little energy I put in, my creations cannot contain it. And so I thought, and I thought, and I thought some more, then I came to the realization. If I could not create something that could contain my essence, perhaps another God could? And so, I come to you, beseeching you to create something that can strong enough to contain my passion," here he quickly, and briefly, shifted to Lunari Buras, "and to endure my sorrows." Shifting back, he continues. "I do not ask nor expect you to do this without compensation. Anything I can give you, you may have, though I do not have much aside from my domains."

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The village Syrion was taken to was a small quaint place, with fields full of different crops, houses reminiscent of the neolithic period, and humans walking around doing everyday tasks. Seeing a white creature being paraded through the village on one of the most exquisite cushions crafted from their village had the townspeople mesmerized. Almost half of the town's population stopped what they were doing to watch as the creature was carried into the elder's house. Once the spectacle had disappeared they lingered for a bit discussing what they had seen before returning back to their normal routines.

Entering the house the god could see a human sitting at a table, this human looked like any other human except the animal skins he wore were more luxurious and he had a headdress on. Syrion's cushion was seated on top of the table. He could tell this was the elder of the Ember Wing tribe. "Most honorable Syrion, I Elder Ani welcome you to our humble village Igrusnard." Normally hearing the word elder you would think of an old person but since Elder Ani was a human he was immortal. Elder Ani gestured to the person that was behind him and said a few words. Syrion who guessed this person was a servant, immediately flew off to do as told by Elder Ani. A few seconds later the servant returned holding two strangely shaped cups.

The cups were placed on the table and the god studied what was in the cup curiously. "My Lordship we don't have a large variety of refreshments so it's just water." Syrion nodded his swan head understandably. Elder Ani picked up the cup presented before him and took a sip. After putting it back down he turned back to the god in front of him. "Now if you would forgive me for my sudden rudeness My Lordship, may I ask why you have come to this small village?" Earlier was just pleasantries and now it seemed Elder Ani was inquiring about Syrion being here. Honestly, at first, he came down to the world for entertainment but something else started forming in his mind on the way to the village.

"How do you feel about coming under my wing? You and your people." Elder Ain was a bit shaken at the telepathy but that feeling went away and was quickly replaced with a conflicted expression because of his words. "Please give me a few minutes to process this, My Lordship." Elder Ain excused himself politely and leaving the house. Normally the guest would leave but considering this guest was an all powerful being you couldn't exactly just tell them to leave. Shortly after a few moments the door to the house opened and in came Elder Ain. The elder sat back at the table and looked at Syrion with seriousness all over his face. "I accept this proposal but I have to know a few things before actually going through with it." Syrion almost wanted to smile but since he was still a swan he couldn't. Elder Ain was a smart man, depending on the person some people might have jumped right into the deal without a second thought.

Making a deal with the gods is never one without risks.
"Please do, ask away." Syrion was starting to see the appeal in mortals, their feelings, actions, and thoughts were all so interesting. He'd definitely had to thank Mawlock with something later for blessing him with such a thoughtful gift. "If I and my people ally ourselves with you, what will happen and..." Elder Ain trailed off of his sentence. Perhaps he was scared because he couldn't bear to look Syrion in the eye, even if the god was in the form of a swan it still couldn't hide his overflowing beauty and pressuring presence. "What if we decide to worship another god in the future?" Instantly it was as if all the temperature in the room had dropped. Sweat started pooling down Elder Ain's back.

"Well, then I'll just kill you all then."

Elder Ain's hands started shaking uncontrollably. "Haha! I'm just jesting.. don't look so ghastly!" Though Syrion said he was joking he really wasn't. After all who would react calmly to something like that? Of course, he wouldn't mind sharing followers but he would have to be at the top. "Anyways to answer your earlier question, as you know we gods are capable of almost everything, And though I'm not a god of agriculture or weather I can make your crops grow faster and have it rain from time to time. Also, I can make your population boom faster." Elder Ain accepted those terms but had an important question on his mind. Learning his lesson from last time he spoke with caution. "How do we become your followers?" Syrion had been waiting for that question.

The god hopped off his cushion and onto the floor. A bright light covered his body. It was so bright it almost blinded Elder Ain. Once the light disappeared, and standing there was no longer a swan but Syrion in all his glory. A blush coated the elder's face. This was probably the effect of seeing the embodiment of beauty. Satisfied with such a reaction, Syrion began speaking. "I assume you talked becoming followers of mine to the townspeople while you had briefly left?" Receiving a nod in return he continued on. "Then I shall start the process." Syrion began walking out of the house and Elder Ain followed after.

"Transeos bullactus estiorus candeleom!!" A large ornate symbol filled the sky and soon after strings of light came down rushing into the bodies of the townspeople. "It is complete." The god turned to look at the star struck Elder Ain. "What was that?" It was simply a marking spell, any god would see that these people had already been marked by Syrion.

"It's time for me to go Elder Ain. Take care, I'll come back to see how you've all progressed in a while." Without waiting for Elder Ain to reply Syrion flew off into the sky leaving behind the small village of Igrusnard. Right now they may be an unknown tribe but who knows maybe the Ember Wing tribe will become something someday and has its name known throughout the world?

Syrion landed quietly beside Krajowa. He let out a small yawn. He felt tired, could gods even get tired? "How do you do Queen of the Waves?" Poof! A large cushion appeared in front of them and Syrion sunk into it. It was comfortable and soft, very enjoyable. "Care to join me?" He graciously extended an invitation to Krajowa, he wouldn't mind having a friend to relax with.​

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Krajowa waited, as the grand sky passed her by. Having bestowed the gift of celestial navigation upon the humans, perhaps they would seek the wonders beyond their home. Despite her sluggish disposition, the Goddess of the Sea possessed a rather dynamic perspective on the subject of creation. Driven purely by her desire to secure her newfound world to nap on. At least, that was the image that she procured for herself. There was a certain gloom that she kept to herself, evident in her detached actions, although not exactly one of total neglect. Even now, she is scrambling to formulate an endeavor worthy of her associate's gift. A justification of relinquished matters, even if these intricacies may some day be devoid of usage. Beyond the intricacies of endowed obligations and the need to fit in among the rest, Krajowa had chosen to carry with her this gradual but steady principle.

When Syrion arrived, Krajowa smiled softly and nodded, greeting them with a light shower that brightened the flowerbeds upon the prairies. She procured a set of teacups over a kettle, all assembled diligently by her attentive Ironsides. Her iron-shelled crustacean minions then brought forth a bottle that contained a cyan flower submerged in water, whose luminescent glories were a testament to Krajowa's handiwork upon the grand blue sea. Within its radius, the flower bore a pleasant scent most pleasing to their immediate senses. A simple gift that Krajowa had prepared for Syrion. Krajowa, of course, did not hesitate to sink into the cushion alongside her associate.

While she have yet to say a word, Krajowa's gesture was more than enough to project her intentions. She wove her hand across the air, conjuring forth water particles that formed together in a cluster. The floating water blob grew, reflecting the image of the starry sky before transforming into the shapes she willed them to be. These illusory shapes began to broadcast her unvoiced thoughts. Firstly, a rough image of Syrion's creation, then a fish. These separate images were then concocted into a man with a lower body of a fish. Krajowa tilted her slightly, scrutinizing the concept refraction of her rough design, before turning towards Syrion with their hands unfurled for the latter's opinion on the matter. A hybrid of human with the ability to roam the sea freely and skillfully. She needed Syrion's aid, since they presided over the development of humans.

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