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Fantasy A World Renewed CS



𝔇𝔬𝔫’𝔱 𝔴𝔬𝔯𝔯𝔶, 𝔟𝔢 𝔥𝔞𝔭𝔭𝔶.





The god of winter, Jealousy, greed, and execution.

Aliases- Soul of greed, The executioner of life.

The soul of winter and greed is a god that is mostly misunderstood by the other gods and mortals, more accurately his followers, they describe him as a violent and brutal god that shows no mercy. Though truly the god is just lonely and more peaceful and calm (and pretty chill)than the tales and stories about him, being the god of winter and greed doesn’t help his case of people picturing what the god is like, he’s strangely calm and quiet, though he is brave and stoic often standing for others gods, he’s usually extremely lonely and keeps to him set and doesn’t try to involve himself or show interest into god gossip or drama, he’s also pretty boring and not that interesting really, which makes him a tad bit mysterious.

His worshipers and followers are mostly incorrect about him though what they do get right about him is that he is a mature and natural leader who defends his domains with everything he has. He shows no mercy to those who abuse and mistreat his creations and lands and give them the most of brutal punishments. So the word that most accurately describes him is Strict.

Cold weather, bears, gambling/wealth, snow.

Warm/hot weather, cockiness, people who value themselves more than others, cats.

Humanity and life ceasing to exist.

Signature powers-

Durability, speed, stamina and Strength-
Veircus has extreme amounts of strength and durability and packs a punch in combat and cold hold his own in fights, able to take more hits from enemies. He also posses the speed and stamina of a god.

Ice/weather manipulation-
Being the god of winter, Veircus can create massive structures and other items with snow/ice and can manipulate the weather to a certain extent as long as the weather is cold.

Mind manipulation-
With the power of greed and jealousy, Veircus can twist and transform mortal minds extremely easily, he can manipulate minor gods, though gods and minor gods are much harder to control and can even manipulate other gods with weaker mindsets and control over them selves , making them commit horrible and intolerable acts. When controlling gods his manipulation lasts 5 minutes.

Veircus can create anything related to snow and his domains.

Execution of matter-
If enemies are in a far range, Viercus can slice through matter closing the range, making the enemies close enough to grab them. (The ability is effective from a 50 meter range.)

Executioner of life-
All surrounding enemies are controlled by greed and controlled by Viercus for 30 seconds, therefore the enemies turn the n each other for 30 seconds until the ability is done having a cool down.

During combat and fighting scenarios and situations, Veircus creates a frostbite status effect which causes the enemies to slow down their movements immensely.

Sight of death-
Viercus can see how any humans with greedy emotions or humans with jealousy or any humans who are accused of crime or put on trial, die. Though he can not see how gods or Demi-gods die.

Once an enemy is weaken and can’t defend themselves he performs a bloody execution, scaring anyone who’s in a 10 meter distance from him. The status lasts 30 seconds.

Infinite Wealth-
Being the god of greed, Viercus has finite amount of wealth and money.

Viercus is not related to any of the other seasonal gods neither is he a child to any of them, being a ‘pure god’ who was not born from another god.


Having extremely high intelligence. One of the smartest of the gods.


Unarmed combat

Extreme accuracy with knives.

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Name: Ghurath

Savagery, Monsters, Adaptation

Appearance: Ghurath like all children of Vitis and Gurthu, has a more monstrous beast form and a more humanoid one. Though due to his monstrous nature even his more humanoid form is far from pretty.
(Monstrous Form)
a04131f059bf5d50f1b468a55c9f0c22-1 (1).jpg
(Humanoid Form)

Personality: Ghurath is primal in the most literal definitions of the word, aggressive, straightforward and simple minded. Taking more after his father Gurthu, Ghurath is blunt and brutal in his words and actions believing that scheming and secrecy are not the way of a monstrous god. He can be described as a apex bully, not respecting those he deems weaker than him though like all predators he understands his place in the godly food chain willing to creep away for the chance of battle another day. He is quite open to threatening and even assaulting gods he deems threats to him and his pack but that doesn't necessarily mean he sides with traditionally evil gods, monsters care not for morals only for strength. Ghurath has a somewhat softer side treating all monsters regardless of creator as his "pack members" treating them like strays, though he does take special care when crafting his own monsters.

In his followers Ghurath rewards self Improvement as proving oneself fitness for survival and climbing up the food-chain are admirable traits to him as a god of adaptation, "Your fangs can always bite deeper" is a common saying for him. He does expect nothing but their personal bet however and the moment that a follower of Ghurath isn't respecting survival of the fittest and becomes lazy or complacent, expect a swift and brutal end. While he is not a god of freedom he does understand it's virtues, traditions mean nothing to a adapting predator. Forge your own path just make sure to dominate all in your way while doing it.

Likes: Being on top, Brawling, Freedom, Strength, Self Worth, Change

Dislikes: His sister, peace, stagnation and manners

Fears: Being seen as weak by his parents

Signature Powers:

Expert Monster Crafting: Ghurath as the god of monsters has the ability to create a nearly inumerable amount of monstrosites of all elemental inclination, however all gods can make monsters with conjuring so Ghurath had to ascend some of his creations. This ability gives him the strength to breed a higher level of Beast. God-Beasts, a unique higher level of monster which have the raw strength to harm gods who underestimate them, these are the highest tier of monsters and the difference between a God-Beast and a normal Monster is like the gap between mortal and god. These GB's roam the realms, all created for various purpose and to slay a God-Beast means earning a permanent boon\blessing from the Beast itself. When Ghurath retreats deep within his breeding pens you can be sure he is cooking up something mighty.

Adaptive Matter: While all gods can transform their physical forms, Ghurath as a god of adaptation takes this to a new level. Capable of changing his godly esscence itself not just his physical form

Built Strong AF: Ghurath is the broadest and bulkiest of his siblings

Other: Will get to later​
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⋆·˚ ༘ *The Water Deity⋆·˚ ༘ *

  • Names:

    First form (rarely ever use) :


    Female form :

    Male form :


    Gods :

    Oshan, Nae, Yret, any names used by followers and common peoples, Awojark (teasing)

    Followers/common peoples :

    First form (use when calling the whole deity in every of their aspects) :

    Titles :
    Monarch of the Ocean, The Water Master, The three faced deity, They who go with the flow, I won't even try to pronounce their name

    Extremely formal (rarely used) : Oshanmonaku'Eruzauqa'Revir'Naeco'

    Formal :
    Oshanmonaku, Eruzauqa

    Common :
    Oshan, Eru

    For female form :
    Titles :
    The Coral Beauty, Beastmistress of the Sea, The Loving Ocean, The Moody Tsunami, The Eccentric Fish Lady

    Extremely formal :

    Common :
    Revir, Naeco, Retaw, Revina, Ecore

    For male form :
    Titles :
    The Merchant of the Depth, The Dealer of Secrets, He who know what you hide, He who know what is hidden, The Mysterious Gentleman

    Extremely formal :

    Common :
    Yret, Symte, Terces, Yretsym, Ymte

    Water (ocean, rivers, lakes, oasis)
    Aquatic flora and fauna

    Appearances :

    First form :

    When the deity first appeared they were nothing but water, a part of the ocean. Rarely take this form again unless they want to feel connected to all of their domains in a primordial way.

    Female form :
    The most common form used by Naeco as she remembered her predecessor. A beautiful young woman, often depicted with white hair and light skin as the goddess is attached to this form. Although she can often be seen changing appearance at a whims with for only common points of being a woman that look like she like the sea.


    Male form :
    Yretsym take the form of a dashing young man with white hair. More of a way to stay consistent with Naeco despite his mild fondness for his predecessor. Contrary to his female form he tend to be more constant with it. He still can be seen changing it when undercover or when he deal with mortals, taking a form he know will be the most pleasing to them.


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The Ever Changing
Name: Barten


Darkness, Shadows, Absence, and Outcasts

I do not wish for them to exist. They've suffered and suffer enough, regardless, of what they were or went through prior. Their kind finally disappearing, finally finding their place, would be a blessing. Greater than any, I could ever provide myself.
Detached and distant, always remaining neutral. Not interfering directly as much as possible. And even on the rare occasion where he deems it necessary, only using the least amount of his powers to reduce the potential impact his godly presence may have. Yet he is stirred by a desire to explore the world, constantly forcing him to face a conandrum.

Can he wander and explore the world? No, should he wander around and give in to his own desires? Are his decisions to help this group of outcast. born from his sense of duty and obligation or his own selfishness? He doesn't know. No matter how great his power, the true extent of each of his decisions, are still beyond him.

Yet, because of that great power, each of his decisions are impactful. Each having the potential, to create even more outcasts. For each time he'd help one, a dozen more would be created. Just leading to a reversal of the outcaster and the outcasted. A harrowing thought, to be responsible for so much suffering and pain. But how could he sit still and do nothing? He tries and tries, again and again. Remaining neutral, unwavering- and moving.

Barten knows the truth. He has to give in at some point, to their pleas, to their cries, to their suffering. That is why he decides to wander around, that is why he restrains his powers. If he cannot prevent himself from interfering, then he'd have to learn how to do so, without using his godly powers as much as possible. Hiding. Pretending to be a mortal. Acting as one, all while still trying to help those that have been outcasted. Nudging them in to the right direction. Sometimes interfering as a old man directly, in rare cases where his emotions become the better of him. Although always trying to only ever show powers that normal mortals are capable of.

> Books
> Exploring the world
> Writing

> His emotions getting the better of him
> Staying neutral himself
> Entities using their powers inconsiderately

> Letting his emotions fully take control of him.
> Causing more pain and suffering.

Signature Powers:
As Barten avoids using any of his greater Powers, he is known for but only a single one. To make a mortal disappear from the eyes of others.


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The First Archivist, Master of the Eternal Archive and Runa's Right Hand

Name: The First Archivist

Aliases/Titles: The First Archivist, the First Scribe

Domains: Records, Scribe


Likes: Books, cleanliness and orderliness, reading, writing

Dislikes: Not recording especially important events, general disrespect, ignorant of history, noises

Fears: Destruction of the Eternal Archive, Loses access to the Eternal Archive

Signature Powers:
Bestow Knowledge
: It is said that the First Archivist shows his favor by bestowing flash of insight and knowledge to those who need it at a time that they are needed the most.

Master of Records: The First Archivist, being the master of the house of records, instinctively knows if a record ever existed, where it is located in the mortal world and how to access it. Even if it is lost to the world, the First Archivist can effortlessly reproduce it to the most minute of details.

Ari Number Two

Don't lose Ari~♪ Shine bright Ari~♪
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)


Name: Rialta

Aliases/Titles: The Blossomer, Lotus, TBA

Domains: Love (Romantic), and Dragons

Appearance: Rialta, colorful and beautiful. Her body is unblemished and shining; she can often be seen adorning herself in flowers. Menacing is one of the last things that can describe Rialta. Her movements come slick and graceful, always careful to avoid destruction of any kind. Her fur and wing's feathers are soft and cozy to the touch, having a relaxing floral smell to it. It is said that, as she flies, her wings form the shape of a heart.

(size reference)

Personality: Rialta is a benevolent and literally loving God. Unafraid to intrude into anyone's personal space, more or less snuggling up to them, God or mortal alike. Kisses and nuzzling are an everyday aspect of life; even better if it embarrasses whoever she's with! Despite her obtrusive attitude, her kindness to all is apparent. Though she prefers to align herself on the side, she is more than willing to help those in need... though the morality of her motivations can come into question. If there's anything that Rialta—the God of Love—loves, it's a juicy story filled with romance and drama. And, as a God, she notices how nobody else is taking up the task, and so naturally it falls to her: to record life's exciting stories of romance and drama; to turn it into the most expansive romance novel (being within the worlds and realms in existence) ever.

That aside, Rialta cares deeply for mortal races; where would Gods be without them? She will do anything to protect her "cast of characters" from outside interference... even if they weren't hers to begin with! To her, the concept of love is a beautiful thing, able to bud between anything; races, class, status. Without love, she'd go as far as to say the universe wouldn't exist!

+ A good story; preferably romance/drama
+ Romance-related gossip
+ Flowers
+ Writing

- People meddling in her business
- Bad endings (of stories)
- People giving up

Fears: Running out of story content...

Signature Powers:
- Immense physical capabilities (Strength, Durability, Speed, Stamina, etc.)
- Teleportation
- Interdimensional Travel
- Blessings/Curses Related to Domain
- Basic Blessings/Curses
- Possession
- Invisibility
- Godly Senses
- Conjuring (creation of things with no God controlling it or giving others free access)
- Shapeshifting/Transformation
- Matchmaking; Rialta can make two mortal beings fall in love with each other and develop feelings that never burn out, making for a thrilling romance story! She can even pair someone up with herself
- Able to read the feelings of any mortal and God.
- Rialta's voice is passively soothing and calms those who hear her.

Rialta is able to transform into 5'3 human woman. This form can have varying details to distinguish herself as different races.
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Name: Animus

Aliases/Titles: The ball

Domains: Experience and Improvement (Minor God)


Personality: Animus has no real personality, but instead has a deep desire to improve with whatever it is thrown with, currently it wants to improve it's dodging and striking, developing a sort of pride and interpreting any request as a challenge.

- Improving
- Challenges

- Nothing (Currently)

- Nothing (Currently)

Signature Powers:
- Ludicrous Speed
- Ludicrous Strength
- Size change

- Dodging
- Hitting
- Learning and Improving​

Sir loin of beef

One Thousand Club

Aliases/titles:prince of pranksters, master of mischief.

Domains:fun, mischief, pranks, jokes.

Appearance: primary form.FF6_Kefkaart.jpg

gygax is a callous God who does whatever he deems the most amusing thing he feels like doing. He likes playing his pranks on mortals and gods alike and causing trouble, mostly for attention and fun.

Likes:having fun, pranking gods and mortals, causing trouble, trolling people. Interacting with mortals, desserts

Dislikes:boredom, sticks in the mud. Being told he isn't allowed to do something

Fears:running out of shmucks to mess with, being unable have fun,

Signature Powers:
-the ability to conjure anything for the sake of a joke or a gag.
-warping reality for the sake of a gag or joke.


Stay Foolish • ばかじゃないのに
Name: Qhymdite

Aliases/Titles: Dirt-Mother, Lady Suffocation, The Buried Widow Bride, The Sleeper.

Domains: Earth (stone, dirt, ores, crystal, bedrock, magma etc.), Dreams/Nightmares, Rest (sleep, unconscious, nap), Stasis/preservation

Appearance: (Like the earth shifting from restful peace to violent destruction, Qhymdite's form shifts with her mood and dream state.)

Sleeping/inert: Qhymdite's default state, and core physical form. It rests deep below the earth, at the very center of the planet. This form projects her Dream and Nightmare forms while sleeping.3ee7692a45810b7cae0467595388f9dc.jpg

Lucid Dreaming: unlike her core, the dream form is free to move about the realm and interact with Gods and mortals. She appears as a beautiful bride with blue skin and dark hair, as if suffocated. Her eyes are always closed, like a sleepwalker, but she is capable of sensing everything around her and interacting with people and things. Dreams of other sleepers will follow her like blue butterflies.

Nightmare: when thoughts turn to darkness, the dream becomes the nightmare. She is similar to the Dream, with her veil turning black like the shadows of the earth. Her crown of metal flowers becomes dark spikes and the dreams that follow her become terrible and twisted.


Awake: when the core "sleeping/inert" form awakens, destruction follows. Volcanic eruptions and earthquakes are created during these angry outbursts as Qhymdite awakens and exits her earthen rest. This form is used when she is threatened, or is angered enough to knock her out of sleep. When her anger fades she will fall back asleep and return to the earth. She is capable of movement, leaving trails of magma in her wake.

Personality: Qhymdite is deeply fascinated by mortal creatures and easily falls in love with them. When wandering in her dreams, she has met many mortals whose hearts have been snared by her godly beauty, and she is just as quickly transfixed. To her anguish these relationships are bound to end as they age. Qhymdite is horrified at the degradation of time and uses her powers to 'preserve their beauty' forever. She buries her lovers alive in the earth, turning them to precious minerals so they can be with her forever. Strangely, her spontaneous affection does not apply to other gods, who she seems to have little interest in.

This obsession with preventing the loss that comes with time and change has lead her to repeat this process with almost anything that strikes her as beautiful or precious. She will stumble upon wonderful beast and wish to have its beauty last forever. There has even been an instance when she noticed one of her favourite mortal towns changing and got so upset by this that she buried it and it's inhabitants to keep it the way she loved it.

The majority of precious minerals are these preserved things, with veins growing from them in time. She is protective of all her buried 'treasures' and will be violent if she notices something trying to dig them up. However, as the number grows it becomes more difficult for Qhymdite to notice the absence until it is too late. Her precious things are long digged up, broken down, and used by mortals before she even notices. When done without her notice she cannot tell what mortal dug it and cannot find anyone to punish. Typically she will just erupt into a rage, such as an earthquake, until her anger runs out and she falls back asleep. She will notice large mining operations and destructive means (such as explosions or cave ins) making it quite dangerous to mine large amounts at once unless she is distracted. It is generally safe to mine veins (offshoots) of her treasures, but nothing compares to the quality and quantity of her actual treasures.

In the instances when she catches someone digging up her precious treasures, even accidentally while creating a mine shaft... only open skies can save them from her rage.

Likes: dark weather, rain, deep water, darkness, walls on every side, being safe under dirt, mortal creatures

Dislikes: change, age, being awake, open areas, cloudless skies, her preserved 'treasures' being dug up and stolen

Fears: change, the loss of things she loves, loneliness

Signature Powers: creating or collecting dreams and nightmares, sleep inducement, earth manipulation, earthquakes, avalanches, volcanic eruptions, turning creatures and things into precious stone/metal, preserving things in stone, creation of minerals, cave ins, suffocation through burial, etc.

Skills: master sculpture, creating dream/nightmare manifestations



😡💣 𝐰 ά ғ Ⓕ ℓ 𝕖 𝐅 𝔯 Ⓘ Ⓔ s 🐨♔
Name: Yoimiya

Aliases/Titles: The Show, Fire Arrow

Fireworks, New year, Ancestors

Appearance: 1655475909017.png

Personality: She
swings just like the wind. She is continuously on the move looking for something different to keep her interest going. Also, She is very intelligent and seems to have natural instincts about what may overcome. She can adapt, adjust or change to different situations.



Casting fireworks

Celebrating a new life and year


People that hurt others




Signature Powers:

Firework Arrow - Whenever she wants fireworks she takes out her arrow and shoots them into the sky

(Working on others)

Skills: (Working on it)




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