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Fantasy A World Invoked - Sandbox God RP Interest Check


Ten Thousand Club
Current list of taken domains if interested!~
Taken Domains
key domains:
Earth, Death, Fire, water, knowledge, war
emotion domains
Love, Jealousy, Revenge, Fear, Despair, ambition, hope, resilience ,rage, resilience
concept domains
beauty, endings, afterlife, youth, law, justice, order
broad domains
shadows, memories, dreams, Mirages, innovation, chaos, new beginnings, confinement, truth, perception, decay, conflict
action domains
sleep, annihilation, mischief, indulgence, protection, rebellion, cooking, commerce, hunting, domestication, survival
item/creature domains
medicine(remedies), reptiles, arms(weapons)
place domains
Desert , Oceans, wetlands
weather domains
the sky
cosmos domains
Sun, moon, stars
other domains


so this is everything thats already being used?

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