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Fantasy A World Invoked - Sandbox God RP Interest Check


Giantson of Ephias

A . . W o r l d . . I n v o k e d

Stories have beginnings.


Heroes have mentors.

Worlds have Gods.

Before there was time, there was space. And before there was space, there was a word. And that word was:
"Speak," and so there was sound, and space to be filled by sound, and there was time to record the space filled by the sound of the very first word.
"Speak," echoed again, "and the Universe Listens."
With the words came an explosion of cosmos. Space dust and and astral winds. With the words came understanding.
The universe was a sculpture, moulded by words, and in the twilight moments of the universe, the voice became a choir.

In A World Invoked you get to play as one of many gods in the very dawn of creation. Make your mark on the emerging world with your divine domains and interact with others in the purest sandbox experience. Friendly to new and experienced roleplayers, we welcome you to join us in a collaborative tale of your own making.

While I, as the GM, will moderate and help push things along, the story is yours to decide. World events will come from your interaction with the other gods and the world that surrounds them, so collaboration is essential.

If you're interested, simply reply and I'll message you the discord link as soon as I can. Discord is essential for OOC communication, so make sure you can access it before requesting to join.

A World Invoked has no defined setting, and the world will be shaped by your actions. You may bring about fantastical species' to hunt and gather, before they slowly evolve into sprawling city states and grand kingdoms. The only limit is that you keep it in the realm of original fantasy. No existing real or fictional locations may be used. The future of the cosmos is yours, so have fun and play nice.

In this RP you get to be a God. When you first manifest into the world, you have a divine portfolio, with your domains that define your god's sphere of influence in the universe. Within your domain, you have superior control over it compared to the rest of your peers, but you do not have sole control. For example, the god of the forest may summon a great lightning bolt, but the god of storms will always be able to summon greater lightning bolts.

Your gods can be as human or alien as you desire, but remember that this game is collaborative. Isolationist characters are not recommended and may cause a detriment to the game.

All that being said, if you're interested just reply below and join the ever-evolving roleplay in A World Invoked!


It's lonely in the deep
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This seems incredibly interesting! Would a sun god be allowed? (I have more details for my idea that I can flesh out later today, but I have to run off for now).


avatar of flesh
I can not remember exactly why I came here... was there something important for me to do? I am not sure... well I will just stay here a while to make sure, I am certain I will remember eventually!
-Etsyn c:


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Current list of taken domains if interested!~
Taken Domains
key domains:
Earth, Death, Fire, water, knowledge, war
emotion domains
Love, Jealousy, Revenge, Fear, Despair, ambition, hope, resilience ,rage, resilience
concept domains
beauty, endings, afterlife, youth, law, justice, order
broad domains
shadows, memories, dreams, Mirages, innovation, chaos, new beginnings, confinement, truth, perception, decay, conflict
action domains
sleep, annihilation, mischief, indulgence, protection, rebellion, cooking, commerce, hunting, domestication, survival
item/creature domains
medicine(remedies), reptiles, arms(weapons)
place domains
Desert , Oceans, wetlands
weather domains
the sky
cosmos domains
Sun, moon, stars
other domains



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