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courage the cowardly dog
You are in need of a vacation, a much-needed vacation to be exact! When was the last time you even took a vacation anyways? And somehow, someone anonymous knows that you need one, they know you need to relax and wind down for a little bit. Take a break from... whatever you do. You receive a letter, as well as a pamphlet attached, 'Welcome to Snowpeak's Ridge, the best place for those who are looking to get away for a while to relax and wind down. There are many things to keep yourselves occupied: skiing, stargazing, playing in the snow, and there's a hot tub at the backside of the cabin if you want to warm yourself up! So, come on down!'

When you arrive at the cabin, you see a tiny billboard on the side of the wall. Oh, look! There's your name! And... many other names. This is the cabin room assignment billboard, telling you who exactly you're going to be sharing a room with. Well, this shouldn't be too bad really. You look forward to your vacation and relaxation at the cabin. With a heavy breath, you open the door and begin to set foot into the cabin.

So, the basic premise of this RP is that a bunch of characters from different fandoms, OCs are welcome as well, are tossed into a cabin on a snowy mountain. It's a slice of life roleplay pretty much with just wholesome content! But who knows, a general plot may arise sooner or later! You are free to make a character from any fandom you would like, and yes OCs are very much welcome here! While it is more on the slice of life/wholesome side, I do welcome some sort of drama to spice things up!

-- LGBTQ+ friendly here! All genders and sexualities are very much welcome and encouraged here!
-- Please try to get along with everyone. I will not tolerate any sort of bigotry or bullying.
-- Please try not to leave everyone out of plotting/roleplay!
-- Platonic and Romantic relationships are welcome and encouraged!
-- This roleplay is semi-advanced to advanced. No one-liners please, try to push out at least 3 paragraphs or more per posts.
-- IC fights/drama are welcome as well but discuss it with everyone else first please!
-- You may play as many characters as you are able to handle!
-- If you have any major plot ideas, then please hit me up so I may accept or decline the idea.
-- Hate the character, not the roleplayer.
-- Do not rush anyone to get a post up please.
-- The characters will be staying in rooms, and they will be bunking up with 3-4 other characters.
-- No OP characters please, and no powerplaying/godmodding as well.

CS: a winter wonderland cs
IC: tba
OOC: a winter wonderland ooc
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Tempted track


courage the cowardly dog
CS thread is now up! ^^



Gooey 🐌
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Question, does a character have to be from a Fandom or can it be like, an oc from an original universe?


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im very interested!


courage the cowardly dog
OOC thread is now up c:


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