A Very Unexpected Reunion (IC)


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A Very Unexpected Reunion

Those who were left behind:

It’s three days until the big Celebration of Life party at the diner that Elena Hudson’s Aunt Izzy owns.

Knowing that a lot of people show up to the Celebration of Life party, Elena and her friends planned a little separate evening of their own at the diner, just to talk amongst themselves and go over the plans for the big party. And that little evening, just happens to be tonight.

Those who ran:

It’s three days until they return home.

Hoping that everyone was still on the same page, Noah had asked everyone over to his apartment to go over what their plan was. Last time they met, they had all finally agreed to return home. They also agreed that they would return home on the night that they had left, five years later.



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Elena Hudson
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Looking at the clock in the diner, Elena sighed to herself as she finished cleaning the counter. The last of the customers were just finishing up, and the kitchen had already closed. It wasn’t normal for the diner to be closed this early, but around this time of year, there were always exceptions, and it was never a secret as to why. Tonight was so that Elena and her friends could have some time to themselves before the big party that they hosted. A party, that was to celebrate the lives of those that they had lost, five years ago. Among them had been Elena’s brother, and her two best friends. As much as the party had lost most of it’s meaning to Elena over the years, it was still something for her to put her time and energy into, around the anniversary of their deaths.
“Bye Elle, Have a good night!” The customers told her, as they had just finished paying and left the diner. Elena waved a goodbye, and looked to the table they had eaten at to see her Aunt cleaning up after them. Most of the other staff had gone home by now, and it was just them and a few kitchen staff left, who were almost done cleaning. “Are you sure you don’t want to stay?” Elena asked her aunt, as she brought the dirty dishes behind the counter. Her aunt smiled at her and shook her head. “No, it’s okay. You and your friends need your alone time. The sandwiches and desserts are all in the back, so you can get them whenever you guys want. Just call me if you need anything.” Elena nodded at her as she watched her aunt finishing cleaning up. They hugged each other good bye, as her aunt left the diner and headed home, making it that Elena was now alone in the diner.
Elena made sure that the open sign was off, but had left the door unlocked for her friends. She leaned against one of the tables, and took a deep breath. She couldn’t believe that it was already five years since they had lost everyone. She remembered the night so vividly. Her brother, her boyfriend and some of her friends had went to the high school championship football game. Elena had stayed home because she hadn’t been feeling well. Her brother had been driving and they had went in a big van that their father had at his car garage. The friends always used it since it had a lot of seats for all of them. Something must have happened as they found the van in the lake, under the bridge. She had so many theories about what had happened that night, but none of them ever made her feel any better.

Noah Hudson
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Noah grumbled to himself as he got out of his shower, and got dressed. He had only been home for a bout fifteen minutes, and had gotten into the shower right away. He hated working at the car garage in town, it was nothing like the one his dad owned. They were so rude to the customers compared to what he was used to, and they tried to cheat them out of all the money they could. It was against a lot of what Noah stood for. But he had to make money somehow, and it was the best job he could find with the little experience that he had.
When the group finally decided to head back home, something he still couldn’t believe was happening, he had been more than happy to give them his notice. Noah walked out of the bathroom and into his living room and kitchen area of his tiny, rundown apartment. He made sure that he left the door unlocked, as the rest of the group were coming for a last meeting before they all headed back home. He was nervous and scared that one of them were going to back out, or that all of them would. It had been five years since they had faked their deaths and ran away.
He had left his sister behind, and he missed her more and more each day. He did his best to stalk her on social media, but she didn’t most much anymore, not like she used to. One thing he always knew about was the party that she would help throw on the anniversary of their death, which was coming up. As soon as he decided that he wanted to return home, Noah knew that the party would be the perfect time to return.
“Where are these people?” Noah muttered to himself as he looked at the clock. They should be arriving any minute.


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Dani wasn't quite sure how she was feeling about all of this, going home and revealing the truth of what happened all those years ago. She had gotten a job as a trainer at a local gym, perfect for someone with her background and she knew it paid well but it was a bit annoying at times.
Besides all of that Dani was debating telling her twin River she was coming home. River had been in juvie when all of this had gone down so when he got out the girl told her brother they were actually alive, though never quite saying why. She never liked talking about the attack with anyone, well there had been one person. She had been dating Luca for awhile when she started hanging out with his sister, slowly they opened up to eachother though she made Aria promise to keep it to herself, especially not telling Luca... she wasn't sure if since the girl had thought she was dead if she told them always to still kept it to herself.
The blonde let herself into Noah's apartment glancing around before catching sight of him. "Hey, how are you feeling?" The tension between Noah and Dani had been high since a couple months ago, they had been talking about going home which led to why they left and who they left. The emotions of the moment kinda fuelled them to hook up though Dani knew she didn't have feelings for noah that way and she assumed it was the same for him. If she was being honest she might still have feelings for Luca, her chest aching every time he is mentioned. She couldn't date anyone else in the years the had been gone, even though they hadn't been too affectionate because of thier serious personalities she really did care for him. "Three more days, seems insane"
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''Please come down with your hands up" of fucking course. Cops. This is great. River was on a smaller billboard spraying the final details on his most recent 'master piece'. Even though he spent time in Juvie and even a little time in Jail he never stopped doing what he loved, graffiti. Thinking quick, the artist threw the spray can into his bag and jumped down from the billboard to a nearby roof which had only been a couple feet, from there it didn't take long to get away.
Once he knew he was safe, he pulled off the ski mask he had been using to cover his face, and headed twaords the diner, where they were meeting for the yearly party to remember the dead. "Fake dead" River grumbled under his breath with a sigh, stopping to get beer before heading the rest of the way to the diner. When he first got out of prison, he was told about his sisters death. He was heartbroken, it's weird hearing your twin is dead. Then awhile later it was thier birthday and she called him, explaining what happened and why he needed to keep it to himself.
It was kinda shit pretending to mourn when he knew they weren't dead but he had to trust his sister knew what she was doing. When he walked into the diner he greeted Elena with a wave, holding up the two cases of beer in his paint covered hands. It was always easy to tell when he had just been painting since his face was usually red from running from the cops and he was covered in paint. "Got the booze. Is there any food around here? Avoiding arrest is hungry work"

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With her purple hair, piercings, and tattoos Brea was definitely a sight to see. The people from her hometown probably wouldn't even recognize her anymore-- and she liked that idea. She'd been eternally grateful when Noah said she could come with him, and now he wanted to throw it all away and go back to that place. She didn't consider it home anymore, and she was truly clueless why anyone else would want to go back.

Not that her hometown had been all bad. But the constant pressure she'd been put under had really left a sour taste in her mouth, which is why she'd been so anxious to find a way out. Noah leaving was the perfect way, and if it meant faking her death then so be it. Yet here she was, leaving her apartment to go down the hall to his. She hesitated outside of his door, knowing it was open for her and the others, but unsure if she wanted to go in.

The deal was if one of them went back, they all go back. It was the only reason she was here, or else she'd be long gone. She cast a glance down the empty hallway, knowing that if she left now, she could make it far before any of them even noticed. Her last day at her waitressing job had been today, and she had money saved. To go back, she told herself, but what if she didn't? Would they really not go back just because of her?

Heaving a sigh, she looked back at Noah's door and pushed it open before she could stop herself. "Hey," She greeted Noah and Dani, finding a chair to plop down in. She threw her legs over the side, sitting sideways in the comfortable chair. "This still on?" She asked, even though she knew the answer.

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lucien "lucifer" wynters

| location // entrance | mood // melancholy | currently // not wanting to return | with // brea, dani, noah |

While his curtain of famously messy hair concealed a look of apprehension in Lucien's blue-grey eyes, it was obvious that the young man wasn't exactly pleased.

His hands had lingered on the black guitar a moment longer than usual, and he sighed quietly as he'd carefully packed it away in its case. It would be a long time before he'd be on stage again, even if it had only ever been in smoky bars.

Lucien bit his lip ring as he considered his future, and how he had no choice but to return to somewhere, that in his opinion, was best left forgotten.

The steps that guided him to their meeting place were slow and dragging, though he knew there was no point trying to slow things down.

They wanted to go back, had reasons to go back. In more ways than one, he was alone.

Acadia Valley held nothing but bad memories and mistakes for Lucien Wynters, and yet here he was, returning anyway. Not for himself, as if it were up to him he'd be spending the rest of his days in hiding.

It was only because of them that he'd escaped, and now they were taking him... home? No, that word didn't feel quite right...

He pushed away thoughts of his estranged parents and the literal angel of a best friend he'd so selfishly abandoned, instead focusing on pushing open the door and facing his fellow runaways.

"So, this is really happening, huh? Well, as long as I can leave the day I arrive back there..."


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Elena Hudson
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Elena had turned her attention to the door of the diner and immediately shook her head as she saw River enter the diner. It didn’t surprise her to see him covered in paint, and it looked like he had been running, which didn’t surprise her either. Every time she passed any type of graffiti, she always wondered if it was River’s work. Sure, she knew his style by now, but it still passed through her mind. “Aunt Izzy left a bunch of sandwiches and desserts in the back. She got the good cook to make us up a bunch of stuff.” She paused, and smiled at him. “I’ll trade you sandwiches for booze.”

Elena really just wanted to make her way back home and watch movies as she lay in bed with her dog. She did not feel like socializing, but she also knew that she would feel better after being with her friends for a little while. Elena could remember when the back corner of the diner used to be packed with all of their friends, but now it always seemed so empty. She missed being able to hear everyone laughing and joking as she worked in the diner.

“I wonder where everyone else is.” Elena wondered out loud. Her eyes stopped on the far wall of the diner above the booths that they used to sit at all of the time. Above the booths, Elena’s aunt had helped put up pictures of the group of friends and of individual pictures of the friends that they had lost. It was always hard to look at them, but a part of Elena was also glad that it was there.

“Can you believe they’ve been…. gone for five years?” She asked them, getting choked up on the word ‘gone’.

Noah Hudson
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Noah had started to get impatient when his front door finally opened. He looked to see Dani enter his apartment. “I’m okay, waiting for everyone to get here, and hoping no one changes their minds.” He told her, while sighed. “Did you let River know that we’re coming back?” As bad as he felt for leaving his sister, he felt even worse for taking her close friends with him too. It of course hadn’t been the plan at first, but Brea had found out, and it just went from there. He was glad for the company, but it had made escaping so much harder.
Dani had been the first person Noah had told that he wanted to return home. That night had been full of emotions and had ended up with them hooking up. Noah had felt terrible about it the next day, considering that Dani had been involved with Noah’s best friend back home, Luca. Noah had felt guilty about it ever since it had happened.
He looked to see Brea walk in, and sit down in one of the chairs. She had been one of the hardest to convince to go back home, her and Lucien. Eventually he had convinced them, and he was terrified that they’d change their minds. “Yeah, it is.” He told her, nodding his head. He sighed as Lucien walked in next, with the same attitude as Brea.

“It’s been five years since we left... Five years of them thinking we’re dead.” He sighed, shaking his head in frustration. “As great as it is being away from Acadia, this isn’t our home. Are things really that much better out here? We’re lucky if we have any spending money, or get to do anything exciting. I don’t know about you, but I miss home. I miss our friends. I miss my sister…”” Noah paused. “Well, we need to all be on the same page about this. No one is getting left behind.”



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Aria Esposito

Aria looked at herself in the mirror, making sure her clothing covered all of the more gruesome scars that were scattered across her body. She easily pulled her hair back into a low ponytail, hearing Luca call for her from the other room. The bartender rolled her eyes, knowing full well they had plenty of time to get to the diner, which was only a few blocks away. At the mention of champagne, Aria's eyes widened, immediately searching through her cluttered room to find the four bottles she had sequestered away from work a few days ago. The bar decided they hadn't made any money on the high price champagne as it wouldn't sell and planned on sending it back to the vendor. But Aria sneaked a few away, what the bar manager didn't know wouldn't hurt him.

Grabbing the paper shopping bag with the bottles inside, Aria left her room. "I'm here, I'm here. No need to get your panties in a bunch," she teased her brother, stepping through the front door as he opened it for her. The car ride was rather silent, leading Aria to focus on playing with the hem of her sweater in the comfortable silence. She smiled softly, wondering if everyone would show up this year. She definitely missed her friends, not being able to hang out as often due to work and adulting. Aria was pulled from her thoughts by Luca asking if she was ready. Aria nodded and responded, "Of course, I'm always ready." The two walked into the now empty diner, Luca announcing their arrival dramatically. "Jeez Luc, I know you have a flair for the dramatic, but we're not royalty," Aria teased, glancing around the room.

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Luca Esposito

"C'mon, Aria! We promised Elle that we would bring the champagne!" Luca called from his place next to the front door, waiting for his sister to be ready to go. He glanced at his watch, nervously tapping his foot. Luca absolutely hated to be late anywhere. To pass the time waiting for her, he began sifting through his work email account, responding to some of the more technologically illiterate doctor's on how to fix their computers. Eventually, after what seemed like hours but was really only a few minutes, Aria exited her room and said she was ready to go. "Thank god, I thought I might be waiting here for all eternity!" Luca said dramatically, grinning at his sister and taking the heavy bag of alcohol from her.

A few moments later, they were on their way to the dinner that Elena's Aunt Izzy owned. It was a common dinner spot for the siblings, who never left Acadia Valley after graduation. Luca had gotten a computer science degree online, and was making good money work as an IT man for the local hospital. He knew he was happy in this town, even with all that had happened. Luca just hoped that Aria would eventually feel the same. He pulled his Honda Civic into a parking spot next to a truck. "Looks like Jaxson beat us here," he said, looking over to his sister who was playing with the hem of her sweat. "Are you ready?" When she nodded, Luca climbed from the car and walked into the diner. "The Espositos are here and we've brought the champagne!"

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