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Fandom A Variety of Fandoms (Mostly Video Games!)


Picking Mangoes in Tahiti
Hello! It's been awhile since I've really been around or made an iso!

You can call me Ja'am or Stooge and I come baring a variety of fandoms, mostly video games.

I am 21+ and I ask that you be at least 18 before messaging me. Please read my whole post before messaging me.

I write strictly in 3rd person and can write anywhere from a few paragraphs to 3k words. I can also work to match your length and style. I'm very flexible so long as you're not giving me a few sentences.

I write on mobile, that being said, sometimes autocorrect gets the best of me. I'm not a stickler for a few errors. Just make sure your response is legible.

I have no triggers via writing, please let me know if you have anything we need to avoid.

I am LGBTQ+ friendly and comfortable with all types of pairings.


Farcry 5
Looking for canon/OC Deputy. I will double up and I'm fairly confident I can play almost any canon character. I'm pretty open to who you are willing write.

Fallout 3, 4 and New Vegas.
I am looking to write SS/Deacon (MacCready, or maybe Maxson.) The Lone Wonderer/Butch. Male Courier/Arcade or Female Courier/Benny.
I will double up for you, just ask!

I'm looking to play John against Arthur. Alternatively Karen/Sean.
I may consider other canon pairings. I'm not necessarily looking for OC stuff but if you're willing to write one of my canon ships for me I can consider.

Borderlands (1-3 and Tales)
I'm only looking for canon pairings and I have /a lot/ so just ask!

Stranger Things
Mostly looking for canon/canon. I'd like to write Steve against Billy. Alternatively I enjoy Steve/Eddie and Chrissy/Eddie.
I may consider OC/Canon doubling up and other pairings. I will NOT write any of the kids in a romantic scenario so don't ask.

Other fandoms I'm not necessarily craving but may consider!

Arcane: Viktor/Jayce (I'd like to play Viktor)((I only have knowledge of the show, not the game)

Our Flag Means Death: Blackbonnet

Apex Legends: Octane/Wattson. (I'd like to play Wattson)

Overwatch: Mercy/Moira, Mercy/Genji, Mercy/Reaper, Genji/McCree, maybe a few more.

Yakuza (I'm new to the series and games!): Majima/Nishitani.


please fill my dark heart with stars ~ ✨
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
Hello !! If you’re still looking for partners, I’d LOVE to rp Yakuza w you !! ^^

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