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Futuristic a trash fire city and trying to fix it

Probably a crow

Professional space idiot
''this place is nice i don't know why more people live here?" "possibly because were under water?" - Ben and Jackson Ankara

back in 19 something 2 brothers got fed up with society and made a city under water.......yes hang on there's more! when they got the place finished in 20 something they invited a bunch of rich people to live down there.after 20 years of sort of alright living and making drugs that give you super powers and steam punk like technology.....YES HOLD ON THERE'S not much more.thanks to another wave of people and all the rich people being posh and stuff like that.at some point there was just radio silence and no one has herd of anything from that place ever again.....UNTIL some a hole in a sweater vest hijacked a plane (you,you guys) were on and crashed it into the pacific ocean and as far as (you,you guys) know (you,you guys) are the only (survivor,survivors) left.thank god that theirs a island and what seams like a small shack in the swim able distance.best bet it had some one living in there.

this rp can ether be here or discord if you guys care.my discord tag is clusterbot#3909.have fun.
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