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A Total Drama Roleplay Group? ::CLOSED::


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Hi! I'm fairly new to RPNation and while I do have years of experience in both roleplaying and story writing, I've never actually been on this website.
I hope that I can figure stuff out pretty quickly.

Anyways, I want to start a Total Drama group roleplay. Basically, it's like a completely new season but you can use your OCs or contestants from previous seasons! And don't worry if your character gets eliminated, because you can still roleplay them outside of the show! There will be an island off the show's island specifically for characters who get voted off/eliminated. You can have those characters bond with others off of the show in a completely calm setting.

Also! paragraph-style roleplay is preferred!
Character sheet link has been added in the comments down below!!!

If you are interested, let me know! I have character sheets already created for OCs and Chris Mclean is open to anyone who wants him as of right now!
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By the way, I would like for everyone to know that you are allowed 3-4 characters OCs and original or combined! I'm not going to choose the original show's character yet because I don't want to take someone that someone else wanted.

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