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One Time Luck
Hey everyone, my name's Tay, 18+ years of age! So, I currently have this insatiable craving to double up for a Tokyo Revengers roleplay. I prefer MxF pairings for myself but can do anything for your half.

I have  watched the anime and read up to chapter 230 of the manga. It's fine if you have only anime knowledge though!

I prefer to play through PM or email. I write in third person past tense, about 1-2 paragraphs average per side. I could typically reply every 1-3 days, but sometimes I can be very slow depending on muse, post length, or just life in general, so please have patience.

On the same note, I'm pretty lenient and casual. I want to be real lax about posting lengths, like I'm not even going to look at how many words there are or how they're written so long as it's understandable and shows action. Take your time, write as much as you want even if it's just a paragraph for each character, and don't worry too much about portrayals, mistakes, etc. I likely won't be perfect but I'll do my best. Please just put EQUAL care and attention into both sides/pairings! I'll do the same! <3

I'm ghost friendly. I try not to ghost but it does happen. Having said that, you're always free to message me again whenever.

Finally, I am open to us tripling or playing multiple characters/NPCs if you're up for the idea. I adore romance, drama, conflict, angst, polyships, love triangles, and cute fluff, so let's plot out a great story together!

Who I'm looking for (in order of preference):
Mikey > Draken = Kazutora > Chifuyu > Kokonoi = Seishu > Baji > Izana

I could attempt anyone for you (besides Mikey and probably Kisaki, sorry!)

I'd prefer a timeline related to the past rather than the present/future, where we can canon-diverge and change things as needed, or we can go with an AU future timeline, or just a general/completely new AU? We can discuss. If interested, please just shoot me a message. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!
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