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Fantasy A Sword to Wield with a Broken Hilt Lore



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  • 1631571108144.png~The Twin Swords Church~
    When there was nothing they formed. The built the word together. Two parties who created the world without bias. Though from their creation their life essence that they wove into everything became corrupt. The two of them were at a disagreement and their anger spread to their own creations. The greed and conflict of those who lived on their world tainted the very soil. Monsters sprang fourth and tore through the flesh on those who lived there. Titians walked the earth and the siblings had no choice but to help. Forging a sword of their pure magic they fought back the corruption and purified the land. Things were peaceful again, however the conflict between the two siblings had not be solved. After many years of fighting one of the siblings took the blade to slay their sibling, however the other sibling caught them and they fought over the sword. In the end the sword split in two and the two fought each other. Never being able to fully kill each other until one day one of the siblings outsmarted their sibling, however they lost the other half of the sword in the process. Since then The single sibling raised the land as their own until the day they faded away into history. Some say that the evil sibling had been the one to plague the land the first time and people believe that one day they could return to do the same again if they do not maintain their worship.

    The religion of the land, many believe that the corruption that came in the early world was a result of humans attempting to use magic(the gods power) and resulted in the evil. This is why magic is so frowned up as well as people do not believe mortals should posses such powers. Magic uses up the essence of the gods around them(most compare this to life) and thus it is a theory that magic users will also lead to the death of the world. Mages are a sinful breed and are shamed by the church.

more could be added later as well as more detail if needed. Let me know if you want anything else!


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Some roles to note of as well as more info on them!
1631645737083.pngSusanna Isolda, the late Hilt, was a renowned woman. With her beauty that takes an almost holy glow to it adorned by her kind eyes. Someone who almost everyone knew and either envied or loved. She was even more loving in person. She was considered the best Hilt to exist and brought many changes to the world to improve it. Fighting against poverty and war, trying to reshape the land after its many years amidst a war. Someone who saw past everything and saw someone not for their race or actions, but as a person. She was perfect in every way, even being a remarkable swordsman and scholar.

The Hilt position is one of great renown. If one is born a hilt their life is chosen as they draw their first breath. Born with a birthmark of a sword over their heart to prove themself to have been chosen by the gods. Someone who holds the world on their shoulder. Some say that this position is like the leader of the world and many wish they had it. The Hilt has the final say in decisions of the whole land and is the head of both the church and politics. Someone worshipped by the whole land. Though it is to be noted that the Hilt is faced with extreme pressure and expectations. They have to be nothing but perfect and many say those who lack will be replaced. New Hilts are born shortly before the death of the current Hilt. No Hilt in history has ever been murdered or been corrupt, while they may have been biased or partnered with the church over the people, they have made an effort to do good, even if in the past it has damaged some things.
The Blades~
Yuna Merek, the head of the Blades, is a fierce woman with a long history of battles. A woman who was once sought for her beautiful red hair climbed her way to the top with determination and skill. She is a woman who is known for her harshness and short temper, strict as it comes without a chance of letting up. Though she does have her soft side, though of course this is limited to those she considers people. Law-abiding citizens and her guards are what she cherishes, however, only those who are human are pure enough for her to show her kindness to. She despises mutant races and hates magic users even more. Someone to be feared for not only her skill in battle but also her strategic capabilities.

The Blades are an organization that is similar to a royal guard. Partnered with the church they are there to spread safety and uphold the church's law. This includes the ban on magic. The Blades have been in a bitter war against the Mages for many years now and even with their armour and weapons built to neutralize magic, they have not come to a victory. They are warriors trained to protect and uphold the law that spread around the world and are in every town. They fend off evil and are there for their citizens. It should be noted that many still hold bias views and with recent tensions regarding Mages, have shown discrimination against mutant races and treat anyone made of or with magic as an enemy. Not all of them are bad, however, it isn't common for Mages captured by them to be either executed or imprisoned in poor conditions.
The Mages~
Algar Theano, the leader of the Mage rebellion, and a hero to many. While he wasn't the first person to lead the Mages to rebellion he is, however, one of the only that has made such headway in the development of their rights. Managing to challenge ideals and make it so executions of mages are not as common as it once was with the help of The Hilt who was the one who changed the law. A half-elf of extreme knowledge who is known as the best Mage in the world. He is known to help teach any who wishes to know magic may it be by himself or others amidst his rebellion. Someone who many believe will bring an end to the war that is plaguing the world. He is also known to see Mages as his children and to refer to them as such, acting as a father figure to them.

The Mages could be anyone, your neighbour, your loved ones, anyone who desires to learn magic. Though when people mention them, they often think of those who joined the rebellion in hopes of ending the war and bringing not only peace but rights to their people. Many disagree with not only them but their beliefs. Many do not agree with magic usage to begin with due to what people consider to be, close to corruption as well as a sin under the gods. Others also dislike the fact Mages are often accepting of other races and as a result tend to accuse those who are not human of being mages, despite the fact humans can also be Mages. Others despise them because of the war they caused and how it has sent many into poverty or homelessness. Though there are also people that side with them and believe that a change will come.

1631649930212.pngThe Scabbards~
Those who shed the holy light on the world and fight through the darkness with their words and not their swords. The people of the church are considered to be almost holy beings. Though it should be noted it is only acceptable for humans to become them, despite their constant denial on that part. Most know it only makes sense for a pure race to take the position. While they serve as the guiders of religion they are also the world's doctors. They take those who are injured and heal them with their bandages and prayer. The only acceptable form of medicine, however, there is less accepted and underground forms of medicine. Considered to be a higher class than even nobles, they are respected and loved by many. It is noted, however, that mages sent to be reformed by them often never come out the same and it is something most mages would rather die than go through. Even still, little is known about what actually happens.


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Magic, spells, and conductors~

Basics of Magic~
everything around us, even ourself were built from the magic of the gods. They shaped us out of their image and created the world. We, as their creatures, all have remnants of them inside us. Magic is the practice of learning how to use said remnants to mimic their powers and create our own will out of it. Every creature as a creation of the gods has its own magic canal where 'magic' can flow through freely. They can collect magic, referred to as mana in its base state, and gather it into their canals, however, there needs to be an output. Conductors are this output also referred to as connectors by some. These conductors are specialized in the application of spells due to their abundance of mana flow as well as their relation to magic types. Using these, a person can take the mana and turn it into a type of magic via the conductor. Thus creating magic that one can use.

Conductors are specially created for their intended purpose of conducting magic as they are efficient and durable when used for it. Other objects that are high in magic and related to a spell can be used, however, several things can come from this. The object could destroy itself before or after the spell is completed, the spell could backfire and either hit the caster with the spell/pure magic or cause reactions inside their canals, or the spell could simply not work at all. These conductors must be made by a professional if they ever hope to last or accomplish advanced and powerful spells or can be DIYed to create a limited copy. Anyone in the rebellion can get a hold of a conductor fairly easily depending on the materials required to make it.

Magic Canals are comparable to veins. While they are invisible and undetectable to the eye, they are there and function in a similar manner. Races other than humans tend to function with a limited amount of mana flowing through them at all times due to their mutations via magic. This mana however is also required for mutated creatures to live. When they run out of mana completely and do not intake anymore they will die. Intaken mana can also not instantly turn into life-required mana as it has to be broken down so that it does not harm the creature.

Magic, while mastered by people, can still be used by other creatures in the world. Magic that exists in more animalistic creatures like dragons or mutated animals tends to be purer and can only be used in its simplest form. Examples of these are basic elements that are very simple for any magic-user to use as it requires almost no further conduction or materials after it has been turned into the mana of the element. It should also be noted that creates and animals can have their own conductors that are primal and inefficient, though conductors they are.

Spells and Mages
Those who consider themself scholars of magic desire a deeper understanding and power when it comes to it. More is known now than yesterday but less is known than tomorrow. Some desire to use more than one form of magics, different spells that mix. This is possible, however, comes with its own risk. The main being that mana canals often are left with residues of spells they have done previously, using spells that are not in the same group could result in a reaction that could cause damage to canals, or the spell to backfire. Humans are the best race to master different styles of magic as they do not require mana to live and residue does not continue to flow in them. However, there is still a risk of residue on the canal walls, though they have a decreased risk than other races. Elves as well have less risk but are hardly comparable to humans as they still require a small amount of mana to live.

Anti Magic~
Blades have used anti magic for many generations to fend off 'monsters' from the world as well as to prepare for attacks that the gods once fought off. Nowadays these anti-magic items are used primarily against the mage rebellion. There are several items categorized in antimagic. The most well-known one being Sword Bones, a mineral found that is rich in mana-eating molecules. These Sword bones can form anywhere with a high constitution of magic as if a parasite looking for a meal. The sword bones are rumored to have been what the gods made their sword out of and thus are a favorite among recruits to turn into swords(not limited to swords). Processing them a different way turns them into armor that can decrease the effects of spells as well as weapons being able to slash through and destroy the different forms of magics. There are also plants that consume a great deal of mana which also allows the removal of spells or curses on someone which has resulted in potions and salves to heal those wounded.

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