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it's big brain time (pfp by bedupolker)
you don't know how it happened, but it happened. one moment you're doing something, the next you're finding yourself in unfamiliar surroundings. so, how'd you get here? the answer to that looks like it'll remain a mystery most likely, and you wonder if you're the only person here or maybe perhaps there are others here that have found themselves in the same situation as you. well, yes, it turns out you're not the only one here who is dazed and confused as to what this place is and how you got here. and after all, it doesn't hurt to stick together until you find a way back to your own universe. but, something is wrong. something is definitely wrong here, it's too quiet, too eerie. but then, you hear something. it sounds like a growl, more like a snarl really. turning your head to the direction of the sound, you see... a zombie. wait a minute, a zombie? no... multiple zombies. okay, this place isn't as empty as you had thought but maybe it's time to run away now!

now, it's a matter of surviving a zombie apocalypse with complete strangers from different universes, or perhaps you know some of these people! is there a way back to your own world or are you to be stuck here for good? perhaps it's a mystery, perhaps there is an answer.

hello there! i'm juniper and i am here with a zombie apocalypse style multifandom crossover! so basically, characters from fandoms have been dumped in the same place, an abandoned city and they don't know how they got here but it's pretty clear that they are not the only ones here, as there are zombies here as well and our characters have to survive the apocalypse whilst trying to figure out a way to get back to their own world.


RULE ONE -- This roleplay is LGBTQ+ friendly! All genders, sexualities, etc... are very much welcome here!

RULE TWO -- Fandom OCs are welcome as well! You can make OCs or you can play as canon characters!

RULE THREE -- You are allowed to play as many characters as you are able to handle, though please try to keep up with them.

RULE FOUR -- Semi-advanced to advanced only please! Please try to push out at least 3 or more paragraphs.

RULE FIVE -- OOC bullying will not be tolerated, let's all try to get along with everyone please!

RULE SIX -- Do not leave anyone out of plotting/chatting/roleplay. If you see someone that needs plots/interacting with, then please plot or interact with them!


Once enough interest is shown, I will make the CS and OOC threads ^^


CS: a strange world (multifandom)(cs)
OOC: a strange world (ooc)
RP: a strange world (rp)
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VERY COOL!! (Purple/ Black) I am new to this RP thing. Im in my second RP atm so if you rather someone else join totally cool. I don't want to slow you down :)

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Your pretty late lol the rp was kinda dead already XD

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