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Fantasy A Story With No Name

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Wilder28 Wilder28 if I need to change anything, let me know!

In short, she was screwed. With the faintest of movements, she could feel the rope that was digging into her wrists – made from some sort of wood. What kind, she couldn’t tell with her hands behind her but she could tell that even if she had the opportunity to drink it wouldn’t get her out of this mess.

A clumsy mistake is what had led to her current predicament, which only frustrated the young woman more. She had successfully infiltrated a party being hosted by a lower member of her grandfather’s court, one of the best places she could think of to gather information on where her grandfather might be now, and everything had been going fairly smoothly. Unfortunately, she hadn’t counted on the fact that while she had changed her appearance pretty significantly since she had last been seen at court, everyone else would recognize the silver-grey eyes she inherited from her father, and in turn his father.

What frustrated her the most about this mistake was the fact that if she had focused more on not getting caught, she could have simply changed her appearance. But she had gotten so caught up in the excitement that she was nearing her goal that the basics of stealthily gathering information seemingly slipped her mind.

With a quiet hiss, the girl struggled against her bonds once more, wondering if they had been foolish enough to leave any of her weapons strapped to her where she could reach them. Just one was all she needed, really just a sharp edge to free her hands and the rest would be simple. Unfortunately, she seemed to be short on luck tonight and she was in fact staring at all of her weapons aside from one knife strapped inside her boot, which was in turn hidden by the folds of her dress.

Tipping her head back, she gave a quiet groan of frustration. All she could hope for now was that the vampires sent for her grandfather instead of deciding to kill her now. At least if he came here himself, there was a slight chance that he could slip up and she could at least take him down with her.

Although, with how well her night had gone so far, she wasn’t exactly holding her breath. In fact, with the way her luck was going she was surprised they hadn’t staked her through the heart already. While she wasn’t currently consuming blood on a regular basis, they would have to be stupid to kill her in any other way. A stake through the heart was the perfect way to take care of humans and vampires alike. And with dhampirs, it was only smart to be cautious and cover all their basis.

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